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Does Mike Huckabee Have A Chance Of Winning?

Mike Huckabee announced he was running for President. Does the former Republican governor of Arkansas have a chance at the White House?

86% of writers and pundits say no
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Does Mike Huckabee Have A Chance Of Winning?  

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last 24 hours | boingboing
Mike Huckabee: Wish I could've said I was transgender in high school, to ... - Boing Boing
"...Mike Huckabee, Josh Duggar supporter and perennial GOP Presidential nominee hopeful, gave some very creepy closing remarks at the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville this past February. The speech was made months ago, but it's receiving new scrutiny today after Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair coming-out...." see full article

1353 days ago | latimes
Mike Huckabee's rhetoric of religious victimization - Los Angeles Times
"...Most voters outside of Republican primaries will find these assertions less than persuasive, even paranoid, but also, perhaps, familiar. With his entry into the race, Huckabee is bringing back into the national political conversation the sounds and tropes of the religious right. Whereas the tea party, which has come to dominate the grass-roots movement, broadcasts anger, the religious right stresses victimization.Huckabee's statement in Waukee was eerily reminiscent of the sentiments I encountered among activists on the religious right in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses in 1988. At that time, Iowa's evangelicals were still relatively new to the political process, still learning the ropes. But they were already fluent in the language of ill-treatment...." see full article

1356 days ago | nationaljournal
This Isn't The First Time Mike Huckabee Has Sided With a Sexual Predator - National Journal
"...That might ring a bell. Today, the GOP presidential candidate is standing behind the Duggar family of Arkansas following the admission by eldest son Joshua Duggar that he molested children, including his own siblings, as a teenager. "No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story," Huckabee wrote in a Facebook post. "Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things."Kudos to Huckabee for embracing forgiveness, a virtue sorely lacking in public life. While I could be snarky and ask whether he still thinks homosexual couples shouldn't raise children, I don't think hypocrisy is the issue as much as judgment.Taken with the DuMond case, Huckabee's full-throated defense of the Duggars fits the pattern of a thin-skinned leader blinded by faith and opportunism...." see full article

1360 days ago | salon
Mike Huckabee is a raging hypocrite: Inside the religious right's incoherent ... - Salon

"...Republicans such as Huckabee and Jindal love to use their religion as a prop: They judge and preach and condemn under the cover of Christianity. And they assume this grants them a kind of moral superiority. Well, it doesn't. Huckabee and Jindal are political hucksters. They fancy themselves Christians, but their preachments are foul and their values are un-Christlike. They are exactly what many other current GOP candidates are as well: political entrepreneurs...." see full article

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1378 days ago | unionleader
Drew Cline: Mike Huckabee, the Republican from the past - The Union Leader
"...Other references were implicit. He opened his speech by taking the audience back to his childhood in Hope, Ark., where he was born in 1955. The scene he set fishing, swimming, shooting BB guns recalled the opening of The Andy Griffith Show. As cultural references go, these suggest a candidate stuck in a frame of mind from a bygone time. ..." see full article

1379 days ago | thefederalist
Don't Underestimate Mike Huckabee - The Federalist
"...Mike Huckabee's message is essentially a tribal one, not a coherent or consistent philosophy. It's a timid, cynical agenda wrapped in a hodge-podge of faux-populist status quo Pepperidge Farm Remembers nostalgia. It plays wonderfully with Huckabee's tribe, and decently well outside of it ..." see full article

1379 days ago | gawker
The Best Times Mike Huckabee Hinted at the End Times - Gawker
"...Isn't life terrible? Obama's in office, gays are getting married, and humanity has just generally lost its way. All of this comes with a whole slew of exciting punishments, since the End is nigh. And presidential candidate Mick Huckabee can't wait...." see full article

1379 days ago | startribune
Why Mike Huckabee won't win, but Joe Biden just might - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"...But Huckabee took a different route. Since 2008, he's spent most of his time writing books aimed at conservative readers, doing talk shows on radio and Fox News, giving well-paid speeches and endorsing survival ration kits. His campaign so far is perfectly designed to assure him a nice living doing more of the same...." see full article

1379 days ago | rawstory
Meet Mike Huckabee's rapey 2016 running mate who will keep him from being ... - Raw Story

"...Since Huckabee spent the last six years hosting a show on Fox News, there is no shortage of zany/offensive/downright moronic things that he has said on-air that will come back to haunt him, including inside stories still to come from those potty-mouthed trashy Fox women he said he was forced to work with...." see full article

1380 days ago | forbes
Mike Huckabee's Dance With Sharia--Replacing The Founders' Creation In The ... - Forbes
"...But should you decide to exercise your right to seek an amendment barring same-sex marriage, a right created by man, not God, consider whether you really want someone who would ignore the Constitution, bypass the amendment process and simply seek to supplant our guiding document with sharia law in this case, the religious law representing his own Christian beliefs to be the next President of the United States...." see full article

