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Did Marco Rubio Win The Debate

With a field of ten candidates, it was tough for any one candidate to break from the pack. However, Marco Rubio was able to outshine even Donald Trump, with many political pundits naming him as the winner. Did the Republican Senator win the debate?

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Did Marco Rubio Win The Debate  

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last 24 hours | politico
Marco Rubio steps out of Jebs shadow - Politico

"...The contrast between the fresh and fast Rubio vs. the phlegmatic and lackluster Bush only added to the nagging questions about Bush's ability to be the party's torch bearer. Jeb's supporters say this, too, shall pass. I'm a Jeb supporter, and I think Jeb did what he had to do last night. But when you look at all 10 candidates as far as where they were at the beginning of the night vs. where they were when they left, Rubio did the best, said Brian Hughes, a top Florida Republican consultant. Rubio had some tough recent weeks but his performance on the national stage could enable him to reemerge as a top-tier candidate. ..." see full article

1258 days ago | vox
Marco Rubio won last night's Republican debate. Here's why. - Vox

"...Because Rubio is young and telegenic, it's easy to underestimate his policy acumen, but many establishment Republicans (and Democrats, for that matter) are convinced it's real.With a big assist from the moderators, he managed to stay out of the biggest, messiest policy arguments of the night, about civil liberties and the Iraq War. He directly engaged other candidates only on two of the policy issues he knows best: immigration and education. And both times, he pretty much won at least among people who cared about the policy exchange...." see full article

1259 days ago | latino.foxnews
Marco Rubio cool, calm and presidential during Republican debate
"...The Florida senator is getting high marks for his performance at Thursday night's debate. There were testy back-and-forth exchanges between candidates, but Rubio mostly stuck to his scripts and kept his message personal and impassionate. The general consensus is that the Cuban-American was among the winners of a debate in which the number of candidates made it difficult for an individual to stand out...." see full article

1259 days ago | washingtonpost
Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina win the Republican debate

"...Rubio's profile has diminished in recent months. But any doubts about his ability to fill the stage was dispelled during the main event. From his opening statement, the Sunshine State senator gave crisp and compelling answers that made him the clear winner of the 9 p.m. gathering. Rubio's presentation Thursday reminded me of his stellar campaign announcement. No, I don't agree with him on anything. But, I can appreciate a political talent when I see one. Folks, he is one...." see full article

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1259 days ago | latino.foxnews
Marco Rubio seen as winner of 1st Republican debate
"...Florida Sen. Marco Rubio emerged as the real winner of the first debate among 10 of the 17 candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination despite the show put on - as predicted - by irreverent magnate Donald Trump.The nation's leading media and analysts unanimously gave the win to the Cuban-American lawmaker - he managed to present himself as the new blood the party needs to inspire voters and defeat the Democratic favorite, Hillary Clinton.Rubio jumped into the national arena as a senator in 2010, and two years later made a name for himself with his nominating speech for Mitt Romney at the 2012 Republican National Convention...." see full article

1259 days ago | nypost
Rubio emerges as the partys brightest star
"...And for them, the man on stage who made the best case for himself and his candidacy was Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.Rubio was not at the center of the evening's fireworks, and that turned out to be of surprising benefit to him. He stuck to substance, and his fluid speaking style and unique talent for extemporaneously combining eloquence with fact set him above and apart from the other nine men on stage...." see full article

1259 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Even rival camps thought Rubio shined
"...Marco Rubio had a pretty good night; good enough, at least, that other candidates, in the midst of declaring victory Thursday after the first Republican presidential debate, conceded that the Florida senator did pretty well, too.But Rubio shined more than most, making the most of the limited time afforded each candidate given how crowded the stage was, and perhaps more than any contender used the nationally televised debate to present the strongest argument for his candidacy. The senator is a dynamic communicator and fluent on major domestic and foreign policy issues who, as the son of poor Cuban immigrants, could cause presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton fits...." see full article

1259 days ago | nytimes
Winners at the G.O.P. Debate Did Not Include Bush and Trump

"...Mr. Rubio, the senator from Florida, has a good case to be considered the debate's top performer. A weaker Mr. Bush probably benefits Mr. Rubio as much as anyone, and if Mr. Bush raised questions about whether he would be a great general election candidate, then Mr. Rubio added yet more reason to believe he could be a good one. Mr. Rubio still has the challenge of figuring out how to break through a strong field in a factional party.With so little time having passed after the debate, it's impossible to know whether the media will deem him the sort of overwhelming winner who will get the attention necessary to make a big jump in the polls. But even if this is not the moment he breaks through, he surely advanced his case among the many electability-minded and conservative party elites with reservations about the abilities of both Mr. Bush and Mr. Walker...." see full article

1259 days ago | vox
Marco Rubio won last nights Republican debate. Heres why.

