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Donald Trump - What Do The Experts Think?

Real estate mogul Donal Trump is once again considering a run for 2016 Republican nomination.

66% of articles are anti-Donald Trump
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Arguments contributed by readers:

He speaks his mind and isn't a normal politician. Even if he doesn't win, he's shaking up the political process which is in dire need of being shooken up.
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He's completely incoherent as a public speaker. Those that like what he says simply aren't listening. As a president, you would need to be able to speak to people beyond just the dumbest 20% of the populace.
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last 24 hours | nytimes
Voodoo Never Dies - New York Times

"...So Donald Trump has unveiled his tax plan. It would, it turns out, lavish huge cuts on the wealthy while blowing up the deficit.This is in contrast to Jeb Bush's plan, which would lavish huge cuts on the wealthy while blowing up the deficit, and Marco Rubio's plan, which would lavish huge cuts on the wealthy while blowing up the deficit.For what it's worth, it looks as if Trump's plan would make an even bigger hole in the budget than Jeb's. Jeb justifies his plan by claiming that it would double America's rate of growth; The Donald, ahem, trumps this by claiming that he would triple the rate of growth. But really, why sweat the details? It's all voodoo. The interesting question is why every Republican candidate feels compelled to go down this path...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

Topical Winds 10 Minute Debate:

1232 days ago | huffingtonpost
Trump's Tax Plan Is Justice for Small Businesses - Huffington Post

"...Some may write Trump and his tax plan off, but I say reconsider your doubts and listen. We may need someone like him, and with his expertise, to get our country's economy back on track. With his proposed tax plan, he proves that he knows what our nation needs to become more stable. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses produced 46 percent of the nation's GDP in 2008. Helping these companies out is a smart move by Trump, and will only improve our country's economical standpoint.Small businesses can be taxed as much as 39.6 percent of their revenue. This excruciatingly high tax rate slowly kills small companies by limiting their ability to expand. Trump's tax plan reduces the crazy tax rates on all businesses to 15 percent. This will help existing small businesses continue to flourish, and it will also help new businesses make their way in the economy...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1232 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Trump's tax plan and his claim that 'it's going to cost me a fortune'

"...Admittedly, there are many details that are still missing in Trump's plan, so some readers may argue it is premature to issue a rating. We have not even ventured to address the question of Trump's assertion that his plan would be revenue neutral, though most analysts say that former Florida governor Jeb Bush's tax plan which does not cut income tax rates as much would not make up its revenue loss.Still, the burden of proof lies with the speaker. No matter how we slice it, we do not see how Trump can justify his claim that his tax plan would cost him a fortune. On the contrary, it appears it would significantly reduce his taxes and the taxes of his heirs...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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1235 days ago | npr
Donald Trump's Tax Plan Could Be Huge(ly Expensive)

"...Amazing, simple, easy, fair.Those are just four of the words Donald Trump used on Monday to describe his new tax plan. It sounds like a standard GOP tax plan, with cuts and limits on deductions. But when you look closer, it takes those ideas much further than his GOP rivals do to the extent that it could cost the federal government trillions of dollars...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1235 days ago | theatlantic
Donald Trumps Amazingly Conventional Tax Plan

"...Yet superlatives aside, in most other respects the Trump proposal falls well within the Republican mainstream: It's a big tax cut for the wealthy that, despite claims to the contrary, will add trillions to the deficit. The best way to think about this plan is, start with Governor Jeb Bush's tax plan and then make it a larger tax cut, said Kyle Pomerleau, an economist at the Tax Foundation. Bush's proposal, which he released over the summer, would cut anywhere from $1.6 trillion to $3.6 trillion, depending on how it is scored by budget forecasters. Bush put his top marginal income rate at 28 percent, while Trump dropped it to 25 percent, and Trump included a much larger standard deduction. (The Tax Foundation hasn't yet done a full analysis of the Trump plan.)..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1235 days ago | politico
Trump's tax plan: Nip and tuck here and there, but likely big tax cut for wealthy

"...Donald Trump, who's railed against the wealthy not paying their fair share in taxes, rolled out a tax-reform plan Monday that would likely cut levies on the well-to-do. His surprisingly conventional plan would swap getting rid of tax credits and deductions for big cuts in the individual and corporate tax rates. Trump emphasized the breaks the rich would lose, saying his plan would personally cost him a fortune.  But he pairs those provisions with such large rate reductions that it would probably add up to a substantial tax cut for high earners...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1235 days ago | slate
A Conservative Group Analyzed Donald Trump's Tax Plan. The Results Are Kind of ... - Slate Magazine (blog)

"...On Monday, a left-leaning think tank analyzed Donald Trump's new tax plan and found it would cost roughly $10.8 trillion over a decade, more or less cratering the government's finances into fiery rubble while largely benefiting the rich. That estimate, however, did not account for any salubrious effects the proposal might have on economic growth. What happens when you do?Today, the conservative Tax Foundation offered an answer. Without factoring in growth, it found that Trump's plan would actually add $11.98 trillion to the 10-year deficit. Once the boost to growth that would result from slashing taxes is factored in, it would only cost $10.14 trillion ... more or less cratering the government's finances into fiery rubble...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1235 days ago | cnn
Trump tax plan: Great news for the wealthy - CNN International

"...Spoiler alert 1: There are no great surprises here.Spoiler alert 2: Don't worry about that whole "the rich should pay more taxes" thing.Trump's plan centers around "simplifying" the tax law (I am still searching for a candidate running on a "more complexity" platform). He would get many taxpayers off the tax rolls altogether by raising the standard deduction, a play out of Ronald Reagan's playbook. Rates would come down to a top rate of 25% (now 39.6%) on individuals. Trump would repeal the alternative minimum tax (AMT), an annual headache for tens of millions of taxpayers (mainly high wage earners in high tax states like California, Illinois and New York), along with the "death tax," a tax easy enough to oppose. On the business side, Trump would again lower rates (from 39 to 15%), to stir business and create a "huge number" of jobs...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1235 days ago | nytimes
Trump Plan Is Tax Cut for the Rich, Even Hedge Fund Managers - New York Times

"...When talking about taxes in this campaign, Donald Trump has often sounded like a different kind of Republican. He says he will take on the hedge fund guys and their carried interest loophole. He thinks it's outrageous how little tax some multimillionaires pay. But his plan calls for major tax cuts not just for the middle class but also for the richest Americans even the hedge fund managers. And despite his campaign's assurances that the plan is fiscally responsible, it would grow budget deficits by trillions of dollars over a decade.You could call Mr. Trump's plan a higher-energy version of the tax plan Jeb Bush announced earlier this month: similar in structure, but with lower rates and wider tax brackets, meaning individual taxpayers would pay even less than under Mr. Bush, and the government would lose even more tax revenue...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1236 days ago | realclearpolitics
Trump Unveils Plan to Cut Tax Rates

"...While his plan cuts income taxes across the board, it lowers rates significantly for higher earners. Currently, the highest rate is nearly 40 percent; Trump's plan would bring that down to 25 percent. The income tax proposal is not all that different from Jeb Bush's, which would include just three tax brackets, cutting the rate for the highest earners to 28 percent. Marco Rubio has proposed just two brackets, one at 15 percent and the other at 35 percent. Trump said he would eliminate the alternative minimum tax, as well as the so-called death tax, and marriage tax penalties. Trump would also end the carried interest loophole. He would preserve tax deductions on charitable giving and on mortgage interest. Aside from individual income tax reform, Trump would cut the rate on businesses to 15 percent, down from 35 percent. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1236 days ago | politicususa
Trump's Tax Plan Is A Con That Benefits Corporations And The Wealthiest Americans - PoliticusUSA
"...Donald Trump unveiled a tax plan that is a massive con job. The plan doesn't benefit the poor and middle class. Trump's vision for taxes is a windfall for corporations and the wealthiest Americans.Politico's Danny Vinik summed up who the big winners are under Trump's plan, Who would be the winners of the Trump tax plan? The rich. The top tax rate falling from 39.6 percent to 25 percent will give them a huge windfall, as will eliminating the AMT, the estate tax for their heirs, and the Obamacare surtax on capital gains and dividends. The huge cut in the corporate income tax will also benefit the well-off. Even worse: Trump doesn't say what we will do with the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is a financial lifeline for low-income Americans. Eliminating it would cause significant hardship for the poor while also going against the current political agreement around the effectiveness of the EITC. (The campaign didn't return an email asking for more information.) ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1236 days ago | cato
Trump and Taxes: A Bush-Like Plan from "The Donald" - Cato Institute (blog)
"...The answer depends on whether one hopes for perfect policy. The flat tax is the gold standard for genuine tax reform and Mr. Trump's plan obviously falls short by that test.But the perfect isn't the enemy of the good. If we compare what he's proposing to what we have now, the answer is easy. Trump's plan is far better than the status quo.Now that I've looked at the good and bad policies in Trump's plan, I can't resist closing with a political observation. Notwithstanding his rivalry with Jeb Bush, it's remarkable that Trump's proposal is very similar to the plan already put forth by the former Florida Governor.I'm not sure either candidate will like my interpretation, but I think it's flattery. Both deserve plaudits for proposing to make the internal revenue code less onerous for the American economy...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1236 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump, the Santa Claus of tax reform - Washington Post

"...Trump has taken the Two Santa Claus Theory a step further. For a man who so unabashedly celebrates his own greed, he is proving himself quite generous to the general public (with other people's money, of course). Rather than choosing between spending and tax cuts, he's giving voters pretty much everything they want, price tags and deficits be damned. Take the tax plan he announced Monday. It's gonna be the greatest, most un-loser-like tax giveaway, ever. Especially if you're rich...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1236 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Here's what's in Donald Trump's tax plan

"...Trump promised that all of this could happen without increasing the national debt because he expects the economy to improve. He said he would also cut "wasteful spending" from the federal budget, although he did not say how or what the total reduction would be. Some are skeptical that the plan is truly revenue neutral.It's the sort of tax proposal one might expect from a more liberal candidate, and it's already being called a populist plan. Trump himself -- who has seen rival candidates gain ground in recent days -- describes his political philosophy this way: "I am a man of great common sense."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1236 days ago | msnbc
Trump speaks to half-empty room of white people at black business event - MSNBC

"...The event came as polls suggest Trump's decisive lead in the GOP presidential contest has begun to shrink, as other outsider candidates rise.Those who did attend the real estate mogul's speech far fewer than the 1,500 RSVPs the campaign told msnbc they'd received cheered as Trump boasted of his strong poll numbers and slammed the media.Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that he'd stop appearing on Fox News shows, prompting the network to fire back Wednesday afternoon that the candidate's latest declaration was the result of Fox News cancelling his scheduled Thursday appearance on The O'Reilly Factor. The press predictably jumped to cover his tweet, creating yet another distraction from any real issues that Mr. Trump might be questioned about. When coverage doesn't go his way, he engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts, which has grown stale and tiresome, a spokesperson for Fox News said in a statement. He doesn't seem to grasp that candidates telling journalists what to ask is not how the media works in this country. Trump has been embroiled in conflict with Fox and its star anchor, Megyn Kelly, ever since the network hosted the first GOP debate in August. While his performance in last week's CNN debate was generally considered to lack standout moments, Trump told the small crowd he'd been victorious. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | talkingpointsmemo
After The Second Debate, Jeb Bush Is Still Stuck In Donald Trump's Mud - TPM

"...Trump also was able to turn Bush's attempt to defend his record on women's health back to his suggestion that the federal government was spending too much on health care"You said you're going to cut funding for women's health. You said it," Trump said, ending the discussion.Bush's inability to best Trump or to emerge as the clear alternative to the real estate magnate's combustible campaign could be summed in the moment where Bush low-fived Trump after making a joke about Trump's reliable barb on Bush's low energy. This is The Donald's presidential primary; Jeb Bush is just living in it...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | mic
Republican Debate 2015 Results: Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump ... - Mic
"...Trump held true to his voracious attacks against other candidates and refused to apologize for controversial remarks surrounding Jeb Bush's Mexican-American wife and illegal immigrants. He also said there is "plenty of subject matter" to be had in a conversation about whether he thinks Rand Paul is "ugly."His candid remarks went immediately viral, while his arguing with Fiorina appears to be one of the night's most noteworthy moments. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | vanityfair
At G.O.P. Debate, Carly Fiorina Effortlessly Bats Away Trump's Sexism - Vanity Fair
"...The two would later go on to spar about their respective records in business: Fiorina's difficult tenure at HP, and Trump's hotel bankruptcies in Atlantic City. Fiorina's response to Trump's face comment prompted one of two big applause breaks she earned in a short span of time. Following back-and-forths among the candidates on the stage regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement and whether defunding Planned Parenthood was worth shutting down the government, Fiorina decided that she would like to link the issues. Both are incredibly important: Iran and Planned Parenthood, she said. One has something to do with the defense of security of this nation. The other has something to do with the defense of the character of this nation. You haven't heard a plan about Iran from any politician up here. She continued, suggesting that she would call Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei which would mark a striking shift in relations between the United States and Iran...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | washingtonpost
Fiorina emerges in GOP debate, but Trump still dominates conversation - Washington Post

"...The Republican debate Wednesday night a three-hour affair that veered from sophomoric insults to policy to late-night silliness ended with an outsider candidate, former tech executive Carly Fiorina, challenging front-runner Donald Trump in a way few rivals have.Fiorina, who hadn't even been on the main stage for the August debate, jabbed Trump for his insults of her appearance and his record as a businessman. She pointed out that Trump had lost money in his famous Atlantic City casinos...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | wamu
Republicans Pile On Trump, Fiorina Shines In Second GOP Debate - WAMU 88.5
"...Some of the candidates who didn't stand out from the pack at the last debate also stepped up, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, was, indeed, higher energy this time around. And surging neurosurgeon Ben Carson got more time as well, often appearing very even-handed, but also reticent to take on Trump. But as the debate wore on, even Trump seemed to fade from the debate stage.Others candidates who needed to dominate didn't. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker didn't land any memorable punches and actually had the least amount of speaking time on stage, per NPR's calculations...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | nytimes
Candidates Use Second GOP Debate to Taunt Donald Trump - New York Times

"...Over and over, the discussion returned to Mr. Trump, who stood center-stage, his shoulders slouched forward, hands on lectern and lips pursed. He gladly took on his rivals, but was unable to bait the moderators into a spat and seemed not to enjoy the evening as much as he had at the first debate. As the night went on, he became quieter and, in an interview with CNN immediately after the debate, complained that it had gone on too long and said it had to have been the longest ever held...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | theatlantic
The Republican Rivals Battle for Dominance - The Atlantic

"...If you yield the floor, point out that you've said your piece. If granted permission to talk, don't accept it. You're applying for the job of boss. Act like the boss.The best contrast: Fiorina vs. Trump. Again and again, she out-boxed him. She declined invitations to criticize him personally. When asked about Trump's comment about her face, she reframed an insult to her as an insult to every woman in America. Trump responded with his biggest mistake of the night. He retreated, praising Fiorina as a beautiful woman. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump's flat debate performance, visualized - Washington Post

"...Wednesday night's picture was different. Trump was overtaken by Fiorina a few times and by Bush once -- in part thanks to Fiorina and Bush's personal stories. Fiorina's overall search pattern pretty closely matched Trump's throughout the event. Trump still got more searches, but it wasn't the same...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | thedailybeast
Trumps Debate Shtick Turns Stale, Withers Under Fiorina Assault - Daily Beast

"...But whether it was the rattled moment after Jeb Bush dinged him for trying to buy his way into the Florida casino business or when he sputtered through what was (without him) a thoughtful foreign policy discussion, the emperor of the Republican field certainly looked like he forgot his clothes on Wednesday. And that was before his crazy answer on vaccines and autism, or his utter vanquishing at the hands of Carly Fiorina, responding to his comment about her face.The other candidates, better polished and better prepared than last time, came across as people who know stuff. Their discussions about government shutdowns, foreign policy, and drug policy had, by the standards of these things, some degree of depth. And Trump was noticeably muted through all that...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | qz
Carly Fiorina dominates the GOP debate—and puts Donald Trump in his place - Quartz
"...Carly Fiorina has justified her spot on the main stage.The former Hewlett-Packard CEO not only drew bouts of applause during the US Republican debate Wednesday over her stances on foreign policy and defunding Planned Parenthood, but she also took the wind out of Donald Trump...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | fortune
Republican debate: How Donald Trump and Ben Carson stood out - Fortune
"...But I suspect you never would have guessed Ben Carson, who was hesitant, uncertain, and practically invisible in the early going. He got warmed up and asserted himself better as the interminable evening wore on, but he alone refused to attack Trump even when presented with obvious opportunities. And yet in all the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, and nationwide Carson is the only candidate ranking anywhere near Trump in popularity...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Republican debate covers lots of ground but keeps coming back to Trump

"...Donald Trump spoke the longest and the loudest at a primetime debate here Wednesday, but it was Carly Fiorina who won rave reviews for a polished performance that stood out on a crowded stage of Republican presidential hopefuls. At times, the debate moved along without Trump, as the billionaire mogul repeatedly found himself on the defensive and his limited policy knowledge exposed. Fiorina delivered some of the biggest applause lines and distinguished herself with depth on issues, steeliness and agility in responding to attacks from Trump...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | huffingtonpost
Carly Fiorina Delivers As Trump Takes Some Hits In GOP Debate

"...When it was all said and done, however, Trump did not steal the show to the extent that he has at every turn leading up to this point in the campaign, perhaps signaling--at long last -- a new stage in the race for the GOP nomination, in which the overriding narrative might no longer be The Donald vs. Everybody Else.Perhaps it was a function of the debate's length, which clocked in at three hours --about as long as a Major League baseball game and with as many dull moments as illuminating ones.CNN debate moderator Jake Tapper covered a broad range of topics, from the Iran nuclear agreement and immigration to medical marijuana and vaccines, but it was difficult to discern any cohesive storyline...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | thedailybeast
Trump's Debate Shtick Turns Stale

"...The other candidates, better polished and better prepared than last time, came across as people who know stuff. Their discussions about government shutdowns, foreign policy, and drug policy had, by the standards of these things, some degree of depth. And Trump was noticeably muted through all that. ADVERTISEMENTIt started well enough. Trump was funny. He's got his insult-comic-as-truth-teller act down at this point. But as soon as things got serious, he got quiet. And then, one after another, the other candidates started to chip away at him...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | thenation
Unlike Trump, Rand Paul Actually Made Some Sensible Points During the Debate - The Nation.

