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Can Stephen Colbert Replace David Letterman?

David Letterman is wrapping up his last month hosting the Late Show, when he will be replaced by Stephen Colbert. Will Colbert be as successful as Letterman?

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Can Stephen Colbert Replace David Letterman?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Can Stephen Colbert Replace David Letterman?"
last 24 hours | oregonlive
David Letterman's last show: Join us for the live blog Wednesday night -
"...As far as revolutionaries in late night television go, David Letterman is a total legend. As previously reported, Letterman will be leaving The Late Show on Wednesday, and, upon his departure, will pass his Late Show torch to former The Colbert Report host, Stephen Colbert. Though the prospect of a Colbert-hosted The Late Show isn't a terrible idea by any means in fact, it's actually fairly exciting that doesn't make Letterman's departure any less painful. Of course, there are high hopes for Colbert's takeover, especially after his long absence from our television screens; and though it isn't the same, Jimmy Fallon's brilliant takeover of The Tonight Show gives me hope that a new era of late night hosts can be a great thing. However, as a fan of The Late Show, I have a lot of questions about how this transition is going to work. After all, Letterman has made sure The Late Show's recurring bits, segments, sketches, and guest choices are of top notch quality and though we know that Stephen will bring his own rambunctious segments and characters along with him when he takes over, it would be a downright shame to dismiss some of the more legendary fixtures of The Late Show. ..." see full article

1367 days ago | salon
Please let David Letterman go: From "Mad Men" to "Sopranos," our obsession ... - Salon

"...Look at the immense attention David Letterman is getting for retiring, and the praise he's getting, unlike Leno, for retiring at the right time. Yes, I'm excited about his passing the torch to Stephen Colbert and I'd be pissed if Letterman somehow sabotaged it the way Leno's torch-passing to O'Brien was sabotaged but mainly because I like Colbert as a host and I think his hosting Late Show makes good TV (whereas the main problem with the Coco-vs-Leno drama was that network-politics inside-baseball isn't, at the end of the day, very good TV).But it shouldn't be that important. This last week of Letterman-hosted shows shouldn't affect his legacy much one way or the other. Would anything negative in this last week actually tarnish a 33-year-long career? And would anything positive in this week be capable of redeeming the negative things about that career?I mean, I think he deserves a good send-off as much as anyone. But people seem to be investing a lot of meaning in Oprah coming on the show to confirm the nonexistence of a feud that was already declared settled in 2005 and that was never that big a deal in the first place?..." see full article

1368 days ago | oregonlive
David Letterman: The great innovator leaves behind a late-night TV world in ... -
"...Like the old pro he is, Letterman knows that timing is everything. As with Carson, Letterman is right to retire, and to do it on his own terms. He's still funny, but "The Late Show," as it's constructed now, has been showing its age, and collected its own layers of dust...." see full article

1379 days ago | salon
We need David Letterman's America: How the Leno/Fallon/Colbert choice ... - Salon

"...These are stark differences in comedic approaches because they are addressing starkly different needs in their audiences. And maybe we shouldn't be surprised by this. Because here is another pervasive trend in America: We tend to exist more and more at different poles, flocking to the apparent but oversimplified certainty of extremes, and it would seem the case is no different when it comes to the comedy we seek for catharsis, in whatever form, late at night, after long days of dealing with people who seem to be less and less like us in every way but that they too need to laugh...." see full article

1380 days ago | sfgate
Letterman ignored the 'don't be silly' rule - SFGate
"...and the choice of Stephen Colbert as Letterman's replacement is a smart business decision, offering CBS a chance to hook a younger demo, but Letterman has been a class act for CBS by acting like a hyperactive kid night after night...." see full article

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