1380 days ago | salon
A president for the tinfoil hat crowd: Mike Huckabee has his finger on America ... - Salon

"...So, no, an EMP attack isn't especially likely, despite what Mike Huckabee says. However, ramping up concern over the devastating effects of an EMP blast does mesh nicely with another of Huckabee's interests: scamming money out of the panic-stricken and the gullible. Conspiracy websites like WorldNetDaily will happily sell you an exorbitantly expensive Faraday cage, a specially made box that is supposed to resist electromagnetic radiation and protect any electronics stored within from the devastating effects of an EMP blast. Think of it as a tinfoil hat for your iPad. ..." see full article

1380 days ago | douthat.blogs.nytimes
Mike Huckabee, Anti-Reform Conservative - New York Times (blog)
"...But his apparent 2016 agenda looks like a cracked, evil-Spock mirroring of how Republicans ought to actually address that problem; an irresponsible, pandering answer to economic insecurity that will make better responses that much harder to pursue. Huckabee could have been a reformer. But instead he's decided to play the Brezhnev of the entitlement reform debate, telling seniors and not-quite-seniors, Don't talk to me about conservatism; what you have, you hold...." see full article

1380 days ago | blog.sfgate
Mike Huckabee is extremely scared of you and also Satan. And you - SFGate (blog)
"...Mike Huckabee! He will bring wonderful things to the GOP race and might even make a terrific president is a statement you would, quite obviously, be totally bonkers to believe, though I am reasonably certain you do not, because, as we have established, reading things in the media or in journalism or in the form of satire in San Francisco is for elitist Obamacare sodomites who want to take away America's right to be bigoted against, or bash a Bible in the face of, people who are in any way different or smart or foreign or female or weird. Or gay...." see full article

1380 days ago | huffingtonpost
Does He Have a Prayer? Mike Huckabee Runs for President - Huffington Post

"...More importantly, however, I think Huckabee will fail because social conservatism is increasingly a spent political force. There was a time -- thirty years ago, even twenty -- when religiously-motivated social conservatives like Jerry Falwell and Ralph Reed commanded instantaneous national attention. In those days, it seemed like the energy and the enthusiasm was with them...." see full article

1380 days ago | bustle
Can Mike Huckabee Win The Religious Vote This Time Around? He Might Need ... - Bustle
"...With unease over a potential Huckabee candidacy on both sides of the GOP scale and a rallying religious fervor for candidates like the far right Cruz and the virulently pro-life Walker, the former Arkansas governor, once beloved by Christian voters, will need more than just luck this time around he'll need to re-craft his strategy...." see full article

1381 days ago | politico
The populist 1 percenter - Politico

"...Huckabee still tells his own up-from-the-bootstraps story, but it's not quite the same as in 2008 when he'd only been out of the governorship for a year and had a small bank account. In the years since, Huckabee has aggressively filled his coffers...." see full article

1381 days ago | thinkprogress
Six Times Mike Huckabee Used Bad Theology To Support His Policies - ThinkProgress
"...The former Governor has implied that, since he loves God, God would by extension ordain his presidency. To be fair, he's not the first leader to invoke this sort of spiritual power, as European monarchs long claimed unmitigated authority by citing the divine right of kings. ..." see full article

1381 days ago | jezebel
That Time Mike Huckabee's Loser Son Allegedly Tortured a Dog to Death - Jezebel
"...This old anecdote was dredged up in 2007, around when Huckabee was discussing running for President (and not long after the time David was arrested in Little Rock for trying to board an airplane with a gun. Classic Loser Son!). The story surfaced again early this year, after Huckabee made the very dumb strategic move to flap his gums about the Obamas' lax parenting because they let their teen daughters listen to Beyonc ...." see full article

1381 days ago | bloombergview
Mike Huckabee Will Make History - Bloomberg View
"...It's possible to do better in a second race for a presidential nomination than it was the first time, even without acquiring new credentials along the way. Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney all did so. That history is one reason I give Huckabee a real chance of winning, even though he isn't a top-tier contender...." see full article

1381 days ago | bloomberg
Mike Huckabee: A Colloquial, Clever Appeal to the Working Class - Bloomberg
"...Still, with a polarizing Democrat in the White House, financial anxiety high, and a slew of Southern contests next March, Huckabee put the party on notice that he aims to be a different kind of first-tier candidate. Again...." see full article

1381 days ago | chicago.suntimes
Roger Simon: New Mike Huckabee won't play the nice guy - Chicago Sun-Times
"...He senses his party doesn't want sweet-talkin' guys. This time around, he believes the Republican Party wants guys who will eat nails and spit out tacks.And Huckabee has adapted...." see full article

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