"... As he has been on so many points, Trump was entirely wrong on this one.Paul distinguished himself with coherent questioning of mass incarceration, calls for criminal-justice reform, and aggressive referencing of the injustices that extend from a failed drug war. The senator from Kentucky had one of the best moments of the debate when, during a back-and-forth over Jeb Bush's youthful inhaling of marijuana, Paul put things into perspective for the former Florida governor: Kids who have privilege like you do don't go to jail. But the poor kids in the inner city still go to jail. And when the debate turned to foreign policy, Paul made more sense than the rest of the runners combined...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1247 days ago | townhall
Would Univision try Blackmailing Donald Trump? - Town Hall

"...At any rate, Jorge Ramos is a multi-Emmy winner and author of a bestseller titled Open Borders, which pretty much sums up his position. Marco Rubio, at the time, opposed even the Dream Act. So the plan called for Hispanic Univision tinkling the tune and Hispanic Senator Marco Rubio either stepping and fetching, tap-dancing or being outed in front of the vast majority of America's Hispanic households as anything but a credit to his race, more like a traitor...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1267 days ago | slate
Trump Kicks Hispanic Anchor Out of Press Conference, Tells Him to Go Back to Univision

"...Ramos' ejection from the press conference, which the Trump people quickly thought better of, continues a feud that erupted following Trump's disparaging remarksabout Mexican immigrants during his campaign announcement speech. The Spanish-language Univision, like a handful of other companies, began severing ties with Trump-affiliated businesses in response. Trump continues to boast about the $500 million lawsuit he says he filed against the company...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | usnews
Trump Takes on Jorge Ramos

"...Trump's confrontation with Ramos, an Emmy Award-winning anchor who hosts the evening news program on the biggest Spanish-language network in the U.S., came a day after he resumed his feud with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.Trump welcomed Kelly back from a vacation Monday night by tweeting that he liked her show better while she was away. He said Kelly "must have had a terrible vacation" because "she's really off her game," and retweeted a message that referred to her as a bimbo...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | politico
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos gets tossed out of Donald Trump event

"...Ramos was allowed back in minutes later, and proceeded to pepper the loudmouthed billionaire businessman with questions about his comments about anchor babies, his plans to build a giant wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and Trump's assertion that many Mexican immigrants are criminals.Trump said he plans to deal with immigration problems in a very humane fashion. I have a bigger heart than you do, Trump told Ramos.While Ramos was gone, Trump said he would have been happy to take his questions. He also denied he was the one who had him removed. I didn't escort him out. You have to talk to security; you're asking me questions, he just stands up and starts screaming, Trump said. Maybe he's at fault also. Somebody walked him out. I don't know where he is, I don't mind if he comes back. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | latimes
In taking on Jorge Ramos, Donald Trump may have tussled with the wrong media star
"...Latinos, in turn, see Ramos as a leader. According to the Pew Hispanic Center survey, 38% of Latinos surveyed considered Ramos a major Latino leader.At a University of Texas at Austin forum this year, Univision News President Isaac Lee summed up the network's perspective: "Univision's audience knows that Jorge is representing them," Lee said. "He is not asking the questions to be celebrated as a fair and balanced journalist. He's going to ask the person whatever is necessary to push the agenda for a more fair society, for a more inclusive society and for the Hispanic community to be better."Univision brass also stood up for Ramos on Wednesday evening, calling Trump's behavior "beyond contempt." "Mr. Trump demonstrated complete disregard for him and for the countless Hispanics whom Jorge seeks to represent," Univision Communications Chief Executive Randy Falco said in a statement...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | nytimes
At Donald Trump Event, Jorge Ramos of Univision Is Snubbed, Ejected and Debated

"...Mr. Trump was silent as Mr. Ramos, an Emmy-winning journalist who was on the cover of Time magazine's World's Most Influential People issue, was removed from the room. Several other journalists asked Mr. Trump why he refused to take questions from Mr. Ramos. The billionaire real estate investor, who is leading in Republican polls for the presidential nomination, said it was because he had asked a question without being called on.In an interview on CNN on Monday, Mr. Ramos accused Mr. Trump of spreading hate with his calls for mass deportations of undocumented families and repealing birthright citizenship granted by the Constitution...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | star-telegram
The Trump-Ramos dustup: great for Univision, not so for Trump
"...But one of Trump's campaigners made a remark Tuesday that might come back to haunt The Donald even more than his own one-liners, all pre-tested to stir smoke and fury.When Trump gave the 30-year news anchor a ratings boost by ejecting him from an Iowa press conference, Trump even threw in a network plug: Go back to Univision. But when cameras followed Ramos, they picked up an uglier comment. You're very rude  Get out of my country! said a yet-identified middle-aged man in a sport jacket bearing a Trump button.Read more here:" see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | qz
Donald Trump kicks a Univision reporter out of his press conference, chaos ensues
"...Trump has reveled in feuding with his fellow Republicans, and the tussle with Ramos underscores his eagerness to antagonize Hispanics if it plays well with his anti-immigration supporters. He started his campaign, after all, by characterizing Mexican immigrants as criminals, and swiftly lost his business partnerships with the many companies whose leaders were offended. Univision was the first to cut ties, canceling its broadcasts of the Trump-owned Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.And yet, they love me, Trump insisted yesterday, in his exchange with Ramos. Do you know how many Latinos work for me? Do you know how many Hispanics are working for me? They love me. In fact, polls suggest that Hispanics despise him, but no matter: Part of Trump's appeal is specifically that he spews a lot of nonsense...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | thinkprogress
Trump Supporter Tells U.S. Citizen Jorge Ramos To Get Out Of My Country
"...Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's passionate fans will likely support him for any reason, even if it means going after U.S. citizen journalists. Soon after Donald Trump ejected the Spanish media Univision journalist Jorge Ramos from a press conference for asking questions about immigration on Tuesday night, a man told Ramos to get out of my country. You were very rude this is not about you, the unidentified man says, confronting Ramos outside the press conference, in video footage uploaded to the Univision s website. Get out of my country. Get out This is my country I'm a U.S. citizen too, Ramos quipped...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | nytimes
Donald Trump Gets Earful in Spanish as Latino Outlets Air Disdain

"...And though cable news and the Sunday morning news shows have blanketed their political coverage with stories about many aspects of Mr. Trump's improbable campaign, the focus of Spanish-language news programs has been almost exclusively on Mr. Trump's controversial stance on immigration.About 58 percent of all mentions of Mr. Trump in mainstream news media broadcast, cable, radio and online outlets in the past month have focused on immigration, while on Spanish-language news programs, the proportion is almost 80 percent, according to an analysis by Two.42.Solutions, a nonpartisan media analytics company. The Spanish-language news media has also been more critical in its coverage of Mr. Trump's positions on the issue, with nearly all of it negative in tone...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1268 days ago | time
Donald Trump and Univision's Jorge Ramos Spar on Immigration - TIME
"...As Ramos continued to speak, Trump appeared to glance at his regular, traveling bodyguard and click his lips. The bodyguard then approached Ramos and escorted him out of the room.When a reporter asked Trump about the exchange moments later, Trump said, I don't really know much about him I didn't escort him out. Whoever security is escorted him out. Trump added Somebody just walked him out, I don't know where he is, I don't even mind if he comes back, frankly He's obviously a very emotional person. About ten minutes later, Ramos was allowed back into the room, and again challenged Trump on his immigration policy, saying Your immigration plan is full of empty promises. You cannot deport 11 million people. You cannot deny citizenship to the children. You cannot ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1269 days ago | nytimes
As Rivals Snipe, Trump Dodges Questions on Details of Immigration Plan - New York Times

"...The anti-politician ethos of Mr. Trump's candidacy has proved so popular so far, however, that Mr. Walker, for one, tried to tap into it on Sunday by criticizing Republican leaders in Congress for not replacing the Affordable Care Act. Heck, I'm angry at Washington, I'm angry at my own my own party leadership, who told us they were going to repeal Obamacare and we still don't see a bill on the desk of the president, said Mr. Walker, who laid out his own health care proposals last week.The benefits of being an outsider also accrued to another Republican candidate, Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, whose strong poll numbers prompted this question on CNN's State of the Union : Would he serve as Mr. Trump's vice presidential candidate, or perhaps choose Mr. Trump as his running mate?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1272 days ago | nationalreview
Donald Trump's Fantasy of Mass Deportation Is Political Poison for the GOP - National Review Online

"...Less frivolously, it is estimated by the conservative American Action Forum that mass deportation would take about 20 years and cost about $500 billion for all the police, judges, lawyers, and enforcement agents and bus drivers! needed to expel 11 million people. This would all be merely ridiculous if it weren't morally obscene. Forcibly evict 11 million people from their homes? It can't happen. It shouldn't happen. And, of course, it won't ever happen. But because it's the view of the Republican front-runner, every other candidate is now required to react. So instead of debating border security, guest-worker programs, and sanctuary cities where Republicans are on firm moral and political ground they are forced into a debate about a repulsive fantasy. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1273 days ago | powerlineblog
Trump's Immigration Folly? A Dissent [and a reply] - Power Line (blog)
"...Experience has taught me that it is rarely a good idea to disagree with Paul, but on the merits of Donald Trump's new set of immigration reforms, I do largely disagree. I wrote here that I think Trump's new immigration proposals are generally sensible, although they don't go far enough. More about that last point another time. For now, let's take Paul's criticisms in turn.Paul agrees that birthright citizenship is a mistake, but thinks our chances of ending it are slim to nonexistent. He could be right. But polls indicate that a huge majority of Americans want to get rid of the anchor baby rule, and we can infer from their dissent in the Hamdicase that at least two Supreme Court justices agree. Congress could pass a law defining citizenship in a manner that gives effect to the and subject to the jurisdiction thereof clause of the 14th Amendment. The law would be challenged on constitutional grounds and the case would make its way to the Supreme Court. That would give the court an opportunity to reconsider its poorly thought out decision that anyone born here, regardless of the circumstances, is required to be a citizen by the 14th Amendment. How likely is that strategy to succeed? I don't know, but I think it is worth a try...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | politico
Donald Trump sets new immigration litmus test - Politico

"...And that's distressingly bad news to conservatives who say the spectacle is setting up the party for a repeat of Mitt Romney's dismal showing among Latino voters in 2012. The division within the GOP over whether to provide immigrants here illegally with a pathway to citizenship has given way to a new litmus test on the right. It's a terrible idea. It's a politically insane idea. It can't be done. It's impossible to achieve, said Peter Wehner, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and former official in the George W. Bush White House. So what's the point? It's symbolism and it's exactly the wrong kind of symbolism. If Republicans want to make this their symbol they'll pay a high price for it. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | newyorker
A Serious Immigration Debate, Thanks to Donald Trump - The New Yorker

"...For a time, it seemed that Trump's campaign might be merely a spectacle, albeit a captivating one. But with the release of his plan, he seems to have started something even more engrossing: a substantive political debate. After offering qualified praise for Trump's proposal, the National Review editorial concluded on a note of skepticism: Immigration is too important to be left to The Donald. But perhaps the topic was too politically risky to be broached by anyone else...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | politico
Yes, Pander to Trump on Immigration

"...His immigration plan has occasioned the predictable horror that he might pull the Republican field to the right on immigration, or that the other candidates might pander to him. Both are outcomes to be wished for, rather than avoided.Amid the bar-stool bombast about deporting all illegal immigrants already here (a logistical, economic and humanitarian impossibility) and other characteristically Trumpian excesses is the core of a program that is more sensible than the comprehensive solution offered by the political establishment...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | realclearpolitics
Trump Flunks Immigration - RealClearPolitics

"...Trump comes closest to having a point in making this case, although the case -- that immigration harms the worst-off citizens -- does not justify the remedy he proposes.The laws of supply and demand suggest that a larger supply of labor (more immigrants) will lower wages. But the economic literature points to a counterintuitive conclusion."The most recent academic research suggests that, on average, immigrants raise the overall standard of living of American workers by boosting wages and lowering prices," the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project found. "One reason is that immigrants and U.S.-born workers generally do not compete for the same jobs; instead many immigrants complement the work of U.S. employees and increase their productivity."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump does not understand the economics of immigration - Washington Post

"...What with the Donald now moving into policy mode on immigration what could go wrong with that? it seems an opportune moment to jot down some thoughts on the subject. Since this is such a divisive issue, let me start by giving some background on from whence I'm coming.The short story is I'm not totally sure where I'm coming from re immigration, which I hope is somewhat comforting in that I don't have a thumb on anyone's scale. Full disclosure, the idea of a nation that welcomes those who want to come to it to improve their lives and the lives of their children is immensely appealing to me. But neither do I believe that the discussion/debate ends there...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | ibtimes
Immigration Reform 2015: Trump Revives Birthright Citizenship Debate, But Is ... - International Business Times
"...Tough immigration policies won't win over mainstream Republican voters because they don't want to touch the Constitution or be responsible for taking children away from their parents, Gage said. "It's all very black and white when you're just feeling out a talking point, but when you talk about real families and real people it becomes a lot more complicated," she said.If a candidate reaches the general election, the benefits of attacking practices like birthright citizenship diminish even further. The support of minority voters is critical to winning the White House, as evidenced by President Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 victories. His rivals captured the white vote by a comfortable margin, but Obama mobilized minorities -- which by 2016 will account for about a third of the eligible voter pool...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1277 days ago | thedailybeast
Anti-Immigration Extremists Love Trump

"...But as quickly as Trump's detractors materialized, so did his defenders, which included groups that have been dubbed as nativist and, in some cases, flagged by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League as out-and-out hateful.In particular, three groups that sang Donald's praise the Center for Immigration Studies, the Foundation for American Immigration Reform, and NumbersUSA have ideological roots in a population control movement that many find detestable...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1277 days ago | nbcnews
What Donald Trump's Immigration Plan Means -

"...Most of Trump's plan has no chance of becoming law. Constitutional amendments are almost never adopted, so ending birthright citizenship is deeply unrealistic. The U.S. could attempt to build some kind of border wall, but few Republicans in Congress support this idea and it is opposed by virtually all Democrats. The Mexican government is almost certain not to be paid for it. Mass deportations of illegal immigrants are also unlikely. Trump has two more plausible ideas. Some labor unions are wary of the growing number of foreign workers in the U.S., arguing American companies are too eager to seek employees from other countries instead of raising wages. Some limits on foreign work visas could be adopted. And even some Democrats, like California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, have raised concerns about sanctuary cities. The federal government could threaten to strip funds it sends to cities if those localities don't cooperate with national immigration policies...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1278 days ago | futureofcapitalism
Trump's Immigration Plan -
"...When someone like Mr. Trump, not heretofore known for his great concern for women and minorities, comes out with a plan for restricting immigration and justifies it on the grounds that it will help women and minorities, one reasonable response would be to ask, "Gee Mr. Trump, of all the possible ways for the government to intervene and help women and minorities, why is it that you just happened to focus on immigration restrictions rather than any of the other possible policy solutions?"It's particularly strange that Mr. Trump is going after Mr. Rubio as "Mark Zuckerberg's personal Senator." Don't we want senators to be responsive to the needs of fast-growing American technology companies that are creating great wealth for their shareholders? I don't want to make the error of speculating about Mr. Trump's motives, but a cynic might suspect that it almost sounds as if Mr. Trump is somehow jealous of Mr. Zuckerberg's business success...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1278 days ago | vox
The horrible contradiction at the heart of Donald Trump's immigration plan

