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Ben Carson - What Do The Experts Think?

Famed Pediatric Neurosurgeon and award winning author, Dr. Ben Carson has announced he is running for President in 2016 as a Republican.

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last 24 hours | washingtonpost
Ben Carson's take on Islam wins support on the right - Washington Post

"...On Monday, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson was bailed out of the controversy over his views of Islam by an unexpected ally. Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called a news conference to "ask Mr. Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race."The mild disrespect of calling a medical doctor "mister" was apparently unintentional, but the sheer audacity of CAIR's ask lit a fire on the right. CAIR, which plays a role in Islamic controversies similar to the one the Anti-Defamation League plays in Jewish ones, is not viewed that way by elements of the conservative movement. To many, like Center for Security Policy founder Frank Gaffney, it's viewed as a veritable fifth column that may be "engaged in money-laundering foreign funds to pay for civilizational jihad here." The mainstream media's stenographic coverage of CAIR and Carson sent some leading conservative voices into Carson's camp...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | vox
Ben Carson's bizarre comments about Muslims and the Constitution, explained

"...In other words, the defense of Carson from Carson's own campaign is that while the candidate "absolutely" would not support a Muslim president, he does not think it is currently illegal for Americans of Muslim faith to run for president.But Carson's comment was more than a gaffe. It came after Donald Trump indulged a supporter who said, "We have a problem in this country, it's called Muslims." It comes amidst a sharply rising tide of Islamophobia in America. And it comes in context of a presidential campaign where Republican candidates are being rewarded for bigoted comments.Carson's statement is being treated in the press as a disaster for his campaign. But no one should be surprised if his poll numbers rise in its aftermath...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | washingtonpost
Ben Carsons anti-Muslim comments are at odds with traditional American principles

"...The truth is that Carson is immersed in a part of the conservative movement that rejects some fundamental American values. It's not a small part of that movement, and it's worth understanding.To be clear, I'm not talking about all conservatives or all Republicans. There is a significant split within the movement and the party, which one can see in the reaction to Carson's comments, just as we did in reaction to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis' efforts to prevent gay people from being legally married in her county. In both cases, one group of people, including some presidential candidates, arrived at their position through their understanding of essential American principles, while the other group believes that Christians in particular should occupy a privileged place in law and society (granting that a few years ago they started citing Judeo-Christian values, making Jews sort of the equipment manager for the Christian spiritual varsity squad)...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | slate
Of Course Ben Carson Isnt Apologizing for Insulting Muslims

"...Carson isn't just scoring Republican primary points by showing resolve in the face of a hostile liberal media. He's scoring points on the merits, too. His campaign is even bragging about it.What's the simplest way to put this? The American public is broadly hostile to Islam, and the Republican base is especially hostile. Sure, we've had one GOP presidential candidate overtly defend the American Muslim community, but that was just Lindsey Graham and the Republican base is hostile to Lindsey Graham, too. No one else, even the candidates who won't go so far as to affirm Carson's stance, is going to be seen hugging the neighborhood imam anytime soon...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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1242 days ago | westernjournalism
Liberal Outrage Over Ben Carsons Muslim Comments Just Backfired In A BIG way
"...The controversy stirred by Ben Carson's response to a question whether he would support a Muslim for president has worked to his campaign's benefit, at least in two important ways.According to ABC News, both donations and the candidate's following on Facebook have increased significantly since he announced on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday that he would not support a person adhering to the Muslim faith to be President of the United States. Carson's campaign relayed that the candidate's Facebook page has picked up more than 100,000 new likes  in the 24 hours since the interview. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | slate
Ben Carson Is the Most Extreme Candidate in the Race

"...There's no question this is outrageous. But it pales next to the reactionary paranoia of much of his other rhetoric. I mean, [our society is] very much like Nazi Germany, he said last year, in a rant against political correctness. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe. If political correctness is akin to German fascism, then it's no shock the doctor thinks the IRS is a bona fide secret police. You know, we live in a Gestapo age, people don't realize it, he said, in reference to the federal tax agency. He believes that President Obama might suspend elections in 2016, that Democrats want immigrants to increase the welfare population and keep themselves in power, and that as he explained in the first Republican presidential debate this year Hillary Clinton and the progressive movement are trying to destroy this country by driving up the national debt and stepping off the stage as a world leader. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | thenation
 Dr. Ben Carson Isnt Just Disrespecting MuslimsHes Disregarding the Constitution

