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Does Rob Kardashian Hate His Sister Kim?

Rob Kardashian posted a photo to his Instagram of a bloody scene from the movie Gone Girl, intimating his sister Kim Kardashian is evil. Does Rob hate his sister Kim?

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Does Rob Kardashian Hate His Sister Kim?  

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last 24 hours | celebdirtylaundry
Rob Kardashian Depressed, Addicted To Drugs: Wants To Leave Selfish Kim ... - Celebrity Dirty Laundry
"...Rob's reasons for wanting to cut them off are tragic, even if we look at the best case scenario...." see full article

1336 days ago | classicalite
Rob Kardashian Lawsuit: Suing 'KUWTK' Family After Kim Feud? - Classicalite
"...Not only did Rob leave her wedding before she and Kanye West officially tied the knot, but he recently compared Kim to a psychopath on Instagram...." see full article

1337 days ago | thedirty
The Dirty - Rob Kardashian Hates His Sister Kim Kardashian
"...Stop crying over this fat mess of a sister who married an ugly POS no career rapper...." see full article

1348 days ago | hollywoodtake
Rob Kardashian's Money Problems, Depression And Weight Gain Scare Kris ... - Hollywood Take
"...Everyone licks Rob's -ss and does whatever he says," Kim said. "It's just at some point you just have to give it up. We all make his life so easy. OK...." see full article

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1349 days ago | hollywoodlife
Rob Kardashian Finally Deletes Cruel 'Gone Girl' Instagram Aimed At Kim - Hollywood Life
"...Has the tension settled between Rob and Kim? Rob has finally deleted that vicious and totally bizarre Instagram post where he compared Kim to that b ch' from Gone Girl!'..." see full article

1351 days ago | hollywoodlife
Rob Kardashian Slams Kim: 'Heartless Shallow Witch' As Family ...
"...Rob Kardashian Slams Kim: Shallow, Heartless Witch'..." see full article

1353 days ago | hollywoodlife
Kim Kardashian Disses Rob Back After He Slams Her As 'Gone Girl' Bitch - Hollywood Life
"...Kim allegedly referred to her estranged brother as just an extra on their show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians..." see full article

1354 days ago | dailymail.c
Rob Kardashian spotted for the first time since comparing sister Kim to Gone ... - Daily Mail

"...'He's sad, he's bitter, he's single. and has been [for a while].' Concerns grew for Rob when he skipped Kim's wedding to Kanye West last May, with rumours that it was to do with his weight gain. ..." see full article

1355 days ago | bostonherald
Hot Stuff: Reality star Rob Kardashian disses sis Kim with a disturbing pic - Boston Herald
"...Rob Kardashian socked sister Kim, 34, with a bizarre insult March 22, comparing her to a murderous sociopath. ..." see full article

1356 days ago | musictimes
Will 'Cease and Desist' Letter by Kris Jenner Prevent Rob Kardashian from ... - Music Times
"...Behind the scenes though, Jenner is ready to take legal action against her son if necessary, just to silence him...." see full article

1358 days ago | radaronline
#TeamRob! Scott Disick Sides With Rob Kardashian Over Controversial Kim K ... - RadarOnline
"... Scott cannot stand Kim and he only tolerates her because he has to, the source says...." see full article

1360 days ago | thehollywoodgossip
Kanye West: LIVID with Rob Kardashian Over Kim Kardashian-Gone Girl ... - The Hollywood Gossip
"...There's no misinterpreting this, either. Rob wrote specifically that Kim is the b!tch from Gone Girl, alongside a pic of Pike's character covered in blood...." see full article

1362 days ago | hollywoodlife
Kris Jenner Orders Emergency Family Meeting Over Rob Kardashian Crisis - Hollywood Life
"...Rob's recent behavior is definitely scaring the family, so they understand the urgency of Kris' calls...." see full article

1363 days ago | people
Rob Kardashian Is 'Depressed and a Bit Off' Lately: Source - People Magazine

"...However, it seems there's no cause for alarm. "He has a funny sense of humor and posts weird things and then deletes them,"..." see full article

1363 days ago | dailystar.c
And you think your family feuds are bad: Read what Kim K's brother said about her - Daily Star
"...In a bizarre and aggressive post, the reality-star-turned-recluse compared his big sister wife to a murderous psychopath...." see full article

1363 days ago |
Kardashian brother compares Kim to Gone Girl killer - Fraser Coast Chronicle
"...Alongside a photograph of Rosamund in character covered head-to-toe in blood from one the gruesome scenes in the movie, Rob wrote: "This is my sister kim , the b**ch from Gone Girl,,, (sic)."..." see full article

1363 days ago | thedailybeast
Kim Kardashian?s Brother Rob Blasts Her on Instagram With Bloody ?Gone Girl ... - Daily Beast

"...Of course, comparing Kim to Pike's Amazing Amy is far from flattering, since Pike's Gone Girl character fakes her own death, pins it on her two-timing husband (Ben Affleck), brutally murders her ex-boyfriend Desi......" see full article

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