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First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. What's next for the force from Arkansas?

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last 24 hours | foxnews
Hillary Clinton won the debate. Democrats' plan for a coronation is on track - Fox News

"...The Democrats' plan for a Hillary coronation is going to go ahead as scheduled. Mrs. Clinton made no terrible missteps. The other candidates rallied to her on the email situation. She had the best command of the stage and played up being a woman.Clinton's dismissiveness of the email situation probably draws Joe Biden into the race. Her public trust numbers will not benefit from her answers. The latest Fox News poll already shows that Hillary Clinton is performing worse against Republicans than Joe Biden.But Hillary won the debate. She did not make any missteps, was not thrown off her game, and allowed no other candidate to outshine her. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1219 days ago | mic
Who Won the Democratic Presidential Debate? Hillary Clinton Dominates Field in ... - Mic
"...Primary debates are always a bit of a high wire for the party's front-runner, and Tuesday's was no exception for Clinton. Clinton navigated several prickly questions that drove to the heart of her weakness as a candidate, notably her shift in position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and use of a private email server while secretary of state. However, Clinton handled the questions deftly and was authoritative while displaying a willingness to engage with her challengers...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1219 days ago | vox
Hillary Clinton silenced her critics

"...This is the Hillary Clinton Democrats have been waiting for.The most important aspect of Clinton's performance in Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate, though, wasn't whether she won she did but how she connected with progressive Democrats who worry whether she shares their values and whether she can withstand Republican attacks on her policies and character.She was confident about the substance of her campaign and comfortable in making the case that her policies are the right ones to move the country forward even if they don't always sound like a wish list for the left...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1219 days ago | time
Hillary Clinton Takes Control in First Democratic Debate
"...Hillary Clinton emerged from the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night having given no ground to Bernie Sanders or her lesser-known rivals, a strong performance that was punctuated when evenSanders came to her defense over the email controversy that has often buffeted her campaign. I've taken responsibility for it. I did say it was a mistake, Clinton said of her use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State. I have been as transparent as I know to be. Sanders, in a made-for-TV moment that took place not long after the two had tangled on gun control and economic issues, defended her: Let me say something that may not be great politics, that is the Secretary is right. The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails! ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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1219 days ago | nymag
The Hillary Clinton Panic May Have Just Ended
"...But the first Democratic presidential debate may have finally turned the tide, or at least stopped her fall. Clinton demonstrated that she was, by far, the best presidential candidate on stage. Indeed, she may have been the only person on stage actually running for president. Lincoln Chaffee touted his lack of scandals as an oblique contrast to the front-runner. Martin O'Malley tried to play up his more left-wing position on Glass-Steagall financial regulation. But none of them waged the kind of frontal assault that would be required to dislodge a front-runner who commands Clinton's breadth of institutional support. Indeed, in what may be the most important moment of the debate, Bernie Sanders declared, to her insufficiently-suppressed delight, The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1219 days ago | wsj
Hillary Clinton Shows Relentless Efficiency in First Democratic Debate
"...But Mrs. Clinton didn't seem to mind. Instead, like her campaign more broadly, she seemed determined to use the opportunity to march methodically through her policy positions, to remind voters of her broad experience, and to unleash just enough criticism of Republicans to remind Democrats that they are supposed to be the real opponents.It was a performance that wasn't long on soaring rhetoric or deep passion, until Mrs. Clinton weighed in emphatically on strengthening family leave policies and funding Planned Parenthood. But it was methodically effective...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1219 days ago | fortune
Hillary Clinton overshadows Bernie Sanders to start Democratic debate
"...Hillary Clinton gave no ground against her rival Bernie Sanders early in the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, nimbly criticizing the insurgent Vermont Senator's stance on gun control and his use of Denmark as a model for social programs in the United States.When asked by CNN moderator Anderson Cooper whether Sanders has done enough to combat gun violence, Clinton answered forcefully. No, she said. Not at all. We have to look at the 90 people we lose a day from gun violence. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1220 days ago | cnn
Hillary Clinton exudes confidence on debate stage

"...In a performance aimed at solidifying her lock on the Democratic nomination, Clinton sought to pivot from a tough summer in which the controversy over her private email server triggered a slump in popularity ratings. She proved to be a polished debater, showing little rust after enduring 25 debates during the 2008 campaign.The former secretary of state dominated the opening exchanges, parrying questions on the depth of her political convictions and insisting she is a "progressive" despite the doubts of some on the left of the party...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1220 days ago | slate
Hillary Clinton Won the CNN Debate With a Surprisingly Spectacular Performance

"...She was confident early and poised throughout. More surprisingly and perhaps more importantly she also drew first blood on Bernie Sanders, who was put on the defensive early when CNN moderator Anderson Cooper pressed him to explain the biggest blemish on his otherwise progressive resume: His 2005 vote to shield gun makers and dealers from lawsuits. With Sanders struggling, Cooper turned to Clinton to ask if her rival is tough enough on guns. Hillary, who earlier this month cleverly made repealing that same law a centerpiece of her gun reform proposal, didn't hesitate. No, she said, not at all. Toward the end of the debate she was even able to put some focus on the historic nature of her candidacy and to take some shots at the GOP, two themes that would certainly be central to any general election campaign...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1220 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders in a Sharp Debate

"...In a series of sometimes biting exchanges, Mrs. Clinton declared that Mr. Sanders was misguided in his handling of crucial votes on gun control and even in his grasp of how essential capitalism is to the American identity. Mocking Mr. Sanders's admiration for the health care system of Denmark, she interrupted a moderator to offering a stinging assessment of his logic, suggesting he was unprepared to grapple with the realities of governing a capitalist superpower...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1220 days ago | theweek
Donald Trump, former leader of the birther movement, is now accusing Hillary Clinton of being a birther
"...Trump's tweet on the birther movement came just after he declined answeringLate Show host Stephen Colbert's question on the matter, saying, "I don't talk about that anymore." Trump has stoked skepticism about President Obama's true origins ever since 2011, when he demanded that Obama release his birth certificate to prove he was born in America.The irony of the whole situation aside from the fact that The Donald very clearly is still talking about it is that Trump is now saying his rival Hillary Clinton is "the original birther." "Hillary is a birther," Trump declared. "By the way, don't switch your votes to Hillary, please." Watch Trump's full comments in the video below..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1238 days ago | washingtonpost
Republicans are blaming Hillary Clinton for the birther movement. Thats wishful thinking.

"...The problem: This is simply not true. Clinton's campaign, one of the most thoroughly dissected in modern history, never raised questions about the future president's citizenship. The idea that it did is based largely on a series of disconnected actions by supporters of Clinton, mostly in the months between Obama's reaction to the Jeremiah Wright story and the Democratic National Convention. I know, because I spent/wasted quite a lot of time covering this stuff.It's probably best to start by dividing up the Trump/Cruz/conservative claims. Clinton never personally called for the release of Obama's birth certificate or questioned his American bona fides. You would have heard about that. But her campaign did ask an obvious question: How to convince Democratic voters that "Barack Hussein Obama" was not electable? In March 2007, in a memo later obtained by reporter Joshua Green, Clinton pollster Mark Penn dismissed Obama with the suggestion that he was simply too alien to win a national election...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1238 days ago | newser
No, Hillary Clinton Didn't Start the Birther Movement
"...The piece says that no journalist has ever found a direct tie between camp Clinton and the birther allegations, and one of them familiar with the issue, David Weigel at the Washington Post, weighs in with his own analysis. Trump's assertion, which is gaining traction among conservatives, is utterly bogus, he writes. "I know, because I spent/wasted quite a lot of time covering this stuff." He does an even deeper dive and explains that "the first people who grew obsessed with Obama's birth certificate were, indeed, Clinton superfans who wanted Obama off the ballot." But again the big distinction: "Clinton's campaign, for all of its Obama panic, did not indulge them." ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1238 days ago | msnbc
Hillary Clinton denies starting birther theory

"...A source familiar with her 2008 campaign's opposition research effort has told msnbc that the campaign looked into the claims, but found nothing to support them and denied that campaign circulated the questions about Obama's eligibility to serve to supporters or reporters.The campaign did, however, actively propagate the notion that Obama was somehow foreign.Clinton's top strategist, Mark Penn, circulated a memo in March 2007 on Obama's Lack of American Roots, urging the campaign to highlight his diverse, multicultural roots and the fact that he is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and his values. The memo was made public after the collapse of her campaign...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1238 days ago | blogs.wsj
Hillary Clinton Rejects Accusation of a Role in Birther Movement
"...In past years, various news outlets and fact-checking operations examined whether Mrs. Clinton circulated false reports in the '08 race that Mr. Obama was born overseas.The conclusion: Neither Mrs. Clinton nor her campaign did so, though outside supporters pushed the notion as she lost ground to Mr. Obama in the nomination fight.Mr. Trump has been one of the most prominent voices questioning the president's nationality. In 2011, he said he sent investigators to Hawaii to find answers. That year, the White House released the official, long-form birth certificate confirming Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu in 1961...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1238 days ago | politics.concordmonitor
PolitiFact: Did Hillary Clinton start the Obama birther movement? Donald Trump ... - Concord Monitor
"...The story appears to have started with supporters of Clinton, an important distinction.Trump goes on to completely distort the chain of events by claiming Clinton was all in on the birther movement. Most of the talk started after Clinton suspended her presidential campaign. And the only thing she officially has ever done is deny any accusation of starting a whisper campaign.We rate this claim False...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1239 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Clinton's Keystone move says more about her primary problems than anything else

"...For a candidate competing in the Democratic nomination process, opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline is a relatively simple decision. That Hillary Clinton finally announced hers on Tuesday -- apparently taking strategic advantage of the attention being lavished on the arrival of Pope Francis to bury the news after long punting on this issue -- says something significant about how she sees her position for 2016.The long-stalled pipeline became a focal point of fierce environmental opposition several years ago, thanks to the amount of tar sands oil it would transport. Tar sands oil requires more processing than other forms of oil and therefore, studies have found, produces more of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Since the pipeline would cross the U.S.-Canada border, it requires approval from the executive branch. The first permit approval fell to then-Secretary of State Clinton's State Department, where it languished. President Obama rejected the permit in early 2012, prompting the company behind the pipeline to revamp its plans and try again...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1240 days ago | thenation
How Hillary Clinton Got to 'No' on Keystone

"... Clinton is not the only one on the left to call the pipeline a distraction; their argument is that Keystone, whether it's built or not, is a tiny drop in the global dump of greenhouse gases. But Clinton's move illustrates how Keystone, by providing a tangible rallying point, has strengthened the climate movement politically (at least, when it comes to the Democrats). It's also popularized a broader principle: that most of the remaining reserves of fossil fuel must stay in the ground. With the three Democratic front-runners now unified on Keystone, McKibben and other climate hawks will be pushing them to extend the logic behind the Keystone fight to other extractive projects that the White House has considerable power over, like Arctic drilling, coal mining in the Powder River Basin, and fracking, and to adopt plans for an energy transition that take advantage of increasingly affordable solar power. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1240 days ago | msnbc
Hillary Clinton (finally) comes out against Keystone pipeline - MSNBC

"...Few issues have dogged Clinton so consistently for so long. While questions about Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation or her paid speeches have swelled and dissipated over time, Keystone has always been there, causing nuisances for Clinton since almost immediately after she stepped down as secretary of state in early 2013.Because the pipeline crosses an international boundary, to carry oil from Canada's tar sands to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast, the State Department had the final say on the project.As secretary of state, Clinton was seen as initially favoring construction of the pipeline. [W]e are inclined to do so, Clinton said during a 2010 speaking engagement when asked about approving new tar sands pipelines. We're either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the Gulf or dirty oil from Canada. But Clinton left government with the pipeline in limbo and she continued to face questions on it, especially on visits to Canada. But refused to answer every time, citing her earlier role in the process. You won't get me to talk about Keystone, Clinton said in Winnipeg in January. Because I have steadily made clear that I'm not going to express an opinion. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1240 days ago | slate
Hillary Clinton (Finally!) Weighs in on Keystone Pipeline: "I ... - Slate

