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Can Obama Sell The Iran Deal To The American People?

The proposed deal with Iran could bring Iran into the global economy and change the nuclear landscape forever. But can Obama sell it to the American People?

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Can Obama Sell The Iran Deal To The American People?  

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last 24 hours | foxnews
Obama's Iran deal: A fiasco built on a fantasy - Fox News

"...On Friday alone, jihadists left their bloody tracks in countries on three continents, striking France, Tunisia and Kuwait. The attacks left scores dead and came after an Islamic State leader demanded that Ramadan mark a calamity for the infidels . . . Shiites and apostate Muslims. Spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani has said that Muslims everywhere, we congratulate you over the arrival of the holy month. Be keen to conquer in this holy month and to become exposed to martyrdom. So much for the religion of peace.But even those horrors would pale if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, a terrifying outcome that also advanced last week and could be sealed in writing any day...." see full article

1326 days ago | nypost
Obama plays 'Let's Make a Deal' with nuclear Iran - New York Post
"...Although European leaders protested, Kerry and his colleagues consistently show they will do almost anything to get a deal. Iran knows that, too, which is why it keeps making new demands, including that all economic sanctions be lifted immediately and that inspectors can never set foot on military sites. The mullahs have the upper hand because the other side is desperate.Meanwhile, the White House strategy to win support at home has been transparent, as in obvious. After claiming the only alternative to an Iran deal was war, it has consistently lowballed the odds of a final agreement. The aim is to make a deal desirable to the American public, then use that desire as a cover for making endless concessions. Obama sealed the approach by saying there was no military option, so a deal was the only option...." see full article

1327 days ago | breitbart
Obama Thinks Iran Is 'Rational' - Breitbart News
"...Iran is facing a female drug-abuse crisis as the number of young, well-off and well-educated women using substances continues to rise. At least six million of Iran's 77.7 million population have drug related problems, according to official reports. And addiction, especially to Shisheh a high-purity form of crystalline methamphetamine is increasingly spreading across all social classes.The Western experience of addiction to drugs like crystal meth is that no level of society is immune. With a general addiction rate that high, many members of Iran's ruling elite must be addicts suffering heroin and meth induced psychosis, exhibiting drug induced paranoia, rage and irrational behaviour. In the West, many drug users are addicted to both drugs, using crystal meth to wake up, using heroin to come down , living in a state of mind completely detached from anything most people would regard as normal.For all we know, the Supreme Leader of Iran himself could be a meth addict suffering drug induced psychosis, paranoia, experiencing drug induced delusions about his own mission to remake the world, lusting for the destructive might which nuclear weapons would grant to his addled megalomanic fantasies...." see full article

1361 days ago | vox
This is the case against Obama's Iran deal that everyone should hear - Vox

"...President Obama is putting us and our allies before an ultimatum either an Iranian nuclear program or disaster and I just think we have many more options than that. I think we're much more powerful and influential than the president is giving us credit for on that score...." see full article

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1396 days ago | washingtonpost
Obama is prepared to give Iran anything and everything for a deal - Washington Post (blog)

"...This massive concession is bound to run into widespread opposition in Congress and from our Gulf allies who already fear Obama is ceding domination of the Middle East to Iran...." see full article

1397 days ago | usnews
Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal Is an Unforgivable Betrayal of Israel - U.S. News & World Report

"...The next few months will be nothing less than a supreme test of our skill and our resolve and give the Obama administration the opportunity to manage a fundamental change that improperly handled would threaten American allies and the United States itself...." see full article

1397 days ago | dailykos
Obama has three months to seal the Iran nuke deal ... and to sell it

"...the framework or "understanding" laid out last week in the White House's summary of what's been agreed to is quite a bit better than expected...." see full article

1409 days ago | jpupdates
Obama Faces Congressional Democrats' Defiance Over Iran Deal - JP Updates
"... There's no way that Congress should allow the congressional sanctions regime to be negotiated away without saying a word, ..." see full article

1409 days ago | realclearpolitics
O'Reilly: Americans Don't Trust President Obama on Iran - RealClearPolitics

"...Simply put, millions of Americans do not trust President Obama to protect us from the deranged mullahs who have committed atrocities for decades...." see full article

1409 days ago | foxnews
Obama, Congress on collision course over Iran nuke deal - Fox News

"...Apart from Congress, Obama must also handle Arab allies who are skeptical about a possible agreement. The president has invited leaders of six Gulf nations to Washington this spring and said he wanted to "formalize" U.S. assistance. ..." see full article

1410 days ago | businessinsider
Democrats will play a key role in Obama selling the Iran deal to ...

"...While many Democrats are skeptical of Iran, they may be unwilling to hand the U.S. president a major foreign policy defeat. ..." see full article

1410 days ago | nytimes
President Obama Calls Preliminary Iran Nuclear Deal 'Our Best Bet' - New York Times

"...Mr. Obama said almost nothing about how the United States and its allies would force Iran to answer questions about suspected past work on weapons designs. For years, Iran has blocked inspectors from visiting laboratories where such work is believed to have been conducted...." see full article

1410 days ago | businessinsider
Democrats will play a key role in Obama selling the Iran deal to Congress - Business Insider

"...While many Democrats are skeptical of Iran, they may be unwilling to hand the U.S. president a major foreign policy defeat. ..." see full article

1411 days ago | thehill
Cruz says Obama's Iran plan 'doomed to failure' - The Hill (blog)

"...Cruz, who sits on the Senate Committee on Armed Services, described the deal as a historic mistake. ..." see full article

1411 days ago | politico
On Iran, Obama finally reaches Mitch McConnell - Politico

"...The Obama administration is launching a heavy congressional outreach campaign to try to sell the Iran deal. ..." see full article

1411 days ago | thefiscaltimes
Menendez Indictment May Help Obama in Iran Nuke Deal - The Fiscal Times
"...With Menendez no longer chair, Obama has a better shot with congress...." see full article

1411 days ago | newsweek
Iran Was the Easy Part: Obama Takes His Nuke Deal to Congress

"...Yet even with such arguments, Congress will not be an easy sell. ..." see full article

1412 days ago | politico
Barack Obama's next job: Sell the Iran deal - Politico

"...Do this or prepare for a war that no one wants and won't work anyway. ..." see full article

1413 days ago | bostonherald
Robbins: Obama must take Iran deal to Congress - Boston Herald
"...And since the deal will virtually guarantee a nuclear Iran in about a decade, won't it also guarantee that Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries loaded with cash will act swiftly to obtain their own nuclear weapons? What is our plan for that?..." see full article

1413 days ago | washingtonpost
Will Senate Democrats really help kill an Obama nuclear deal with Iran? - Washington Post (blog)

"...If an agreement is reached with Iran, anyone in Congress can introduce a bill saying the president is hereby barred from implementing it...." see full article

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