"... To suggest that this absolute standard might not include Muslims is, by contemporary and historic measures, absurd. As Congressman Andre Carson, a Muslim member of the US House who represents Indiana, explainedMonday: Saying the United States should not elect a Muslim president is as absurd as saying we should not elect a neurosurgeon as president. Freedom of religion is a founding principle of our nation. And for any candidate to suggest that someone of any faith is unfit for public office, to me is simply asinine. This is not some new interpretation of the American experiment.This is the hard-wired reality of the United States...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | msnbc
The far-right roots of Ben Carsons case against Muslims

"...The logical extension, of course, is that the average Muslim citizen may be suspicious as well. Carson's campaign spokesman Doug Watts spoke about American Muslims in blanket terms on Sunday, telling NBC News that there is a huge gulf between the the faith and the practice of the Muslim faith, and our Constitution and American values. Carson's theory of taqiyya is a popular idea in anti-sharia political circles. But Devin Stewart, a Middle Eastern studies professor at Emory University who has researched the history of the taqiyya, told msnbc Carson's interpretation was contrary to its historic use in Shia Islam, which was similar to other religions. Many Jews, for example, converted to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition under threat of expulsion or violence, but secretly maintained Jewish traditions in their home. Stewart also likened taqiyya to mental reservation, a doctrine invoked by some Catholics at points to protect the church's adherents under Protestant rule as well as similar cases of Protestants hiding their religion to avoid Catholic persecution...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | theatlantic
Ben Carson Says No to a Muslim U.S. President

"... Muslim has replaced Mohametan as the preferred nomenclature, but the principle endures. Forbidding a Muslim president by law would be stupendously unconstitutional. Even if the First Amendment didn't protect freedom of religion, Article VI of the Constitution forbids all religious tests for any public office.Instead, Carson believes in a cultural norm against electing a Muslim president. Carson's opposition to a Muslim president seems to be prophylactic: There are no Muslim presidential candidates, nor are any high-profile American Muslims currently considering a bid for the nation's highest office. None of this nation's estimated 2.8 million Muslim citizens, he apparently believes, have the capacity to lead the United States...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | reason
Ben Carson Is Worried About Secret Muslims Running for President
"...Taqiya is indeed a thing (here's the Wikipedia entry), albeit a thing you are most likely to read about at anti-Islamic sites like American Thinkerand FrontPage Magazine. But like the heartland revolt against a would-be Sharia takeover, what's striking about the Taqiya paranoia is how little faith it exhibits in the Constitution, U.S. law, and the myriad of public and private institutions that have successfully kept all minority-religion coups at bay in the Land of the Free.To put it another way, close your eyes and picture A) a Muslim candidate for president, who B) satisfies Carson's requirement of rejecting Sharia, although C) he's lying about it, D) never gets caught despite all the scrutiny placed upon him, then E) manages to win the major-party nomination and F) the White House, after which he G) unleashes Sharia, or at least Sharia-lite, on the unsuspecting country. All despite a Constitution, a set of laws, and a culture that are about as anti-Sharia as you can get. This dark fantasy doesn't pass even a preliminary WTF test...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | dailycaller
Make No Mistake, Ben Carsons Comments About A Muslim President Were Intolerant, And Wrong
"...Replace Muslim with Catholic, or Jew, or woman and ask if you feel any differently about the above statement. Because historically speaking, each of these demographics have had to suffer through this exact form of public discrimination, and in each case the intolerant voice ended up on the wrong side of history. Thus, hopefully you understand why it is unacceptable for GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson to promote such narrow-mindedness against American Muslims.Dr. Carson provided the above response when he was asked whether Islam is consistent with the United States Constitution. Let's pause. Dr. Carson is not a Muslim, let alone an Islamic theologian. Likewise, Dr. Carson is not a lawyer, let alone a Constitutional scholar. With two strikes against him, the safe bet would've been to recite the First Amendment protection of religious freedom, and likewise America's strong commitment to a separation of religion and state. One need not be an Islamic scholar or a Constitutional scholar to provide this basic answer...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | vice
Ben Carson Reminds Us That America Loves to Hate Muslims - VICE
"...We tell ourselves that America is a deeply moral nation, a nation on a hill. But in reality, we're global hypocrites who fail to live up to the image we hold out for ourselves. That's why, as a country, we can shame people who say racist, sexist, or homophobic things; and yet continue to cheer on Islamophobes.Take Ben Carson's recent statements on Sunday's episode of Meet the Press. The serious presidential candidate serious because of his polling, not because of his policies told NBC host Chuck Todd that a Muslim was not fit to be President of the United States. How this is not a statement that disqualifies him from presidential legitimacy in our supposed tolerant nation is beyond me. In fact, Carson's campaign has argued that these crazy comments have actually helped him in his quest for the presidency. According to his campaign, in the 24 hours following his appearance on Meet the Press, he's experienced an uptick in fundraising and more than 100,000 new Facebook followers...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | washingtonpost
Ben Carson, a Muslim president, and when discrimination is downright American - Washington Post