"...Between that and the lengthy silence that followed, Hillary's belated opposition comes with the distinct whiff of political opportunism all the more so because it came on a day when Pope Francis touched down in Washington, D.C, where he's expected to make life quite uncomfortable for those politicians who haven't made combating global warming a priority. Clinton's decision will earn her rare cheers from the climate crowd many of whom have been less than impressed with her overall energy positions to date while also moving her one leftward step closer to progressive challenger Bernie Sanders. Her opposition could even conceivably help her if Joe Biden does decide to jump in the race. While Biden's opposition to the project isn't exactly a secret, as vice president he'd have a much more difficult time bashing it on the stump...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1240 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton's ridiculous hedge on Keystone XL, and why it failed

"...Clinton went on to note that she was in a position unique among the 2016 field due to her time as secretary of state. "I'm in a different position than any other candidate," Clinton said. "I was there. I put this process together. I oversaw it for four years." (Because the pipeline would begin in Canada, its approval -- or not -- is in the hands of the State Department.)Uh huh.Look. When you are running for president -- whether or not you served in the current administration -- you are going to be asked to take positions on issues that the current president is dealing with. As long as we hold elections that begin two years (or more) before the current president is set to leave office, that's going to be a thing candidates need to contend with. If Clinton's position is that she can't take a public stance on any issue that has some sort of pending business before this White House, then she's not going to be able to take a position on, well, anything...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | cnn
Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone XL pipeline - CNN

"...The announcement, which comes after months of Clinton remaining mum over the hot-button 2016 issue, immediately drew praise from liberals and environmental groups but was criticized by Republican presidential candidates."I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone pipeline as what I believe it is -- a distraction from important work we have to do on climate change," Clinton told a community forum in Des Moines, Iowa. "And unfortunately from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward with all the other issues," she said. "Therefore I oppose it."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | insideclimatenews
Hillary Clinton Ends Campaign Drama, Denounces Keystone XL ...
"...Hillary Clinton came out against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project on Tuesday calling it a distraction and by finally announcing her long-delayed stance, unified all the declared Democratic candidates for president in opposition to the controversial pipeline.While Clinton was secretary of state under President Obama, she had seemed amenable to the proposal by TransCanada to build a new line to deliver tar sands crude from suppliers in Canada to refineries near the Gulf of Mexico. As a candidate, however, she has dodged the question of KXL, a longstanding litmus test for many environmental advocates...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | theguardian
Hillary Clinton breaks silence on Keystone XL pipeline: 'I oppose it ...

"...Hillary Clinton completed the biggest environmental conversion of her presidential campaign to date on Tuesday, pronouncing herself opposed to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline as a distraction in the fight against climate change.Clinton's newfound stated position on Keystone offered up during an event in Iowa follows months in which she has refused to divulge her views on the controversial project, claiming it would be inappropriate as a former member of Barack Obama's administration.On Tuesday, the former secretary of state abruptly changed course, telling a student at Drake University in Des Moines that she now opposed the project. I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone pipeline as what I believe it is, a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change, and unfortunately from my perspective one that interferes with our ability to move forward to deal with all the other issues, Clinton said...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | nationaljournal
Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against the Keystone Pipeline, After Long ...
"...The rev el a tion of her po s i tion in Iowa will likely help the Demo crat ic White House can did ate cor ral sup port among green act iv ists, but the pro ject is sup por ted by a large num ber of labor uni ons, an oth er key part of the Demo crat ic base. Speak ing to jobs spe cific ally Tues day, Clin ton said she wants to im ple ment a policy that would put thou sands of Amer ic ans to work fix ing old, leaky pipelines and re pair ing rail cars, rail beds, and rail tracks that cur rently trans port oil. She said there are a lot more jobs, from my per spect ive, on a North Amer ic an clean en ergy agenda than you would ever get from one pipeline cross ing the bor der. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | bostonglobe
Hillary Clinton says she opposes Keystone XL oil pipeline - The Boston Globe
"...Clinton's announcement came as she has ceded ground in some polls to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has long opposed the project. It also followed the appearance of protesters at some of her recent campaign events holding signs that read, I'm Ready for Hillary to say no KXL.''The former secretary of state had previously said she shouldn't take a position on the issue, because she didn't want to interfere with the Obama administration as it considers whether to allow construction of a pipeline that would transport oil from Canada's tar sands to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.The announcement was viewed with disappointment in Canada, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said as recently as last month that he was confident the next U.S. president would approve the project...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton says she opposes Keystone pipeline - Washington Post

"...But while she stayed mum, progressive challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won significant liberal support for a straightforward denunciation of the project. Democratic challenger Martin O'Malley, a former Maryland governor, and Clinton's own senior campaign adviser, John Podesta, also oppose the pipeline.Pope Francis, who arrived in the United States Tuesday, has also sought to make climate change a moral issue.Clinton said Tuesday that the administration review is taking too long, and she must make her position clear. She was responding to voter questions following a healthcare event at an elementary school. It had become untenable to refrain from speaking any longer, Clinton told a young woman who asked her about Keystone...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | npr
As Pope Lands, Hillary Clinton Says She Opposes Keystone XL ...

"...Clinton had previously said she wanted to stay out of the Keystone debate and give the Obama administration a chance to decide the fate of the controversial oil pipeline, but today she said the process has taken too long.Clinton was interrupted by an extended period of applause. It's an issue environmental activists have pushed the Democratic field and President Obama on.Clinton promised a comprehensive energy plan soon. Two of her opponents in the Democratic primary Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders have long opposed the Keystone XL pipeline and have been critical of Clinton's long delay in weighing in...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | nytimes
First Draft: Hillary Clinton Says She Opposes Keystone Pipeline

"...Anticipating criticism from backers of the project that her opposition would cost construction jobs, she pledged to soon detail a clean energy policy that would put thousands of Americans to work repairing leaky existing pipelines and improving train tracks that carry oil by rail.There are a lot more jobs from my perspective on a North American clean energy agenda than you would ever get from one pipeline crossing the border, she said.Energy and policy experts have long said that the battle over Keystone XL is chiefly political, because the pipeline would have little effect on either climate change or the United States job market. A State Department analysis last year found the pipeline would not significantly add to carbon pollution, because the oil was already reaching refineries by other pipelines and by rail...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | latimes
Hillary Clinton comes out against the Keystone oil pipeline - Los Angeles Times
"...Prominent Democratic activists have been pressuring Clinton to oppose the project, but she had demurred, saying her role in reviewing the project while secretary of State would make it inappropriate until the Obama administration made a decision on the application.But Clinton said she grew tired of waiting. I feel now I've got a responsibility to you and other voters who ask me about this, she said to the voter in Iowa. I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone pipeline for what I believe it is: a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change and, unfortunately from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1241 days ago | chicagotribune
Hillary Clinton email alibi is strikingly inconvenient - Chicago Tribune

"...But if she and her team keep telling us that she doesn't even want to shoulder the burden of carrying around two phones, eventually someone's going to believe her and wonder whether the most convenient response to that 3 a.m. phone call wouldn't be to roll over and go back to sleep. Especially given the long- standing criticism that the Clintons are all about the Clintons, painting herself as someone who does whatever's easier is an odd political strategy. She's stuck to it, though, even as her polling numbers fall and Joe Biden considers getting into the race.In a March news conference at the United Nations, Clinton first told reporters that in exclusively using a private server and personal account for official government business, "I opted for convenience to use my personal email account-which was allowed by the State Department-because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1270 days ago | blogs.reuters
Why the Hillary Clinton email imbroglio isn't just politics
"...I sympathize. It has been many years since I worked for the State Department as special assistant to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, when he was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations but the debate hasn't changed much. Even then, before Watergate made the federal investigative apparatus so much stronger, you bought yourself a world of trouble if you didn't show the proper respect toward the bureaucratic system and the people who administer it. The first time I ran up against the State Department's classification system, the problem involved a burn bag literally, in those days, a bag in which the day's classified cables were deposited and the fact that I hadn't properly disposed of it. Since this was my first offense, the penalty was that I had to write an explanation of exactly what had happened and how I was going to keep it from happening again ever.I wrote something clever and arch. I was lucky that the first person who saw it was a prince of a career employee named Joseph Meresman, now deceased. Meresman explained with more patience than I deserved that, yes, the rules were silly; and, yes, the material in all probability shouldn't have been classified in the first place. But I was stupid not to show some prudent respect for the people who had the tedious job of enforcing the rules and thought they were helping their country by doing so...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1272 days ago | nytimes
Today in Politics: Email Controversy Begins to Weigh on Hillary Clinton's Allies - New York Times

"...In the realm of scandals that the Clintons have combated over the years, the controversy over Mrs. Clinton s use of a private email server at the State Department seems almost picayune, and comparatively easy to handle.But the questions surrounding her use of email while she was the secretary of state have proved durable, and her allies are increasingly concerned about whether she has a political strategy to address it. Mrs. Clinton's answers have generally stayed the same since her March news conference when the issue first surfaced: that she set up the server situation for convenience, that she was not breaking with the practice of her predecessors, and that she sent no classified emails. (She has since said nothing she sent was marked classified at the time.)..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1274 days ago | cbsnews
Disputed Clinton emails identified - CBS News

"...And Davis had written "SBU" (sensitive but unclassified) at the top of his email, indicating that he did not believe that any of the information he was sharing rose to a classfied level. The government official says that doesn't change the fact that his email, which was eventually forwarded to Clinton, contained military intelligence that should have been marked "classified." "SBU" is a generic State Department classification level that is not used by the rest of the intelligence community.The government official acknowledged that this kind of mistake is not unusual for the State Department when officials are discussing information gleaned from both intelligence and local sources. The difference here, however, is that this email was sent to Clinton's email account and was housed in her personal server, which may have had vulnerabilities to infiltration that a government account does not...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1275 days ago | washingtonpost
The circular logic behind media coverage of the Clinton email story - Washington Post (blog)

"...Now before the chants of Clinton apologist! begin, let me say that like many liberals, I have complicated feelings about Clinton, some positive and some not so positive. I've written many critical pieces about her in the past; I've even criticized her for setting up a private email server.But we have to be clear about just what it is we're looking for in this story.Republicans are no doubt hoping that lurking somewhere in Clinton's emails is evidence of a terrible crime she committed whose revelation will destroy her career forever and deliver the White House to the GOP for a generation. But just for the sake of argument, let's assume that no such horror will be revealed. What do we have then? Well, we have the plainly foolish decision to use a private server for work email, which we've known about for months. Maybe you think that a person who would do such a thing is unfit for the presidency, or maybe you don't (though that would disqualify Jeb Bush)...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1275 days ago | politico
Allies fault Hillary Clinton's response on emails - Politico