"...It's not clear, from Trump's answer, whether he's simply refusing to acknowledge the contradiction between "deport all unauthorized immigrants" and "keep families together," or if Trump's plan, as Todd suggested, is to reconcile that contradiction by deporting any children of unauthorized immigrants.The former certainly seems possible; this wouldn't be the first time that Donald Trump offered an incoherent and internally contradictory policy plan. But so does the latter: Trump, after all, doesn't believe that the US should grant birthright citizenship to the children of unauthorized immigrants, so it's at least possible to imagine that he would like to deport those children...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | time
Heres Whats in Donald Trumps First Policy Paper
"...The immigration policy paper, rigidly conservative, focuses on the issue that catapulted Trump into the spotlight when he announced his presidential campaign. In late June, Trump attributed crime in the U.S. illegal immigration, at least in part. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us, he said at the time. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | slate
Donald Trump Explains His Ridiculous Plan to Make Mexico Pay for a Border Fence

"...Number one on Trump's to-do list? Build a border wall, and make Mexico pay for it. This is a scheme he has floated  before and Mexico's President has said that, obviously, his country wouldn't cooperate but now he's detailing more precisely how he'd bludgeon our southerly neighbor into forking over the cash. To wit:Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options]. We will not be taken advantage of anymore...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | thefederalist
Donald Trumps Immigration Plan: Make America A Police State
"...In the plan, which was briefly pulled from Trump's website, he promises to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, triple the number of ICE workers and have them cooperate with local gang task forces, mandate nationwide e-verify, return all criminals to their home countries, install a policy of detention rather than catch and release, and defund sanctuary cities, among other measures. To satisfy the they took our jobs crowd, he details plans to put American workers first through a series of bureaucratic hoops.In short, the great conservative savior who wants to Make America Great Again primarily plans to do so by creating vast new swathes of bureaucracy and swelling the police state. In short, Trump is starting to reveal his true colors and they definitely aren't conservative. As Rick Wilson succinctly noted:..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | fusion
Heres a TL;DR version of Donald Trumps immigration reform word salad
"...The Zoolanderianly titled plan is founded on three core principles, the first being that the United States must have a wall built along its southern border. Trump says that the wall, which he insists Mexico must pay for, will reduce crime and lower taxes.The second core principle deals with the enforcement of constitutional law. The GOP frontrunner calls for an end to birthright citizenship and the mandatory detention of undocumented immigrants in order to do so.The third core principle has to do with putting American workers first. Trump's rhetoric pits black and Hispanic Americans against undocumented immigrants. The 9/11 hijackers, the Boston bombers, and the Islamic State make cameo appearances...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | commentarymagazine
Trumps War on Legal Immigration a Tipping Point for the GOP
"...Trump's plan is an assault on not merely the illegal immigrants who have violated American laws, but those who have played by the existing rules to come to the United States. The proposal amounts to a declaration of war on America's immigrant community, an attack on the foundational nature of America's character as a melting pot for all the peoples of the world, and the inception of a police state that is incompatible with a free republican democracy.Trump's plan to address his key belief, the need to construct a great wall across the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, is no plan at all. Rather, it is an effort to justify this retributive policy. There is not one Republican candidate who disputes the need to enhance border security provisions. Indeed, that was why so many Senate Republicans voted against the supplemental appropriations measure to address the border crisis in the summer of 2014, when Trump was promoting the latest season of his reality television show, because it was not a border security bill but a measure to address a refugee crisis...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | newsmax
Donald Trump on 'Meet the Press:' Illegals 'Have to Go'
"...There has been no indication that Trump's positions on immigration have dented his appeal, and Sunday's interview seems unlikely to hurt.Trump also said he would consider shutting down the federal government over funding for Planned Parenthood. He says he isn't sure whether he has donated money to the organization in the past but adds that he would oppose providing federal funds if it continues providing abortion services.Trump says he would ask nominees to the Supreme Court about their views on abortion and would take their views into consideration as he made a decision on whom to nominate. He says he opposes abortion except in case of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | inquisitr
Donald Trump Says Illegal Immigrants Have To Go
"...Despite pressure, Obama is refusing to step back from the executive order.If Donald Trump has his way, the entire executive order will be thrown in the trash. We have to make a whole new set of standards, Trump told Chuck. We either have a country, or we don't have a country. While his comments are not going to be popular with many people, Trump has actually been boosting business sales in Mexico, specifically for pi atas. Since Trump's initial June comments, demand for pi atas shaped like Donald Trump has been off the charts...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | thinkprogress
Donald Trump Just Released An Actual Policy Plan
"...He's apparently not kidding. Within minutes of his comments on Meet the Press, Trump released acomprehensive policy plan for immigration reform something many other Republican candidates have yet to do.In it, Trump lays out what he plans to do about both border security and the 12 million undocumented immigrants who already live in the United States. Most notably, the plan promises widespread deportation, including the mandatory return of all criminal aliens, or undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of crimes...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | breitbart
Democrats Panic in Response to Donald Trump's Immigration Plan - Breitbart News
"...Trump's immigration plan is something that used to be bipartisan. Even Senate Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) back in the early 1990s, supported the major tenets of the plan putting American workers first when it comes to immigration. Now the entire Democratic Party and most of the Republican Party has abandoned American workers in favor of special interests seeking cheap foreign labor and political interests seeking a different and more liberal voting base.There are a handful of leaders left in Congress still fighting for Americans when it comes to immigration, though, and chief among them is Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest. Trump consulted Sessions while writing his immigration policy plan...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1279 days ago | townhall
Rowdy, Memorable Republican Debate Lives Up to Hype

"...Setting aside his braggadocio, lack of specifics and glib hostility, I suspect Trump did damage to his candidacy on three fronts: (1) He praised single-payer government healthcare as "working well" in Canada and elsewhere in the context of serving up offering an incoherent answer on his new healthcare position. He's clear about hating Obamacare, but quite unclear on whether he's still a fan of government-run healthcare, eliciting praise from Socialist Bernie Sanders. (2) He declined to rule out a third party run if he loses the nomination, drawing boos from the crowd. He later boasted about his pattern of more or less bribing politicians and "using" laws to enrich himself. It was a full-throated endorsement of cronyism.  (3) Picking a fight with the moderators, especially Megyn Kelly, for asking tough questions seemed thin-skinned and petty. Trump repeated his criticism of Kelly in the spin room after the debate. Not a good look, and probably not especially appealing to Fox viewers...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | washingtonpost
Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina win the Republican debate

"...Trump was crass and unpresidential. I also think his lauding his bankruptcies won't wear well in the long-run. Trump was not prepared. He had nothing to offer beyond what we've heard at every news conference and from-Trump-Tower interview since he announced his candidacy...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | theatlantic
Who Won the Republican Presidential Debate?

"...Anyone who thought that Donald Trump would take a conciliatory tack in the first Republican debate was quickly disillusioned. Chris Wallace, one of the Fox News moderators, asked if any candidate was unwilling to pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee. And Trump, offering his best, most dramatic shrug, happily refused to take the pledge.That set the tone for the rest of the night: First, the moderators weren't going to pull any punches. Throughout the evening, they probed the candidates' greatest perceived weaknesses. And second, Trump had no intention of abandoning the act that's carried him from perennial joke to the top of the Republican presidential-nomination field...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | theweek
The Trump Show: How Donald Trump won the GOP debate and stole the presidential election
"...The debate was utterly dominated by Trump. In an unexpected twist, the moderators chosen by Fox News went after him with everything they had, while his actual opponents seemed scared to engage him one-on-one. (Bush, trying to preserve his dignity, ultimately wilted in the glare of Trump's supernova.) Trump, unconstrained by diplomatic etiquette and human decency, proved that he is the apotheosis of the conservative tough guy, easily elbowing out the likes of Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker. ("You're having a hard time tonight," he told Rand Paul, in just one instance of him flattening a rival.)..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | slate
Did Trump Actually Win the Debate? How to Understand All Those Instant Polls That Say Yes

"...The chattering class was near unanimous in its verdict: Trump lost. The Trump bubble will burst,  Politico's Mike Allen confidently declared after the debate. The current GOP frontrunner's momentum has stalled and is [definitely] not going up, predicted ABC News' Matthew Dowd. Trump was a clown show,  tweeted Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes. The last month has been Trump making the rest of the field look small; [Thursday] was the opposite, wrote the National Review's Rick Lowry. Finally, perhaps we've really seen peak Trump, concluded the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | smartremarks.lancasteronline
Why Trump won the debate
"...So Trump pretty much won the debate, and as someone who won't be voting for any of these guys (and probably won't be voting for any of the Dems, either), I found it all highly amusing, if slightly alarming.Look: To the extent that a presidential primary is entertainment Trump is simply the most entertaining guy in the room. Everyone else runs scared of gaffes. Trump doesn't care. He plows forward, throwing elbows, sneering at opponents, refusing to kowtow to the party types who want him to go quietly, etc. etc.Plus, he got into it with the Fox News moderators, even taking potshots at them on Twitter afterwards!..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | mediaite
Who Were the Big Winners and Losers at the GOP Debates?
"...Loser: Trump. Angered many in the party by keeping open the possibility of running as a third party candidate, which would hand the election to whomever the Democratic nominee is ala 1992 and Ross Perot's third party run (when Bill Clinton took the presidency with 43 percent of the vote). From there, Trump lost the crowd and never found his footing from there, particularly after Megyn Kelly's devastating question to him around sexism. For those looking for that moment when the Trump surge ends and the fall to reality begins, you just witnessed the beginning on Thursday night...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | politico
GOP insiders: Donald Trump is biggest loser

"...Donald Trump's first presidential debate was a disaster.That's the assessment of Republican insiders in this week's POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the top strategists, activists and operatives in Iowa and New Hampshire. They offered their reactions immediately after watching Thursday's 9 p.m. prime-time debate in Cleveland.Forty-four percent called the controversial real estate mogul the biggest loser of the evening, critiquing everything from his refusal to rule out a third party run, to perceived misogynistic comments to his acceptance of single-payer health care in other countries. Trump is an egomaniacal thug and everyone who never watched The Apprentice now knows that, too, an Iowa Republican charged...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | washingtonpost
The winners of the first Republican debate

"...As for the A team, with the exception of Donald Trump, most showed themselves to be serious contenders and well rehearsed. Trump started off with a refusal to pledge to support the nominee and got roundly booed. (Sen. Rand Paul, whose campaign is in total disarray, chose to jump into to attack Trump as buying all sorts of candidates.) Asked to disclose his information that the Mexican government was sending criminals across border repeated his assertion, but no facts. Responding to a question about sexist statements, he declared the country suffered from too much political correctness, drawing hisses when he said he wouldn't be so nice to Megyn Kelly since he was not being so nice to him. His most egregious moments may have been his defense of a single-payer system and his insistence that he gave money to liberal Democrats who did what he told them to do. It was cringe-worthy, as was his defense of multiple bankruptcies and his attempt to justify his flip-flops on issues like abortion. His volume was high, his content low. If anyone thought there was a serious candidate beneath all that hair, they were disappointed. His bombast verged on self-parody, perhaps demonstrating that a blowhard entertainer isn't the best bet for president. He showed that his downfall will ultimately be his own obnoxious personality and lack of sane policies...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | hollywoodreporter
John Kasich Won the Debate 
"...What's with the carpet-bombing Don Rickles routine? Does Trump have any facial expression beyond knotted, squinting scowl? It's a strain even to look at him. The entire debate begins with Trump getting booed for refusing to rule out a third-party bid. He has a slashing, entertaining wit, but his braggart narcissism is on painful display. He speaks in simplistic polarities of "winners" versus "losers," as if geopolitics were a jangling Atlantic City casino. He sets high goals but lacks real answers to any government issue. Trump is a Trojan Horse sent by the crafty Clinton machine. He has a bellyful of swords aimed at GOP hearts...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | politico
Yes, its the Trump Show - Politico

"...Republicans dismissed Donald Trump at every turn first insisting he would never enter the presidential contest, then guaranteeing he'd drop out before he had to reveal his personal financial information. They were sure that he'd never make it to the debate stage in Cleveland to deliver to a national audience the slash-and-burn diatribes that have endeared him to the grass roots and struck fear in the hearts of the GOP establishment.Yet there he was Thursday, at center stage, throwing elbows at his rivals, dissing moderators and unleashing his fiery rhetoric alongside nine rivals desperate to knock him off balance.Trump delivered the most memorable moments of the first prime-time Republican presidential debate, but he may have turned off some voters in the process with his cavalier comments about donating to Democrats in the past, his admission that his views on immigration and abortion have evolved, and his assertion that politicians he's donated to nearly always bend to his will...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | newsmax
GOP Debate Winners: Trump, Cruz, Huckabee, Christie
"...First, the Donald.He showed his style and his charisma. He took punches and showed that he can shake them off without effect. He showed that he is a totally different kind of candidate and that he squarely addresses the need for competence, strength, and leadership. He was hit on his quotes and he came back saying we had more important things to do than play political correctness. His business activities? He made money and followed the laws. Very, very strong performance.But and it's a big but. His refusal to rule out a third party candidacy could prove to be the mistake that unravels him. Republicans do not want to encourage another Ross Perot. They feel Perot cost them the 1992 race and Trump set up an issue his opponents can use to beat him over the head...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | newyorker
Nobody Wins, Trump Stays In

"...Trump did make it clear that, if Trump were the nominee of the Republican Party, he would support Trump. The debate opened with a call for candidates to raise their hands if they couldn't commit to supporting whomever the Republican nominee might be and who might consider running as an independent. It yielded what was, no doubt, the intended result: Trump, stage center, standing alone, hand raised, wondering why he should respect anyone given his position in the race. ( I'm, you know, talking about a lot of leverage. ) Maybe that's when he decided that the moderators didn't like him. Megyn Kelly asked about his tendency toward misogynistic insults: You've called women you don't like fat pigs,' dogs,' slobs,' and disgusting animals.' Trump interrupted to say that it was only Rosie O'Donnell an unparalleled moment in drive-by ad-hominem debate attacks. But O'Donnell (who tweeted, try explaining that 2 ur kids ) wasn't the woman in front of him, and so, after barking something about political correctness, he said, And honestly, Megyn, if you don't like it, I'm sorry. I've been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | abcnews.go
Republican Presidential Debate: Winners and Losers of the First GOP Showdown

"...It's hard to come up with a winning answer when you're asked a question about referring to women as fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Trump responded to moderator Megyn Kelly with a tongue in cheek response: Only Rosie O'Donnell, he said. But Kelly wasn't having it: Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president? The Donald didn't like that question very much either, telling Kelly, Frankly what I say and oftentimes it's fun, kidding, we have a good time. What I say is what I say. And honestly, Megyn if you don't like it, I'm sorry. I've been very nice to you although I could probably not be based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn't do that. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | politico
Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly spar at debate - Politico (blog)

"...Trump sought to change the subject to some of his favorite topics, saying that this country is in big trouble. We don't win anymore. We lose to China, we lose to Mexico. As for his remarks about women, he said: Honestly, Megyn, if you don't like it, I'm sorry, I've been very nice to you I could probably not be based on the way you've treated me. But you know what, we need strength, we need energy, we need quickness and we need brains in this country to turn it around. That I can tell you right now."Trump's line about political correctness clearly resonated with the audience, but dismissing Kelly's questions about the war on women could be a problem for Trump in the post-game analysis. Of course, the last six weeks have shown that if anyone can overcome controversy, it's Donald Trump...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | economist
Who were the debate's winners and losers?
"...As for Mr Trump, he did not "win" last night's debate as he, of course, claims to have done. He did not even acquit himself especially admirably. The Fox News moderators came gunning for Mr Trump, calling on the real-estate tycoon to defend his history of crude comments about women, to explain his donations to Hillary Clinton, to account for his bankruptcies, and more. Mr Trump brushed off the tough questions with his usual brusque aplomb. But he failed to really address or defuse the criticisms embedded in the questions, and they will take a toll, sooner or later...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | washingtonpost
The debate didnt change much, but it was the beginning of the end for Donald Trump

"...Anyway, this debate probably represented the high-water mark for Trump. His act may be wearing thin. His supporters will eventually get tired of having fun, playing along and shaking their fists, and they will have to get around to being serious about who they might actually vote for. Along those lines, I have been asking operatives and others following the race in which state they think Trump could actually win the GOP primary. I'm still waiting to hear an answer...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | rawstory
Donald Trump rails against immigrants at GOP debate: Mexico is too clever for stupid US leaders