"...But, quite frankly, Carson's claims this weekend move well beyond the realm of irony, because Carson is also black. Here's why.Anyone who has managed a fourth-grade American history education is likely well aware that black Americans hold hard-won political rights. Save a brief period after the Civil War, black political participation and fitness for office has been a point of national contention and sometimes deadly struggle.Carson, a man born three years before the Supreme Court's groundbreaking and still-unrealized decision in Brown vs. Board of Education, is an American who at least has some personal memory of a legally segregated America and the effective conditions it spawned all over the country. And in the book about Carson's life that would become a movie, "Gifted Hands," Carson's story of poverty and struggle is one that is not just about poverty, but black poverty and all that it entailed in mid-20th century America...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1242 days ago | newyorker
Paging Dr. Carson - The New Yorker

"...Insofar as Carson has a political platform, it involves a low flat tax, modelled on the Biblical tithe; an end to Obamacare and to welfare for able-bodied adults; and the removal of restraints on our military in the Middle East. In lieu of specifics, Carson tends to say that as a surgeon he has experience doing complex things and making snap life-or-death decisions. His success in the polls may be best understood as desperation on the part of voters who have rejected political experience as a test of competence. But it should take more than a Carson shot to navigate this Presidential campaign, which has been played, so far, with all the reckless abandon of a Foosball game, and with little of the joy. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1258 days ago | vox
Ben Carson has surged into 2nd place behind Trump. Here's why. - Vox

"...Unlike Trump, though, he has a positive demeanor, a truly inspirational life story, credibility with the evangelical community, and seeming credibility on matters of race.When Jen e Desmond-Harris interviewed some conservative white Ben Carson superfans in South Carolina in January, she found they were most enthusiastic about what she called the "made-for-Hollywood narrative arc of his life." Carson grew up poor in Detroit, but after working and studying hard, he became a successful and famous neurosurgeon."It goes to show that if you have a dream and fulfill that dream, it can be done," 71-year-old Martin Kolar of Myrtle Beach told her. Others praised Carson's faith and character key selling points to evangelical voters, who preferred Carson to Trump in a recent poll of Iowa Republicans...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1258 days ago | nytimes
A Fellow Outsider, Ben Carson Rivals Donald Trump in Polls, if Not in Pomp - New York Times

"...Mr. Carson has worked hard to tame his habit of making highly provocative statements, often on homosexuality, a move that advisers said had saved his campaign after it nearly derailed amid negative early headlines. They predicted that Mr. Trump's own tendency toward such statements, whether directed at illegal immigrants or in personal attacks on Twitter, could undermine his headline-grabbing run. We've been there and realize no matter how much the base will love you for it, people will not think it's presidential, said Armstrong Williams, a close adviser to Mr. Carson.Mr. Carson's campaign did not immediately respond on Tuesday to requests to interview him.A little-known figure to most voters before the first Republican debate in Cleveland on Aug. 6, Mr. Carson clearly benefited from the huge number of viewers who tuned in because of Mr. Trump's flamboyance...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1262 days ago | salon
Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and the un-PC: What the rise of politically incorrect candidates says about conservatism

"...Carson's entire political identity is centered around his willingness to defy political correctness and say what needs to be said, whether it be comparisons of Obamacare to slavery, or descriptions of the international Marxist conspiracy to undermine the United States through gay marriage. He has a talent for taking any issue and reducing it to a question of political correctness. We've gotten into this mindset of fighting politically correct wars, he said at the August 6 debate when asked if he'd bring back torture as president. There is no such thing as a politically correct war. Given the longstanding conservative fixation on the evils of political correctness, one would assume that having not one, but two presidential frontrunners who radiate un-PC-ness would be a cause for celebration. For years now, Fox News programs and talk radio airwaves have been saturated with sneering reports about diversity measures on college campuses and school curricula that promote tolerance and the WAR ON CHRISTMAS. Political correctness has been built up by conservative pundits and activists as something approaching an existential threat to the conservative movement and the entire country. Now voters are acting on that concern and uniting behind the two candidates who best embody the anti-PC push...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1263 days ago | slate
Carson Emerges as Trumps Biggest Iowa Competitor, Sanders Closes in on Clinton