"...A key concern is whether top campaign operatives new to Clinton's orbit have enough influence in crafting her response to the email controversy. A source with inside knowledge of the Clinton campaign voiced concern that the candidate and her longtime attorney David Kendall are the only ones calling the shots and can have a tin ear when it comes to the politics, rather than simply the legal status, of the email saga.Story Continued BelowOthers have expressed dismay at how testy Clinton appears when answering questions from the press with regard to her email. A news conference on Tuesday in Las Vegas grew heated as Clinton was grilled about whether or not she had tried to wipe her email server. Some were shocked that Clinton did not have a simple answer. I don't know, I have no idea, she said. Like with a cloth or something? (On twitter, her spokesman responded immediately that Kendall had said months ago that the server was empty.)..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1275 days ago | theweek
The contagious toxicity of Hillary Clinton's email scandal - The Week Magazine
"...For too long, Democrats bought Clinton's repeated defenses of her exclusive use of a private server while she ran the State Department. They believed that this potential security violation really was for her convenience, that she had copied other State Department addresses to preserve "90 percent" of her communications, and that no classified material was transmitted through the unauthorized and unsecured system. And if that had indeed all been true, Democrats might well have been right that the storm would pass, as has happened with other scandals involving the Clintons.But one by one, those excuses have fallen by the wayside. The convenience argument fell apart almost immediately. Clinton claimed in a March press conference that she used the private server to limit her mobile devices to a single smartphone when traveling. That excuse made little sense, since any secretary of state travels with staff, who handle communications devices for their boss. Just a few weeks prior to that, Clinton had bragged about all of the high-tech communications devices she carried around. "I'm like two steps short of a hoarder. So I have an iPad, a mini iPad, an iPhone, and a BlackBerry."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | politico
The Real Clinton Email Scandal: Our Ridiculous Classification Rules

"...Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email account for official State Department business was a mistake, but the revelation that Clinton's emails contain upwards of 305 messages with potentially classified information is far less scandalous than the headlines make it appear. The most troubling part of this story involves the rules governing official secrets, not Clinton's conduct as Secretary of State.As a former Department of Justice official who regularly dealt with classified information, I am glad a team of officials from the FBI, the intelligence community and other agencies is not currently reviewing every email I sent and received while I worked in government. If they did, they would likely find arguably classified information that was transmitted over unclassified networks and the same thing is undoubtedly true for other senior officials at the White House, the State Department and other top national security agencies...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1276 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Why Hillary Clinton is pushing to reignite Democrats in Arkansas

"...Arkansas is perhaps the best test of how well that strategy will work. Clinton and her husband, Bill, are practically political royalty here, giving them an advantage that President Obama and other Democratic leaders never had. But they face stiff headwinds months after Republicans dominated the midterm elections, despite them campaigning for Democratic candidates here. I am well aware that here in Arkansas, last year was a hard one for Democrats, said Clinton. But don't forget voters did come out and pass an increase in the minimum wage, said Clinton, seeking a silver lining.Part of Clinton's plan to help state Democrats around the country is simply showing up and boosting ticket sales to dinners. Her speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in North Little Rock comes after appearances at similar dinners in New Hampshire and Virginia in recent weeks...." see full article

1306 days ago | time
Hillary Clinton Faces Unrest Among Organized Labor | TIME - TIME
"...But almost immediately, there was a backlash among teachers in far-flung locals across the states. The AFT's Facebook page lit up with angry comments from those who favored Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders instead. Teachers took to Twitter to condemn the endorsement and at least two petitions were circulated online in opposition. Widely read teachers' blogs published screeds against the decision, calling it rigged in favor of Clinton, a longtime friend of AFT president Randi Weingarten. Though a June poll among AFT members showed a majority supporting Clinton over Sanders, the fervor of those unhappy with the endorsement ran high.While the AFT blowback may ultimately prove a minor roadbump for Clinton, it reflects a wider unrest among the ranks of organized labor, and one that may be hard for the campaign to shake...." see full article

1308 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Lags in Engaging Grass-Roots Donors

"...Of the $47.5 million that Mrs. Clinton has raised, less than one-fifth has come from donations of $200 or less. That is a far smaller proportion than that of her Democratic and Republican rivals who have excited grass-roots donors on the left and right, such as Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Ted Cruz of Texas. While Mr. Sanders raised far less than Mrs. Clinton over all about $15 million, including money transferred from his Senate account about four-fifths of that amount came from smaller donors.Continue reading the main storyThe slow response of grass-roots donors is a consequence, Mrs. Clinton's aides and advisers said, of the deliberately low-key approach she has taken on the campaign trail with few of the big rallies and campaign events that can help build voter lists and drive donations along with the challenge in persuading some donors that Mrs. Clinton, who is far ahead in primary polls, needs their money...." see full article

1309 days ago | nytimes
Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton - New York Times

"...Hillary Clinton is private and guarded by nature, and three decades of being inspected like an exotic species has made her even more so. But right now, in the early days of what will be a 19-month campaign for the White House, she is trying to share and expound on her experi ences, to project some greater measure of herself, big and small. Moose tales aside, this does not come easily. She has resided at the center of so many scandals, psychodramas and culture wars that it's hard to even keep track of them all, let alone know what the person within that bubble of attention is actually like...." see full article

1310 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton's 2016 pitch: Obama, but better - Politico

"...The effort to assert Clinton's independence from Obama on policy is understated, undeniable and not confined to foreign policy. Clinton made her reputation as a liberal advocate on issues like early childhood education and health care reform years before Obama appeared on the national stage, and she doesn't lack for confidence when it comes to her own mastery of domestic policy.Since announcing her intention to run, Clinton has declared her intention to build upon or tweak (respectfully and indirectly, of course) an ever-widening range of Obama policies, including immigration reform, tax policy, college affordability, the prosecution of Wall Street executives and health care reform, the subject of her most heated domestic policy clash with Obama eight years ago...." see full article

1310 days ago | chicagotribune
Our hero: Hillary Clinton, the last truth bender - Chicago Tribune

"...If she's truly human, she can prove it by hiring fibber Brian Williams as her press secretary and he can someday tell the tale of how he and Hillary helped the 300 Spartans defeat Iran.There are her lies about Benghazi of course, when she was secretary of state, the worst being that the deadly attack in Libya that left four Americans dead including the ambassador was prompted by a homemade video.Now, at this point, what difference does it make?Another alleged Benghazi lie was her recent assertion (again on CNN) that she did not receive a congressional subpoena for thousands of deleted emails that she kept on a private server in apparent violation of federal law...." see full article

1310 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Offers Her Vision of a 'Fairness Economy' to Close the Income Gap

"...Still, she did not embrace the fiery populism of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, one of her Democratic opponents, whose message has helped him draw big crowds in Iowa and New Hampshire. And she stopped short of endorsing policies championed by Mr. Sanders and others in the liberal wing of the party, including breaking up the big banks and a financial transaction tax, or a government fee on the sale or purchase of certain financial assets. She gave something rhetorically to both sides, and she didn't go too far that either side got uncomfortable, Mr. Bennett said.Continue reading the main storyA heckler who interrupted Mrs. Clinton with a question about whether she would reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act seemed to disagree. The act, which Mr. Clinton repealed parts of in 1999 leading to the commingling of commercial and investment banking, is widely criticized by liberals as contributing to the 2008 financial crisis. But Alan S. Blinder, a former White House economic adviser under Mr. Clinton who helped Mrs. Clinton shape her proposals, told Reuters she would not reinstate the 1933 act, which many economists believe is antiquated...." see full article

1311 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton's Capitol Hill mission accomplished - Politico

"...But on Tuesday, even some of the most ardent populists in Congress had nothing but praise for the 2016 Democratic front-runner during her day trip to Capitol Hill, after peppering her with questions on income inequality, early childhood education and criminal justice reform. She sounded good, said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who has not endorsed in the presidential race and been critical of Clinton in the past. She came out of the box saying that the problem facing the American average worker is income, and I'm like yeah, absolutely.' I was really pleased to hear that. She spoke eloquently on the need to address poverty. She is not afraid to say the p' word. She spoke on climate change. She is into it. ..." see full article

1311 days ago | salon
Hillary Clinton is no neoliberal ideologue: She knows the 1990s are over, and her economic platform proves it

"...I say that about the speech because it answers the most important question about Clinton, at least for the current campaign. Namely, has Clinton spent much of her career defending neoliberalism because that was the zeitgeist of the era? Or did she do so because she is a dedicated believer that free markets are always the solution, regardless of whatever happens to be in vogue among the liberal intelligentsia? If the answer is the former, it means Clinton will follow the lead of the Democratic Party's coalition, which is currently sprinting leftward on economics. If the answer is the latter, however, it means lefties need Sanders even more than they think.Thankfully, the speech, like most of those she's delivered so far, gave every indication that the truth is much closer to that first scenario than the second. Clinton ticked off a list of economic priorities that lined up quite neatly with a major report released this year by the Roosevelt Institute and Joseph Stiglitz. It included more funding for early childhood development, higher taxes on Wall Street, appointing regulators with some backbone, and making it easier for workers to unionize and collectively bargain. She still depicted growth as if it were a panacea (it isn't). But she didn't soft-sell the fact that her plan is, overall, unabashedly redistributive...." see full article

1311 days ago | washingtonpost
4 ways Hillary Clinton distanced herself from Bernie Sanders on Monday - Washington Post (blog)

"...From calling for raising middle-class wages to announcing a plan to share corporate profits with workers and go after Wall Street criminals, Hillary Clinton gave a remarkably populist/liberal speech Monday laying out her economic policies.The 2016 Democratic frontrunner is highlighting her progressive bona fides on everything from social to economic issues as she contrasts herself with an increasingly conservative Republican field.But she's also facing a stronger-than-expected challenge from the left in the form of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). The socialist is drawing large crowds across the country with his populist Robin Hood-style message of taking income from the rich and giving it to the poor and cracking down hard on Wall Street...." see full article

1312 days ago | politico
Hillary and the New Clintonism

"...Skeptics might dismiss the anti-Wall Street rhetoric and many of the proposals in Clinton's speech from expanded preschool and daycare and paid family leave and the defense of Social Security to greater public investment in infrastructure as attempts to prevent the loss of progressive Democratic primary voters to Bernie Sanders and other rivals. But Clinton is opening up new ground for a mainstream Democratic president of this era in implying that the very structures of modern finance and corporate capitalism are flawed and in need of reform.And her speech Monday was only the latest in a series of recent statements by Democratic centrists expressing ideas or supporting policies that would have been dismissed as fringe leftism a decade or two ago. A recent report on inclusive capitalism by former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and British Labour Party thinker Ed Balls proclaims that modern democracies need new social and political institutions to make twenty-first century capitalism work for the many and not the few. Last January Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md), ranking member on the House Budget Committee, and other House Democrats proposed a middle-class tax plan that included a financial transaction tax an idea previously identified with the left wing of their party. These are not just a few straws in the wind; they are a veritable bale of hay in a hurricane...." see full article

1312 days ago | realclearpolitics
Hillary Clinton's Economic Bet

"...Clinton's ideas reflect a wide center-left consensus on behalf of bottom-up or, as many progressives call it, "middle-out" economics. They also underscore how the nomination challenge she faces from Sen. Bernie Sanders differs from the problem created for Republicans by Trump.By pulling the political conversation to the left generally and toward specific benefits government could confer on Americans in particular, Sanders is creating new political space for Democrats and highlighting issues that most of them (including Clinton, if she wins the nomination) want at the heart of the campaign next fall.Trump, on the other hand, is pulling Republicans far off message, and his offensive comments on Mexican immigrants threaten to aggravate the GOP's large deficit among Latino voters...." see full article