"...Donald Trump refused once again on Thursday to back away from his characterization of undocumented immigrants as being criminals and rapists, saying that he was assured of this by Border Patrol people. Our leaders are stupid. Our politicians are stupid, Trump said during a Republican presidential candidate debate on Thursday. And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning and they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them. They don't want to take care of them. Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them? And that's what's happening, whether you like it or not. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | nytimes
Winners at the G.O.P. Debate Did Not Include Bush and Trump

"...It was Donald Trump, though, who might have had the weakest performance. No, it may not be the end of his surge. But he consistently faced pointed questions, didn't always have satisfactory answers, endured a fairly hostile crowd and probably won't receive as much media attention coming out of the debate as he did in the weeks before it. If you take the view that he's heavily dependent on media coverage, that's an issue. Whatever coverage he does get may be fairly negative probably focusing on his unwillingness to guarantee support for the Republican nominee...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | msnbc
Four big takeaways from the first GOP presidential primary debate - MSNBC

"...RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters in Cleveland that a Trump indie run would be a death wish. But Trump knows as long as he holds it over the GOP's head, the establishment has to treat him with caution and hope he flames out on his own.In fact, there were some signs of vulnerabilities on Thursday. The moderators were ruthless in picking at Trump's weakest spots, most notably his long trail of ties to Democrats and his assortment of liberal positions. There were a handful of boos in Atlanta when Trump defended his support for single-payer health care, and as the energy leveled off in the second hour, his zingers seemed to lose some punch. The audience seemed more confused than excited while he bragged about donating money to politicians from both sides to extract concessions.It's not hard to see where the Trump train might go off the tracks...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | politico
The Debates Biggest WinnersAnd Losers - Politico

"...Trump lost, beginning from the third-party question right at the start. He had any number of moments that were the worst moments he has had in the campaign. When he stuck with his shtick it was jarring on that stage, and when he tried to sound like a politician talking of how he evoked on issues and in his closing statement, for instance he sounded less assured and deft than the real politicians...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | washingtonpost
Thursday's debate was hugely entertaining. We learned almost nothing. - Washington Post

"...Ultimately, what the collection of eight experienced public servants, along with Trump and retired surgeon Ben Carson, also proved Thursday evening is precisely why Trump has not just the lead but a solid hold of a lot of voter energy. There was an awful lot proffered in the main debate that could have and has been said before. There was not much in the way of policy specifics, big or new ideas. And there certainly wasn't a move towards the kind of data and detail that debate experts said would be the key to besting Trump -- or, at least, rattling him.Trump is a master of performance art with sub-specialty in outrageous comments, while largely saying nothing at all. When he's in rare form, Trump also puts himself near the center of all matters. And he certainly did that Thursday night...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | latimes
Live GOP debate: Donald Trump's claim on immigration doesn't hold up, Marco ... - Los Angeles Times
"...At the end of the Bush administration we "really started to see some of the negatives, Trump said. The last number of months of his brother's administration were a catastrophe and unfortunately those few months gave us President Obama and you can't be happy about that. Trump did not spell out why a catastrophe under a Republican administration would move him toward the Republican Party. It's especially perplexing given that Trump already noted that he always opposed the invasion of Iraq, the core of Republican foreign policy for years. On abortion, Trump was clearer on his shift, but not on the timing. He had friends years ago who considered aborting a child and didn't. That child today is a total superstar a great, great child. It changed his thinking, he said...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | foxnews
Trump loses Republican debate but Rubio, Cruz and others triumph - Fox News

"...The moderators of the GOP debate Thursday night at the Quicken Loans arena gave Donald Trump plenty of rope and sure enough he hanged himself. Right out of the box, the candidates were asked to pledge their support to whomever ultimately wins the GOP nomination; the only hold-out was Trump, who refused to make that commitment and who elicited boos from the audience.Later, in response to a sharp question from Megyn Kelly about his history of calling women fat pigs and slobs, Trump argued that the big problem with the country was political correctness. He concluded, If you don't like it Megyn, too bad; you haven't been very nice to me. Bad decision, Donald...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | politico
Are voters ready to tune out Donald Trump - Politico

"...Much like the last two months of the presidential campaign, the first Republican debate on Thursday night featured all the hallmarks of a Donald Trump production. But after two hours of blustery denunciation and defiance from the former Apprentice star, voters may be inching closer to changing the channel.From the opening bell, the Fox News moderators and his Republican rivals made Trump the center of attention, hammering him with contentious questions which he would complain afterward were not nice and frontal attacks. So far, the mogul has thrived on the attention, positive or negative, and he made no catastrophic mistakes on Thursday. But the debate raised the question of whether exposure alone can keep propelling his candidacy. Those that supported him found much to like in his forcefulness, conviction and disdain for political correctness, said Bruce Haynes, a South Carolina Republican strategist and co-founder of the moderate political consulting firm Purple Strategies. Those who dislike him were reminded why. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1288 days ago | msnbc
Candidates prepare to take on Trump in debate - MSNBC

"...Whatever route he goes, Trump is the unquestioned center of gravity on Thursday. Candidates have struggled to gain traction during his ascent and it would not be surprising if some decide their best opportunity to score some headlines the next day is to confront him on the big stage. After Trump, the next big question is how the race's other top tier performers handle their moment in the sun. Bush, the establishment frontrunner and by far the best-funded candidate, will have a chance to showcase his pragmatic style, but could face attacks from the right over his support for immigration reform and Common Core education standards. Walker, who leads recent polls in Iowa, will have a chance to showcase his blue-collar roots and highlight a long list of conservative achievements in Wisconsin over intense Democratic opposition...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1289 days ago | qz
A GOP candidate's guide to debating Donald Trump: don't debate him - Quartz
"...The negative of appearing with Trump, however, is that one has no idea what he might say or do. It is imperative that candidates not respond to him in a way that makes them look unlikable or incompetent. Trump's rhetoric will beg for a gut reaction that only serves to help seal a candidate's fate.If any one of the candidates were my clients, I would tell them to be more concerned with his own image. It is important to come across well informed and likable. The danger for Trump is that someone could easily get him to lose his cool and do something else that voters might perceive as un-presidential.The take home that many candidates must remember is that Trump, even though he is leading in the polls, is not seen by virtually any political experts as being a viable candidate. Trump, however, can do significant damage to candidate's outlook. While it's highly unlikely he will be the candidate, he will ultimately help Republicans select one...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1289 days ago | nytimes
In Drama of First GOP Debate, Donald Trump Is Without a Script - New York Times

"...Still, as a post-policy candidate, Mr. Trump may be somewhat impervious to being pinned down, whether by the news media or by his rivals.Citing the danger that lurks for other Republicans in taking on Mr. Trump, a ferocious counterpuncher, some debate veterans speculated that his rivals would prefer to demur. My impression is every one of them will go in with a line or two ready to go, if Trump seizes upon them and they can't ignore it without looking weak, said Dan Senor, who helped Paul Ryan prepare for his 2012 vice-presidential debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr. But I think they're all hoping to not have to use it. Mr. Trump's seeming mutability is not limited to his own positions; in Iowa recently, he said he had not known much about Mr. Walker's record as governor before donating to his 2014 re-election. I didn't know what the hell he was doing, but he was fighting, and I like a fighter. Does that make sense? Mr. Trump said...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1290 days ago | realclearpolitics
Trump Can Win

"...Trump has firmly planted his feet on the no-man's-land between the reality Americans see around them and the fiction that conventional wisdom and politically correct speech define. In the process, he has increased his voter share to a lead in the Republican primary and improved his favorability rating by 17 points.In the July 30 Quinnipiac Poll, he registered a 50-33 favorable rating among Republicans and a 27-59 among all voters. This rating was a big improvement over the 20-69 rating he had with all voters in their previous poll.The establishment is waiting for Trump to make a mistake. But even as he tip-toes over the line of political correctness, his detractors need to understand that he -- unlike they -- is a media pro. Where they may occasionally appear on camera, Trump does it every week. He constantly threads his way between critics and says what he thinks. Doing so in a political context is no big deal for him...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1290 days ago | forbes
Trump Goes Into Debate With Big Lead; GOP Voters Expect Him to Dominate - Forbes
"...The populist urge is to rage against the machine not any one man. Wealth is a sign not only of success the hard-earned way but of liberation and independence. Hence, angry voters appreciate someone who probably means it when he says I don't care what anyone says, I am going to say it . But the larger question here is what happens when the music stops, when the sound bites become repetitive, when the single mom with cancer needs a hug and the helicopter is waiting.Mr. Trump marches on for now. How much longer can he sustain this? I don't really expect much to happen at the debate. If 67% think he is going to get the most publicity, why would another candidate enable that?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1290 days ago | nytimes
Donald Trump's Allure: Ego as Ideology - New York Times

"...The times are perfect for Donald Trump. He's an outsider, which appeals to the alienated. He's confrontational, which appeals to the frustrated. And, in a unique 21st-century wrinkle, he's a narcissist who thinks he can solve every problem, which appeals to people who in challenging times don't feel confident in their understanding of their surroundings and who crave leaders who seem to be.Trump's populism is pretty standard. He appeals to people who, as Walter Lippmann once put it, feel rather like a deaf spectator in the back row. He knows he is somehow affected by what is going on. [But] these public affairs are in no convincing way his affairs. They are for the most part invisible. They are managed, if they are managed at all, at distant centers, from behind the scenes by unnamed powers. In the cold light of experience, he knows that his sovereignty is a fiction. He reigns in theory, but in fact he does not govern. ..." see full article

1291 days ago | forbes
Trump Goes Into Debate With Big Lead; GOP Voters Expect Him to Dominate - Forbes
"...The populist urge is to rage against the machine not any one man. Wealth is a sign not only of success the hard-earned way but of liberation and independence. Hence, angry voters appreciate someone who probably means it when he says I don't care what anyone says, I am going to say it . But the larger question here is what happens when the music stops, when the sound bites become repetitive, when the single mom with cancer needs a hug and the helicopter is waiting.Mr. Trump marches on for now. How much longer can he sustain this? I don't really expect much to happen at the debate. If 67% think he is going to get the most publicity, why would another candidate enable that?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1291 days ago | thenation
The Coming Debate and a Trump in the House of Cards

"... Nervous Republican officials can take some solace in the fact that the debate is moderated by three Fox News stalwarts. They are unlikely to dwell on the irresistible questions raised by the absurdities that Republican candidates have offered up in the last months. Fox News anchors will no doubt try to get candidates to vent their venom on Hillary Clinton and President Obama rather than on each other. Candidates will have one minute to answer questions, time only for expressing an attitude, not a policy.Some of the questions are already teed up. Donald Trump has put immigration front and center. The Republican assault on Planned Parenthood will no doubt be aired. The Iran deal will be thrashed universally. Ritual pledges to repeal Obamacare are unavoidable...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1291 days ago | cnn
How Trump can win the debate - CNN

"...Numerous political commentators predict a similar political demise for Trump. While no one suggests that Trump will fall victim to a sordid extramarital affair like Kane, many predict that Trump's hubris, bravado and disdain for civility will ultimately undermine his political ambitions. Despite his current front-runner status in the Republican contest, some suggest that his inability to act presidential at the first debate, in Cleveland on Thursday, will begin Trump's swift and precipitous decline. No one can deny that Trump's current strategy has produced magnificent results. With the Republican field the largest in history, Trump looks to walk onto the Quicken Loans Arena stage ahead of the pack. The most recent Quinnipiac University poll finds Trump garnering 20% of voter support and a significant 7% lead over his closest rival, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | blogs.wsj
In First GOP Debate, Goal Is Winning the BaseNot Trumping Trump
"...Mr. Trump has said he is going to play nice what the person atop the polls usually does to protect his status. The conventional strategy would be to go after the front-runner and work to score points against him while showcasing conservative principles, policy knowledge, and zeal for the job.Instead of focusing on whether Mr. Trump adopts a presidential manner or hoping that he makes some gaffe in front of viewers smart candidates will keep this in mind: Republican primary voters watching debates this early in the election cycle are pretty serious customers. They are looking to support candidates who are the most conservative in their positions who could win a general election. And however many other viewers may tune in Thursday, the goal is still to build support with the GOP base...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | businessinsider
Trump is lowering expectations about his debating skills ahead of the first GOP presidential debate

"...Trump clearly is causing heartburn for the rest of the GOP field and party leaders. The party's image has been taking a beating lately because of Trump's harsh, anti-immigrant rhetoric, as well as bitter intraparty squabbling in Congress and along the campaign trail. At the same time, the party has seen a substantial decline in its favorability rating which according to the Pew Research Center dropped from 41 percent last January to just 32 percent now.Trumps' numbers, meanwhile, have skyrocketed in recent weeks as he has tapped into growing voter frustration and anger with the political establishment and an apparent desire for more straight-talk and simple solutions to inherently complicated problems...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | csmonitor
How do you debate someone like Donald Trump?
"... Donald Trump's long and storied career as a businessman is one of his major attributes with voters, Mr. Kall told the Los Angeles Times. The other candidates would be wise to directly attack Mr. Trump on a subject where he's considered to be extremely strong and experienced. Jon Fleischman, founder and publisher of, added that opponents could use Trump's self-contradicting positions on multiple issues to discredit him.Regardless of which tactics they choose, the candidates better have something good ready if they come after Trump, warns Republican pollster Frank Luntz in a New York Times interview. You only attack the king if you can kill him; otherwise you leave him alone, because the king will kill you.  ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | rushlimbaugh
Will Trump Blow Up the Debate?
"...He would basically start lambasting the whole format and say, "You know what?  This is what is wrong with choosing a president.  What does this got to do with anything?  We're all up here, and everybody knows that nine out of 10 of these people, eight out of these, are not going anywhere.  What are we doing here?  This is crazy.  All we're gonna do for two or three hours here is tell everybody how rotten each other is?  It's crazy.  It's not gonna matter a hill of beans at the end of the campaign. What are we wasting our time for?  Making TV ratings for...?"Something like this.  I mean, that would be in character.  And how many people do you think would stand up and go, "Right on!"  I know this debate coming up Thursday is probably gonna be a record setter, ratings-wise, for a whole host of reasons All of them predictable, understandable.  But at the same time, what people in the Republican Party know is, when these debates are all said and done, what happens?  A Northeastern liberal moderate establishment candidate gets the nomination. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | hotair
Trump: I dont think Ill be throwing any punches at Thursdays GOP debate
"...The irony is, it would be clever if Trump were true to his word and didn't end up scrapping with anyone at the debates. Everyone has the same expectation: He won't prepare at all; he'll spout a bunch of vague nonsense about his secret terrific ObamaCare replacement plan and how he'd make Putin cower on foreign power; he'll call the rest of the field losers and end up insulting a few of them personally onstage; and the media will pronounce the whole thing a circus afterward, followed by a bunch of handwringing about what the RNC can do to keep Trump out of the second debate.  Imagine if, instead, he surprised everyone by quietly preparing, refusing to take his opponents' bait, and giving some substantive policy answers. Viewers would be pleasantly surprised and anyone onstage who took a shot at him would seem petty and diminished by comparison. It's the smartest thing he could to make himself a semi-serious candidate this fall. But then, who wants to listen to Trump talk policy? And how could his policies possibly satisfy his fan base? He's already gone  mushy and incoherent on his signature issue of immigration. The mushier he gets, the more his supporters will bolt...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | slate
Mr. Manners

"...But isn't the obvious gambit restraint? Shouldn't we expect the Republican front-runner to show up and behave like a choir boy? That possibility rewards imaginative analysis. I only wish I could speak as well as Jeb does about my love for immigrants. Gov. Christie reminds me of myself. Trump could bring everyone plush bathrobes from one of his resort properties.That Trump is likely to be on his best behavior is the conclusion of several advisers working for Trump's challengers. Next Thursday's debate will be the first great test of his capacity to bridle his natural inclinations in the service of a tactical goal. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | inquisitr
Donald Trump Remaining Calm Ahead Of The Upcoming GOP Debate
"...Unusual for Trump, this has been a quiet week for the 69-year-old. There has not been any sporadic outbursts like we've witnessed in the past few weeks. In fact, Donald Trump has been on the defensive, as he's had to dodge allegations of marital rape and claims of misogyny in the workplace.The GOP debate will be the first time the wide public will hear first hand of how Republican candidates will handle critical issues such as the economy and foreign policy. Politicians such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker will be seen as the more likely to handle the debate well, while others, such as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz, are also outside favorites, given their alternative views...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | huffingtonpost
Just Say It: Trump Has No Standing to Debate in My Party

"...Vulgar things are not new in politics, and they are not new in Republican politics. But the intolerance Trump spouts goes beyond anything coming from Sen. Ted Cruz or other candidates. It is alien to the tradition of passionate but principled activism that runs from Reagan, H.W. and Gingrich, straight through the original Tea Party movement to my own preferred candidate for 2016, Gov. John Kasich.We can't sit back and hope it flames out on its own. We must quench it ourselves, in public, right now.The spread has been rapid. For a few years after the bailouts of General Motors and the financial sector, objectors in both parties found rowdy but principled common cause against centrists like me who preferred a bloody save to outright economic collapse. Even the government shutdown saga was a complicated story implicating hardline ideology, not racially tinged animosity...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | thehill
GOP field gets ready to rumble

"...Political junkies and experts believe Trump will bring his typical braggadocio to the debate stage despite their sentiment among Republicans that it makes him unelectable in a general election. Trump has been mum about his debate prep, telling CNN he doesn't have a coach. David Birdsell, a political science professor at Baruch College who has studied debates extensively, told The Hill that he doubts Trump's performance will do anything to help his overall chances despite his current lead. If Donald Trump can come across as a sober, statesmanlike presence with a sound grasp of issues able to tap both populist outrage and have the best thinking of policy shops, he'll have made a number of people take another look, he said, immediately speculating that outcome would be unlikely.The rest of the candidates will have to decide whether to tread carefully or jump into the ring against him. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | usnews
Can Donald Trump Appear Presidential?