"...Although Carson may be five points behind Trump, he has him beat in the favorability rating with 79 percent saying they view him favorably while only eight percent have negative feelings about him. Trump's favorability rating, however, is nothing to sneer at with 61 percent seeing him positively and 35 percent negatively. That is quite a contrast from the May poll that showed 63 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers viewing the real estate magnate negatively."Wow," Kedron Bardwell, a political science professor at Simpson College, tells theDes Moines Register. "This poll will have Republican consultants shaking heads in bewilderment. Not since 1992 has anti-establishment sentiment been this strong."Five months from the Iowa caucuses, the anti-establishment sentiment that many had predicted would pass appears to be getting stronger. That could be significant if it pushes more people to attend the caucus, which is a key part of Trump's campaign strategy...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1263 days ago | hotair
Oh my: Carson ties Trump in Iowa in new Monmouth poll
"...That may seem odd, given the drastically different styles of the two frontrunners, but they have two key points in common. Neither of them have held public office before, and both are running on an anti-establishment populist platform. In third place, the aggressive but disciplined businesswoman Carly Fiorina comes in at 10%, making it a trifecta.  Seen from that perspective, well over half of Iowa Republicans are rebelling against the party establishment, and splitting their vote on style more than anything else.Interestingly, only 22% select Carson or Trump as a second choice, though. Who wins that question? Ted Cruz, barely, with 13%. Cruz was the original anti-establishment choice in the race, but he's trailing badly as a first choice at 9%. Scott Walker does slightly better on the second-choice question with 9% for fourth place. He's not out of the running, in other words, but he's losing ground in this populist groundswell at least for now...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1263 days ago | pjmedia
The Diogenes Factor: Will Success Spoil Ben Carson? - PJ Media
"...Carson has battled rumors of organizational problems for some months now. Has he overcome them? Is he a viable candidate for the long run? The insider was skeptical. I'm agnostic. I don't know. But I will say this: Ben Carson may have been a bit at sea at first putting together a political team. Nevertheless brain surgery takes more than just medical knowledge. It takes serious organizational skill, as Carson himself has reminded us on multiple occasions. (Yes, like the standard politician, he repeats himself. Hey, nobody's perfect, even politicians who aren't really politicians.) You have to pick a surgical team and it better be a good one to perform life or death operations. I wouldn't put it past Carson to have learned to put together skillful organizers on the political side. No man could do this by himself. But if so, the question remains will he have done it in time?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1263 days ago | fivethirtyeight
A Ben Carson Surge May Test Trump
"...While it can be foolish to predict what happens to the polls in the short run, there's a pretty obvious case to be made that Carson is on an upswing as part of a discovery, scrutiny and decline polling cycle of the sort that Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain (among others) experienced in 2011. If Carson's doing this well with so little media attention, imagine what happens when he gets some. Polls will trigger more coverage of Carson's campaign, which will in turn improve his standing in the polls, which will produce yet more coverage, and so forth...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1264 days ago | realclearpolitics
Ben Carson Rising: Is Nice Making a Comeback?

"...The difference seems to be that Carson hasn't shied away from saying what he thinks, or being politically incorrect. He built a conservative following after criticizing President Obama to his face a national prayer breakfast. And he has been known for controversial comments on gay marriage, Obamacare, and the IRS, among other things. Carson's rise isn't entirely surprising; it's just been overlooked. According to the RealClearPolitics average, Carson has maintained a steady position in the polls at or above 7 percent over the summer. After all, he did secure a prime spot on the debate stage in Cleveland last month when others did not...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1264 days ago | nationalreview
Ben Carson, the GOPs Long Shot

"...For all his appeal, Carson lacks polish. His language is a bit too blunt; his sentences perambulate. This works in front of already-sympathetic listeners, but it will be a vulnerability as the primary field narrows, pitting Carson against tougher questioners and feistier opponents. And it would be self-immolating in a general-election campaign, when hostile media will be searching for every off-pitch statement and a candidate must capture voters who, though they disagree with President Obama, do not think him a proto-Mussolini...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1264 days ago | washingtonpost
What explains the rise of Ben Carson in the age of Trump

"...Carson is also this cycle's Republican answer to Obama. A role that was Herman Cain's in the 2012 race. The sad subtext of the support is See, we have our own brilliant black man! If Carson were former secretary of state Colin Powell, Republicans would be on solid ground. By definition, being a neurosurgeon makes you smart. But it doesn't automatically make one politically smart or naturally capable of leading and governing...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1264 days ago | americanthinker
The Democrats' Dilemma, Destroying a Remarkable Black Man - American Thinker