1312 days ago | powerlineblog
Hillary Clinton's lies - Power Line (blog)
"...Theoretically, it should be possible to keep up with Hillary Clinton's lies. She has given so few press conferences and interviews, we don't have a lot of material to work over. Yet Clinton achieves something like perfect falsity when she speaks; she fails to utter a true word. She is a phenomenon. A capable Republican candidate should be able to reckon with the phenomenon, but a phenomenon she is. Hillary Clinton's lies is the blunt heading that Noah Rothman places over his Commentary post addressing Clinton's mind-blowing CNN interview this week. I wrote briefly about Clinton's CNN interview in Hillary's Hellman factor. Rothman patiently explores the falsity of Clinton's blizzard of lies and makes a valuable contribution. Attention should be paid...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1315 days ago | time
Hillary Clinton's Trustworthy Trap - TIME
"...Trustworthiness is a tricky thing in politics, a label that everyone demands but no one fully deserves. The reason has less to do with the integrity of the players than the rules of the game. Distortion, denial, defamation they all work. Only a straight-talking sucker would really play it straight all the time.So one must be careful not to pass too harsh a judgement on Hillary Clinton, for whom polls reveal a real perception problem when it comes to being honest or trustworthy. CNN's national polling sample says 57% of Americans don't think she is either. ABC News and the Wall Street Journal put that number at 52%..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1316 days ago | washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton's claim that 'everything I did [on e-mails] was permitted' - Washington Post (blog)

"...But that does not mean that, when Clinton was secretary of state, there were not already in place State Department rules on how to handle e-mails and whether to use a personal e-mail account. While Clinton says that other secretaries did the same thing, none had set up an exclusive and private e-mail server for all of their departmental communications. (In fact, only Colin L. Powell has ever said he sent e-mails from a personal account, so Clinton's use of plural is misleading.)The rules also quickly became clearer. In 2009, just eight months after Clinton became secretary of state, the U.S. Code of federal regulations on handling electronic records was updated: Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record-keeping system. The responsibility for making and preserving the records is assigned to the head of each federal agency. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1316 days ago | politico
Hillary Clintons Front Porch Campaign - Politico

"...Hillary Clinton wasn't being evasive in her Tuesday afternoon interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar when she evaded direct questions about Bernie Sanders, tax increases, sanctuary cities, the Clinton Foundation, voter trust in her, her wiped email server and even replacing Alexander Hamilton's face on the $10 bill. By wrapping each query in a vague but intelligible non-answer, Clinton gave new evidence that she's running what our 19th century America forebears called a front-porch campaign for the presidency.Reticence was the distinguishing element of 19th century presidential campaigning, as Richard J. Ellis and Mark Dedrick inform us in their 1997 essay, The Presidential Candidate, Then and Now. For much of that century, many thought it undignified for a presidential candidate to pontificate his stands on the issues or openly stump for the job. This applied double to presidential candidates who were running for reelection. I meddle not with elections. I leave the people to make their own president, said Andrew Jackson during his 1832 presidential reelection campaign. It was OK for other politicians to ring the bell for their candidates, but the presidency itself was supposed to seek the man, not the man seek the presidency...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1316 days ago | portland.suntimes
Benghazi panel says Hillary Clinton lied during CNN interview - Portland Sun Times
"... The committee immediately subpoenaed Clinton personally after learning the full extent of her unusual email arrangement with herself, and would have done so earlier if the State Department or Clinton had been forthcoming that State did not maintain custody of her records and only Secretary Clinton herself had her records when Congress first requested them, Gowdy added.Clinton is already suffering from credibility issues. A poll last month showed that swing states such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania did not view her as a trustworthy person...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1317 days ago | dailycaller
Seven Of The Most Blatant Lies In Hillary's CNN Interview - Daily Caller
"...Commentators, pundits and journalists the world over were quick to point out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first television interview since her April 12th presidential campaign announcement was full of misleading statements and outright lies.Here are seven of the most questionable statements Clinton made in the 20-minute interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar:1. People should and do trust me. Would you vote for someone that you don't trust? Keilar asked Clinton in a discussion of the polling numbers about voters perception of her trustworthiness following the drama over her private email server as secretary of state...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1317 days ago | vox
Where does Hillary Clinton stand? Don't ask her. - Vox

"...Whom Clinton wants to replace Alexander Hamilton or Andrew Jackson is irrelevant to whether she should be president. But her hesitance to stake out a position on anything that might be remotely controversial feeds voters' perception that she's not honest and trustworthy. And why shouldn't it?Whether questions were on policy or politics, substance or scandal, Clinton refused time and again to give a straight answer.Would she raise taxes, like Bernie Sanders has said he would?"I'm going to put out my policies and I'm going to let other people speak to their policies," she said...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1317 days ago | washingtonpost
No wonder Hillary Clinton looked annoyed on CNN - Washington Post (blog)

"...You might not like Clinton's answer or think it stinks to high heaven. Judging by its examination of Clinton's explanation at the United Nations back in March, PolitiFact certainly would have a hard time with her response to Keilar. But even in its side-eye analysis, the fact-checkers pointed out that it was only after Clinton left the State Department, that the National Archives issued a recommendation that government employees should avoid conducting official business on personal emails . It went on to say, Additionally, in 2014, President Barack Obama signed changes to the Federal Records Act that explicitly said federal officials can only use personal email addresses if they also copy or send the emails to their official account. And Gary Bass, founder and former director of OMB Watch, told PolitiFact that since those two changes took effect after Clinton left the state department, she was in compliance with the laws and regulations at the time. Knowing all this puts Clinton's reaction into much-needed context. Her responses to queries about her e-mails are as valid as the questions asked about them. No wonder she looked annoyed...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1317 days ago | twitchy
A slip of the tongue or does Hillary Clinton not understand how a sanctuary ... - Twitchy
"...One of the more troubling exchanges in Hillary Clinton's interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar yesterday was when Clinton dodged a question on her past support of sanctuary cities in light of the horrific murder of Kate Steinle, allegedly at the hands of a 7-time felon, 5-time deported illegal immigrant.But it's not just that Clinton dodged on her answer. Her answer was confusing and has us wondering if she understands how a sanctuary city like San Francisco actually works...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1317 days ago | theblaze
CNN Reporter Who Interviewed Hillary Clinton Sharply Criticizes Her ... -
"...Keilar listed several questions she asked Clinton in which she was not satisfied with the answer she received in return. I heard her not engaging on the issue of Bernie Sanders. He's a self-described Democratic Socialist and I asked her why is garnering this support and enthusiasm you don't seem to among Democrats. She wouldn't engage on that, Keilar said.The CNN host added that she felt Clinton wouldn't engage on other issues, including the idea of a Bush v. Clinton general election and her problem with polls showing many voters don't find her trustworthy.Keilar's sit down with Clinton was the first nationally televised interview since the Democratic presidential contender announced her 2016 bid for the White House...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1318 days ago | thedailybeast
Hillary Plays The Victim in CNN Interview

"...The candidate was, by turns, self-justifying and pugnacious, and occasionally just plain inauthentic, as she complained about her and her husband's victimization by right-wingers and scandalous book authors the correct people to blame, in her view, for the fact that six out of 10 voters don't consider her honest and trustworthy, according to a recent CNN poll. I can only say, this has been a theme that has been used against me and my husband for many, many years, Clinton said perhaps unwittingly evoking her long-ago claim that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was the result of a vast right-wing conspiracy. At the end of the day, I think voters sort it all out I trust the American voters. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1318 days ago | salon
Hillary Clinton rips GOP on immigration: She says their problem is much bigger than Trump

"...And Clinton, who supported so-called sanctuary cities during her last presidential run, was forceful in her criticism of San Francisco for ignoring immigration detention requests from the federal government. An undocumented immigrant who had been deported multiple times was arrested in the recent killing of a young woman, andDonald Trump has used the murder to bolster his argument that Mexican immigrants are criminals. The city made a mistake not to deport someone that the federal government thought should be deported I have absolutely no support for a city that ignores the strong evidence that should be acted on, Clinton said, but she made clear that such scrutiny would not be required for minor or misdemeanor charges.Clinton also weighed in on the debate over adding a woman to the 10 dollar bill, saying it may be more appropriate to look at the 20 than the 10. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1318 days ago | thewrap
Hillary Clinton Disappointed in Trumps Mexico Comments, Dismisses Email Controversy
"...Clinton dismissed suggestions that the American people have a problem trusting her. She blamed the barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right, adding, People should and do trust me. Keilar also inquired about Clinton's email controversy. The former Secretary of State insisted she did nothing wrong when using a private email account during her tenure in the Obama administration. Previous Secretaries of State did the same thing. People knew I was using only one device, Clinton said, adding that she was never subpoenaed. Everything was permitted, adding, this is being blown up with no basis in law or fact. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1318 days ago | theatlantic
Why Won't Hillary Clinton Talk to Reporters? - The Atlantic

"...Hillary Clinton acts and talks as if she has nobody in her party left to persuade. Campaign message: It's already over. As Bill Clinton told an NBC reporter in May 2015: Any kind of disclosure is a target. Jeb Bush seems determined to communicate: I'm accessible, I'm approachable, I feel entitled to nothing. In the summer of 2014, when she released her memoir of her time as secretary of state, Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton gave a clutch of interviews. Like the book itself, those revealed only her skill at speaking without saying anything...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1319 days ago | bostonherald
Hillary Clinton plays to middle class
"...However, he said, it may not matter those committed to voting for her, he said, won't be deterred. Hillary seems to have an appeal that goes beyond the evidence, he said.Clinton will be in the Granite State tomorrow for an early childhood education forum in Rochester, a launch party in Concord and a Democratic dinner in Manchester.Fred Bayles, a Boston University professor, said pandering to the middle class is nothing new, and that most presidential hopefuls will be taking that approach...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | nydailynews
Hillarys battle cry: Her big New York campaign rally rightly suggests a sharp focus on boosting the fortunes of America's working- and middle-class

"...With Roosevelt Island's Four Freedoms Park as her heady backdrop, Hillary Clinton made the fortunes of America's beleaguered working and middle classes the centerpiece of her campaign kickoff rally. That's exactly the right target.Clinton's speech, echoing FDR, centered on four fights : strengthening America's economy, its families, its global position and its government.But she seemed to understand: The fight to revive a U.S. economy that has limped through the presidency of Barack Obama tops the next presidential agenda. The country needs nothing less than a dramatic course correction...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | washingtonpost
How Hillary Clintons kickoff speech highlighted her advantage over Republicans

"...And I'd challenge Republicans to look at the policy proposals in the speech and say about any of them, Oh boy, the general electorate isn't going to go for that. Which highlights one important way in which Clinton's path to the White House is easier than that of her potential GOP opponents. They have multiple areas where the goals of winning over Republican primary voters and setting themselves up to assemble a general election coalition are at odds. They need to sound tough on immigration now, but that will hurt them with Hispanic voters next fall. They need to proclaim that the Affordable Care Act must be totally repealed, when most Americans would prefer to make it work better. They need to oppose things like paid leave, minimum wage increases and imposing restrictions on Wall Street bankers, all of which are extremely popular. And they need to do it all while arguing that they understand regular folks and will be their advocates.Americans might or might not buy that Hillary Clinton is just like them. But the truth is that she could get elected even if most of them don't, which is something the Republicans probably can't say...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | politico
Hillarys Sixties Surge