"...Many political professionals argue that while this might make Trump popular with the most resentful and angry voters in the GOP, such traits won't carry him to the GOP nomination or the White House, where many voters prefer a more elevated and consensus-oriented approach to leadership.Trump may be getting the message. He recently tweeted, "I look forward to the debate on Thursday night & it is certainly my intention to be very nice & highly respectful of the other candidates."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | miamiherald
Debate stage: Voters like Bush, Rubio. A lot don't like Trump - Miami Herald
"...Republicans like Jeb Bush. And a lot really don't like Donald Trump.In fact, more than half find Trump a distraction from the primary process, not a serious candidate.With the first Republican presidential debate coming up Thursday, a new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents personally like Bush, saying they view him favorably rather than unfavorably. Large numbers also like Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee, far more than dislike them.But nearly half dislike Trump, suggesting that the billionaire businessman who leads national Republican polls will have a hard time reaching those personally hostile voters and growing his constituency, while a host of others have room to surge.The debate in Cleveland, the first of a monthly series, will feature the 10 Republicans, plus ties, atop an average of national polls. As many as seven other candidates will not qualify and instead can participate in a late afternoon forum.Read more here:" see full article or see all articles on this topic

1292 days ago | nytimes
Stakes for Donald Trump in First G.O.P. Debate (in a Word): Huge

"...No candidate is more likely to wing it than the mercurial Mr. Trump. But the man who read Senator Lindsey Graham's cellphone number aloud on a South Carolina stage has set the bar fairly high for himself to do something that would qualify as outrageous.He is likely to arrive in Cleveland ready with cutting observations about each of his rivals, according to a person briefed on Mr. Trump's debate preparations who was not authorized to speak publicly. (A recent example: He said former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas put glasses on so people will think he's smart. He added, It just doesn't work. )Mr. Trump's mantra, in his books and in his paid speeches, is to counterattack harder when anyone throws a punch. (As he did when gently chastised by Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a mess, Mr. Trump retorted.)..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1294 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
This is what Donald Trump should say to win next week's debate

"...A boots-on-the-ground strategy could be risky for our war-weary country, so how about blitz bombing them for a few days? (With TRUMP-emblazoned bombs, no less.) In addition, he could ramp up energy production back home: Open all of our waters up to offshore drilling, build the Keystone XL Pipeline, triple the crude oil America buys from Canada and frack the heck out of natural gas deposits across the country. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Trump could potentially stay in the race and -- dare we say it? --have a shot at winning the debate...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1295 days ago | thenation
Why Donald Trump Is Winning

"... While it's tempting to laugh Trump off as an eccentric celebrity gadfly or relegate coverage of his campaign to the entertainment pages, as the Huffington Post recently did in an unusually earnest fit of pique there's a reason why Trump is so far setting the tone for the Republican primary: More than any other candidate, he cynically and shamelessly panders to the party's increasingly paranoid style. This element, sadly, can no longer be considered a fringe collection of refuseniks, denialists, birthers, repealers, and conspiracy-mongers; it's now firmly in the GOP mainstream. While Trump was playing the militiaman in Laredo, Texas, for example, 235 House Republicans voted to pass the Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act (dubbed the Donald Trump Act by Democrats), which would block these cities from receiving federal law-enforcement aid despite the fact that sanctuary cities are safer than others, and despite the fact that, pace Trump, immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1296 days ago | commdiginews
Can Donald Trump win the nomination and the White House? - Communities Digital News
"...Yet, not one of the candidates who will appear on the debate stage with Trump should underestimate the NBC reality show host's ability to maneuver around debate questions.The other nine in Cleveland should take a page from boxing legend Muhammad Ali's playbook and play a little political rope-a-dope with Trump.Trump may actually take a couple tumbles on the political mat that evening, if Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Walker or the others land real solid verbal politically substantive policy punches. Solid Policy answers may very well be Trump's Achilles' heel.It is true that the GOP political nomination may still be up for grabs. It is also true that Mr. Trump self financed billion dollar pathway to the nomination begins in Cleveland and could begin to wither there as well...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1296 days ago | chicagotribune
No, Donald Trump can't win. And yes, Hillary Clinton can. - Chicago Tribune

"...So why don't people just refuse to answer pollsters' calls now, or simply say they are undecided? Many voters, even those not engaged in politics, will nevertheless have something to say about whatever is currently in the news about Trump or Clinton or Jeb Bush or Bernie Sanders. But those answers are not, in most cases, anywhere close to a final decision about anything. They're just a reaction to the information out there right now information that will change over the course of the campaign.And party actors politicians, campaign and governing professionals, formal party officials and staff, donors and activists, party-aligned interest groups, and the partisan press will have a lot of influence over what information will be available to casual voters when elections approach.It's possible that something important has changed, and that what explained previous elections no longer holds in 2016. But so far there's no sign of anything like that. Keep that in mind when you see those polls showing an early Trump lead or unimpressive favorability ratings for Clinton or liberal love for Sanders...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1296 days ago | thepoliticalinsider
Donald Trump Just Scored a MASSIVE WIN, Which Is also Bad ...
"...Trump is winning because he is like nothing else we've seen in modern politics. He doesn't apologize or carefully focus group his message. He doesn't need teleprompters, and is too aggressive for even the most biased reporter to spin him in an interview. He knows how to speak ABOVE the elites and straight to the American people in a way we haven't seen since President Ronald Reagan...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1296 days ago | bloomberg
Here's Our Tally of Donald Trump's Wealth - Bloomberg
"...The latest math on Donald Trump: $2.9 billion.An analysis by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, based in part on a 92-page personal financial disclosure form made public last week, revealed a portfolio dominated by skyscrapers and golf courses. The celebrity presidential candidate says he's worth more than $10 billion.Trump has vaulted to the top of some polls in the crowded field of Republican contenders hoping to win the White House next year. His comments against illegal immigration and Senator John McCain's status as a Vietnam War hero have attracted attention and renewed the focus on his many and varied claims to the size of his own wealth...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1298 days ago | latimes
Democracy goes trivial with the Donald Trump/Lindsey Graham feud - LA Times ... - Los Angeles Times
"...Then Trump went totally high school and held up a piece of paper on which was written Graham's personal cellphone number. Trump encouraged his fans to call -- and, in large numbers, they did...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1302 days ago | fivethirtyeight
Trump Would Lose Badly In A Third-Party Bid, But He Could Take The Republican ... - FiveThirtyEight
"...Donald Trump is making noise about an independent bid for president. If the Republican National Committee doesn't treat him fairly, Trump says, he'll be more likely to launch a third-party run. I don't know if he is at all serious, but I do know two things: History suggests that an independent Trump campaign would crash and fail; polling suggests that even if that happened, Trump could take the Republican candidate down with him.Trump received 20 percent of the vote in a hypothetical matchup against Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush in a newly released ABC News/Washington Post poll. But, if Trump were to run as an independent, his support would likely fade. Since the first Gallup poll in 1936, there have been five independent or third-party campaigns in which a candidate received at least 5 percent of the vote in early polls. All but George Wallace in 1968 ended up with a lower percentage of the vote than they initially garnered, according to Gallup surveys...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1302 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump's "third-party bid" is the escape hatch he's been looking for ... - Washington Post (blog)

"...Time will pass. He'll be included in polls (as has already happened) and will poll moderately well. He'll probably hold on to much of the support that he's seen so far, for a while.Then, eventually, he'll come back into the fold. Some candidate or the eventual Republican nominee will reach out to him, pledge to move his issues to the forefront, and get Trump's support. (This is known as "pulling a Romney.") Trump will be told that he can be kingmaker, can be the guy who won the election for the right. That will be hard for Trump to resist.And with that, the insurrection will be quelled. Trump will have gotten what he wanted, and be able to exit without having to admit that maybe, just this once, he didn't get what he wanted...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1303 days ago | ktla
Trump Visits Border Despite Patrol Agents Union Backing Out of Tour | KTLA ... - KTLA
"...After the local union of border patrol agents backed out of their invitation to give Trump a tour of the border under pressure at the last minute, Trump instead spent time with Saenz and other Laredo officials first aboard his plane and then at a facility alongside a commercial border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico, where hundreds of trucks lined up bring shipments through Laredo.There, city officials gave Trump an overview of how the area works, discussing border security but also pointing to the billions of dollars in trade annually that pass through their city.The border tour, though, wasn't much of a tour and was a far cry from the boots on the ground perspective border patrol agents had initially planned. Instead, Trump was shuttled via motorcade into the Laredo border facility and back out, and his shoes touched nothing but hard pavement...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1303 days ago | nytimes
Donald Trump Threatens Third-Party Candidacy - First Draft. Political News ... - New York Times

"...Some Republicans have questioned whether Mr. Trump is actually a Republican, pointing out that he has donated to Democrats over the years and held liberal positions on issues such as the health care overhaul. But if Mr. Trump runs as a third-party candidate, he could siphon votes away from the 2016 Republican nominee and effectively help a Democrat win the White House.Many recall how Ralph Nader was accused of being a factor in 2000 when Al Gore lost in a close election to George W. Bush, or in 1992 when H. Ross Perot won nearly 19 percent of the vote nationwide to hurt George Bush and help Bill Clinton prevail. For his part, Mr. Trump has attributed his Democratic donations as smart business investments and argues that his policy positions have evolved over the years...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1303 days ago | motherjones
Donald Trump Says He May Run As a Third-Party Candidate

"...In an interview with The Hill, Trump said that while the RNC had been happy in the past to accept his money, the party has "not been supportive" of his candidacy. Consequently, he is mulling a third-party presidential run, and says the chances of him launching one would increase if he feels the committee treats him unfairly during the primaries."I'm not in the gang. I'm not in the group where the group does whatever it's supposed to do," Trump told The Hill, explaining why he believes he's unpopular with the GOP establishment.A third-party Trump campaign would be cause for celebration among Democrats, since he would potentially siphon off Republican support and clear the way for a Democratic victory...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1303 days ago | salon
The Daily Donald: Trump teases third party run if GOP doesnt stroke his ego enough

"...Donald Trump heads to Laredo, Texas today to visit the U.S.-Mexico border and the former reality TV host is threatening to expand his us vs. them campaign to his own Republican party. With the first Republican primary debate exactly two weeks away, Trump is threatening to wage a third party campaign if he isn't treated better by the GOP...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1303 days ago | gantdaily
What we know – and don't know – about Donald Trump's wealth - Gant Daily
"...But his 92-page disclosure forms released Wednesday don't actually clear up the confusion about his true wealth. It's a touchy subject that dates back at least to 2006, when Trump sued Tim O'Brien, author of TrumpNation, because O'Brien reported a much lower net worth figure for Trump than Trump himself asserted. Like, a tenth less.The suit was eventually dismissed. But O'Brien noted in a Bloomberg column that when his lawyers asked Trump how he figured his net worth, Trump said it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings. Fast forward to 2015, and The Donald has been asserting his net worth is $10 billion. Forbes and WealthX have put it at closer to $4 billion...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1304 days ago | thestate
'Jackass,' 'idiot': Graham, Trump trade barbs | The State - The State (blog)
"...Trump then held up a board and shared Graham's private cell-phone number to the audience at the Sun City retirement community, near Hilton Head Island, and viewers watching via livestream. The crowd laughed. Trump encouraged people to call. Soon after the number was revealed, a recorded message said the number belonged to Graham, and the voicemail box was full.Trump also belittled Graham's standing in recent polls, where he ranks near the bottom, despite being on television all the time. When you register zero in the polls, what the hell, they have nothing to lose, Trump said.Read more here:" see full article or see all articles on this topic

1304 days ago | politico
Trump Voters Are Hillary's New Best Friends - Rick Wilson - POLITICO Magazine - Politico

"...Don't be fooled by Trump's double-digit lead in a new poll: He is not going to win. He's not going to win the primary. He's not going to win the general. He's not going to win a third-party bid. Sure, he can damage the GOP ticket badly enough to guarantee Hillary's election, but he can't win. He's too flawed, too liberal, too undisciplined and too afflicted with verbal dysentery when even slightly provoked. He lacks the fundamental presence and gravitas of a commander-in-chief.Donald Trump is not running a real campaign. He is working the phones, stirring the pot and using the media ecosystem to its fullest. Soon, the bolder members of the field will follow Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in making harder and more decisive strokes against him. Unlike Trump, they'll use real oppo, tested and targeted messages ads built not just to cut, but to kill. They'll break his operational tempo, get inside his OODA loop and turn his circus into a crispy ruin. It's what real campaigns do...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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The Donald Trump and John McCain controversy: Ask a stupid question ... | Mulshine -
"...The point was a good one. McCain had no business calling his followers "crazies" merely because they would like to see the government enforce immigration laws.But Trump couldn't stop there. When asked whether he thought McCain was a war hero, he tried to score a few more points.That didn't work out too well.But watch the clip again and notice just who brought up that "war hero" question. It wasn't Trump. He criticized McCain for calling a pro-Trump crowd of likely Republican primary voters crazy. That's a perfectly valid criticism.He then made a good joke about how he supported McCain for president but later dropped the support "because I don't like losers."At that point pollster Frank Luntz again brings up the assertion that McCain should not be criticized because he's a war hero.Now that's just plain stupid. And when you ask a stupid question ... you know how that ends...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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McCain Who? Vets Heart Trump - The Daily Beast - Daily Beast

"...But instead of greeting Trump with protests for his comments, the conservative crowd of 600 welcomed the GOP front-runner with three standing ovations, an overflow room of 500, and rapt attention.Trump spent an hour-plus ranting on everything from South Carolina's senior senator, Lindsey Graham, ( a total lightweight idiot"), to the Obama administration ( a bunch of dopes ), and his policy plans for everything from saving Social Security to reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs and strengthening the military.Trump was so annoyed that Graham had called him a jackass earlier in the day that he crammed Graham insults throughout his speech, mocking the senior senator's high-toned Southern drawl and reading Graham's Capitol Hill phone number aloud to prove Graham had once come begging for a favor. I think that's his number somebody try it! ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1304 days ago | politico
Trump Voters Are Hillarys New Best Friends - Politico

"...Donald Trump is not running a real campaign. He is working the phones, stirring the pot and using the media ecosystem to its fullest. Soon, the bolder members of the field will follow Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in making harder and more decisive strokes against him. Unlike Trump, they'll use real oppo, tested and targeted messages ads built not just to cut, but to kill. They'll break his operational tempo, get inside his OODA loop and turn his circus into a crispy ruin. It's what real campaigns do.Trump will lose, and Trump supporters will wake up with a combination I call herpes and a hangover. They may have had fun the night before, but they'll regret the hangover for a day. However, if Trump's games in this campaign lead to the election of Hillary Clinton, they'll regret the herpes a lot longer...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Disavowed by GOP leaders, Trump has supporters cheering - SFGate
"...While McCain may seem to some like an unusual target, the Arizona senator is deeply unpopular among many conservatives. Trump supporters say McCain started the spat by calling several thousand Trump supporters who attended a recent anti-illegal immigration rally in Phoenix "crazies." Trump late Monday softened his tone, albeit slightly, in an interview with Fox News: "Certainly if there was a misunderstanding, I would totally take that back," he said before calling on McCain to apologize to the Arizona voters he insulted.Republican state Rep. Steve Stepanek, one of the first New Hampshire Republicans to endorse Trump, said he continues to be a strong supporter and echoed Trump's assertion that McCain has not done enough to help veterans or fix the Department of Veterans Affairs."He's a very influential person in the Senate and this should have been a top priority of his," Stepanek said.In Iowa, Chris McAninch, 56 of Grimes, said the McCain comments have not changed his view of Trump as one of his top choices...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Why is Ted Cruz still playing the Trump card? | MSNBC - MSNBC