"...One Democrat tactic to destroy Dr. Carson will be to sell the notion that he is not authentically black. The Democrats will assign their media buddies to drill Dr. Carson on the last time he visited a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Dr. Carson, name one rap artist you enjoy. Don't laugh, folks. This is what the in-bed-with-the-Democrats media did to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, drilling him on what Hispanic foods he likes and his favorite Hispanic musical artists.I envision a Leftist journalist releasing an explosive hit-piece article exposing the fact that Dr. Carson can't dance, is void of rhythm. There will be talk of a viral photo of Dr. Carson, caught eating sushi. Dr Carson, when is the last time you ate watermelon? Okay, the Leftist media probably will not go there.Oh, I almost forgot, one glaring tell that Dr. Carson is not authentically black is I am pretty sure he has a photo ID. The Left/Democrats have said acquiring a photo ID is far too challenging for blacks. Therefore, requiring a photo ID to vote is racist and disenfranchises blacks. So, if Dr. Carson has a photo ID, he is obviously nothing more than a white guy in black skin...." see full article

1313 days ago | motherjones
Ben Carson Barely Has a Campaign and He's Still Winning - Mother Jones

"...Ben Carson's presidential campaign is in chaos. His deputy campaign manager quit to return to his farm. His general counsel just went on a safari. His campaign chairman left almost as soon as Carson announced his candidacy to work on a pro-Carson super-PAC one of three outside outfits supporting Carson's run, while at the same time competing with each other for money and volunteers. Carson, meanwhile, is continuing to travel the country giving paid speeches an unusual move for a candidate...." see full article

1340 days ago | alternet
Ben Carson Made Millions Sitting On Board Of Company Whose Founder ... - AlterNet
"...This is notable because of the ways that Costco departs from Carson's conservative ideology. Its founder Jim Sinegal lobbied for Obamacare and a higher minimum wage, and the company has been touted by President Obama in return. Its business practices emphasize higher wages and benefits, as opposed to its opponent Wal-Mart's infamous low-wage economy.Recall that Carson has described the Affordable Care Act as the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. He has said it has taken the joy out of the lives of doctors, and said it's a bunch of crap that some Republicans are now talking about keeping it rather than repealing it.There seems to be a disconnect between Ben Carson slagging Obamacare and the company he has made money from embracing it. Although it should be noted that Carson has said the minimum wage probably needs to be higher. You have to wonder if Carson will be able to fully endorse the pro-worker and pro-healthcare policies of the company who he has endorsed as a board member and profited from...." see full article

1340 days ago | ringoffireradio
Ridiculous Ben Carson Says Imagined Christian Discrimination More Important ... - Ring of Fire
"...Appearing for an interview with CNN this Wednesday night, Dr. Ben Carson wanted to say that he understands that gays are oppressed, but really the issue we should be talking about is Christian persecution.The comments are part of his attempt to recover from comments he previously made stating that he knew homosexuality was a choice because guys choose to turn gay when they go to prison.He really said that.The fly in Carson's ointment though is that most of what he and other Christians believe to be their persecution is little more than perceived persecution. Christians make up, by some estimates, as much as 70 percent of the population in America. If anyone is oppressing Christians in America, it is likely to be other Christians...." see full article

1343 days ago | salon
Ben Carson's hot mess of a campaign: A predictably dysfunctional mish-mash of ... - Salon

"...Ben Carson's presidential campaign continues to flawlessly meet expectations, which is to say that it is a fiery catastrophe of failure, greed, and embarrassment. There was really no other way this situation could play out. Carson's political celebrity was never rooted in anything meaningful conservatives fell in love with him because he insults President Obama and refuses to be politically correct. The Wall Street Journal editorial board encouraged Carson to run for the White House for no other reason than his willingness to say things that are un-PC. And, not surprisingly, Carson's attempt to transform this crude, superficial appeal into an actual political movement has been disastrous.Carson has officially been in the 2016 race for just over a month, and already his candidacy is falling apart. The Washington Post reported last week that several top staffers have already resigned from the campaign, which has been marked by signs of dysfunction and amateurism. A big part of that dysfunction seems to be that Carson's political orbit is populated by opportunists who are at least as interested in cashing in on the Carson boomlet as they are in electing him president. Instead of working in sync, Carson's aides and supporters fighting with each other with as they work to grab as much cash as they can:..." see full article