"...But now, at 67, Clinton finally appears to be beyond carefully constructing her identities or letting her advisers to design the persona she presents. And it's going to help her win what she wants most.In 2008, Clinton allowed her husband and her chief strategist, Mark Penn, to run her as an alpha male commander-in-chief. From the start of the presidential campaign, she came across as brittle and overbearing. No wonder voters sensed an authenticity problem. This time, though, Clinton is not running as a made-over man. She is in a new stage of life, having become the kickass grandma with a cackle and a fierce new brand of feminism. Sure, as an older woman she is vulnerable to, well, age but she's also more genuinely nurturing than ever, and personally committed to protecting the young from erosion of the American dream. She's gentler; she's bolder. The hell with losing weight. Let her new image consultant worry about her hair, which is shorter, blonder, simpler. When you're in the spotlight as a woman, she told Diane Sawyer last year, you get a little worried about, Okay, you know, people over on this side are loving what I'm wearing, looking like, saying. And people over on this side aren't.' I'm done with that. I mean, I'm just done. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | refinery29
'I've Spent My Whole Life Fighting For America I'm Not Stopping Now'
"...After casting her as a successor to Democratic presidents who've come before, from FDR to her husband and Barack Obama, her speech honed in on policy. Clinton laid out a laundry list of goals and ideas, from the sweeping ending discrimination against LGBT people and closing the wage gap to the concrete creating a government fund for infrastructure projects paid for by selling bonds. So thoroughly enumerate her liberal stances, it seemed almost like a rebuke to anyone who'd call her a centrist (as critics on the left have).She organized her ideas into four fights I'll wage and win for you making the economy work again for the middle class and poor people; strengthening families with things like required paid sick leave and cheaper college; keeping America safe from threats overseas; and working across the aisle to fix governmental dysfunction. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | examiner
Hillary Rodham Clinton launches 2016 campaign with progressive agenda
"...For those who would say that a Hillary Presidency would be a third term of Obama, that might be true, in the sense she would continue on the path toward those progressive policies. Even climate change, where Obama has been thwarted at every turn.But if Clinton - without saying so much - suggested that a woman's perspective on policy would be a healthy thing for a country in the grips of the greatest gap between rich and poor, and one of the poorest records for upward mobility of the Industrialized Nations - she also asserted her toughness (without using any term suggesting manly quality) - as when she spoke of her mother teaching her never to back down from a bully, and when she reminded how she was in the situation room when we took bin Laden out, and finally, when she said (in a nod to the hate-Hillary, hate-Clinton industry that has been revitalized with her intention to run for President)...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1340 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton, in Roosevelt Island Speech, Pledges to Close Income Gap - New York Times

"...But a crowd of supporters and volunteers from the staunchly Democratic New York area does not exactly represent the electorate writ large. The real test for Mrs. Clinton and how the speech was perceived will be in Iowa, where she was to travel on Saturday evening for several events. Iowa, the first nominating state, shunned her the last time she sought the presidency, in 2008. I was disappointed she didn't challenge Obama four years ago, said Dominique Pettinato, a 24-year-old parole officer who lives in Brooklyn.For some members of the skeptical liberal wing of the Democratic Party still concerned that Mrs. Clinton will embrace her husband's centrist approach, the speech went only so far in convincing them otherwise...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1341 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton launches in Barack Obamas shadow - Politico

"...But generating enthusiasm is already proving to be a significant challenge for the 67-year-old Clinton, given the electorate's general sense of disaffection with established politicians especially one seeking to succeed a president from her own party the lack of a galvanizing national crisis to motivate voters, a spate of negative news stories about the Clintons, and her workmanlike approach at a time when the party's base is demanding bolder leadership. She is still the most prohibitive favorite for an open seat nomination I can recall, said David Axelrod, President Barack Obama's former message guru. For all the navel-gazing, her numbers among Democrats remain quite high. But what is missing is a larger context for her candidacy that explains the positions she is taking in a coherent, and not just tactical, way. This is an important element of generating enthusiasm. ..." see full article

1342 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton, in Roosevelt Island Speech, Pledges to Close Income Gap - New York Times

"...For as much as the content of the speech mattered, the theater of it was equally important. For a campaign criticized for lacking passion, the event gave Mrs. Clinton the ability to create a camera-ready tableau of excitement.The Brooklyn Express Drumline revved up the crowd assembled on a narrow stretch at the southern tip of the island. And Marlon Marshall, the campaign's director of political engagement, rattled off statistics about the number of volunteers who have signed up and house parties held in the early nominating states. A section with giant screens set up for an overflow crowd stood nearly empty...." see full article

1342 days ago | blogs.wsj
Why Hillary Clinton Will Be Hard to Beat — And What Might Sink Her - Wall Street Journal (blog)
"...Hillary Clinton is often at the center of controversy. But it would be a mistake to think this has undermined her candidacy, at least based on polling so far. As a political figure, she has a strong foundation.When matched against GOP rivals, Mrs. Clinton retains a big lead among minority voters. These voters were a pillar of President Barack Obama's winning coalitions and make up a growing share of the electorate...." see full article

1342 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Will Evoke Roosevelt and Try to Ease Fears on Trust in New ... - New York Times

"...But the large outdoor event, complete with a marching band and a space for an overflow crowd to watch the speech on giant monitors, must also counteract some signs of decline in Mrs. Clinton's personal appeal, with polls showing that a growing number of Americans do not trust her or think she understands their lives.A CNN poll released June 2 showed that 57 percent of Americans thought that Mrs. Clinton was not honest and trustworthy, up from 49 percent in March, and that 47 percent of voters thought that Mrs. Clinton cares about people like you, down from 53 percent last July. Publicly, Mrs. Clinton's campaign aides have shrugged off such polls as evidence that voters distrust Washington and politics in general. Privately, they are strategizing about how to reframe the conversation...." see full article

1343 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton refuses to back down — or go away

"...But her won't-back-down resolve the quality that could make her America's first female president if it doesn't sabotage her first was nowhere in sight as she sat at a table with about a half-dozen parents and educators, nodding at their stories.This was a chance, in a carefully controlled setting, to project the warmer, more intimate persona she would be unveiling in Iowa and New Hampshire. She may have gotten her first campaign for the Democratic nomination wrong, but now she was planning to get it right.So here she was, in a neighborhood dominated by public housing projects, trying to connect not as President Obama's first secretary of state, or an ex-U.S. senator, or the former first lady of the United States though her audience was acutely aware that she'd been all those things. Nor did she want to be seen as a $200,000-per-speech megastar who was driven in a private van to a public school where nearly all 525 students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch...." see full article

1344 days ago | realclearpolitics
Hillary Clinton's Phantom Menace

"...Now, I happen to agree with Clinton that reports of voter fraud in America are greatly exaggerated. But as I ponder her suggested nationwide model that includes a minimum of 20 days of early voting, I have to ask: Is early voting really a great thing?The earlier citizens vote the likelier they are to change their minds before Election Day.Clinton also whacked former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for "a deeply flawed purge" of voters before the 2000 presidential election. She then argued, "We should do everything we can to make it easier for every citizen to vote." OK, but making it easy doesn't mean more people will vote. Blue California has easy registration, handy voting by mail and early in-person voting -- yet a sorry 42 percent of registered voters participated in last November's election, 25 percent in the June primary. The truly "phantom epidemic" is voter suppression. ..." see full article

1344 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton and Wishful-Thinking Politics - New York Times

"...Most troubling to some observers, though, was the way that Mrs. Clinton's strategy dispensed with the pretense that she would create unity and consensus by running to the center. The uncomfortable reality is that presidents don't magically unite us, especially in our highly polarized era. With the public closely divided between the two parties, successful politicians have to mobilize their base to win.Consider recent history. The last three presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama were all elected after promising to transcend partisanship. All failed in that aim after learning some hard lessons about how Washington actually works. Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama then ran re-election campaigns focused on turning out their core supporters the same model Mrs. Clinton plans to adopt.Presidential candidates should still try to speak to all Americans. But we shouldn't pretend that pleasing words from Mrs. Clinton are going to bring back the politics of 1952 or even 1992 that era is gone and it's not coming back...." see full article

1344 days ago | nymag
No, Hillary Clinton's Campaign Strategy Isn't Bad for America - New York Magazine
"...Democrats in red states are not happy about Hillary Clinton's resource-allocation strategy for obvious reasons, and they supply many of the quotes that give the Times story its critical edge. But the idea that Clinton is making a political error by avoiding states that have turned redder is the completely misguided product of the self-interest of Democratic politicians in those states. It assumes that Clinton's personal appeal can overcome the deeper social trends that have made those states increasingly Republican. The Clintons tested that hypothesis in 2014, when Bill Clinton invested heavily in campaigning for Mark Pryor in Arkansas, and Hillary Clinton did the same for Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky. Both these candidates, talented children of popular Democrats in their home states, hoped that defining themselves as Clinton Democrats rather than Obama Democrats could allow them to rekindle their states' faded Democratic loyalties. This proved very wrong, and both candidates lost by landslides.The Republican tilt of states like Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, and West Virginia has little to do with the personal choices of the candidates who run there. West Virginia's support for the Democrats in 1988 did not come as a result of Michael Dukakis's deep personal bond with the Appalachian heartland. Nor did Dukakis's strategy represent a more centrist approach than Hillary Clinton's. It was just a different map...." see full article

1345 days ago | realclearpolitics
Hillary Clinton's Slide in Polls Leaves Her Vulnerable

"...The most significant thing about these results is that Clinton evokes favorable feelings from less than 50 percent of respondents. Bouie is right to say that it is unrealistic to expect Clinton to be as favorably regarded as she was when she held the relatively unpolitical office of secretary of state. But it's a stretch to say that a candidate with 100 percent substantive recognition but less than 50 percent favorables is "positioned for victory." Such a candidate could win, especially if her opponent has exploitable flaws. But there is a nontrivial possibility she will lose...." see full article

1346 days ago | thenation
Hillary Clinton's Ethical Challenge

"...Having a private email account was stupid. Destroying the private emails was just as bad, unless the contents were more harmful than destruction, which is also a problem. Did no one warn her? If not, she has to shake up her team. She needs a "don't do it, Hillary" staffer, a no-man or no-woman, the opposite of a yes-man. If she just didn't listen, that is another worry; good counsel is useless if ignored.No one runs for president alone. Hillary is greatly indebted to her supporters. That means she must sacrifice her own convenience or self-interest for a greater good and inspiring trust is part of the package. If she can't do that, and, as important, appear to do that, in her campaign and the rest of her public life, how can we trust her to run the country?..." see full article

1346 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Hillary Clinton's path to victory — not so narrow after all

"...Going into great detail on how Hillary Clinton plans to campaign in a general is a bit premature, of course, which is why Southern Democrats are clearly hoping to get their hand on the rudder of the S.S. Hillary early. To awkwardly extend the metaphor, they hope the ship hasn't completely sailed.Or to go back to the "Cars" analogy: It doesn't make any sense for Lightning McQueen to stop in Radiator Springs. But he does, and things turn around. Any 7-year-old can tell you, though, that McQueen would probably have been better off if he'd just headed to to the big race as he was supposed to.Of course, in the end, he could have won anyway...." see full article

1347 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Why so many women are raising money for Hillary Clinton

"...Energized by the prospect of helping the former secretary of state make history, many women are activating their personal networks for the first time to pool contributions for her campaign, helping Clinton tap into new sources of cash as she assembles what is expected to be a more-than-$1 billion operation.Already, more than 60 percent of Clinton's donors are women, according to a campaign official. That puts her on track to outstrip the presidential high-water mark set by President Obama in 2012, when 47 percent of donors who gave him more than $200 were women, according to the Center for Responsive Politics...." see full article

1347 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Traces Friendly Path, Troubling Party

"...Instead, she is poised to retrace Barack Obama's far narrower path to the presidency: a campaign focused more on mobilizing supporters in the Great Lakes states and in parts of the West and South than on persuading undecided voters.Mrs. Clinton's aides say it is the only way to win in an era of heightened polarization, when a declining pool of voters is truly up for grabs. Her liberal policy positions, they say, will fire up Democrats, a less difficult task than trying to win over independents in more hostile territory even though a broader strategy could help lift the party with her...." see full article

1348 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Says G.O.P. Rivals Try to Stop Young and Minority Voters

"...Mrs. Clinton's early and aggressive stance on voting rights could help bolster her liberal credentials and energize black voters. In her appearance at Texas Southern University, where blues music and a high school marching band played before she arrived, she invoked the civil rights leaders who worked on the 1965 Voting Rights Act, in a speech that had the feel of an impassioned pitch to the young and minority voters who largely supported Mr. Obama over Mrs. Clinton in 2008, and whom she will need to win in 2016.Continue reading the main storyand Hispanic voters in Texas for George S. McGovern's presidential campaign in 1972. And she praised Barbara Jordan, the congresswoman and civil rights leader for whom an award Mrs. Clinton accepted on Thursday was named...." see full article

1350 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton, Voting Rights and the 2016 Election - New York Times

"...In addition to pushing needed and long-overdue reforms, the speech highlighted the yawning gulf on voting rights between Mrs. Clinton and the Republican candidates for the White House, many of whom have been cynically committed to making voting harder for the most vulnerable citizens. What part of democracy are they afraid of? Mrs. Clinton asked.Most significantly, Mrs. Clinton called for universal and automatic voter registration, which would register every American citizen at 18. This would be a transformative step toward modernizing the nation's archaic, error-filled approach to registering voters...." see full article

1350 days ago | breitbart
Billionaire: 'Clinton Cash' Revelations Evidence of 'An Unbelievable Shakedown' - Breitbart News
"...He says the only thing that upsets him more than Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy trashing hedge funds are those financial firms that still offer the Democratic presidential nominee their money and support.According to a newly released CNN poll, the Clinton Cash revelations and avalanche of media coverage the book continues to generate have, for the first time ever, resulted in Hillary Clinton's favorability rating being underwater meaning more unfavorable (50%) than favorable (46%)...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1352 days ago | talkingpointsmemo
Is Hillary Clinton in Trouble?