"...But Rubio also did a good job making his own luck. When he was asked questions he didn't like, he smoothly pivoted to the thing he wanted to say anyway. When Megyn Kelly asked him why he supported exceptions to abortion bans for rape or incest, he simply said "I'm not sure that's a correct assessment of my record ... I have never said that, and I have never advocated that," and started talking about how the unborn deserve full protection under the law. His campaign followed up with reporters by explaining that Rubio had supported laws that made those exceptions because they were improvements on the status quo, but Rubio didn't waste time with that argument.The tactic allowed him to hold his fire even when asked to criticize another candidate. Rubio's only real head-to-head argument of the night, about Common Core with Jeb Bush, wasn't really an argument at all. Bush answered a question about Common Core by talking about the importance of high standards; asked why Bush was wrong, Rubio didn't disagree with anything Bush had said or get into Bush's record, but instead made a sharp conservative argument against Common Core itself:..." see full article

1259 days ago | cnn
So, who won the Republican debate?

"...For my money, there were two candidates who helped themselves the most. One was Governor John Kasich of Ohio: while sticking to conservative principles, he gave voice to common sense Midwestern values as well as a moral commitment to Americans living in the shadows. In effect, he tapped into some of the same anger that Trump has understood but turned it in a warm, positive direction...." see full article

1259 days ago | theweek
The Trump Show: How Donald Trump won the GOP debate and stole the presidential election
"...The debate was utterly dominated by Trump. In an unexpected twist, the moderators chosen by Fox News went after him with everything they had, while his actual opponents seemed scared to engage him one-on-one. (Bush, trying to preserve his dignity, ultimately wilted in the glare of Trump's supernova.) Trump, unconstrained by diplomatic etiquette and human decency, proved that he is the apotheosis of the conservative tough guy, easily elbowing out the likes of Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker. ("You're having a hard time tonight," he told Rand Paul, in just one instance of him flattening a rival.)..." see full article

1259 days ago | bustle
Who Won The First GOP Debate? It Depends Who You Ask
"...In terms of actual unity, Rubio seemed to be one of the few names of the night that didn't try to pick fights with his fellow Republicans, calling out Hillary Clinton instead and explaining that in a general election based on r sum s alone, Clinton would win due to her longtime career in Washington. Still, he maintained, the election wasn't about r sum s, it was about someone who could relate to the average American  and in that sense, the GOP had won."God has blessed us with some very good candidates the Democrats can't even find one," said Rubio, harpooning the former Secretary of State. Further, he contended, Clinton was disconnected from regular civilians. "How is she going to lecture me on student loans, when I owed $100k until four years ago?" asked Rubio, who said he could empathize with those who had lived "paycheck to paycheck".Ending the night with a bang, Rubio (who largely avoided major drama throughout the debate) aligned himself as the new face of the party, a son of immigrant parents who had pursued his dreams and could accurately represent the American people...." see full article

1259 days ago | smartremarks.lancasteronline
Why Trump won the debate
"...So Trump pretty much won the debate, and as someone who won't be voting for any of these guys (and probably won't be voting for any of the Dems, either), I found it all highly amusing, if slightly alarming.Look: To the extent that a presidential primary is entertainment Trump is simply the most entertaining guy in the room. Everyone else runs scared of gaffes. Trump doesn't care. He plows forward, throwing elbows, sneering at opponents, refusing to kowtow to the party types who want him to go quietly, etc. etc.Plus, he got into it with the Fox News moderators, even taking potshots at them on Twitter afterwards!And so all this feeds the narrative Donald Trump isn't going to take anyone's shite. Donald Trump is brash, Donald Trump says what he thinks regardless of what anyone else thinks about it, Donald Trump comes off as a man of action, as ill-advised as that action may be.Imagine Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button...." see full article