1345 days ago | newsobserver
Do as Ben Carson says – not as he did - News & Observer (blog)
"...It does, at least among some people. Not every person receiving government assistance is, as conservatives who've demonized the poor claim, an able-bodied wastrel content to kick back drawing a check, sucking down a 40 and gnawing on the succulent bones of contentment pickled pig's feet, yum while watching Judge Judy on a 50-inch LCD television and gabbing on his free Obama phone.Nor, of course, is every welfare recipient a hard-working, temporarily down-on-his-luck striver champing at the bit to rejoin the workforce. Some people are lazy and, if given a choice between working and receiving a check for no work, would choose the latter. There was a huge tree on a main street in Rockingham in the 1960s and early '70s. On the first of the month the day the government checks arrived the mailman didn't have to walk as far as usual: some people would meet him, grab their welfare checks and say farewell. Anyone driving by could see those people 10 to 15, at most waiting for a welfare check and use that to demean the community of thousands.Read more here:" see full article

1347 days ago | msnbc
From idol to 'sellout': How Ben Carson is losing his legacy - MSNBC

"...Many on the right cheered on the Black conservative who'd taken on the president, but the Black community balked immediately. Ben Carson is this really big figure within American circles but especially within Black circles, but here he is willing to disparage the biggest name in Black circles, Rigueur said. People did not take kindly, whatever their politics are. Carson soon became a fixture on Fox News, spouting off controversial view after controversial view: Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery,' he said. He likened homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia, when he said none of the three get to change the definition of marriage. Americans are guilty of human sacrifice in abortion, he said...." see full article

1348 days ago | bloomberg
Gotta Run: Ben Carson Checks Watch Four Times During 8-Minute Speech - Bloomberg
"...During an 8-minute speech at Joni Ernst's inaugural "Roast & Ride" presidential campaign forum in Iowa on Saturday, Republican Ben Carson checked his wristwatch four different times. While Carson's remarks were well-received by the crowd, the image of him glancing at the time seemed laden with metaphoric meaning, coming just a day after reports of turmoil within his campaign. "I want to thank Senator Rubio for trading places with me, because I have a tight flight," Carson said, explaining a scheduling change and his subsequent rather rushed delivery. ..." see full article

1349 days ago | newsobserver
Dr. Ben Carson fires up GOP faithful in Raleigh - News & Observer
"...The Carson speaking Sunday was not the firebrand who had previously compared Obamacare to slavery and the modern United States to Nazi Germany. Presenting himself as a reluctant candidate answering God's call, Carson said, Going into politics was not something that appealed to me at all. Some in attendance were expecting a little more political hot sauce. Aubrey Woodard, a delegate from Transylvania County and a retired computer software entrepreneur, characterized Carson's presentation as a safe speech. Read more here:" see full article

1349 days ago | hotair
Is Ben Carson's campaign imploding? - Hot Air
"...Having watched more than a few of these campaigns unfold, I would venture to say that when you see a presidential primary team abandoning ship it's usually because the campaign is beginning to look like a lost cause and the staff is still hoping to catch on with somebody who has a better chance. But that's not the case with Ben Carson's bid. The poll of polls still has the popular neurosurgeon within two points of Bush, Walker and Rubio and the freshest Fox News survey has him in a statistical tie for the lead. That's what makes the latest Carson news so surprising. The major part of the staff at the top of his campaign team has walked out to go work with Super PACs or simply seeking greener pastures...." see full article

1350 days ago | americanthinker
Ben Carson's plan for low-income single mothers is same-old, same-old - American Thinker (blog)

"...Many high schools and state colleges across the country already have on-site daycare for their single-mother students. Is Carson suggesting a broader national initiative, similar to Obama's proposed $80-billion expansion of child-care subsidies for low-income families?The number of single mothers raising children under the age of 18 over the last 50 years has skyrocketed. As a result, federal educational grants, jobs programs, and tuition aid offered specifically to single mothers have increased. Now the question is: will access to free daycare decrease out-of-wedlock births, or will it open the floodgates even wider?Instead of letting the local community and federal agencies deal with the millions of poverty-stricken single mothers after they've hopped into the sack, why not address the root cause: sleeping around?As a neurosurgeon, would Carson diagnose an operable brain tumor and then proceed to treat the symptoms sans surgery?..." see full article

1355 days ago | motherjones
Ben Carson Isn't Waiting Until the Election's Over to Cash In - Mother Jones