"...Ted Cruz is still playing the Trump card, but it might be time for a new hand.The Texas senator was virtually the only Republican presidential contender this weekend to hold his fire against fellow White House hopeful Donald Trump for belittling the military record of Arizona Sen. John McCain a former prisoner of war who now chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee (which Cruz also sits on). But while it's not the first time Cruz has stood by Trump through controversy presumably in hopes of securing the same segment of Republican base voters now cheering the real estate mogul's anti-establishment streak this particular display of loyalty has some wondering if the 44-year-old rising GOP star has more to lose than gain with this strategy...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Donald Trump has his biggest poll lead yet (but he's still not going to win) - Vox - Vox

"...Again, it's important not to get carried away by this result. Trump is not going to win the nomination. Winning 24 percent of Republicans is impressive in a crowded field, but it's still very far away from a majority of the party. Additionally, Trump's polling surge resembles those of past "outsider" candidates known for saying provocative things, like Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain candidates who all eventually collapsed. GOP elites will go to the mattresses to stop Trump, who looks toxic in a general election, from being their nominee. Trump's candidacy may collapse well before the first ballots are cast, and even if it survives until then, the party will eventually find a non-Trump alternative to unify around.Yet one risk inherent to that is that Trump could fund his own third-party candidacy and this new poll finds that in a three-way race, Hillary Clinton would get 46 percent, Jeb Bush 30 percent, and Trump 20 percent...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Ted Cruz: Not Going 'Into the Gutter' to Attack Donald Trump - Bloomberg Politics - Bloomberg
"...Cruz's refusal to distance himself or even comment on what Trump said leaves him isolated. Within hours of the Trump comments, most of the other Republican contenders rushed to defend McCain, condemn Trump or both. The Republican National Committee's communications director, Sean Spicer, issued a strongly worded press release saying that "there is no place in our party our our country" for remarks like Trump's.When asked if he is staying mum for political reasons, namely to pick up some of Trump's support should he drop out of the race, Cruz said he has used the same approach with his competitors before...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Claire McCaskill slams Ted Cruz for 'following Trump around like a lost puppy' - The Week Magazine
"...Out of all of the Republican candidates, it's likely Cruz who is hurt the most by Trump's candidacy, Politico points out. While each presents himself as an "uncompromising, anti-establishment conservative" with "fiery rhetoric" and "media-grabbing protest," there's one big difference: Trump can do it better at least for now...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Tea Party Express chief: Trump lacks winning vision | Washington Examiner - Washington Examiner
"...Both Trump and Bernie Sanders are taking advantage of abject frustration with the established order on the left and the right. People think the system doesn't work. The manifestations are, of course, candidates that speak very boldly but not necessarily in ways that make them universally popular. The problem with their electability is, protest candidates aren't usually successful. Those that are successful articulate a vision for the future...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Is this guy serious? Could Republican frontrunner Donald Trump actually win ... - The Guardian

"...Should Trump ride out the storm and he has flourished in the squalls he has stirred up so far the question will have to be asked. Has American politics collapsed? Has the Republican party lost its collective mind? Is the Trump surge for real?Veteran observers of US politics counsel calm, predicting that Trump will dazzle for a bit and then fade. With 16 months to go until election day and many voters doing everything they can to avoid political news, it's too early, analysts say, for polling numbers to mean much. In the turbulent 2012 Republican nominating race, they point out, the so-called lead was passed among at least four non-competitive candidates before settling on eventual victor Mitt Romney.Rick Wilson, a veteran Republican political consultant, said Trump was experiencing a celebrity political bubble ...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1307 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Tea Party Express chief: Trump lacks winning vision - Washington Examiner
"...Even before Donald Trump found himself on defensefor disparagingSen. John McCain's military service, Sal Russo wasn't tooimpressed with the real estate mogul's presidential prospects...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Donald Trump is number one? - Baltimore Sun
"...Yes, it's an early poll and, as such, pretty near useless.Yes, Herman Cain was once number one, too, and we know what happened with that.Yes, the fact that he is number one probably reflects name recognition as much as anything else.And no, he will never be his party's nominee, much less this country's president. It won't happen even if GOP Chairman Reince Priebus has to personally shoot him with tranquilizer darts on the way to the podium to stop it.All that said, don't let anyone tell you it means nothing that Donald Trump has surged to the top of the Republican field, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll. Don't let anybody say we ought not note with alarm the fact that 17 percent of Republicans think this loud-mouthed, attention-seeking self-aggrandizing carny barker is fit to be president. Mr. Trump has climbed six percentage points since June, vaulting ahead of Jeb Bush, who remained steady at 14 percent...." see full article

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Cruz on Trump: Others "Smack" Him; I Back Him

"...The tack is not without strategic merit. In a slew of recent national polls, including one released this week by USA Today, Trump leads the Republican presidential primary field. In the RealClearPolitics average of national polls, Trump is neck and neck with Jeb Bush, and in New Hampshire he ranks second.Cruz, however, remains stuck in the middle of the pack, and he is targeting many of the same conservative voters who might be drawn to Trump's no-holds-barred rhetoric.Still, the opportunity to snatch Trump's supporters isn't yet tempting all Republican candidates in the conservative vein. Halfway across the Hawkeye State from Cruz on Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker held his first campaign event in Iowa as a presidential candidate. He steered clear of Trump, even as some supporters as his event buzzed with praise for Trump, and even when reporters asked Walker directly about him...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Another View: In pope versus Trump race, billionaire wins easily - The ... - Press Herald
"...Most are in poor taste, and those places could house a lot of needy people. So let's not think the pope is some giving, warm-hearted, caring person. He is a person of power, just like Trump.Yet Trump is spending his own money on his campaign, and a lot of people are getting nervous. The pope is not giving anything away. Can you just imagine the wealth stored in the Vatican?Trump, like the majority of Americans, welcomes legal immigration, not illegal immigration.So I am leaning on Team Trump and for once in a very long time, I am excited about this election...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1308 days ago | cnbc
Trump won't win, but yes, he matters - - CNBC
"...Novelty candidates such as Trump think Herman Cain in 2012 have flared up in GOP primaries before only to fade quickly. Trump is likely to do so as well once the debates start and his relatively thin base of knowledge of global affairs is put to the test against more seasoned debaters. But Trump is likely to play a much more important role than Cain or any of the other front-runner-for-a-day candidates in 2012. If the real estate billionaire uses the debate to savage Bush over his immigration and education policies, he could do a huge favor to the rest of the field, particularly Rubio and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who are the most likely GOP nominees after Bush. Bush wants to spend his time on the debate stage proving that he is a mature, seasoned leader with a realistic plan to boost American wages and get growth revved up to 4 percent per year. That will be hard to do if Trump is constantly in his face...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1309 days ago | ringoffireradio
Nationalism, not Racism, is Trump's Plan to Win the White House – It Worked in ... - Ring of Fire
"...Nonetheless, in the great tradition of the GOP in recent years, Trump will soon find out that he is overreaching. There are important differences between Germany of the 1930s and the US today. Germany was a very homogeneous nation. There was no significant immigrant population. Furthermore, Germany's experience with democracy was extremely limited at that time. Culturally, the majority of Germans were not inclined to question authority. On the other hand, the US has drawn and taken in immigrants from all over the globe. We've also had well over two centuries of experience and opportunities to experiment with democracy. Historically, Americans have also maintained a healthy suspicion of authority and institutions (government and otherwise) that get too big for their britches.The fact remains that France and the US are different societies facing different challenges. Furthermore, the US is a far more pluralistic and culturally diverse society. At worst, the majority of Americans accept and tolerate it; at best, we embrace it...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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The Donald Trump Net Worth Calculator - Fortune
"...You have worth, a lot of it. The biggest discrepancy between what Trump thinks he's worth and what others say is the value of his brand. Forbes used to say it was worth $125 million, but now it might be zero, as business partners have severed their relationships with him recently, after some remarks. Trump says his personal brand is worth somewhere north of $3 billion. So figure out what you might be worth, and then add some zeros...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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Insiders: Ted Cruz hurt most by Trump candidacy - Politico

"...Yet it's Cruz, the Texas senator, who is seen by insiders as particularly damaged by Trump's ascendancy because the real estate mogul has emerged as a candidate who is equally steadfast on hot-button issues like immigration and he can deliver the message with more heated rhetoric. That gives him an advantage with the hardest-right pockets of the GOP base, insiders said, who might otherwise naturally align with Cruz.Several Caucus participants expected that Trump will push the immigration debate further to the right for those candidates who rely on the support of the staunchest conservative activists. Watch for other candidates to step up their rhetoric or continue to be crushed by Trump in the polls, predicted one Iowa Republican...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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How Donald Trump is trolling the Republican Party

"...But Trump clearly isn't running to win an award for consistency or, for that matter, to win the presidency. If his candidacy is, in fact, a well-executed troll, Trump will never let on that it was all an act.The Republican leadership's best hope is that he implodes or that they can find a way to undermine him with the very voters to whom he's appealing.That is, the best way to deal with The Donald is a counter-troll operation. Democrats couldn't be more giddy. Trump's even threatening to run a third-party candidacy, which could rob Republicans of needed votes in swing states in 2016.If Hillary Clinton didn't put him up to that if emails planning Trump's candidacy weren't on the server she wiped clean  she really missed out on a Machiavellian way to sabotage the GOP...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1309 days ago | miamiherald
There will never be a President Trump
"...Before one more straight-faced political story is written about the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, the obvious begs to be stated: The man has absolutely no chance of winning.Zero. Nada.Write it down. Take it to the bank. Bet the farm.This preening self-parody of an egomaniac will never, ever be elected president of the United States. He has more baggage than all the Kardashians put together, and less class. The only way he could win is if the Democrats nominate Bill Cosby.Anyone who manages to defame an entire Hispanic nationality on his first day of campaigning will, inevitably, offend practically everybody . The early Republican polls showing Trump in second position behind Jeb Bush are hilarious and meaningless.Read more here:" see full article or see all articles on this topic

1309 days ago | newyorker
Donald Trump Is a Rapper

"...None of this will get him elected. In America, celebrity is the highest stage of citizenship, but despite the encroaching signs of oligarchy the majority of us like to at least keep up democratic appearances. If we're voting for a rich guy, like Michael Bloomberg in New York City's mayoral races, we prefer that he not point to his bank account as the reason he should have even more power over our lives. And he lacks the minimal self-awareness required of the country's chief executive. After making comments about dangerous Mexicans, he told NBC News, I'll tell you something, if I get the nomination, I'll win the Latino vote. Trump weirdly tends to preface references to ethnic categories with an article, e.g. his statement in 2011 that he has a great relationship with the blacks. This sounds like a quibble until you reflect upon the way placing an article before an ethnicity tends to be part of the setup for a statement that is cluelessly offensive. (Add the word the before the racial ethnic group of your choice and it practically requires that you follow up with a conspiracy theory.)..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1309 days ago | wmur
Potential rivals Cruz, Trump play nice | Politics - WMUR Home - WMUR Manchester
"...And in that time, what would have been a low-key meeting took on new importance. Trump surged to first place in the GOP primary polls, and Cruz's warm words toward Trump separated him from a crowd of candidates denouncing the real estate mogul over his controversial remarks about undocumented immigrants.From the outside, Wednesday's meeting made it look like a calculating Cruz was actually betting against Trump -- cozying up to him in hopes of earning an endorsement if Trump's campaign ultimately collapses...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1310 days ago | kmbz
Why Ted Cruz Is Standing Up For Donald Trump - KMBZ - KMBZ
"...Call it the bond of being an outsider. The two men have openly lamented the way Washington works. Lord suspects they'd rather stick together against what he calls the more "insider" Republican Party candidates."What they share is an exceedingly dim view of the Republican establishment," he said, "and that kind of bond can go a long way particularly in a situation like this."Michael Barnett, the chair of the Palm Beach County Republicans, recalled a similar scene between Cruz and Trump at the group's annual Lincoln Day dinner in February 2014, held at Trump's Mar-A-Lago club.When Barnett, who was seated near Cruz, got up, Trump swooped in...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | csmonitor
The 2016 race just got stranger: Trump says he can win Latino vote - Christian Science Monitor
"...Why is he doing so well?Amid an extremely large field of Republican candidates, Trump has leveraged his celebrity and the anti-immigrant controversy to stay in the headlines and climb the polls, which reward name recognition early on in races.But it might not last...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | fortune
We're about to learn way more about Donald Trump's net worth - Fortune
"...Campaign laws require presidential candidates to submit details about their personal finances to the Federal Elections Commission within 30 days of officially declaring their bid for the presidency. Candidates may apply for up to two 45-day extensions on that limit.Still, the disclosure form is not likely to be as detailed as many hope. It will require Trump to give a broad value for his assets, rather than an itemized list. Thus, skepticism and curiosity over his true wealth may continue for some time...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | forbes
Trump Exaggerating His Net Worth (By 100%) In Presidential Bid
"...Campaign exaggerations are as much a part of politics as kissing babies. In announcing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination this morning, Donald Trumpstarted with what Forbes believes is a whopper. He claimed his net worth was nearly $9 billion. We figure it's closer to $4 billion $4.1 billion to be exact.This discrepancy is noteworthy, since Trump's financial success he put his fortune at exactly $8,737,540,000 is core to his candidacy. I'm proud of my net worth. I've done an amazing job, said Trump at his circus-like announcement, before referencing his autobiography. We need a leader that wrote The Art of the Deal. Since 1982, Forbes has been tracking Trump's net worth in great detail. That's more than thirty years. Over those decades, we have worked both with him and outside experts who can help us come up with a fair market valuation of his assets. Every year, Trump shares a lot of information with us that helps us get to the figures we publish. But he also consistently pushes for a higher net worth especially when it comes to the value of his personal brand...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trumps massive wealth isnt clear from his campaign filings which he probably loves

"...In light of his assertions about real estate, all of the other details he released today -- Trump getting $213 million from NBC for 14 seasons of "The Apprentice," and his $27 million in stock deals -- are peanuts. One not assumed to view his assertions generously might consider them a bit of hand-waving, a look-at-these-big-numbers move meant to be the focus of attention.The FEC form was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump's willingness to assert massive wealth. He could eliminate any questions by releasing details of the precise valuations of his property using some other mechanism. But for Trump, that "over $50 million" loophole probably feels more than comfortable enough...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | abcnews.go
Why Ted Cruz Is Standing Up For Donald Trump

"...The Trump-Cruz confab, first reported by the Washington Post, is a fresh example of the close bond between the two men even as they remain rivals in the Republican nominating contest.Cruz has repeatedly defended Trump ever since he announced his presidential candidacy and compared Mexican immigrants to "rapists.""I am proud to stand with Donald Trump. I like him and respect him," Cruz said in a recent interview on the Fox Business network.And in a recent interview with Fox & Friends, Trump returned the favor, praising Cruz for being "very brave" to support him. He also has tweeted his thanks to the Texas senator when Cruz has defended him...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | slate
What a Trump-Cruz Alliance Could Mean for the GOP Race

"...The budding professional friendship could have a real impact in the GOP race in both the short- and long-term. Cruz and Trump could work in concert next month at the first primary debate to target establishment favorites like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio both of whom supported a path to citizenship in the past over immigration reform. The pair would make for an interesting one-two punch: Trump's brash showmanship has helped him become a billionaire, while Cruz will be one of the strongest debaters on the Fox News stage in Cleveland. Bush and Rubio can still play the grown-up card, but tangling with Trump will be a higher-stakes game if Cruz is waiting in the wings with a more eloquent comeback than Trump is likely to offer.Trump undoubtedly loves the idea that Cruz is willing to visit his Manhattan throne to kiss his ring. But in the longer term, an informal alliance could pay the bigger dividends for Cruz. The Donald has topped two national GOP polls in the past two weeks, but his momentum is unsustainable given how unpopular he is with Republican primary voters as a whole. Once the spotlight eventually moves on to more legitimate candidates, it's difficult to imagine Trump soldiering on deep into the nominating contest. When Trump finally drops out, his supporters will need to find a new anti-immigrant horse to ride, and Cruz would be the obvious choice even if Trump doesn't offer an official endorsement...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Is a partnership emerging between Trump and Cruz?
"...However, some GOP strategists disagree. They argue that Trump has all but replaced Cruz as the anti-establishment candidate.Republican strategist and president of QGA Public Affairs John Feehery says Trump is "killing Cruz's thunder."He and other Republican insiders believe Trump has effectively stolen the senator's populist rhetoric and repeated it in a less sophisticated but more appealing manner."He is saying the exact same things as Cruz except he says them with more flair and more credibility as a non-politician," Feehery told the Washington Examiner...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | nytimes
Donald Trump Claims His Wealth Exceeds 'TEN BILLION DOLLARS' - First Draft ... - New York Times