"...You cannot be in that much trouble if you are looking at the beginning of a long run for President, which will end almost a year and a half from now, and still lead every plausible opposition candidate. That's where Hillary Clinton is right now. For various reasons, I still think her chances of being elected next November are good. But the latest polls do point to a real issuefor her - not just the sort of nonsense you hear from media organizations who sponsor the polls or the hyperactive beltway horserace watchers.Let's look at the numbers.Let's first note that it went without saying that Clinton's favorability numbers would drop precipitously after she left the State Department. Anybody who didn't know this in advance is totally ignorant of contemporary US politics. It's a good measure of the polarization of our political era that someone can be generally admired by a broad cross-section of the public but when they enter the gravitational field of partisan politics they quickly align more or less with the partisan divisions which characterize the country at large. That slight 'more or less' makes all the difference. But the partisan polarization of the age defines everything...." see full article

1352 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton's poll numbers signal trouble ahead - Politico

"...But still: Her untrustworthy ratings are stubbornly high, and perhaps most alarming of all for Team Hillary, the so-called scandals, as Clinton campaign operatives like to refer to them, are starting to take their toll on her favorability numbers, sending chills down the spines of Democrats who have put all their eggs in the Hillary basket.It's a huge turnabout from September 2011, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the widely admired globe-trotting diplomat, logged her highest favorability rating ever in a CNN poll 69 percent...." see full article

1353 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Here's the best news for Hillary Clinton in that new Iowa poll

"...If liberals like those in Iowa continue to see stories about the e-mail server and the Clinton Foundation as part of a broader witch hunt against Clinton being organized by her political enemies and reporters with an ax to grind, that's a best-case scenario for the former secretary of state. Why? Because with every report on her e-mails or her donors, it affirms the sense within her liberal base that she's being unfairly maligned. The more the merrier, from Clinton's point of view...." see full article

1354 days ago | bustle
Hillary Clinton's Reaction To Beau Biden's Death Is Brief But Moving ... - Bustle
"...No scandal is too far-fetched or too far for the long octopus tentacles of the Clintons. Their charity even received (again, who knows exactly how the hell much) between $50,000 and $100,000 from soccer's corrupt governing body, FIFA! Bill was once honorary chairman of the bid committee to get the U.S. to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. Sadly, we didn't get it. Maybe he didn't either. (A big enough donation, I mean.)It's almost impossible to believe that one couple can always be this close to so much corruption in one lifetime. Well, not without serving that lifetime in a federal lockup, that is.But the Clintons prefer the White House to the big house...." see full article

1355 days ago | wnd
Hillary's top aide with terror ties saw all emails -
"...WND reported Abedin also was a member of the executive board of the Muslim Student Association, which was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group in a 1991 document introduced into evidence during the terror-financing trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation.At her father's Saudi-financed Islamic think tank, WND reported, Abedin worked alongside Abdullah Omar Naseef, who is accused of financing al-Qaida fronts...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1355 days ago | newyorker
Hillary Clinton's Strong Start - The New Yorker

"...These findings suggest that voters are more sophisticated than they are sometimes given credit for. Rather than looking at politicians in black-and-white terms, they are able to size up candidates' strengths and weaknesses, and to reach an over-all view based on what they are looking for in a leader. At a time when the world seems like an increasingly dangerous place and a majority of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track, perceived strength and decisiveness may well count for a great deal. Can you get low marks on honesty and still be a strong leader? said Tim Malloy, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll, in a news release. Sure you can. Hillary Clinton crushes her democratic rivals and keeps the GOP hoard [sic] at arm's length. For Clinton's campaign team in Brooklyn Heights, that means things are on track. Of course, they won't necessarily stay that way. The campaign is just getting started, the country is more or less equally divided, and winning a third term of office isn't easy for any party. Now it's up to Clinton to finish up her listening tour, lay out her policy platform, and take it to the Republicans...." see full article

1357 days ago | huffingtonpost
Hillary Clinton Returns to SC as a Force to Be Reckoned With

"...Sticking to the down-home feel of the address, the grandmother expressed her own commitment to strengthening American families mentioning her own daughter and grandchild. She explained that while her family is fortunate to live close enough for her to lend a hand, not everyone has that luxury and advocated for things such as paid leave for mothers. Of course, Clinton was the tough woman with sass we know her to be when addressing her qualifications in the race for the White House saying sarcastically that, "I do know how hard this job I am seeking is. I have seen it up close and personal."However, she indicated that she didn't intend to do the job like everyone else that has occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and smiled when she said this about previous presidents:..." see full article

1357 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Tells Voters She's Listening, and Learning

"...Mrs. Clinton lacks some of the extraordinary gifts for connection and empathy that her husband possesses, and the round-table events that have characterized her early campaign can feel stage-managed. But even these settings are producing revealing moments, as Mrs. Clinton finds herself far from the world of international diplomacy and scrambling to re-educate herself about the nation she hopes to lead.A lot has changed since Mrs. Clinton left domestic politics to become secretary of state: Student debt has ballooned, access to credit has tightened, and the cause of income inequality has taken on a forceful momentum...." see full article

1359 days ago | realclearpolitics
Hillary Clinton's Grip on the "Invisible Primary"

"...That being said, at this point in the Democratic nomination Clinton is still far and away the best bet. Her strong showing in the invisible primary is an advantage, and her polling numbers now far outstrip where she was at this time in 2007.Perhaps just as importantly, Clinton does not yet face a challenger as tough as Hart, Obama or even Edwards. Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a self-described democratic socialist is the only other candidate who has officially jumped into the race. Sanders trails Clinton in the polls, and Clinton polls well among Sanders' natural base the far-left wing of the Democratic Party. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (who will announce his decision on a presidential campaign on Saturday) faces similar problems in the polls and with the liberal wing he might try to cater to.So for now, Sanders and O'Malley look more like factional challengers (think of John McCain's attack on George W. Bush from the party's moderate wing in 2000 or Pat Buchanan's conservative crusade against Bob Dole in 1996), as the most viable Clinton alternatives are on the sidelines...." see full article

1359 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton struggles to escape South Carolina scars - Politico

"...Clinton's soft reentry, her campaign believes, is a critical first step to rekindling her family's once-robust lifeline to grass-roots black voters nationwide, who fled in droves following her bruising 2008 primary here. It's been a traditional perception that African-Americans are a monolithic community and [the Clintons] took that tack in 2007 and 2008, says former state Rep. Bakari Sellers, an enthusiastic Hillary 2016 supporter who backed Obama against Clinton during her last campaign in the Palmetto State. They realized their mistake during the primary, but it was too late by that time...." see full article

1359 days ago | ibtimes
Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State ... - International Business Times
"...These were not the only relationships bridging leaders of the two nations. In the years before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, the philanthropic enterprise she has overseen with her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Just two months before the deal was finalized, Boeing -- the defense contractor that manufactures one of the fighter jets the Saudis were especially keen to acquire, the F-15 -- contributed$900,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to a company press release.The Saudi deal was one of dozens of arms sales approved by Hillary Clinton's State Department that placed weapons in the hands of governments that had also donated money to the Clinton family philanthropic empire, an International Business Times investigation has found...." see full article

1359 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Hillary Clinton's e-mails will come out one month at a time. That's bad for her.

"...Clinton's private e-mail address and server is a bad story for her. It reinforces lots of things people already suspect (and don't like) about the Clintons -- they're paranoid, they think the rules don't apply to them, etc. Winning candidates want bad stories to go away as quickly as possible. In Clinton's case, that means (probably) for all the e-mails to be released at one time, providing a glut of information that likely -- assuming there are no smoking guns -- produces one big bang of stories.And it looked like Clinton might get just that, when the State Department announced a few weeks back that it wouldn't be able to review and release all of the e-mails until January 2016. But that quickly changed when U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras said Wednesday that the public interest in the contents mandated that they be released more quickly. Contreras's ruling Wednesday stipulates that State must release a certain percentage (at least) of the e-mail trove every month -- starting next month -- and have all of the e-mails to the public by Jan. 29, which is likely to fall just before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1...." see full article

1359 days ago | ibtimes
Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State ... - International Business Times
"...These were not the only relationships bridging leaders of the two nations. In the years before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, the philanthropic enterprise she has overseen with her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Just two months before the deal was finalized, Boeing -- the defense contractor that manufactures one of the fighter jets the Saudis were especially keen to acquire, the F-15 -- contributed$900,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to a company press release.The Saudi deal was one of dozens of arms sales approved by Hillary Clinton's State Department that placed weapons in the hands of governments that had also donated money to the Clinton family philanthropic empire, an International Business Times investigation has found. Under Clinton's leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data. That figure -- derived from the three full fiscal years of Clinton's term as Secretary of State (from October 2010 to September 2012) -- represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush's second term...." see full article

1360 days ago | blogs.wsj
Three Questions for Hillary Clinton - Wall Street Journal (blog)
"...Mrs. Clinton addresses the Benghazi attacks in a 32-page chapter in her book, Hard Choices. She takes broad responsibility, but also makes clear that security decisions at diplomatic outposts were made lower down the chain. A new batch of emails released Friday by the State Department shows that in the run-up to the attack, she was made aware that Benghazi was plenty dangerous. One email from longtime aide Huma Abedinin April 2011 cited reports that hotels in Benghazi were being targeted for attacks. The note also said that Christopher Stevens, who would later become an ambassador and die in the Benghazi attacks, would be making a written request (to Libyan officials) for better security and for better security-related coordination. What did Mrs. Clinton make of such messages? Did she see this and other emails pointing to tough conditions in Benghazi as reason to beef up security for U.S. officials working in the city?..." see full article

1360 days ago | reason
Hillary Clinton's Brilliant Amnesty Move - Reason (blog)
"...There is no better proof of either quality than her U-turn decision last week to go all out in embracing amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Clinton's gambit is a major flip-flop one that will put Republicans in a bind that they'll have a hard time extricating themselves from. It's heads she wins and tails they lose, regardless of what they do.Clinton stunned everyone even Latino activists when she boldly called for a "path to full and equal citizenship" for all of the roughly 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. Speaking at a gathering of handpicked young immigrants in a high school in Nevada, a Latino-heavy swing state, she rejected the notion of a mere path to legalization like the sort Jeb Bush and some of the more immigrant-friendly Republicans have skittishly backed. "That's code for second-class status," Clinton declared. She promised to go much further than even President Obama's recent executive action and "defer" deportation proceedings not only against some illegal immigrants, but virtually all of them, while working toward comprehensive immigration reform that included citizenship...." see full article

