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Does Bill O'Reilly's Lying Matter?

Bill O'Reilly lied about a bunch of stuff, but will it matter for him or for Fox news?

a full 77% of writers and pundits say yes
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Does Bill O'Reilly's Lying Matter?  

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last 24 hours | huffingtonpost
Bill O'Reilly's Alleged Lies Now Fill A Book - Huffington Post

"...paints the Fox News host as a pathological liar with an inferiority complex..." see full article

1350 days ago | philly
Telling the truth about Bill O'Reilly -
"...But why shouldn't Fox be sanguine? People who mistake it for a news outlet will never hold it accountable for failing to be one, because news is not really what it promises them, nor what they seek. Rather, what it promises and what they seek is an alternate reality wherein birthers make sensible arguments, death panels are real, Trayvon was the thug, Sarah Palin is a misunderstood genius, and all your inchoate fears of the looming Other are given intellectual cover so they no longer look like the scaredy-cat bigotry they are...." see full article

1373 days ago | telegram
Obama jokes about O'Reilly in joint appearance with Walker at Gridiron Club - Worcester Telegram
"...Obama said he generally likes Boehner, the House speaker, and noted talk of unhappy House Republicans planning a coup "or as Bill O'Reilly calls it, 'reporting from the war zone.'"..." see full article

1373 days ago | adweek
Slapdown: FNC's Bill O'Reilly Beats NBC's 'The Slap' - TVNewser
"...On Thursday night, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly beat everyone else in cable news. O'Reilly crushed his competition at 8 p.m., with Anderson Cooper, Chris Hayes and Nancy Grace nowhere close to O'Reilly's nearly 3 million total viewers. In fact, that number didn't just put O'Reilly on top of cable news, but in front of NBC's The Slap, a dark, star-studded and highly promoted drama airing as a miniseries..." see full article

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1374 days ago | msnbc
This Week in God, 3.14.15 - MSNBC

"...With this in mind, Fox's Bill O'Reilly has faced increased scrutiny recently, claiming that he saw nuns get shot in the back of the head while he was in El Salvador in the early 1980s. When evidence made clear that was impossible, O'Reilly said he was referring to photographs he'd seen. This week, some nuns seemed unimpressed by the Fox host's comments, most notably nuns from the Maryknoll Sisters who issued a statement to Brian Stelter...." see full article

1374 days ago | centralkynews
O'Reilly does lie - Central Kentucky News
"...Fox News entertainer Bill O'Reilly lies with impunity while he threatens bodily harm to real news reporters who expose his prevarication...." see full article

1375 days ago | ijreview
O'Reilly's Got Best Response Possible for Haters & He Doesn't Even Need to ... - IJ Review
"...Last week, O'Reilly's The O'Reilly Factor set a calendar-year high with over 3.3 million viewers for his March 3 show. This week, he continued to trade the overall prime-time cable news ratings crown with network colleague Megyn Kelly...." see full article

1375 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bill O'Reilly May Have Lied About Experiencing 'Firefight,' Extreme Combat Zone In El Salvador

"...O'Reilly has long spoken of his time covering the civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s. On more than one occasion, he claimed to have been present for the murder of four nuns. But that experience, along with several others, is now being challenged as a fabrication by the Fox News host. Most glaringly, O'Reilly described seeing "nuns get shot in the back of the head," an event that occurred in 1980; O'Reilly did not arrive in El Salvador as a correspondent until 1981...." see full article

1376 days ago | salon
"No one expects the truth": The secret to Bill O'Reilly's professional survival - Salon

"...Burns went on to describe how O'Reilly has been caught telling numerous lies over the years by, among others, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann who used all the evidence possible to detail the fabrications. But, he explained, because the lies were told at Fox, nobody cared...." see full article

1378 days ago | usatoday
Survey: Local news, Fox get highest marks for trust - USA TODAY

"...Twenty-three percent of survey respondents said Fox host Bill O'Reilly should stay even after allegations of inaccuracies in past reporting that have surfaced recently. Twelve percent said he should be fired; 11% said he should be suspended...." see full article

1379 days ago | thenation
Why Nobody Seems to Mind That Bill O'Reilly Is a Total Fraud

"... The O'Reilly Factor' has long been the most popular program in cable news, and the controversy surrounding host Bill O'Reilly's war-reporting experiences has only helped elevate the show's ratings. Yes, that's right. Fox News's most famous host has been exposed (yet again) as both a serial fabricator and a bully to those who call him to account. Still, it's all good. ..." see full article

1384 days ago | npr
Despite Furious Objections, Bill O'Reilly's War Claims Warrant Scrutiny - NPR

"...On his own program, and again Sunday in an interview on Fox's media criticism show, O'Reilly denounced Mother Jones, CNN and CBS. O'Reilly even ran roughshod over his own colleague Howard Kurtz, asking and then answering his own questions. (Kurtz did gently object to O'Reilly's claim that CBS' Bob Schieffer had plagiarized O'Reilly for incorporating some of his footage in a story for the network about the protests in Argentina. That's how broadcast journalism often works. No matter.)..." see full article

1392 days ago | refinery29
Fox News Anchor Accused Of His Own Big War-Story Lies - Refinery29
"... But, recent reporting by Mother Jones looks like O'Reilly may be a pot calling the kettle black: An investigation by the magazine showed that the talking head has been exaggerating if not flat-out lying for years...." see full article

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