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Did Mike Huckabee Gain Momentum?

Governor Mike Huckabee had a few great sound bites at the Republican debate, and scored very well on social media. Will his far-right views help him gain some momentum?

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Did Mike Huckabee Gain Momentum?  

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last 24 hours | huffingtonpost
Mike Huckabee And Marco Rubio's Weird Legal Theory About Abortion - Huffington Post

"...Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) found one thing they could agree on during Thursday's Republican presidential debate: They both believe the Constitution already gives the president the power to outlaw abortion. Their view is a minority one in the legal community that is out of sync with the overwhelming consensus on constitutional interpretation.Huckabee claimed he could invoke the Fifth and 14th Amendments to stop abortion in the country. Rubio did not specify which parts of the Constitution he would use, but agreed that abortion was already illegal. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees American citizens due process in criminal trials. The 14th Amendment prohibits the government from [depriving] any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." ..." see full article

1288 days ago | fansided
Who won first GOP Primary Debate?
"...The real losers on the night were Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker. Time and time again they dodged the questions they were asked but weren't brazen enough in not giving a sh like Trump was to be able to play it off. Perhaps one of the most laughable moments on the night was when Huckabee was asked about transgendered soldiers in the military and he response went from paying for the surgeries for transgendered soldiers (which wasn't the question) to talking about B-52 bombers that are in active service which are older than him...." see full article

1288 days ago | cleveland
Mike Huckabee gives strong, but not perfect, debate performance: Mike Huckabee in the news
"...Today's Mike Huckabee news: Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's performance during Thursday's GOP debate in Cleveland was "likely strong enough to keep him in the game but not strong enough to move him to the very top." On abortion, he'd defend what he called the constitutional rights of unborn children. He said there's "no role at the federal level for the Department of Education." And he said the country could get rid of the Internal Revenue Service and even shore up Social Security and Medicare if it ditches the income tax and adopts a "fair tax:"..." see full article

1288 days ago | nytimes
First Draft: Mike Huckabee Adds Levity to Debate, and Signals More to Come

"...Former Gov. Mike Huckabee hinted that he might ramp up his happy warrior act as his presidential campaign moves forward.The Republican from Arkansas closed out Thursday night's debate with a dash of humor, pretending that he was about to criticize Donald J. Trump before hitting Hillary Rodham Clinton as being someone who had high poll numbers but no clue about governing.On Friday, he said that he was trying to stand out from the crowd with a little levity...." see full article

1288 days ago | washingtonpost
Mike Huckabee says the militarys job is to kill people and break things. Well, not quite.

"...Former Arkansas governor and former Fox News show host Mike Huckabee said some things on Thursday night. It was part of what the New York Times called a "happy warrior" pose Huckabee might be planning to adapt.There was that stuff about taxing pimps and prostitutes. (Yes, really.) And, then there was little commentary on the military that was, well, not very attuned to the usual GOP frequency on all things military, country and flag. It was also not very accurate...." see full article

1288 days ago | newsmax
GOP Debate Winners: Trump, Cruz, Huckabee, Christie
"...But even as Cruz will benefit from Walker's immigration gaffe and Rubio's weakness, he will be threatened by Huckabee's strong performance. Huck did as well in this debate as he did in 2008 when the debates propelled him into the top tier. His religious answers were moving but so was his defense of Social Security, his advocacy of the fair tax, and his castigation of Wall Street...." see full article

1288 days ago | refinery29
Mike Huckabee Thinks Fetuses Have More Rights Than Pregnant Women - Refinery29
"...Never mind the allusion to the blatantly, undeniably false video targeted against Planned Parenthood: Huckabee's statement basically asserts that the Supreme Court should have no power to determine what constitutes a person which is essentially an argument to overturn Roe v. Wade. That landmark 1973 decision ruled that a fetus is not a person, and that the decision to abort belongs to woman. Personhood laws have been rejected by American voters time and time again. Clearly, Huckabee hasn't let that fact change his mind which might mean that he's not the best person to represent the actual interests of the people. Watch his full response below...." see full article

1288 days ago | fusion
There was a gross misunderstanding of basic science during the GOP debate - Fusion
"...On his website, Huckabee says: Life begins at conception. This isn't just a Biblical view it's affirmed by modern science and every unique human DNA schedule, which is present at conception. And at Thursday night's Republican debate, Huckabee said this DNA schedule' is the reason we need to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion nationwide in 1973.What??!? I gasped and my face scrunched up when that garbage came tumbling out of Huckabee's mouth.The Internet, at least in my neck of the digital woods, reacted with the collective ridicule you might hope for:..." see full article

1288 days ago | nbcnews
Who Stood Out in the First GOP Primary Debate?

"...So we were wrong about Mike Huckabee maybe being the surprise performer -- given his past presidential debating experience (and performances). The former Arkansas governor just didn't stand out. Ted Cruz was Ted Cruz, but he didn't have any moments. And then there's Ben Carson. When maybe you're best quip of the night in the first hour was "I wasn't sure I was gonna get to talk again," you had a bad night. By the way, here's an NBC video on all of the different GOP zingers aimed at Hillary Clinton...." see full article

1288 days ago | townhall
Rowdy, Memorable Republican Debate Lives Up to Hype

"...Aside from or two folksy jokes (turned what seemed to be a Trump slam into a Hillary punchline) and one-liners ("trust and vilify" re: Obama's Iran approach), the former Arkansas governor wasn't much of a factor in the evening's proceedings. He did take the lead on LGBT issues from a socially conservative perspective on several occasions...." see full article

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