"...Donald J. Trump s wealth is rising with his polling numbers, if his characterization of his own net worth is to be believed.Mr. Trump issued a statement Wednesday saying that his net worth was now in excess of $10 billion, more than the $8.7 billion he said he was worth when he announced his presidential candidacy a month ago.The statement noted that Mr. Trump had filed his financial disclosure report with the Federal Election Commission, a requirement of presidential candidates, and the commission confirmed his filing. The Trump statement was full of the bombast often associated with Mr. Trump, including an all-capitalization declaration of his wealth:..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Is a partnership emerging between Trump and Cruz? - Washington Examiner
"...Despite The Donald's unparalleled personality and strong performance in the polls, O'Connell says Cruz could still benefit in the long run and that the meeting could be Cruz's attempt to cozy up to the billionaire business mogul in case Trump doesn't go much further in the race."Trump's rise could be beneficial to Cruz because the question is: How long is Trump going to last as a candidate?" O'Connell said...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1311 days ago | politico
Donald Trump 2016: Leads GOP field in latest poll - POLITICO - Politico

"...The latest poll comes on the heels of a Trump event in Phoenix last weekend, which drew thousands of supporters and a fair number of protesters upset with his various statements in which he declared that rapists and murderers are coming across the border from Mexico and from elsewhere. Last Friday, he met with the families of people killed by undocumented Mexican immigrants. And last weekend, he was joined on stage by Jamiel Shaw, a man who talked about how an undocumented immigrant shot and killed his son...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1312 days ago | spectator
Yes, Trump Can Win | The American Spectator - American Spectator
"...So. Here we are again.Is Donald Trump Ronald Reagan? Unless the Almighty has changed His ways and started duplicating human souls, no. All of God's children are unique etc., etc., etc. Both men were and are uniquely talented with their own set of gifts and flaws. But while Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan, without doubt the rationale of their respective political opponents in the media and the Establishment wing of the Republican Party is almost literally identical. In some cases right down to a literal word or phrase.The real question here? Why, exactly, is that? The answer to that question is, in fact, very simple.Ronald Reagan was, and Donald Trump is, a threat. A threat to the power of the Ruling Class Establishment, of the status quo and most of all to that Establishment's Old World Order. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1312 days ago | reason
Donald Trump is Exaggerating His Wealth by 100 Percent: Forbes - Reason (blog)
"...Donald Trump started with what Forbes believes is a whopper. He claimed his net worth was nearly $9 billion. We figure it's closer to $4 billion $4.1 billion to be exact.This discrepancy is noteworthy, since Trump's financial success he put his fortune at exactly $8,737,540,000 is core to his candidacy. "I'm proud of my net worth. I've done an amazing job," said Trump at his circus-like announcement, before referencing his autobiography. "We need a leader that wrote 'The Art of the Deal.'"..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1312 days ago | theatlantic
Donald Trump Is No Conservative - The Atlantic

"...On paper, this is not someone you'd expect to excel in the 2016 Republican Party primary. But Donald Trump is excelling. Thanks to his celebrity, a few epic flip-flops, and his willingness to pander to the most xenophobic element of the GOP's base, the real-estate developer and reality-TV star is polling near the top of the field. While he is unlikely to win the nomination, he may well appear at the presidential debates and continue to tarnish the GOP brand in the eyes of Hispanic voters. When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best, Trump said during his official announcement. They're sending people that have lots of problems. And they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some, I assume, are good people. As execrable as those highly misleading beliefs would be if earnestly held, it is arguably worse for a man to disingenuously stoke xenophobia to advance his political prospects...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1313 days ago | washingtonpost
How Donald Trump resurrected Miss USA — and is fighting to keep it alive - Washington Post

"...Taking his Miss Universe and Miss USA belles to NBC, the Donald stood by the quality of his product. The pageants worked the pageants would always work because the women were so beautiful, he said in 2002. This was not high-concept entertainment. You don't have to spend money on sets, all you need is a beautiful curtain and the girls, he said, singling out Miss Russia for praise. They're unbelievable. All 10 [finalists] were unbelievable. Guys turned [to the channel] for two seconds and then they couldn't turn back to the basketball game. ..." see full article

1313 days ago | businessinsider
Republicans are terrified of Donald Trump - but he's not the real dark horse - Business Insider

"...Conservatives have good reason to be scared. Given his poll numbers, Trump is looking like a lock to crash the GOP's first debate and bring his particular brand of bloviated bigotry along with him. For a party that wants to attract Latino voters in 2016 or, at the very least, not actively repel them like it did in 2012 Trump's the last man it wants in front of the camera.Lost in all the Republican fretting about what Trump's bombastic brand will do to the party's own image, though, is another potential wild card who could shake up the debate as much or more than the carnival barker with the $100 million private jet. John Kasich, the popular two-term Ohio governor who has been dismissed as a Jon Huntsman-like moderate afterthought, might actually do more damage to mainstream Republicans than Trump. While Trump's caustic comments about immigrants may leave Republicans with a general election hangover, it's Kasich's more nuanced views of reform that could spell bigger headaches for the establishment favorites...." see full article

1314 days ago | thedailybeast
Donald Trump Sued Everyone but His Hairdresser - Daily Beast

"...Trump sues when he is made to feel small, insufficiently wealthy, threatened or mocked. He sues for sport, he sues to regain a sense of control, and he sues to make a point. He sues as a means of saying you're fired to those he does not employ.But he sues, most of all, to make headlines and to reinforce the notion that he is powerful. Below, I picked some of the highlights, through a review of news coverage of filed and threatened lawsuits.If you haven't yet been sued by Trump, don't worry, the odds suggest your day might yet come. I expect to be sued for this article...." see full article

1320 days ago | ibtimes
Donald Trump Immigration Statements Draw Criticism, Praise - International Business Times
"...As results of the remarks, NBC and Univision have pulled out of covering the Miss Universe pageant. And facing a major campaign by Hispanic groups, Macy's Inc. announced it would pull Trump's merchandise from its retail stores. It is becoming a nightmare scenario for Republicans, especially those in the establishment wing of the party who have been pushing for years to improve outreach and relationships with Hispanic voters. Latino voters are the fastest-growing constituency in the country, and in the last two presidential cycles they have voted with Democrats. Debating whether Mexican immigrants are rapists is the furthest thing imaginable from the kind of outreach that these Republicans had hoped for...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1321 days ago | bostonglobe
Is Donald Trump for real? NH thinks so - Boston Globe
"...Whether New York businessman Donald Trump is serious about running for president or just serious about getting publicity, his groundswell of support in recent weeks is hard to ignore.Since announcing his bid for president in mid-June, Trump has climbed to second place among the Republican field in New Hampshire, Iowa, and nationwide, according to separate polls in recent days. No other Republican has numbers as good in all three metrics...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1324 days ago | nytimes
First Draft | Today in Politics: A Backlash Costs Donald Trump, and Possibly ... - New York Times

"...Mr. Trump has gone from sideshow to serious problem for Republicans as his comments that Mexican immigrants are rapists and killers risk staining the party.Republicans have struggled with the question of immigration overhaul for years, trying to balance a hard-line stance with the need to appeal to Hispanics. Now they have to say whether they agree with Mr. Trump's views.Democrats relish the situation. Mrs. Clinton called Mr. Trump's remarks emblematic and suggested that they were inappropriate talk-radio fodder...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1324 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump surges, and Democrats cheer - Washington Post

"...The comments and many more since have prompted an uproar among Latino groups and a series of acrimonious break-ups between Trump and various corporate partners. His outlandish rhetoric and skill at occupying the national spotlight is also proving to be dangerously toxic for the GOP brand, which remains in the rehabilitation stage after losing the 2012 presidential race.Univision said it would not air his Miss Universe and Miss USA beauty pageants; Trump sued the Spanish-language television network for $500 million. NBC Universal severed all ties to him this week, including his Apprentice reality series; he called the network so weak and so foolish. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1325 days ago | huffingtonpost
The Super-Quick Implosion of Donald Trump's Candidacy - Huffington Post

"...So it's no surprise that Trump wasted no time in creating a worldwide stir which imploded his 2016 presidential candidacy. Astonishingly, his ship actually sank during his announcement speech less than two weeks ago at NYC's Trump Tower. He hadn't even left the building and his nascent campaign was, for all intents and purposes, already over. So what actually happened at that podium? Simple. Trump opened his mouth. That's it. Normally, when Trump opens his mouth, a cacophony of ignorant, narrow-minded incendiary rhetoric gets regurgitated. In this case, it was of the xenophobic variety:..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1326 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump talks himself right out of NBC's plans - Washington Post

"...NBC was about done with Donald Trump even before he piped up about undocumented immigrants. Now it's really, really done.The real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate lost a longtime business partner on Monday when NBC decided it had had enough of Trump. The network and its parent company, NBC Universal, said it was severing all business ties with Trump, a divorce sparked by Trump's declaration earlier this month that those who enter the country illegally from Mexico are rapists and drug runners...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1326 days ago | rawstory
Donald Trump hasn't voted in last six presidential elections: conservative ... - Raw Story

"...Despite not exercising his right to vote, Trump has a history of exhorting others to show up at the polls and make their voice heard, once tweeting in 2012: I will be watching the GOP primary results very closely. We need the right candidate to beat @BarackObama. While Trump is running as a Republican, the New York businessman has been quite generous with contributions to the Democratic Party, writing checks for $476,000 to Democratic candidates and committees compared to $452,000 to Republicans.Conservatives are leery of Trump's candidacy, with some believing he is using the electoral process to promote himself and financial holdings, including hotels and office buildings...." see full article

1327 days ago | nationaljournal
NBC to Donald Trump: You're Dismissed! - National Journal
"...If Donald Trump was hoping for a post-presidential-run ratings boost for his TV shows, he's officially out of luck.In a statement released Monday, NBCUniversal announced plans to sever ties with the hotel-and-casino-mogul-turned-reality-TV-star-turned-presidential-candidate for comments he made during his presidential announcement speech this month."At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values," the statement reads. "Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1327 days ago | m.nydailynews
Kaplan: NBC dropping Donald Trump will cost him - New York Daily News
"...Make no mistake, Trump, his pageants and even "The Apprentice" will be back on TV somewhere down the line as soon as he realizes there's not a snowball's chance of him trading his opulent Midtown digs for the White House.NBC sources tell us that network executives have put up with the Donald's bombastic statements for years but drew the line this time because he's running for President and his comments this time were so offensive, particularly to their millions of Hispanic viewers."Enough!," an NBC executive told us Monday. "We've simply had enough."A second source said that NBC has been looking for a way to extract itself from Trump for some time and finally found a way, "because these contracts are complicated and messy."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1327 days ago | salon
Donald Trump is even more of a monster than you think: Why his golf courses ... - Salon

"...Trump's no less loathed in Scotland. There, however, the problem is less about what Trump says, and more about what he's actually done run roughshod over protected dunes to build an elite golf course, attack an offshore wind energy project because it ruined his view, cajole politicians into supporting his every whim. He's also run into trouble for the promises he's failed to keep when the deal ultimately went sour, he flew off in his private jet, leaving behind none of the economic prosperity he'd sworn the project would create. His fate as one of the country's top villains was sealed with Anthony Baxter's 2011 documentary, You've Been Trumped, which documented a saga so egregious it inspired a folk song, and made such waves that Trump finally agreed to sit down with Baxter on camera...." see full article

1329 days ago | washingtonpost
Yes, you can go too far in trashing Donald Trump. A Univision executive shows ... - Washington Post (blog)

"...Donald Trump's presidential campaign kickoff speech featured a reference to Mexican immigrants as rapists and innumerable other dumb or offensive comments. Those quips vested pundits and comedians with a great deal of license to go nuts on Trump. The Daily News put this line on its cover: Clown Runs for Prez. How could you possibly go too far in lambasting this buffoon?As captured by the Washington Free Beacon, that juxtaposition came into the world via the Instagram account of Univision president of programming and content Alberto Ciurana. Though it has since been deleted, the posting placing a 2016 presidential candidate against the accused killer of nine churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., gained hundreds of likes, reports the Beacon, as well as some criticism. This is very irresponsible of you, commented Patty Rodriguez, senior producer of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. ..." see full article

1330 days ago | jezebel
Donald Trump to Univision: Well U Better Not Use My Golf Course!!!! - Jezebel
"...And what a P.S.! It's been a busy day for Trump, who also published an Instagram photo of a letter from Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that included the anchor's personal phone number, writing: Univision said they don't like Trump yet Jorge Ramos and their other anchors are begging me for interviews. For an elderly first-grader, that Donald Trump sure does play hardball...." see full article

1330 days ago | time
Donald Trump Leads All But Bush in New Hampshire - TIME
"...While Trump is nipping at Bush's heels, the polling also shows potential problems, including that few voters believe he has a chance at the White House. Trump is a recent addition to the race and none of his rivals have yet to treat him like a viable candidate. A trove of negative research is at the ready for his foes, Republicans and Democrats alike, to use against him. His record in business is certain to be a liability, much the way former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spent most of his 2012 campaign on the defense against charges his work in private equity hurt workers and communities.And as Trump's advisers were touting the new polls, they were also going to battle with Univision, Trump's broadcast partner for the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. Trump's lawyers said they were preparing to sue Univision for breaking its $13.5 million contract with the Miss Universe Organization, which Trump co-owns...." see full article

1331 days ago | forbes
Amidst Donald Trump's Riches, Some Very Poor Branding - Forbes
"...The problem is that Donald Trump's awareness is almost entirely anchored on one thing his pompousness. According to the Brand Asset Valuator, which examines perceptions of more than 15,000 US consumers, 100% of consumers perceive him as arrogant 100%! He's also seen as upper class, independent, unapproachable, leader and daring but these perceptions all buttress his arrogant image.So when Trump conflated wealth and power on Tuesday, he squandered an opportunity to add much-needed depth to his persona. As a businessman, he'd have done better to take cues from another bastion of riches like Stanford...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1337 days ago | fortune
What Donald Trump can learn from Ross Perot - Fortune
"...Given that Trump has a history of testy relationships with the media see his epic Twitter meltdown after a somewhat unflattering BuzzFeed article last year this could be a real problem as the bloodhounds of the political media corps are let loose on Candidate Trump.The biggest hurdle for businesspeople trying to become politicians, though, is the fact that communicating a business plan with your employees is extremely different from communicating a plan for a country to voters. No matter how much we may say otherwise, a nation is not a business. And the tactics that work when you want to sell your rank-and-file at Company X that your plan will make everyone rich will not fly when you need to sell a Middle America voter that your plan will bring peace and prosperity to everyone...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1337 days ago | theweek
Why Americans secretly love a gladiatorial blowhard like Donald Trump - The Week Magazine
"...A rising tide of vitriol lifts all boats. We love Trump because paying him mind helps rouse us from the neurotic, fatalistic torpor gripping so much of American life. He calls BS on China or Mexico or the people who invaded Iraq or whoever; an army of incredulous pundits calls BS on him. Let the circle be unbroken.You probably disagree with Trump on most things. But by making it seem urgent for you to testify in defense of the most banally commonsensical things, Trump also may well make you feel a strange new relevance.In a country so dysfunctional that it created Trump only to become the butt of his grandiose mockery, perhaps our own egocentric indignation isn't so crazy after all...." see full article

1337 days ago | bgr
Just When You Thought Trump's Joke of a Presidential Campaign Couldn't Get ... - BGR
"...Donald Trump has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, let alone winning the presidency. He is disliked by a large majority of Americans a recent ABC poll showed that 71% of Americans had an unfavorable view of him, which is a worse mark than either Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush ever had even at the peaks of their unpopularity. Because of this, we were a little surprised to see that Trump had any enthusiastic supporters attending his big announcement speech earlier this week but it turns out that many of them were actually just paid shills.The Hollywood Reporter found a casting call that was posted last Friday that asked for actors who would be willing to wear Trump 2016 t-shirts and to cheer him on during his big speech. We are looking to cast people for the event to wear t-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement, the casting call reads. We understand this is not a traditional background job,' but we believe acting comes in all forms and this is inclusive of that school of thought. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1338 days ago | thedailybeast
These Are the Dictators Donald Trump Loves - Daily Beast

