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Did Hillary Clinton Win The Debate?

The Democrats hosted their first presidential debate, with Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, Webb and Chafee. Both Clinton and Sanders were especially outspoken, and seemed to get the most cheers from the crowd. Did Hillary Clinton win the debate?

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Did Hillary Clinton Win The Debate?  

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last 24 hours | foxnews
Hillary Clinton won the debate. Democrats' plan for a coronation is on track - Fox News

"...The Democrats' plan for a Hillary coronation is going to go ahead as scheduled. Mrs. Clinton made no terrible missteps. The other candidates rallied to her on the email situation. She had the best command of the stage and played up being a woman.Clinton's dismissiveness of the email situation probably draws Joe Biden into the race. Her public trust numbers will not benefit from her answers. The latest Fox News poll already shows that Hillary Clinton is performing worse against Republicans than Joe Biden.But Hillary won the debate. She did not make any missteps, was not thrown off her game, and allowed no other candidate to outshine her. ..." see full article

1220 days ago | mic
Who Won the Democratic Presidential Debate? Hillary Clinton Dominates Field in ... - Mic
"...Primary debates are always a bit of a high wire for the party's front-runner, and Tuesday's was no exception for Clinton. Clinton navigated several prickly questions that drove to the heart of her weakness as a candidate, notably her shift in position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and use of a private email server while secretary of state. However, Clinton handled the questions deftly and was authoritative while displaying a willingness to engage with her challengers...." see full article

1220 days ago | vox
Hillary Clinton silenced her critics

"...This is the Hillary Clinton Democrats have been waiting for.The most important aspect of Clinton's performance in Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate, though, wasn't whether she won she did but how she connected with progressive Democrats who worry whether she shares their values and whether she can withstand Republican attacks on her policies and character.She was confident about the substance of her campaign and comfortable in making the case that her policies are the right ones to move the country forward even if they don't always sound like a wish list for the left...." see full article

1220 days ago | time
Hillary Clinton Takes Control in First Democratic Debate
"...Hillary Clinton emerged from the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night having given no ground to Bernie Sanders or her lesser-known rivals, a strong performance that was punctuated when evenSanders came to her defense over the email controversy that has often buffeted her campaign. I've taken responsibility for it. I did say it was a mistake, Clinton said of her use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State. I have been as transparent as I know to be. Sanders, in a made-for-TV moment that took place not long after the two had tangled on gun control and economic issues, defended her: Let me say something that may not be great politics, that is the Secretary is right. The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails! ..." see full article

1220 days ago | nymag
The Hillary Clinton Panic May Have Just Ended
"...But the first Democratic presidential debate may have finally turned the tide, or at least stopped her fall. Clinton demonstrated that she was, by far, the best presidential candidate on stage. Indeed, she may have been the only person on stage actually running for president. Lincoln Chaffee touted his lack of scandals as an oblique contrast to the front-runner. Martin O'Malley tried to play up his more left-wing position on Glass-Steagall financial regulation. But none of them waged the kind of frontal assault that would be required to dislodge a front-runner who commands Clinton's breadth of institutional support. Indeed, in what may be the most important moment of the debate, Bernie Sanders declared, to her insufficiently-suppressed delight, The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. ..." see full article

1220 days ago | wsj
Hillary Clinton Shows Relentless Efficiency in First Democratic Debate
"...But Mrs. Clinton didn't seem to mind. Instead, like her campaign more broadly, she seemed determined to use the opportunity to march methodically through her policy positions, to remind voters of her broad experience, and to unleash just enough criticism of Republicans to remind Democrats that they are supposed to be the real opponents.It was a performance that wasn't long on soaring rhetoric or deep passion, until Mrs. Clinton weighed in emphatically on strengthening family leave policies and funding Planned Parenthood. But it was methodically effective...." see full article

1220 days ago | fortune
Hillary Clinton overshadows Bernie Sanders to start Democratic debate
"...Hillary Clinton gave no ground against her rival Bernie Sanders early in the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, nimbly criticizing the insurgent Vermont Senator's stance on gun control and his use of Denmark as a model for social programs in the United States.When asked by CNN moderator Anderson Cooper whether Sanders has done enough to combat gun violence, Clinton answered forcefully. No, she said. Not at all. We have to look at the 90 people we lose a day from gun violence. ..." see full article

1221 days ago | cnn
Hillary Clinton exudes confidence on debate stage

"...In a performance aimed at solidifying her lock on the Democratic nomination, Clinton sought to pivot from a tough summer in which the controversy over her private email server triggered a slump in popularity ratings. She proved to be a polished debater, showing little rust after enduring 25 debates during the 2008 campaign.The former secretary of state dominated the opening exchanges, parrying questions on the depth of her political convictions and insisting she is a "progressive" despite the doubts of some on the left of the party...." see full article

1221 days ago | slate
Hillary Clinton Won the CNN Debate With a Surprisingly Spectacular Performance

"...She was confident early and poised throughout. More surprisingly and perhaps more importantly she also drew first blood on Bernie Sanders, who was put on the defensive early when CNN moderator Anderson Cooper pressed him to explain the biggest blemish on his otherwise progressive resume: His 2005 vote to shield gun makers and dealers from lawsuits. With Sanders struggling, Cooper turned to Clinton to ask if her rival is tough enough on guns. Hillary, who earlier this month cleverly made repealing that same law a centerpiece of her gun reform proposal, didn't hesitate. No, she said, not at all. Toward the end of the debate she was even able to put some focus on the historic nature of her candidacy and to take some shots at the GOP, two themes that would certainly be central to any general election campaign...." see full article

1221 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders in a Sharp Debate

"...In a series of sometimes biting exchanges, Mrs. Clinton declared that Mr. Sanders was misguided in his handling of crucial votes on gun control and even in his grasp of how essential capitalism is to the American identity. Mocking Mr. Sanders's admiration for the health care system of Denmark, she interrupted a moderator to offering a stinging assessment of his logic, suggesting he was unprepared to grapple with the realities of governing a capitalist superpower...." see full article

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