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Did Tom Brady Know About "Deflategate"?

The report on Deflategate is out, and it has been determined Tom Brady "probably knew" about the under inflated balls. Do you think he knew?

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Did Tom Brady Know About "Deflategate"?  

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last 24 hours | cbssports
So Tom Brady was 'generally' involved in Deflategate? No big deal
"...Did Brady know? I am sure he did, just like most of the other NFL quarterbacks know what goes on with their footballs. Quarterbacks, you see, are finicky. They like things a certain way, and how much air is in the footballs is included in that. Aaron Rodgers said he liked his footballs inflated as much as possible...." see full article

1350 days ago | washingtonpost
Tom Brady lied; only the consequences are open to debate

"...But Brady broke the rules, and even if the advantage he gained can and will be debated, the NFL should punish Brady. What penalty fits the crime? The investigation found Brady, in all likelihood, knowingly cheated in one game. It happened to be the AFC championship game, a far more important contest than a regular-season game. The NFL should suspend Brady at least two games. Does it have the temerity to bench Brady for the nationally televised season opener?..." see full article

1350 days ago | deadspin
Tom Brady Threw Those Poor Ball-Deflating Jamokes Under The Bus 
"...Of course Brady knew. If the NFL can't prove it, that's probably because he was only looking out for one man in this situation Tom Brady. Everyone else, it seems, was expendable...." see full article

1350 days ago | nypost
Tom Brady lied, cheated, and now must pay
"...The Pretty Boy doesn't look so pretty anymore, and now he will be forced to wear a pair of Scarlet Letters when the 2015 NFL season begins: C for Cheater, L for Liar...." see full article

sites with the most articles that say
1350 days ago | nytimes
Tom Bradys Legacy as One of the Best Takes a Hit

"...Sorry, folks. So much for the feel-good story of a player drafted in the sixth round out of Michigan who turned out to be a star and seemingly could do no wrong. After Wednesday's news, that story line has taken a sharp turn. It's turned depressing, actually.Continue r..." see full article

or articles over time
1350 days ago | rantsports
Tom Brady and Bill Belichicks Legacy is Forever Tainted By Cheating
"...The weak argument is that Belichick didn't know; the weaker argument is that Brady didn't know. Tom Brady knew, and if you read the details of the Wells report its pretty clear. Ted Wells did everything except place Brady at the scene of the crime, he found Brady with his hand in the cookie jar, but couldn't find evidence that he actually ate a cookie. Furthermore, yes, it was Tom Brady's right to decline helping the Wells investigation but by refusing to do so he makes it look like he has something to hide and didn't want to incriminate himself. In essence, he pleaded the fifth...." see full article

1350 days ago | orlandosentinel
Tom Brady, like A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, is just another sports cheater
"...Cheating is cheating whether it's performance-enhancing drugs or performance-inflated balls. And after reading the findings of the NFL-commissioned report on Deflategate Wednesday, Brady almost certainly knew about the New England Patriots equipment staff illegally deflating those infamous balls and, even worse, he probably ordered them to do it and then lied to us about it...." see full article

1350 days ago | mercurynews
Tom Brady takes a hit
"...The conclusion here: Brady should have known better and deserves every bit of the grief he'll get. And the Patriots will survive without major damage. That's about it. ..." see full article

1350 days ago | cnn
NFL report is too easy on Patriot cheaters

"...The Wells Report got the conclusion wrong. It's not "likely" that the Patriots cheated. There is irrefutable evidence that they cheated and Tom Brady was in on it. You and I know damn well what happened and so does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. This time, I hope he doesn't need to see videotape of it before he does the right thing. ..." see full article

1350 days ago | nytimes
What Tom Brady Told Me During Deflategate, and What He Didn't - New York Times

"...I read most of the Wells report, and it looks damning, if not quite definitive. Brady is getting killed in the press. Rich, handsome, supermodel wife, four-time Super Bowl champion: He makes as perfect a villain as he does a hero...." see full article

1350 days ago | cnn
NFL report is too easy on Patriot cheaters

"...And, then there's the other question: Was Brady involved in the cheating? He has denied knowing of any wrongdoing. But the answer is: Of course he was involved...." see full article

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