"...GOP grassroots star Dr. Ben Carson is not letting his presidential campaign interfere with another important endeavor: delivering speeches and getting paid handsomely for them. National Review reported last month that Carson, in an unusual move, will continue to deliver paid speeches "well into next fall." The conservative magazine noted that Carson "would break with long-standing practice discouraging presidential candidates from collecting cash at the podium." Carson reportedly charges at least $40,000 for each appearance.Carson whose rise from the housing projects of Detroit to international renown as a neurosurgeon became a TV movie has been a sought-after public speaker for years. But the demand for Carson speeches within conservative circles soared after his 2013 National Prayer Breakfast speech, during which he sharply criticized President Barack Obama, who was sitting a few feet away. Carson's speaking engagements which range from political groups to churches to health care organizations are booked by the Washington Speakers Bureau...." see full article

1358 days ago | thehill
Small donations adding up to big money for Ben Carson - The Hill

"...Despite Carson's success in small-dollar fundraising, he faces deep skepticism in GOP circles. Some Republicans don't believe he will be able to compete with the other top-tier candidates who are bringing in tens of millions of dollars through super-PACs and the political networks they have built over decades.Campaign experts have estimated candidates will need at least $50 million to make it through the GOP primary. I think we'll do that, Carson said. At the same time, the Tea Party favorite is moving up in the polls.A Fox News survey released last week showed Carson surging into the top tier of GOP presidential candidates, tying former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for the No. 1 slot. Carson and Bush each took 13 percent support in the poll, a 7-percentage-point jump for Carson, who was tied for sixth place in the same poll in April. Bush is expected to officially launch his campaign soon.Carson's supporters believe he has as much room to grow as any of the candidates. The 63-year-old remains relatively unknown, with 49 percent of respondents saying they had never heard of him...." see full article

1366 days ago | queerty
Why Ben Carson's Wrong About Gay Marriage Leading To Bigamy And Just ... - Queerty
"...Oh, Ben Carson, what is your deal? Are you seriously running for president, or are you just trying to Sarah Palin yourself, by getting on as many TV shows as possible until they finally offer you a job?Ben Carson, you may recall, is the former neurosurgeon who decided that he ought to be president. To that end, he's been raising money and making appearances and offering up bizarre statements to grab the attention to reporters who are getting bored waiting for serious candidates to enter the race.Last time Ben was on our radar, it was for saying that prison turns men gay, and then apologizing (but not really). Now, he's gained attention yet again by telling a reporter for CNBC that if you legalize marriage for gays and lesbians, you'll have to legalize it for other groups. Who are those other groups? He won't say! When the exasperated reporter finally suggests bigamy, Ben shrugs and says that's a possibility...." see full article

1368 days ago | breitbart
Exclusive–Dr. Ben Carson's Fundraising Numbers: More Than $5.2 Million Since ... - Breitbart News
"...Carson's team is waiting for about a million pieces of mail that are currently out in stream right now to come back in, as well, meaning that the already-proven-prolific fundraiser will be pulling in quite a bit more cash very soon...." see full article

1370 days ago | commdiginews
Ben Carson: Experience is more than holding office - Communities Digital News
"...Dr. Benjamin Carson has demonstrated an ability to overcome great odds and surround himself with accomplished professionals both as colleagues and friends. He rose from the depths of poverty and prejudice to become, before his retirement, the world's foremost pediatric neurosurgeon. In putting together a group of some 50 surgeons and staff to successfully separate, for the first time, cephalically-conjoined twins, he exhibited the facility to address and solve a complex dilemma, and to organize a team of diverse medical specialists to complete the surgical task...." see full article

1378 days ago | politico
Ben Carson finds a skeptical audience in Baltimore - Politico

"...Carson was better able to connect on issues he's written and spoken about for years, earning murmurs of agreement as he talked about education as the ticket out of poverty, and finding common ground with clergymembers and NGO workers by discussing the importance of strong families...." see full article

1379 days ago | huffingtonpost
Why Ben Carson And Carly Fiorina Won't Win The GOP Primary - Huffington Post

"...This isn't about race or gender, although those are also differences that retired physician Ben Carson and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina bring to the contest. It's about 69 percent of registered voters who are either very uncomfortable or have some reservations about a candidate running for president without prior elected experience. ..." see full article

1381 days ago | thedailybeast
Ben Carson Before Fox News Ruined Him - Daily Beast

"...For instance, the retired neurosurgeon once said the Affordable Care Act will have a worse long-term effect on America than 9/11 and also suggested its evils are topped only by slavery...." see full article