1259 days ago | mediaite
Who Were the Big Winners and Losers at the GOP Debates?
"...Winner: Marco Rubio. He was pretty much flawless during the main course. The thought in this space a few months ago was that Rubio didn't have the gravitas to inspire on a big stage a little kid swimming in the deep end. No more. The national consensus in terms of the aforementioned searches and trends is mixed (Trump, Carson and Cruz got the most), but in terms of substance and command, Rubio looked very presidential. And if put on the same stage as Mrs. Clinton, it'll be Obama-McCain all over again in terms of the young, energetic, hungry candidate versus the out-of-touch geriatric. Ask any Democrat: Rubio is the last candidate they want to see get crowned back in Cleveland a year from now. And a Rubio/Fiorina, Rubio/Kasich ticket would be extremely tough to beat...." see full article

1259 days ago | bloomberg
Why Marco Rubio May Have Won the First Republican Debate
"...In a cluttered evening of debates that featured Donald Trump's trademark bravado, Carly Fiorina exceeding expectations at the "kiddie table," and Ohio Governor John Kasich enjoying the loudest applause lines, the Republican candidate who stood out the most in the minds of many conservatives was Marco Rubio.The first-term Florida senator looked like he was about to strike out on the first pitch, which was aimed at his inexperience, but he hit it out of the park."If this election is a resume competition, then Hillary Clinton's gonna be the next president," Rubio said here in Cleveland at the first Republican presidential debate of 2016, insisting that the election had "better be about the future, not the past."..." see full article

1259 days ago | hollywoodreporter
John Kasich Won the Debate
"...What a nice, bright, earnest young man! When he graduates from the college debating team, he will have a rosy future! Oh, er, he's 44 years old? Computer crash! Rubio is very smooth but also oddly slick. He seems caught in a time warp of self-stunted maturation, a son shying away from the Olympus of father-gods. Sorry, but this won't work in the White House. Try again in a decade or two?..." see full article

1259 days ago | politico
The POLITICO wrongometer

"... And last but not least, we need to repeal Dodd-Frank. It is eviscerating small businesses and small banks. Over 40 percent of small banks and midsize banks that loan money to small businesses have been wiped out since Dodd-Frank was passed. Rubio's stat on small banks is in need of a citation. Academic and government data doesn't have that figure. And according to March 2015 research from the conservative-leaning Mercatus Center no friend of bank regulation "the United States lost 14 percent of its small banks" since the start of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.While it is true the number of banks has been declining, research from the Federal Reserve also shows that trend started 30 years ago...." see full article

1259 days ago | newsmax
GOP Debate Winners: Trump, Cruz, Huckabee, Christie
"...Rubio underwhelmed. He seemed to make a good number two. A VP not a president. His answers had no punch. He was good on the economy and his replies were ideologically OK, but he did not come across as a leader...." see full article

1259 days ago | washingtonpost
Winners and losers from the first Republican presidential debate

"...Natural talent tends to shine through in big moments when the bright lights turn on. The senator from Florida, who had dipped in polls after a bump in the wake of his announcement, was terrific on Thursday night. He was poised, on message and seemingly entirely at ease -- even when pressed on immigration, which could have been a problem for him. Rubio's response on his inexperience -- "This election cannot be a r sum competition" -- was a good one.  Most importantly for Rubio, he looked the part of a president. Hurdle cleared...." see full article

1259 days ago | thehill
GOP pundits pick Rubio, Fox as debate winners

"...Rubio won the night by showing a commanding stage presence, great enthusiasm and deep policy knowledge. He even outmaneuvered Trump on immigration reform without having to confront him. Since he squeaked into the No. 10 slot, Kasich performed well and will likely rise within the pack. Christie also impressed, especially against Rand Paul. It may not matter to mad-as-hell voters, but Trump hurt himself by confusing voters because he refused to pledge to remain a Republican if he didn't win the nomination. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) may pick up more conservative voters because of Trump's performance. Former Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.) and Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.) didn't make any mistakes, but both need to really impress next time...." see full article

1259 days ago | latimes
Marco Rubio takes tough stand against abortion, with no exceptions for rape or incest
"...Rubio, the Florida senator, is not the only GOP presidential contender to shun the widely accepted exceptions, which also include when a pregnancy threatens the mother's life.But for a candidate whose campaign has been designed to appeal broadly to general-election voters, it is a bold distinction that could hurt him with female voters.Rubio's sharpened position emerged during the first Republican primary debate Thursday night in Cleveland as the candidates fielded questions about defunding Planned Parenthood, and he expanded on it Friday in an interview on CNN...." see full article