1360 days ago | politico
Where the media loves Hillary Clinton - Politico

"...Clinton, a fashionista in her own right who counted herself among famed designer Oscar de la Renta's friends, already has a natural home among women's magazines and their mostly liberal audiences. But the reporting and writing often veers beyond alignment and into outright boosterism if not of Clinton herself, then of Democrats and the progressive causes they identify with.Take Vogue. In the past few months, the magazine whose fabled editor, Anna Wintour, is an unabashed Clinton fan and has even taken her shopping has featured John Kerry, a book about the first lady, and a feature on the first gay male White House social secretary, Jeremy Barnard. Clinton was the first first lady to appear on the magazine's cover and has appeared in the magazine at least seven times...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1361 days ago | dailycaller
Here's Everything We Learned From The Hillary Emails - Daily Caller
"...After Clinton learned that ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith, a Foreign Service officer, had been killed at Benghazi, she sent an email to several top aides asking if she should issue a statement that night or the following day.The only problem was, Clinton flubbed the two murdered Americans' names. Her email was entitled Chris Smith. None of the aides on the email chain Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Victoria Nuland corrected the mistake...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1361 days ago | thenewamerican
"Clinton Cash" Punches Through Bill and Hillary's Teflon Armor - The New American
"...When it comes to generating scandals, the Clinton family often appears to be the political equivalent of a perpetual motion machine: All that seems to have changed since the days when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas is that the scale of the scandals has expanded to proportions that might once have seemed inconceivable. Thus, as the next presidential election cycle begins to ramp up, Hillary Clinton has endeavored to dismiss any and all of the questions about her record as a U.S. senator and as secretary of state as "much ado about nothing." From the tragedy of Benghazi to the legal wrangling over her private e-mail server, Clinton has continued to act as if responding to critics is beneath her dignity. It is a dismissive strategy that has worked until now...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1361 days ago | cnn
Hillary Clinton's emails: A tangled mix of conflicts? - CNN

"...Was Blumenthal trying to personally profit from his relationship with Clinton? We don't know. Did the secretary of state know about his business interests, and whether or not they overlapped and/or conflicted with his work at the Clinton Foundation? Once again, more questions than answers.Clinton hasn't answered any of these questions, although she recently made a point of defending Blumenthal. "I have many, many old friends, and I always think that it's important when you get into politics to have friends you had before you were in politics, and to understand what's on their minds," she said. "He's been a friend of mine for a long time."That doesn't sound like a candidate concerned about the obvious conflicts of interest and possible improprieties surrounding her. And Clinton's seeming nonchalance could come back to haunt her: a recent national poll of registered voters showed that 54% don't consider her honest and trustworthy, and that number goes up to 61% among independents not registered as Democrat or Republican...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1362 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
What Hillary Clinton's private e-mails tell us about her management style

"...But a trove of newly released e-mails suggests that one of Clinton's tendencies persisted during her time as secretary of state an inability to separate her longtime loyalties from the business at hand.The e-mails from her private account reveal that she passed along no fewer than 25 memos about Libya from friend and political ally Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal had business interests in Libya but no diplomatic expertise there...." see full article

1364 days ago | realclearpolitics
Hillary Clinton's Accomplishment Deficit

"...Swing voters put more emphasis on particular personalities. They also put a premium on their own self-conception as independent thinkers. Thus, they give a lot of weight to things like accomplishments, if for no other reason than to justify their swing voterness. If neither Clinton nor her fans can offer evidence she's effective, that could hurt her among swing voters in swing states.And that's why the 2016 election will be an ugly affair. Going by her own fan base in Iowa, Clinton is not a fresh face. She has more baggage than the luggage-claim level at O'Hare Airport. Her record amounts to surviving scandals, many of her own making. Her most compelling selling point is that she's a woman. And her strategists have decided she needs to energize the Obama coalition of low-information voters.All of this points to a general election strategy of demonizing her opponent whoever he (or she) might be. If you can't make the case for yourself, you make the case against your opponent. And the Clintons certainly have a long record of accomplishment in doing exactly that...." see full article

1364 days ago | thehill
Christie: Media cuts Clinton slack on emails

"...Clinton, meanwhile, has faced her own public backlash, with many wondering aloud what she was trying to hide on the server.The House Select Committee on Benghazi is particularly interested in the communications.House Republicans vowed they would spend an hour of floor time on Thursday hounding State for all documents related to the deadly incident.Their efforts come amid revelations that a close friend of Clinton's blamed the terrorist assaulton an anti-Islamic online film before recanting that statement a day later.Questions over Clinton's transparency have dogged her 2016 campaign. The Democrat has drawn criticism for appearing inaccessible to the media since announcing her Oval Office bid on April 12...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1365 days ago | washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy - Washington Post

"...Nice sentiments, to be sure, but the fact that she was unveiling her Citizens United litmus test with party fat cats at an exclusive soiree (four days later, she mentioned it to voters in Iowa) tells you all you need to know about Clinton's awkward and often hypocritical relationship with campaign-finance reform. Even as she denounces super PACs, she's counting on two of them, Priorities USA Action and Correct the Record, to support her candidacy a necessary evil, her campaign says. She's also chin-deep in questionable financial activities, ranging from the soft-money scandals of her husband's presidency to the current flap over contributions by foreigners and favor-seekers to the Clinton Foundation. Then there's the matter of her plans to continue President Obama's policy of opting out of the public-finance system; Obama's abandonment of the system did as much as the Citizens United ruling to destroy the post-Watergate fixes...." see full article

1366 days ago | politico
Your Normal Rules Dont Apply to Hillary Clinton - Politico

"...What the press still fails to appreciate about Hillary Clinton is that she's not running for president, she's running as president, and all the usual rules about when and how she should speak don't apply to her. In her mind and who can blame her? she's the incumbent, this is a reelection campaign, and she occupies a place miles above the liquescent bogs of petty politics into which reporters would dunk her. A president is better seen than heard, she believes, hence her extended listening tour. The words of the president have an enormous weight and ought not to be used indiscriminately, as President Calvin Coolidge once put it.The press isn't buying that, of course, so every time Clinton dons her media-deflecting shroud in public, reporters attempt to tear it off, like Tuesday in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After 28 days of shaking off reporters' questions like a fussy major-league pitcher, and after answering only 13 queries since announcing her candidacy, Clinton finally fielded a few at a forum and volleyed in a way guaranteed to make almost no news...." see full article

1366 days ago | thedailybeast
Hillary's Unqualified Top VP Choice - Daily Beast

"...Let's get this out of the way early: Hillary Clinton's rumored No. 1 choice for vice president would be the least-qualified nominee for the job in decades.Sure, it's a little early to play Hillary veepstakes, but when you don't really have a primary to worry about, you get speculation like this: During a Spanish-language interview with Univision's Al Punto the other day, Henry Cisneros, Bill Clinton's former HUD secretary, predicted current HUD Secretary Juli n Castro would be Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016.Castro's the first person on their list, Cisneros averred. They don't have a second option, he added, because he is the superior candidate considering his record, personality, demeanor, and Latin heritage. This, of course, isn't a novel idea. Just months ago, my Daily Beast colleague Eleanor Clift speculated Castro is in VP Training Camp. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1367 days ago | washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton has better numbers on race than Obama. Now what? - Washington Post (blog)

"...Clinton has spoken on race, though, as well as on police and criminal justice issues. Last summer, she took a surprisingly strong stand on Ferguson; at a time when other politicians were focused on police militarization, she discussed inequality in the justice system. And in April, she said the United States must reduce its prison population -- a proposed reversal to an increase that occurred during her husband's administration.Speaking of her husband, he was the guy sometimes referred to as the "first black president" -- a reference to his work on issues important to African Americans. The numbers above suggest perhaps Hillary Clinton is benefiting from that record. Similarly, Bill Clinton was president during an economic boom time, and the former first lady's numbers on the economy are her second-strongest, at 42 percent "good job" and 28 percent "bad job."..." see full article

1367 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Hillary Clinton was paid millions by tech industry for speeches

"...While it is common for former presidents to receive top dollar as paid speakers, Hillary Clinton is unique as a prospective candidate who received large personal payouts from corporations, trade groups and other major interests mere months before launching a White House bid. In some cases, those speeches gave Clinton a chance to begin sounding out themes of her coming campaign and even discuss policy issues that a future Clinton administration might face...." see full article

1367 days ago | newyorker
Hillary Clinton's Iraq Dilemma - The New Yorker

"...Clinton, for her part, still has work to do to explain what she learned from the Iraq disaster. Clearly, it didn't turn her against the concept of overseas military intervention. In 2011, as Secretary of State, she helped orchestrate air attacks on Libya that aided in bringing down Muammar Qaddafi, unleashing a civil war that is still raging. In 2013, after she left office, she supported U.S. military action against the Syrian regime, a course that President Obama eventually backed away from. In Hard Choices, however, she struck a cautious note. As much as I have wanted to, I could never change my vote on Iraq, she wrote. But I could try to help us learn the right lessons from that war I was determined to do exactly that when facing future hard choices, with more experience, wisdom, skepticism, and humility. As the 2016 campaign unfolds, Clinton might want to say more about how her views have changed, and how, as President, she would reconcile her urge to exercise American power both to protect U.S. interests and to do some good in the world with the harsh realities of experience. Such a discussion would help shift attention away from her 2002 vote and allow her to draw a contrast with the Republicans' empty rhetoric. More importantly, it would focus the campaign debate on the question that, ever since March, 2003, has been hovering over practically everything: Whither America after Iraq?..." see full article

1367 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton May Not Need a Second Chance to Make a First Impression - New York Times

"...A larger number, but still just 11 percent of all voters, said they did not know enough about her to form an opinion, according to a New York Times-CBS poll published this month. By contrast, 43 percent said they did not know enough about Mr. Bush, the best-known Republican contender.On the bright side for Mrs. Clinton, she enters the race with a devoted base of supporters, mostly women, who appear solidly in her corner. Women in big states like Ohio and Pennsylvania heavily favored Mrs. Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries, driving her defeat of Mr. Obama in those states.Mrs. Clinton remains highly popular with African-Americans, college-educated women and single women, said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster...." see full article

1367 days ago | politico
State Department plans to release Hillary Clinton's emails in January 2016 - Politico

"...The controversy over Clinton's private email account led to a turbulent start for her presidential campaign, which she announced last month. She has said she wants the emails public and is eager for State to release them as quickly as possible. Clinton said she turned over all work-related emails to State, but acknowledged that she had erased a roughly equal number of emails her lawyers deemed private.The State Department's proposal, however, could mean a delay of almost 13 months between the time Clinton turned over some of her records and the bulk of those emails being made public...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1367 days ago | nytimes
5 Things You Might Not Know About Hillary Clinton - New York Times

"...She may be stressing sunny earnestness in the early going of her presidential campaign, but Mrs. Clinton has a funny and sarcastic side, with a streak of biting wit...." see full article