1382 days ago | fivethirtyeight
Two Background Players Join The 2016 Fray: Carly Fiorina And Ben Carson - FiveThirtyEight
"...Carson hasn't even run for office before, and he hasn't shown a particular aptness for it so far. He's already made many to put it kindly impolitic remarks. He said prisoners prove being gay is a choice. He called President Obama a psychopath. He had no clue what the Knesset was a big no-no in a very pro-Israel party. Carson said a measles outbreak was the fault of people who immigrated to the United States illegally. He has also made bizarre statements regarding police protests and plumbers. And Carson has managed to make all of these thoughts public just so far in 2015. Imagine what he might say in the remaining eight months of the year?..." see full article

1383 days ago | bloombergview
Ben Carson, This Year's Political Novice - Bloomberg View
"... But there is a reason that political amateurs fall short time and again: Politics, like any other demanding profession, takes talent and practice. Newcomers are better off starting with a more modest primer than the presidency...." see full article

1383 days ago | hotair
Video: So this "Ben Carson for president" thing is really happening, huh? An ... - Hot Air
"...I think he's running now because, on some level, he really, truly believes that the thousands of people he's met who've slapped him on the back for standing up to Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast a few years ago are just the tip of the iceberg of a broad national grassroots movement that's out there waiting for him. I think he'll be genuinely surprised when he discovers they aren't. Which is sad...." see full article

1383 days ago | nytimes
2016 Elections|What Ben Carson Would Need to Do to Win - New York Times

"...Mr. Carson is highly unlikely to be the Republican nominee in 2016. A political novice with a history of making inflammatory remarks, he lacks broad appeal and likely will struggle to raise enough money to be competitive. ..." see full article

1383 days ago | slate
Ben Carson Isn't Herman Cain. He's Far More Paranoid. - Slate Magazine

"...With that said, there is one important difference between Carson's rhetoric and that from the rest of the presidential field: It's in the paranoid style. Throughout his speech, Carson made reference to the assorted conspiracies of the far right...." see full article

1383 days ago | theguardian
Ben Carson's patients claim malpractice in star doctor's path to politics - The Guardian

"...Yet even with a legacy as one of the world's most-respected neurosurgeons, Maryland court records show Carson has been involved in at least a half-dozen malpractice cases, some of which remain pending, while others were either settled or dismissed for untold sums...." see full article

1383 days ago | dailycaller
Ben Carson Is A Man With A Lot To Lose (Whether He Realizes It, Or Not) - Daily Caller
"...Maybe Dr. Carson will surprise us by running the kind of campaign that will make us all proud. That's certainly possible. (If nothing else, this GOP field is already shaping up to be incredibly diverse.) The big question is whether or not this cavalcade of conservatism will end up looking like the cavalry or a clown car...." see full article

1383 days ago | nytimes
Ben Carson Says He'll Seek 2016 GOP Nomination - New York Times

"...He has also undergone media training to round the edges off his incendiary language. In 2013, Mr. Carson was forced to withdraw as a commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins after linking same-sex marriage to pedophilia. He has pronounced the president's health care lawthe worst thing to happen in American since slavery. And in March, he issued an apology after declaring that the experience of men in prison proved that homosexuality was a choice...." see full article

1383 days ago | grist
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell Ben Carson is clueless on climate - Grist
"...Apparently there are a lot of people out there who know Carson is performing malpractice with the facts on climate change, and will still pay a whole lot of money to see him in the White House an affirmative action move that a lot of those same people would not tolerate under any other conditions...." see full article

1383 days ago | politico
Ben Carson's home-field disadvantage - Politico

"...In other words, it's hard to find a place that's less receptive to his conservative message and firebrand rhetoric he has compared Obamacare to slavery, drawn parallels between the Obama era and Hitler's Third Reich and made frequent, personal attacks against America's first African-American president than Detroit...." see full article

1383 days ago | nytimes
What Ben Carson Would Need to Do to Win - New York Times

"...Mr. Carson is highly unlikely to be the Republican nominee in 2016. A political novice with a history of making inflammatory remarks, he lacks broad appeal and likely will struggle to raise enough money to be competitive. ..." see full article

1383 days ago | blogs.wsj
Meet the Candidate: Ben Carson - Wall Street Journal (blog)
"...Nobody has won a major-party nomination for president without holding prior elected office or leading the nation at war since Wendell Willkie in 1940. No person with such a profile has ever won the White House. ..." see full article

1384 days ago | detroitnews
Detroit native Ben Carson takes faith to president bid - The Detroit News
"...Carson, 63, preaches personal responsibility, self-determination and standing up to bullies. He rails against liberal political correctness, opposes same-sex marriage and endorses voter laws requiring photo ID. He rejects the theory of evolution in favor of the Earth's six-day creation, as described in Genesis...." see full article

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