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Could Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?

Bernie Sanders has surprised everyone by maintaining a sizable base in his run for President. Could the Senator from Vermont topple front runner Hillary Clinton?

55% of writers and pundits say no
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Could Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?  

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last 24 hours | politico
Email woes, Sanders surge rattle Clinton's Hill backers - Politico

"...More than 30 Democratic senators have endorsed Clinton, a key show of support so early in an election that pits Clinton against their current colleague Sanders (I-Vt.) and could eventually include longtime Democratic senator and Vice President Joe Biden. Some senators are privately fretting that Clinton appears slow-footed in responding to Republican attacks, and there are questions among Capitol Hill Democrats about how she is dealing with the new reality of today's ADD-news cycle, which has fueled real estate mogul Donald Trump's candidacy. Their grievances are aired privately for the most part, lest they offend their likely presidential standard-bearer. Indeed, Clinton is shown enormous deference by elected Democrats in Congress, almost to the level enjoyed by President Barack Obama. As for Sanders, while most Democratic senators say he's brought energy to the race, he is not a real threat to Clinton. Biden, should he run, is viewed much the same, though he would likely pick up endorsements from Delaware's senators...." see full article

1241 days ago | realclearpolitics
Clinton's Big Obstacle Is Herself

"...She keeps putting obstacles in her own path, but Hillary Clinton remains the odds-on favorite to become our next president.The headlines screaming "Clinton's Support Erodes" are true, but only in a relative sense. In the contest for the Democratic nomination, according to the polls, she has slid all the way from "prohibitive favorite" to something like "strong favorite" -- not bad, given the way she has hobbled herself with the email scandal.A new Washington Post-ABC News poll gives a clear view of Clinton's status. Among registered voters who are Democrats or lean toward that party, Clinton is at 42 percent while Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is at 24 percent and Vice President Joe Biden at 21 percent. Since July, according to the Post-ABC News poll, Clinton's support has fallen 21 points. So yes, her campaign has reason to be concerned. But not alarmed...." see full article

1249 days ago | salon
Let the anti-Bernie Sanders red-baiting begin: Hillary Clintons super PAC wants you to know that hes a socialist

"...I'm also genuinely puzzled as to the political logic behind this attack. It's difficult to see how transparent red-baiting of this sort would find a sympathetic audience among liberals and Democratic primary voters. Claire McCaskill, a Senate colleague of Sanders and a Clinton supporter, tested out a similar version of this attack over the summer, going on TV and calling Sanders extreme and too liberal and reminding everyone that he's a socialist. The party and its base have spent the past seven years rolling their eyes at people like Sarah Palin who describe everything the Democrats do as socialism why would they respond favorably to an intramural version of this same dumb jab?If anything, the attack is helpful to Sanders, given his opposition to super PACs and other outside money groups as corrupting forces in politics. Correct the Record isaggressively testing the boundaries of campaign finance law by directly coordinating with the Clinton campaign, which is technically prohibited by our gauzy and barely enforceable laws on election spending. An attack coming from a group like this fits right into Sanders' message about the poisoning effect of money in politics...." see full article

1249 days ago | vox
A pro-Clinton Super PAC attacked Bernie Sanders over ties to UK Labour leader. Here's why.

"...Sanders has said he won't run negative ads against Clinton, but he is using the tried-and-true method of pointing out their differences on policies that animate the Democratic base. And it appears to be part of what's working for Sanders, as Clinton's poll numbers have declined precipitously over the summer. Sanders holds leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states with the first two primary contests next year, according to the most recent polls.It all comes down to this: There's a real fight for the Democratic nomination not the coronation of Clinton that many of the party faithful feared and it is going to be waged in part on the questions of whether Sanders is too liberal and whether Clinton is too moderate...." see full article

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1249 days ago | thehill
Clinton wins key NH union endorsements - The Hill (blog)

"...It's the fourth national labor union to announce support for Clinton as she seeks to beat back a challenge from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), who is aggressively courting the support of union workers.In addition, the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association, which has 16,000 members, said Monday it will also support Clinton for president. The endorsement gives Clinton the backing of the biggest public employee union in a critical early-voting state.Clinton is seeking to shore up her support in New Hampshire against a growing threat from Sanders, who has become the front-runner in recent polls of the Granite State.A CBS News/YouGov survey released over the weekend showed Sanders with a 22-point lead over Clinton in New Hampshire. He has led in the four most recent polls there and opened up an 11-point lead, according to the RealClearPolitics average.While Clinton has had early success in landing major union endorsements, many of the biggest labor organizations including the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the Service Employees International Union remain on the sidelines.Sanders has signaled he intends to fight Clinton for labor support...." see full article

