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Can Ben Carson Topple Donald Trump For First Place?

Ben Carson is polling well in Iowa, and is now in a dead heat with Donald Trump for the Republican vote. Can the renowned surgeon beat "The Donald"?

64% of writers and pundits say yes
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Can Ben Carson Topple Donald Trump For First Place?  

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last 24 hours | newyorker
Paging Dr. Carson - The New Yorker

"...Insofar as Carson has a political platform, it involves a low flat tax, modelled on the Biblical tithe; an end to Obamacare and to welfare for able-bodied adults; and the removal of restraints on our military in the Middle East. In lieu of specifics, Carson tends to say that as a surgeon he has experience doing complex things and making snap life-or-death decisions. His success in the polls may be best understood as desperation on the part of voters who have rejected political experience as a test of competence. But it should take more than a Carson shot to navigate this Presidential campaign, which has been played, so far, with all the reckless abandon of a Foosball game, and with little of the joy. ..." see full article

1258 days ago | vox
Ben Carson has surged into 2nd place behind Trump. Here's why. - Vox

"...Unlike Trump, though, he has a positive demeanor, a truly inspirational life story, credibility with the evangelical community, and seeming credibility on matters of race.When Jen e Desmond-Harris interviewed some conservative white Ben Carson superfans in South Carolina in January, she found they were most enthusiastic about what she called the "made-for-Hollywood narrative arc of his life." Carson grew up poor in Detroit, but after working and studying hard, he became a successful and famous neurosurgeon."It goes to show that if you have a dream and fulfill that dream, it can be done," 71-year-old Martin Kolar of Myrtle Beach told her. Others praised Carson's faith and character key selling points to evangelical voters, who preferred Carson to Trump in a recent poll of Iowa Republicans...." see full article

1258 days ago | nytimes
A Fellow Outsider, Ben Carson Rivals Donald Trump in Polls, if Not in Pomp - New York Times

"...Mr. Carson has worked hard to tame his habit of making highly provocative statements, often on homosexuality, a move that advisers said had saved his campaign after it nearly derailed amid negative early headlines. They predicted that Mr. Trump's own tendency toward such statements, whether directed at illegal immigrants or in personal attacks on Twitter, could undermine his headline-grabbing run. We've been there and realize no matter how much the base will love you for it, people will not think it's presidential, said Armstrong Williams, a close adviser to Mr. Carson.Mr. Carson's campaign did not immediately respond on Tuesday to requests to interview him.A little-known figure to most voters before the first Republican debate in Cleveland on Aug. 6, Mr. Carson clearly benefited from the huge number of viewers who tuned in because of Mr. Trump's flamboyance...." see full article

1262 days ago | salon
Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and the un-PC: What the rise of politically incorrect candidates says about conservatism

"...Carson's entire political identity is centered around his willingness to defy political correctness and say what needs to be said, whether it be comparisons of Obamacare to slavery, or descriptions of the international Marxist conspiracy to undermine the United States through gay marriage. He has a talent for taking any issue and reducing it to a question of political correctness. We've gotten into this mindset of fighting politically correct wars, he said at the August 6 debate when asked if he'd bring back torture as president. There is no such thing as a politically correct war. Given the longstanding conservative fixation on the evils of political correctness, one would assume that having not one, but two presidential frontrunners who radiate un-PC-ness would be a cause for celebration. For years now, Fox News programs and talk radio airwaves have been saturated with sneering reports about diversity measures on college campuses and school curricula that promote tolerance and the WAR ON CHRISTMAS. Political correctness has been built up by conservative pundits and activists as something approaching an existential threat to the conservative movement and the entire country. Now voters are acting on that concern and uniting behind the two candidates who best embody the anti-PC push...." see full article

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1263 days ago | slate
Carson Emerges as Trumps Biggest Iowa Competitor, Sanders Closes in on Clinton