1259 days ago | bayoubuzz
Marco Rubio: if he can withstand Trump, can he beat Clinton in a debate?
"...Marco Rubio walked into the first Republican presidential debate on Thursday night as a decided underdog. But the youthful Florida senator emerged, almost by way of non-engagement on a stage of bombastic personalities, as a policy savant.If Rubio can survive the Donald Trump war of attrition, political watchers agreed, he is primed for battle against Hillary Clinton.It was a critical test for Rubio, who in recent weeks took a dramatic dip in the polls despite launching his run for the White House in April with soaring expectations.A slew of press reports even questioned if Rubio's Obama-esque appeal was sustainable, predicting an early demise for the candidate who has long been regarded as a rising star within the Republican party...." see full article

1259 days ago | washingtonpost
Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina win the Republican debate

"...The Thrilla in Ohi-ya is over and, man, it was quite the show. Both the Happy Hour debate earlier in the evening and the main event provided many illuminating moments thanks to terrific, focused questions from Fox News anchors. But here are my quick thoughts right now. The big winners of the night were Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Carly Fiorina.Rubio's profile has diminished in recent months. But any doubts about his ability to fill the stage was dispelled during the main event. From his opening statement, the Sunshine State senator gave crisp and compelling answers that made him the clear winner of the 9 p.m. gathering. Rubio's presentation Thursday reminded me of his stellar campaign announcement. No, I don't agree with him on anything. But, I can appreciate a political talent when I see one. Folks, he is one...." see full article

1259 days ago | cnbc
No contest: Why Rubio is clear winner of debate - CNBC
"...There are two clear takeaways from the raucous GOP presidential debate. Marco Rubio won it and Donald Trump lost it. Who knows if poll numbers will immediately bear this out. But it's what happened. Rubio was polished, optimistic, strong on issues, from immigration to education to the economy, and never once reached out in thirst for an off-screen water bottle. Trump was belligerent, borderline incomprehensible on issues and straight-up condescending and misogynistic when pressed by Fox's Megyn Kelly on his past repulsive comments about women...." see full article

1259 days ago | nbcnews
Who Stood Out in the First GOP Primary Debate?

"...Yet given all of the attention on Trump, two Republicans stood out to us: Marco Rubio and John Kasich. What Rubio did was steal moments (when talking about immigration, the Democratic Party) and get his message across -- that he's the generational contrast to Hillary Clinton. Kasich, meanwhile, certainly benefitted from the home-state crowd and used it to his advantage. If you're Hillary Clinton, Rubio and Kasich standing out is probably not the result you wanted: Both are POTENTIALLY formidable general-election candidates, but they have difficult paths to winning the GOP nomination. That said, Democrats smelled blood on Rubio's answer that he opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest...." see full article

1259 days ago | politico
The Debates Biggest WinnersAnd Losers

"...Major gains for Marco Rubio, who was lucid, passionate, self-assured, Kennedyesque cementing his status as everyone's second choice, which may win him the nomination, ultimately. John Kasich also moved his campaign forward: starting in tenth place (according to the polls) he looked and sounded like a folksy, credible, mainstream contender. Jeb Bush, who had to overcome a recent reputation for bumbling and gaffes, seemed strong, capable, sympathetic and accessible. Frankly, he was also probably helped by the fact that his height (he's 6'4 ) and his position near the center of the stage made him tower over the others, literally...." see full article

1259 days ago | townhall
Rowdy, Memorable Republican Debate Lives Up to Hype

"...If I were forced to pick a winner of this debate, I'd reluctantly pick Florida's junior Senator. His first few answers were focused, informed and smoothly delivered. He's likable. He's fresh. He's smart. Offered an early chance to punch at Jeb Bush, he turned his answer into a clever contrast point regarding Hillary Clinton. Of all the (relatively few) shots taken at Donald Trump all night, Rubio's was both subtle and cutting. When Trump was bragging about essentially paying politicians to do his bidding, he cracked that he'd given a lot of money to everyone on the stage. "Not me!" Rubio shot back, reminding viewers that Trump was a backer of moderate-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist. The youthful Senator's one uneasy moment came in response to a question about exceptions within abortion bans, during which it wasn't clear if he knew the details of his own record on the issue. Rubio's closing was good, if a bit too polished -- but tonight was about making a good impression, and he certainly did. ..." see full article

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