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Could The Los Angeles Clippers Go All The Way??

The L.A. Clippers have long been the laughing stock of the NBA, having never won a championship. Could this be their year?

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Could The Los Angeles Clippers Go All The Way??  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Could The Los Angeles Clippers Go All The Way??"
last 24 hours | bleacherreport
Clippers' Path to Winning NBA Title May Not Be Only a Fairy Tale for Much Longer - Bleacher Report
"...If they now win their first championship fewer than 10 years later right after leaping racism in a single Blake Griffin bound all of a sudden they look like specialists in change. And in today's marketplace, we want to believe quick change is possible. As much as long-suffering Clippers fans know the struggle, there's reason to believe right now...." see full article

950 days ago | espn.go
Clippers in uncharted water as serious championship contenders

"...They've been the worst team. They've been a middling team. They've been a team on the rise. They've been a playoff team. They've even been a championship-contending team in recent years. But they've never been the favorites to win it all. That is, until now...." see full article

951 days ago | dailynews
Clippers no longer underdogs, thin or forgotten
"...Everything is upside down now. It was the Lakers who played I Love L.A. from the time Randy Newman wrote it in 1983, a year before the Clippers moved here from San Diego, going from local embarrassment to forgotten object of scorn. Now, the Clippers are favored to win an N N-N-NBA title?..." see full article

951 days ago | ocregister
Clippers rout Rockets, who look like a bunch of hacks
"...For the first time in history, one can see the path to a Clippers championship. They will have to take some hits before they get there. If those blows are intentionally delivered, it's all the better for the Clippers...." see full article

951 days ago | rantsports
Los Angeles Clippers Will Win Western Conference Championship
"...Easily said then, the Los Angeles Clippers are more dangerous to the Warriors than the lack of other talent in the Western Conference. Therefore, the Clippers do indeed stand the best chance of containing the newly crowned MVP of the league, Stephen Curry, as well as his Warrior running mates...." see full article

951 days ago | utsandiego
How can you not root for the Clippers?
"...But this isn't make-believe, so it's OK to get swept up. It's OK to latch on to the longtime little guy as it sits on the cusp of an historic breakthrough...." see full article

951 days ago | ibtimes
Can The Clippers Win The 2015 NBA Finals? Chris Paul, Blake Griffin Give L.A. A Shot
"...For years the Los Angeles Clippers were the laughing stock of the NBA, but Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have turned the Lakers' little brother into a legitimate contender. After beating the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinals series, the Clippers are making the case that this is their best chance to finally win a championship...." see full article

951 days ago | bleacherreport
Clippers' Path to Winning NBA Title May Not Be Only a Fairy Tale for Much Longer - Bleacher Report
"...Well, whatever their shadowy reasons for sticking with a struggling club over the years, Clippers fans don't have to fool themselves right now. Their path to the NBA title is wholly realistic...." see full article

951 days ago | dailynews
Theres nothing wrong with L.A. Clippers, fans thinking big
"...And for the first time since forever, peeking ahead doesn't also mean wondering if the light up yonder is friendly or dangerous. That isn't an oncoming train, y'all. ..." see full article

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