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Has Trump Gone Too Far?

After criticizing Senator John McCain, and releasing the phone number of Lindsey Graham, some are calling for Trump to back down. Do you think Trump has gone too far?

67% of writers and pundits say yes
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Has Trump Gone Too Far?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Has Trump Gone Too Far?"
last 24 hours | latimes
Democracy goes trivial with the Donald Trump/Lindsey Graham feud - LA Times ... - Los Angeles Times
"...Then Trump went totally high school and held up a piece of paper on which was written Graham's personal cellphone number. Trump encouraged his fans to call -- and, in large numbers, they did...." see full article

1302 days ago | ktla
Trump Visits Border Despite Patrol Agents Union Backing Out of Tour | KTLA ... - KTLA
"...After the local union of border patrol agents backed out of their invitation to give Trump a tour of the border under pressure at the last minute, Trump instead spent time with Saenz and other Laredo officials first aboard his plane and then at a facility alongside a commercial border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico, where hundreds of trucks lined up bring shipments through Laredo.There, city officials gave Trump an overview of how the area works, discussing border security but also pointing to the billions of dollars in trade annually that pass through their city.The border tour, though, wasn't much of a tour and was a far cry from the boots on the ground perspective border patrol agents had initially planned. Instead, Trump was shuttled via motorcade into the Laredo border facility and back out, and his shoes touched nothing but hard pavement...." see full article

1303 days ago | thestate
'Jackass,' 'idiot': Graham, Trump trade barbs | The State - The State (blog)
"...Trump then held up a board and shared Graham's private cell-phone number to the audience at the Sun City retirement community, near Hilton Head Island, and viewers watching via livestream. The crowd laughed. Trump encouraged people to call. Soon after the number was revealed, a recorded message said the number belonged to Graham, and the voicemail box was full.Trump also belittled Graham's standing in recent polls, where he ranks near the bottom, despite being on television all the time. When you register zero in the polls, what the hell, they have nothing to lose, Trump said.Read more here:" see full article

1304 days ago | nj
The Donald Trump and John McCain controversy: Ask a stupid question ... | Mulshine -
"...The point was a good one. McCain had no business calling his followers "crazies" merely because they would like to see the government enforce immigration laws.But Trump couldn't stop there. When asked whether he thought McCain was a war hero, he tried to score a few more points.That didn't work out too well.But watch the clip again and notice just who brought up that "war hero" question. It wasn't Trump. He criticized McCain for calling a pro-Trump crowd of likely Republican primary voters crazy. That's a perfectly valid criticism.He then made a good joke about how he supported McCain for president but later dropped the support "because I don't like losers."At that point pollster Frank Luntz again brings up the assertion that McCain should not be criticized because he's a war hero.Now that's just plain stupid. And when you ask a stupid question ... you know how that ends...." see full article

1304 days ago | thedailybeast
McCain Who? Vets Heart Trump - The Daily Beast - Daily Beast

"...But instead of greeting Trump with protests for his comments, the conservative crowd of 600 welcomed the GOP front-runner with three standing ovations, an overflow room of 500, and rapt attention.Trump spent an hour-plus ranting on everything from South Carolina's senior senator, Lindsey Graham, ( a total lightweight idiot"), to the Obama administration ( a bunch of dopes ), and his policy plans for everything from saving Social Security to reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs and strengthening the military.Trump was so annoyed that Graham had called him a jackass earlier in the day that he crammed Graham insults throughout his speech, mocking the senior senator's high-toned Southern drawl and reading Graham's Capitol Hill phone number aloud to prove Graham had once come begging for a favor. I think that's his number somebody try it! ..." see full article

1304 days ago | sfgate
Disavowed by GOP leaders, Trump has supporters cheering - SFGate
"...While McCain may seem to some like an unusual target, the Arizona senator is deeply unpopular among many conservatives. Trump supporters say McCain started the spat by calling several thousand Trump supporters who attended a recent anti-illegal immigration rally in Phoenix "crazies." Trump late Monday softened his tone, albeit slightly, in an interview with Fox News: "Certainly if there was a misunderstanding, I would totally take that back," he said before calling on McCain to apologize to the Arizona voters he insulted.Republican state Rep. Steve Stepanek, one of the first New Hampshire Republicans to endorse Trump, said he continues to be a strong supporter and echoed Trump's assertion that McCain has not done enough to help veterans or fix the Department of Veterans Affairs."He's a very influential person in the Senate and this should have been a top priority of his," Stepanek said.In Iowa, Chris McAninch, 56 of Grimes, said the McCain comments have not changed his view of Trump as one of his top choices...." see full article

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