"...Although Carson may be five points behind Trump, he has him beat in the favorability rating with 79 percent saying they view him favorably while only eight percent have negative feelings about him. Trump's favorability rating, however, is nothing to sneer at with 61 percent seeing him positively and 35 percent negatively. That is quite a contrast from the May poll that showed 63 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers viewing the real estate magnate negatively."Wow," Kedron Bardwell, a political science professor at Simpson College, tells theDes Moines Register. "This poll will have Republican consultants shaking heads in bewilderment. Not since 1992 has anti-establishment sentiment been this strong."Five months from the Iowa caucuses, the anti-establishment sentiment that many had predicted would pass appears to be getting stronger. That could be significant if it pushes more people to attend the caucus, which is a key part of Trump's campaign strategy...." see full article

1263 days ago | hotair
Oh my: Carson ties Trump in Iowa in new Monmouth poll
"...That may seem odd, given the drastically different styles of the two frontrunners, but they have two key points in common. Neither of them have held public office before, and both are running on an anti-establishment populist platform. In third place, the aggressive but disciplined businesswoman Carly Fiorina comes in at 10%, making it a trifecta.  Seen from that perspective, well over half of Iowa Republicans are rebelling against the party establishment, and splitting their vote on style more than anything else.Interestingly, only 22% select Carson or Trump as a second choice, though. Who wins that question? Ted Cruz, barely, with 13%. Cruz was the original anti-establishment choice in the race, but he's trailing badly as a first choice at 9%. Scott Walker does slightly better on the second-choice question with 9% for fourth place. He's not out of the running, in other words, but he's losing ground in this populist groundswell at least for now...." see full article

1263 days ago | pjmedia
The Diogenes Factor: Will Success Spoil Ben Carson? - PJ Media
"...Carson has battled rumors of organizational problems for some months now. Has he overcome them? Is he a viable candidate for the long run? The insider was skeptical. I'm agnostic. I don't know. But I will say this: Ben Carson may have been a bit at sea at first putting together a political team. Nevertheless brain surgery takes more than just medical knowledge. It takes serious organizational skill, as Carson himself has reminded us on multiple occasions. (Yes, like the standard politician, he repeats himself. Hey, nobody's perfect, even politicians who aren't really politicians.) You have to pick a surgical team and it better be a good one to perform life or death operations. I wouldn't put it past Carson to have learned to put together skillful organizers on the political side. No man could do this by himself. But if so, the question remains will he have done it in time?..." see full article

1263 days ago | fivethirtyeight
A Ben Carson Surge May Test Trump
"...While it can be foolish to predict what happens to the polls in the short run, there's a pretty obvious case to be made that Carson is on an upswing as part of a discovery, scrutiny and decline polling cycle of the sort that Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain (among others) experienced in 2011. If Carson's doing this well with so little media attention, imagine what happens when he gets some. Polls will trigger more coverage of Carson's campaign, which will in turn improve his standing in the polls, which will produce yet more coverage, and so forth...." see full article

1264 days ago | realclearpolitics
Ben Carson Rising: Is Nice Making a Comeback?

"...The difference seems to be that Carson hasn't shied away from saying what he thinks, or being politically incorrect. He built a conservative following after criticizing President Obama to his face a national prayer breakfast. And he has been known for controversial comments on gay marriage, Obamacare, and the IRS, among other things. Carson's rise isn't entirely surprising; it's just been overlooked. According to the RealClearPolitics average, Carson has maintained a steady position in the polls at or above 7 percent over the summer. After all, he did secure a prime spot on the debate stage in Cleveland last month when others did not...." see full article

1264 days ago | nationalreview
Ben Carson, the GOPs Long Shot

"...For all his appeal, Carson lacks polish. His language is a bit too blunt; his sentences perambulate. This works in front of already-sympathetic listeners, but it will be a vulnerability as the primary field narrows, pitting Carson against tougher questioners and feistier opponents. And it would be self-immolating in a general-election campaign, when hostile media will be searching for every off-pitch statement and a candidate must capture voters who, though they disagree with President Obama, do not think him a proto-Mussolini...." see full article

1264 days ago | washingtonpost
What explains the rise of Ben Carson in the age of Trump

"...Carson is also this cycle's Republican answer to Obama. A role that was Herman Cain's in the 2012 race. The sad subtext of the support is See, we have our own brilliant black man! If Carson were former secretary of state Colin Powell, Republicans would be on solid ground. By definition, being a neurosurgeon makes you smart. But it doesn't automatically make one politically smart or naturally capable of leading and governing...." see full article

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