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Can SeaWorld Recover From "Blackfish"?

When Blackfish premiered in 2013, it uncovered abuses with Tilikum, one of their killer whales. The award-winning documentary had a huge negative impact on the animal theme park. Will SeaWorld be able to recover from this negative publicity?

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Can SeaWorld Recover From "Blackfish"?  

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Yes, people will forget about it over time and the move and controversy will quickly become an afterthought.
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Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Can SeaWorld Recover From "Blackfish"?"
last 24 hours | pressherald
SeaWorld Entertainment coming back from 'Blackfish' - Press Herald
"...SeaWorld has a long history of rescuing sea animals. But the Blackfish accusations forced the company to more heavily promote its work.The company's campaign of TV, print and online ads launched in March to correct what the company says are inaccuracies repeated by animal extremist organizations. Caring for the whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right, SeaWorld veterinarian Lara Croft says in one of the TV commercials.In addition to the $10 million pledge for killer whale conservation and research, SeaWorld intends to establish an independent advisory committee of scientists to oversee its orca program.SeaWorld representatives say their efforts are not an act of contrition...." see full article

1339 days ago | wnd
"...Millions go to SeaWorld to learn more about sea life and get closer to killer whales. But fewer go now because the documentary Blackfish exposed what one reporter called the darker side of SeaWorld. The movie, which CNN bought and ran over and over, tells how greedy businessmen take baby whales from their mothers and imprison them in small aquariums, where the frustrated animals are a threat to each other and their trainers...." see full article

1346 days ago | breitbart
SeaWorld Shows Signs of Recovery from Blackfish Wounds - Breitbart News
"...New metrics indicate that SeaWorld may be turning the corner on the way back to recovery. The organization had faced massive criticism, and serious public and financial backlash, over accusations in the 2013 movie Blackfish and charges from animal activist groupPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) relating to the well-being of orcas (killer whales) in captivity at SeaWorld parks.With sinking park attendance, earnings, and stock price, SeaWorld set out to rebuild its reputation, and has been seeing success the Los Angeles Times reports. In 2014 park attendance was down 4.2%, but in the first three months of 2015 park attendance increased 5.6%...." see full article

1349 days ago | latimes
SeaWorld may be bouncing back from 'Blackfish' backlash - Los Angeles Times
"...In recent months, the Orlando company has been pushing back against the documentary, which it decried as unfair and inaccurate. It has hired a new chief executive, announced plans for larger orca tanks and launched a $10-million advertising campaign defending its treatment of whales and promoting the company's work to benefit animals.As part of its new $10-million pledge to fund conservation of orcas in the wild, SeaWorld last month committed $1.5 million to a partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help rebuild the population of endangered "southern resident" killer whales found off the Pacific Northwest...." see full article

1350 days ago | sandiego.suntimes
SeaWorld San Diego's got some attendance problems - San Diego Sun Times
"...SeaWorld San Diego reportedly had some serious attendance problems it was dealing with, and now we've go some data to back up that speculation.You'll remember, that's the documentary that ripped the company for allegedly neglecting animals including featuring former employees who actually worked at the park causing them to lose sponsors like Southwest Airlines and Mattel...." see full article

1350 days ago | utsandiego
SeaWorld attendance sinks, rivals thrive - U-T San Diego
"...The poor showing by the SeaWorld parks isn't necessarily a surprise. Lagging attendance and revenues have been well-documented during the last year amid backlash from the critical documentary Blackfish. Since its release in 2013 and repeated airing on CNN, attendance has declined and companies such as Southwest Airlines and Mattel have severed corporate ties.SeaWorld Entertainment has responded by hiring a new CEO and rolling out an aggressive print, online and TV marketing campaign to rehabilitate its image as an institution dedicated to caring for animals. Executives last month reported a modest increase in overall attendance in the first quarter.In the hyper-competitive world of theme parks, though, that's not likely to be enough to turn around SeaWorld's attendance figures, especially given huge investments being made by Universal and Disney to draw new visitors with crowd-pleasing attractions, said Robert Niles, editor of Theme Park Insider...." see full article

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