"...There were actual white flecks of spittle dotting the corner of Donald Trump's mouth Monday as he explained to a weary nation that what it needed most was a CEO who can defeat ISIS with air conditioning and restore American greatness by giving tyrants all they've ever wanted from us sky-stabbing gilt high-rises, multiethnic beauty pageants, and a big swinging dick with whom they can build up the bottom line. One day, a future Gibbon will mark The Donald's live-from-the-barstool candidacy announcement as the moment the decline and fall of the new Rome went from likely to inevitable. For now, we have only PolitiFact to tweet us through civilizational collapse.The demise of great powers is never a merely a self-manufactured affair, and your humble correspondent sniffs a foreign plot against America in the anointing of pucker-lipped real estate mogul for commander-in-chief. Let's start with all the dodgy regimes and dictators Trump has praised or apologized for or fecklessly attempted to understand in his long march to the White House...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1338 days ago | gawker
Donald Trump's Grossly Exaggerated Net Worth: A Timeline - Gawker
"...As cartoon plutocrat and sentient overripe pear Donald Trump officially entered the Republican presidential race Tuesday, he pointedly brandished a financial disclosure statement that asserts his net worth to be in the neighborhood of 9 billion dollars. How much is Trump really worth? If history is any guide, the safe answer is: much less than he says he does.Here's a timeline of how much money visualized with the help of graphs Donald Trump has claimed to have through the years, and how accurate those claims were according to the best sources available at the time...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1338 days ago | mediaite
Donald Trump's First Speech Was Basically Filled With Lies - Mediaite
"...This may be shocking to some, but newly-announced presidential candidate Donald Trump s announcement speech was filled with exaggerations and blatant lies.The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler probably summed it up by declaring Trump's speech a fact checker's dream and nightmare. He spouts off so many facts,' often twisted or wrong, that it takes a lot of time to hack through the weeds. But hack they did. As a rule, the Post does not assign its trademark Pinocchio rating system to presidential announcement speeches, but it isn't difficult to tell which claims they found were complete bull...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1339 days ago | time
8 Epic Business Failures with Donald Trump's Name on Them - TIME
"...On Tuesday, Donald Trump threw his name into the ring as an official candidate for president in 2016. I'm using my own money. I'm not using the lobbyists. I'm not using donors, Trump explained of his candidacy, before adding a heaping dose of trademark bluster: I don't care. I'm really rich. As for why he's running, Trump pointed to his business sense and declared, We need somebody that can take the brand of the United States and make it great again. Yet time and again over the years, the Trump brand has been featured in many embarrassing high-profile flops in the business world. Here are some of the misfires attached to the Trump name...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1339 days ago | nationalreview
Witless Ape Rides Escalator - National Review Online

"...The Trump conglomerate is the Argentina of limited-liability companies, having been in bankruptcy as recently as 2009. To be sure, a lot of companies went bankrupt around then. The Trump gang went bankrupt in 2004, too, and in 2001. Before that, Trump was in bankruptcy court back in 1991 when his Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City the nation's first casino-cum-strip-club, an aesthetic crime against humanity that is tacky by the standards of Atlantic City turned out to be such a loser that Trump could not make his debt payments. The closing of that casino has been announced at least twice it was supposed to shut its doors in December, but it limps on...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1339 days ago | chicagotribune
Why Donald Trump is running for president — and why it's great to have him - Chicago Tribune

"...So if Trump was going to run for president, a move that requires NBC to look at whether he can continue hosting "The Celebrity Apprentice" in light of equal-airtime rules, the 2016 cycle isn't a bad time to do it. And to be honest, he's hardly alone in using the campaign cycle to fuel a media career. Long-shot candidates such as Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson are probably in the race in part to boost book sales, radio appearances and their Fox News relevance.Trump may be splashier and trashier than other contestants who are playing a similar game, but in a way, there's something valuable and clarifying about his presence in the race. Most of the campaign is entertainment and self-aggrandizement, whether the contestants are, in reality television parlance, "there for the right reasons" or not...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1339 days ago | esquire
Donald Trump Elbows His Way into the Republican Clown Car - (blog)
"...And then, of course, there is Donald Trump, who will actively pretend to run for president this time around, and who announced his intentions in a speech that apparently was written by elves who learned English 20 minutes before Trump walked on stage."Politicians are all talk, no action. Nothing is going to get done. They will not bring us, believe me, to the promise land. They will not. I've been on the circuit making speeches and I hear my fellow Republicans and they're wonderful people, I like them! They all want me to support them! ... I watch the speeches of these people and they say, 'The sun will rise, the moon will set! All sorts of wonderful things will happen!'"..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | politico
Seven Reasons the GOP Should Fear Donald Trump - Politico

"...He's a nuisance, a hothead, totally unqualified, a spoiler. But enough about Pat Buchanan, whose surprisingly strong, populist, mad as hell primary campaign against George H. W. Bush in 1992 left the Bush faction reeling all the way to their defeat in the general election. That nobody thinks Donald Trump has any hope of winning a primary, much less a single debate, makes it all the easier for him to surprise reporters simply by doing better than expected. If Donald Trump can manage a clever quip or two in the first debate, poke fun at himself, and not set his lectern, or the moderator daring to question him, on fire, he'll impress the hell out of nearly everyone. Besides...#3. The Front-runners Are Safe and BoringYou don't spent 14 seasons out-grandstanding a pack of desperate ego maniac celebrities and not know a thing or two about commanding attention. With all due respect to Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, they can't hold a candle, much less a soundbite, against the likes of Joan Rivers and Gary Busey. Trump knows how to take complicated issues and fit them into bumper-sticker phrases that can appeal to regular Joes (and Janes), even if they sound crazy to everyone else...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | businessinsider
Donald Trump says GDP is 'never' below 0%... except it's bel... - Business Insider

"...Donald Trump is running for president. In his announcement speech on Tuesday, he said a lot of things. But among those things was a claim that GDP is "never" below 0%. Except GDP is below 0% all time. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | nytimes
Donald Trump Runs for President (This Time for Real, He Says) - New York Times

"...In the past, Mr. Trump's presidential posturing has seldom been taken seriously, and for good reason: Before the 2000 and 2012 elections, he hyped up the possibility of seeking the White House before abandoning the idea. Mr. Trump's remarks in Midtown Manhattan were unlikely to allay suspicions that he is entering the race mainly to appear in debates and win attention from the media. He bragged extensively about the golf resorts he owns ( I have the best courses in the world ) and a hotel he is developing in Washington. Over the course of a more than 40-minute speech, Mr. Trump warned that the stock market may collapse again and ridiculed Secretary of State John F. Kerry for having broken his leg in a bicycle accident...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | washingtonexaminer
How Donald Trump's candidacy helps Hillary Clinton - Washington Examiner
"...Donald Trump shouldn't be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, but to the extent that he could affect the race it all, it will be to help Hillary Clinton.If Clinton is going to win, one of the ways that she'll do so is to convey the image that she has more stature and gravitas than any of the Republicans.As it is, with 15 expected candidates (not including Trump), the Republican field has already taken on the image of being a bit of a circus. Trump now adds to that perception, and because he has the highest name recognition of any Republican candidate, he'll help define field for lower-information voters...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | fivethirtyeight
Why Donald Trump Isn't A Real Candidate, In One Chart - FiveThirtyEight
"...Trump is the anti-LeBron popularity is performance in politics, and Trump is the first candidate in modern presidential primary history to begin the campaign with a majority of his own party disliking him. A whopping 57 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Trump, according to an average of the three most recent polls. That beats former record holder Pat Buchanan, who had a 43 percent unfavorable rating at this point in the 2000 election cycle.1 Buchanan, of course, ended up running as an independent.Taking into account name recognition, Trump's net favorability rating (favorable minus unfavorable) of -32 percentage points stands out for its pure terribleness at this point in the campaign. Like his unfavorable rating, it is by far the worst of the 106 presidential candidates since 1980 who are in our database...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | politico
Welcome to the Donald Trump Show - Politico

"...Like a middle-age dad lounging on his couch, talking back at what he hears broadcast on the Fox News Channel, the real estate mogul made his presidential campaign announcement Tuesday morning from the atrium of Trump Tower in Manhattan. Sounding less like a politician (which he isn't) and more like a salesman (which he is) Trump retailed his policy baloney by the yard in a speech that had all of the coherence of a man suffering the blind staggers. Free trade is terrible. Free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people. But we have stupid people, Trump said, making that rictus of disbelief look with his opposable lips.According to Trump, there's no problem on the political horizon trade with China; the Iranian bomb; infrastructure; the national debt; offshore manufacturing; health care, et al. that he can't solve by applying his pure will. As conversational as the guy sitting next to you on a transcontinental flight, Trump rambled up and down his rhetorical scales. Forever portraying the United States as a backward, put-upon, and defeated nation, Trump proclaimed, When did we beat Japan at anything? Well, come to think of it, the 70th anniversary of the island nation's unconditional surrender to America is coming up in two months, but never mind the fact-checking when Trump is speaking...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | hauteliving
Haute 100 NYC: Donald Trump As Serious as Ever About Presidential Run - Haute Living
"...Is this real life? According to a post on Bloomberg Politics, all signs seem to be pointing to Donald Trump really giving a go at a presidential run for 2016. Writer David Knowles reports that Trump appears poised to entry into the race and will immediately travel to Iowa and New Hampshire once he has made his commitment public.Trump's team sent out invitations with the scroll MAKE AMERICA GREAT written on them for an appearance at Hoyt Sherman Place in Iowa. Following that event, Trump has an appearance slated for an event at the Manchester Community College in New Hampshire.Trump has teased presidential runs in the past; sometimes he made them tongue-in-cheek, others times he was just not taken seriously. But Trump seems dead serious about this run. Fox News compiled debate rules that would allow top 10 Republicans to participate in accordance with polling averages. With this criteria, Trump could qualify when even more politically experienced candidates like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina would likely not...." see full article

1344 days ago | bluenationreview
Watching Donald Trump Run for President Is Going to Be So Much Fun - Blue Nation Review
"...The top GOP campaign talent has already signed up with the candidates who have at least a remote shot at the nomination. Trump isn't the kind of guy to hire the best person for the job (as anyone who has watched five minutes of The Apprentice knows); he'll surround himself with talentless yes-men who can't make a simple video look reasonably professional.This is going to be a blast. We'll get to hear Donald Trump say dumb stuff every day. We'll get to laugh at the second-rate, cheap campaign he puts on. The 16-candidate battle for the GOP nomination is already going to be a circus, but it's great to see we may get the greatest clown of them all...." see full article

1345 days ago | washingtonpost
Your next president, Donald Trump, basically tweets like a 12-year old - Washington Post (blog)

"...When it comes to childish put-downs directed at journalists, Donald Trump is a king among men. (And that's saying something: Scroll through our Twitter replies for some very interesting commentary.)Witness the Real Donald Trump's latest Twitter rant, directed at conservative pundit and author Charles Krauthammer...." see full article

1351 days ago | panampost
The Terrible Beauty of Donald Trump's Border Wall - PanAm Post
"...US property magnate Donald Trump is visibly enjoying his new incarnation as a political showman. During an event as part of May's Iowa Liberty Summit, he promised to personally take charge of constructing a colossal frontier fence between the United States and Mexico. He was backed up by Republican Representative Steve King, who'd even produced a miniature mock-up of the electrified monstrosity.Is the Republican Party so desperate that it has to resort to such idiotic rhetoric? Its electorate will soon realize that they're not watching an entertainment show, but a political program in development. But by then, it may be too late.+..." see full article

1352 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump is one of the very few Republicans who like Donald Trump - Washington Post (blog)

"...As he once again ponders running for executive office -- a pondering that to seasoned political observers is by now reminiscent of a certain children's story -- it's worth noting that Trump is a member of a very small minority of Americans who hold a favorable view of him. And that's true not only among all Americans: it's also true among Republicans.In the new Washington Post/ABC News polling released on Tuesday, no one has a lower net favorability rating than Trump. That's the number of people who look at a possible 2016 favorably minus those who view him unfavorably. For, say, Hillary Clinton, the net favorability is minus-4 -- 45 percent of Americans view her favorably, 49 percent don't. For Trump? Sixteen percent of Americans view him favorably. Seventy-one percent do not...." see full article

1354 days ago | nypost
Stop pretending — Donald Trump is not running for president - New York Post
"...If Trump did get into the race, and practiced his usual habit of being a giant publicity vortex, he would merely deprive more serious candidates of opportunities to get their messages out before Trump's inevitable exit from the race.In full-on bloviation mode, Trump recently declared, We have lost the respect of the entire world. Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians who are all talk and no action! But no one could accuse The Donald of that. As promised, he's sure to step up to the job, spit on his hands and fix everything. By announcing he's licensing his name to another men's fragrance...." see full article

1356 days ago | pjmedia
Donald Trump, American Clown, Pops Off Again - PJ Media
"...If you ever needed an example of the provincialism of the New York-based media, Donald Trump is it. A perennial clown who periodically threatens to run for president but somehow never does, Trump commands an inordinate amount of attention from the Manhattan media. No matter how stupid his utterances, they insist on treating him seriously, even as they know they are being played:..." see full article

1364 days ago | realclearpolitics
Is the White House Big Enough for Donald Trump? - RealClearPolitics

"...When Trump once again toyed with running in 2011, this time as a Republican, he grabbed media attention by raising unfounded questions about President Obama's birthplace. But Trump opted not to launch a campaign, saying he was not ready to leave the private sector. This time, he looks like a candidate. He has hired staff in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, in addition to his team in New York. His likely Iowa campaign director, Chuck Laudner, ran Rick Santorum's winning campaign there in 2012. When polls include Trump, he scores well, outpacing some sitting state and federal lawmakers who can't match his national name recognition. And Trump has made regular appearances in the key early primary states. ..." see full article

1366 days ago | personalliberty
Is America ready for Donald Trump as president? - Personal Liberty Digest
"...If you, like me, agree with this kind of straight talk which most politicians (especially wimpy establishment Republican politicians) are deathly afraid of saying then it may be time to seriously consider Trump for president.The president has to be a leader. Trump is certainly that. The president has to be a motivational speaker and inspire people through the media. Trump has proven his ability to do that.But the primary role of the president of the United States is to be CEO of the largest, most diverse bureaucracy of the most powerful nation in the world. And what does a CEO do? He hires and he fires. He hires the best people he can find and doesn't hesitate to fire them when they fail. And we all know that no one does that better than The Donald. ..." see full article

1366 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Taking Donald Trump seriously
"...But virtually no one does. It's probably fair to say that not a single national political reporter or analyst in Washington, New York, or anywhere else thinks Trump is a serious candidate. To make things worse, and make himself seem less serious, Trump or whoever runs his Twitter account has responded to he's-not-serious dismissals by trying to provoke crude flame wars with journalists on social media...." see full article

1372 days ago | washingtonpost
The GOP needs Donald Trump

"...He wouldn't say that if he weren't serious about running. I, frankly, don't consider him any more of a dark horse than Mike Huckabee, who has noticed a war on Christianity that, apparently, you can see only with special glasses...." see full article

1372 days ago | dailycaller
Donald Trump Donated At Least $100K To Clinton Foundation - Daily Caller
"...Perhaps the donation shouldn't be so shocking considering Trump also donated to Hillary Clinton's New York Senate campaign, before selling himself as conservative firebrand...." see full article

1373 days ago | inquisitr
Donald Trump: Tragic Amtrak Crash Was All About Me — 'I Am The BEST ... - The Inquisitr
"...His seemingly opportunistic tweets were immediately deemed inappropriate by multitudes of fellow Twitter users, who replied to Trump to tell him exactly how they felt about his response to the tragedy...." see full article

1373 days ago | washingtonpost
Donald Trump on a debate stage is Republicans' worst nightmare - Washington Post (blog)

"...Having Donald Trump on the Republican debate stage come August, which is when the first presidential debate is scheduled, would be a total nightmare for the Republican party. Here's why: Donald Trump will say almost anything to get a rise out of people. He is in the entertainment business, a professional provocateur of some renown. The business he is not in, of course, is politics...." see full article

1374 days ago | motherjones
Donald Trump Is Such An Awful Idiot - Mother Jones

"...He used the crash to launch into a predictably tasteless political rant which you can seek out if you want but it's nothing special. At the end of it though he tweeted what may be the most perfectly hilarious awful tweet ever. So perfect is this awful tweet that I am almost suspicious that it is satire...." see full article

1374 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Taking Donald Trump seriously - Washington Examiner
"...But virtually no one does. It's probably fair to say that not a single national political reporter or analyst in Washington, New York, or anywhere else thinks Trump is a serious candidate. To make things worse, and make himself seem less serious, Trump or whoever runs his Twitter account has responded to he's-not-serious dismissals by trying to provoke crude flame wars with journalists on social media...." see full article

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