1250 days ago | ibtimes
Election 2016 Polls: Hillary Clinton Support Falls As Bernie Sanders Gains ... - International Business Times
"...Clinton's ratings dropped from 63 percent in July to 42 percent in September, though she remains far ahead of Sanders' 24 percent and Vice President Joe Biden's 21 percent. Still, Clinton's trajectory leaves no question that she has trouble, the poll reported. Her ratings for honesty and trustworthiness have dropped to an all-time low of 39 percent, in part due to her use of a private server for her work email during her stint as secretary of state, the poll found...." see full article

1250 days ago | time
Clinton's Email Controversy Is Weighing on Her Campaign, Poll Finds - TIME
"...It's unclear, however, whether the email issue will persist into 2016 and hurt her if she is chosen to represent the Democrats in the general election: fewer than half of Americans think it is a legitimate issue in the presidential election, according to the poll. And Clinton still holds a commanding lead in the nominating contest: 42% of Democratic-leaning voters support Clinton, compared with 24% supporting second place Bernie Sanders.But a summer dominated by headlines about the email controversy has impacted her bid for the nomination. Her support among Democrats has dropped 21 points since July...." see full article

1250 days ago | huffingtonpost
25 Reasons I'm Voting for Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton and the GOP Nominee - Huffington Post

"...It's true that Republicans have an irrational hatred of Clinton and that the Benghazi attacks have been unfairly leveled at Clinton. However, most of Clinton's scandals are based on her own decisions, not the irrational behavior of others. Not everything is Benghazi...." see full article

1250 days ago | themiamihurricane
Martin O'Malley strongest Democratic challenger to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton - The Miami Hurricane
"...But Sanders is unlikely to gain any measure of success in a general election as an unabashed socialist he is simply too liberal. However, his attractiveness as a primary candidate stems from the fact that he will force Clinton to the left on important economic issues.Clinton has nothing to gain from staying moderate even in the general election, because Republicans have already branded her as the liberal sweetheart who represents everything wrong with her party. If Sanders's liberal presence forces Hillary to lose her moderate views, it will help her energize her base in the general election. Sanders is doing more of a service to Clinton than representing a real threat...." see full article

1250 days ago |
Hillary Clinton's glaring vulnerability: Why Bernie Sanders must call out her militant foreign policy
"...Hillary's militarism ought to arouse concern in Democratic circles. She's arguably the most self-aware person in American politics; she rarely says or does anything that's not calculated to minimize blowback (and that's not necessarily a critique). If this is her position now, while Sanders is pressuring her to move left on multiple fronts, there's no reason to think she'll be any different in a general election.For better or worse, Hillary Clinton is a hawk liberals and progressives should not be confused about that. To her credit, this is what she's been for a long time, and she's not hiding it. The question is, after our recent misadventures in the Middle East, is this what Democrats want?..." see full article

1250 days ago | buzzfeed
Hillary Clinton's "Firewall": Just Volunteers For Now - BuzzFeed News
"...For Clinton's campaign, at this stage in the race, that's always been the idea. The original strategy is still in place. The lifeblood of the operation still runs in the early states. And the campaign is still, broadly speaking, a campaign to win Iowa. Mook, the architect, visited Iowa last month, makes regular calls to Iowa, and, along with his no. 2, Marlon Marshall, spends a good chunk of each day, in some part, on Iowa. (Clinton has 78 full-time organizers in the state. Last week, on a conference call with Iowa supporters, Mook said he plans to send even more resources which has been the plan all along, said Jerry Crawford, a longtime Clinton backer in Iowa who described the call.)This spring, in other corners of the country, a 10-week ramp-up program helped bring a broad base of volunteers into the fold. From April to July, Clinton contracted one organizer in each state and territory to meet with potential volunteers, hold trainings, and do as much as possible to build a provisional network of engaged supporters. And then the organizers left or at least went off the payroll. The results of the program are difficult to measure. Mook recently put the number of non-early state volunteers at more than 35,000. But in skill and commitment, supporters can run the spectrum...." see full article

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