1367 days ago | bbc
Could Clinton emails shake up the 2016 Democratic race ... -
"...The strength of Mrs Clinton's shadow campaign, so far, has effectively discouraged any challengers for the nomination from stepping forward - or even beginning the most preliminary moves to lay the groundwork for a candidacy.If this story - combined with other recent unflattering news, such as questions over foreign donations to her non-profit foundation - begin to take a toll on her popularity, however, that ground can shift quickly. Democrats soon may realise a nomination race that is, in effect, a coronation is a risky endeavour. Cole himself calls for other candidates to "come forward to challenge her". The latest developments might shed light on a move, reported by the Wall Street Journal on Monday, that Mrs Clinton was advancing the date she plans to announce her candidacy from July to April...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1367 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: You won't believe Hillary Clinton's spin on avoiding the press

"...So, no matter how many Iowans' questions Hillary answers or how many questions she asks them, it doesn't justify her current unwillingness to stand before reporters (or even a single reporter) and take their questions. Not even a little...." see full article

1368 days ago | time
Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Isn't the Most Liberal Ever - TIME
"...It's possible, then, to imagine a more liberal campaign than the one Clinton is running. And if seems like she has the most liberal campaign in history, that's partly because she's facing an America that is more liberal on those issues..." see full article

1368 days ago | politico
Another day, another press dodge for Hillary Clinton - Politico

"...Instead, Clinton has been able to make news on her own terms, such as when she staked out her position on immigration at a roundtable in Las Vegas without taking any follow-up questions on the day a controversial book about her family was released or when she delivered a speech in Manhattan on criminal justice reform shortly after the riots in Baltimore...." see full article

1368 days ago | powerlineblog
Hillary Clinton and "the young and the diverse" - Power Line (blog)
"...As for the young, does Hillary Clinton believe she can inspire them the way Obama did? I don't. Her prospects for piling up big margins with this cohort rest far more on the hope that the GOP will nominate an unattractive candidate than on the appeal of leftist positions...." see full article

1368 days ago | politico
'Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul When They Accepted That Money'

"...There is no evidence that she tailored her official positions to suit Morocco's preferences because of personal or financial relationships. But the overlap between her diplomatic portfolio and the funding for her family's philanthropy illustrates the way nearly any foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation can be viewed through the prism of U.S. policy. And it highlights why countries, companies and individuals that could benefit from her past and possibly future public service might be inclined to support the foundation. ..." see full article

1371 days ago | nytimes
First Draft: Donors Must Find Their Own Lunch at Hillary Clinton Gathering

"...It's all part in keeping with the supposed cheapskate mentality of Robby Mook, Mrs. Clinton's campaign manager, who seeks to keep costs down and make sure donors see such frugality in practice. Salaries have been kept extremely low, and there aren't phones in the headquarters...." see full article

1372 days ago | nationaljournal
Hillary Clinton's Immigration Gamble - National Journal
"...Her decision to call out the Republican presidential field on the subject demonstrates how confident she is that, no matter how much certain GOP opponents run as centrists and appeal to Hispanic voters, no one will be able to outflank her on immigration reform...." see full article

1373 days ago | huffingtonpost
Four Ways Hillary Clinton Inspires and Connects

"...Hillary is one of those rare people. When she hugs you or asks about your children, she means it. Those may seem like small things, but they are the biggest things. And they matter to voters...." see full article

1374 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Hillary Clinton hasn't answered a question from the media in 20 days

"...The Clinton campaign's response to all of this? Blah. Reporters whining like they always do. And, as every Clinton staffer is quick to note, she has answered questions from lots of regular people during her first month as a candidate holding roundtables in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. They are also quick to note that she makes opening statements at these roundtables...." see full article

1375 days ago | latimes
Latino voters in states like Nevada see new attention from candidates for 2016 - Los Angeles Times
"...If a Democrat hopes to be president, he or she must not only reassemble Obama's winning coalition, which included Latinos and other minorities, but ensure that those voters turn out in robust numbers. Clinton's immigration proposals seem calculated to do just that, leaving Republicans the unpalatable choice of seconding her views and alienating their conservative base or rejecting them and risking further estrangement from Latino voters...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1376 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Monkey Cage: Hillary Clinton's views on immigration are entirely mainstream

"...The reality is much different. Far from being aggressive, liberal and aligned with immigration activists, Clinton's views are fairly mainstream. Dramatic shifts in public opinion over the past two decades suggest a real readiness for immigration reform...." see full article

1377 days ago | thehill
Hillary's immigration move has risks, rewards - The Hill

"...Clinton's comments amounted to a taunt against Bush and Rubio, whose support for legal status for undocumented workers falls short of Clinton's new demands. She said their position is code for second-class status."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1377 days ago | newsmax
GOP Will Lose in 2016 Without Sensible Immigration Reform - Newsmax
"...But unfortunately, the Republican desire for immigration reform and inclusive outreach in general has splintered. That's why I fear the GOP may blow an election it absolutely should win...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1377 days ago | cbsnews
Could Jim Webb pose a threat to Hillary Clinton in 2016? - CBS News

"...If former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb runs for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, he'll do so as a man with very little to lose. And for Hillary Clinton, the party's undeclared frontrunner, that could potentially be a big problem...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1377 days ago | salon
Marco Rubio's Hispanic debacle: How Hillary Clinton just made life hell for ... - Salon

"...Clinton's message came as something of a welcome surprise to immigration activists and liberal voters who remembered the Hillary Clinton of 2007 who hemmed, hawed, and dodged her way around issues of undocumented immigration. She also seems to have tripped up a few of the same Republicans candidates she criticized...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton's election to lose - Politico (blog)

"...On Nov. 8, 2016, Clinton will start start with a minimum 247 of the 270 electoral votes she needs to win. If you give her Colorado and Virginia which many political strategists would, given the Hispanic population in one and the rising influence of the northern-centered population in the other she'll start with 269. That means Clinton doesn't need Ohio or Florida. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | csmonitor
What's really behind Hillary Clinton's immigration gambit? 
"...In one fell swoop, Clinton distanced herself from her own past on immigration, her husband's record, and President Obama. But most important, she staked out a position that goes well beyond anyone in the Republican presidential field...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | latintimes
Hillary Clinton On Immigration: Why The Latino Vote Wont Be Free
"... If Hillary wants to win the Latino vote overwhelmingly, she'll have to identify closer with the 2015 Obama than the 2012 Obama. With potential competition from Hispanic or pro-immigration republicans, what won't be a guarantee...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | bloomberg
Hillary Clinton's Immigration Stance May Haunt Republicans Until Election Day
"...Clinton's move on Tuesday to not just make immigration reform a central issue so early in her presidential campaign but to also appeal directly to immigration activists is a reminder of how crucial the Hispanic vote has been for Democrats, and highlights the long road Republicans have with that voting bloc, even if they pick Bush as their nominee...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | bustle
Jeb Bush's Cinco De Mayo Push Won't Hijack The Latino Vote Like Hillary Clinton's Immigration Reform Speech Might
"...But while Bush might score better than many of his likely GOP contenders for the party's nomination, Democratic frontrunner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains a favorite in the Latino community  a standing that she further cemented by coming out in support of aggressive immigration reforms and an end to the Obama administration's mass detention policy Tuesday...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | washingtonpost
Why a Clinton victory in 2016 could expand the power of the presidency

"...The speech had clear political advantages for Clinton. Her position could restore enthusiasm to a Hispanic electorate hopeful more can be done on immigration, while exploiting Republicans' vulnerability on the issue...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | salon
Goodbye to all that: Hillary ditches the caution that helped doom her 2008 campaign

"...That cautious Hillary Clinton is gone, especially on immigration issues. Her bold promise to expand President Obama's executive actions on immigration (she already came out for drivers' licenses last month), combined with her speech calling for an end to the era of mass incarceration, shows that Clinton plans to embrace two of the movements that have emerged in the Obama years, on immigration and criminal justice reform...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | vox
What immigration activists want from Hillary Clinton

"...Clinton's appeal to immigration advocates has to go beyond the safe politics of comprehensive immigration reform and take a few risks to ensure their support. Her first speech on the topic indicated that's exactly what she'll do...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton Cant Control the News - Politico

"...By bicycling away from the press corps' clinch, Clinton manipulated the news cycle to her advantage. Her timing was sensational, too...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | nytimes
First Draft: Democrats Relish Hillary Clinton's Embrace of Cultural Issues

"...But the issues on which she is now perceived to be tacking to the left primarily on immigration and same-sex marriage are not likely to be dangerous for her in 2016, Democratic strategists argue, because a majority of voters in the center favor her views on those topics over the positions Republicans take...." see full article

1378 days ago | spectator
"...But I know the picture he has drawn is essentially true and the case indictable. The fact is that the Clintons have been acting in this way ever since their Arkansas days. There never has been a family like this in American history, not the Longs of Louisiana, not the scamps at Tammany Hall. The Clintons are a first, and with the help of journalists and then investigators they could be the last...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | slate
A Swing and a Miss

"...Overall, Clinton Cash is best described as an exercise in question begging, in which you assume your conclusion in the premise of your argument. Schweizer believes that the Clintons are corrupt influence peddlers who have enriched themselves at the expense of America's interests, and he's written a book to justify himself. What he hasn't done is written a book that proves his claims. Instead, all he has is a compendium of bad decisions and gross behavior that a more sober-minded writer could have used to make a real hit on the Clintons. As it stands, they will brush this off like they have most attacks from the right...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | americanthinker
The Hill-Billy Cash Pump

"...Here is how it worked: Bill flew around the world making speeches and burnishing his reputation as a global humanitarian and wise man. Very often on these trips he was accompanied by "close friends" or associates who happened to have business interests in these countries. Introductions were made, deals struck .  Meanwhile, bureaucratic or legislative obstacles were mysteriously cleared or approvals granted within the purview of his wife, the powerful senator or secretary of state...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1378 days ago | time
Why Hillary Clinton's Democratic Opponents Only Throw Softballs - TIME
"...Much of the reticence around staging personal attacks on Clinton comes from her relative strength. She is widely admired in the Democratic Party, while her contenders are relatively unknown at the national level...." see full article

1378 days ago | latimes
Hillary Clinton's use of 'super PAC' may undercut her finance reform message - Los Angeles Times
"...Clinton supporters say she is caught up in a campaign arms race and she has no choice but to use the tools her opponents have at their disposal. Still, the quick shift on fundraising puts Clinton in an awkward position...." see full article

1378 days ago | bloombergview
Hillary Clinton, Immigration Extremist - Bloomberg View
"...And she might even come across as someone who is willing to say or do anything for political convenience -- even if it means ignoring the presidential oath of office. Which appears to be true. ..." see full article

1379 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Takes the Lead on Immigration

"...A shot at citizenship is the only proper goal of sensible immigration reform. But even under the most generous and ambitious proposals, immigrants won't be able to reach that goal for years, if ever. Creating a citizenship path requires Congress to pass a bill, and there's no sign when that will happen...." see full article

1379 days ago | america.aljazeera
Latino activists press Hillary Clinton on major Pacific trade pact - Al Jazeera America
"...As far as some advocates are concerned, supporting immigration reform without opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership is counterproductive. And as much as the Clinton campaign seems to be courting the crucial Hispanic vote in 2016 a key part of Obama's winning coalition in 2008 and 2012 for some Latino activists, it falls short...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1379 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: No, Hillary Clinton does not have a 'liberal' problem

"...Persistent -- and wrong. The truth is that scant evidence exists in any poll to suggest that Clinton is anything short of beloved (or, at the very least, be-liked) by the party's liberal base...." see full article

1379 days ago | huffingtonpost
This Isn't 1968. Baltimore Isn't Watts. And Hillary Clinton Isn't Michael Dukakis.

"...Green thinks voters will punish Clinton for advocating that police wear body cameras. But polls consistently show that this is a policy supported by 85 to 90 percent of the country. Not only is Green wrong here, it's hard to think of many issues for which there's so broad a consensus...." see full article

1379 days ago | slate
Clinton Cash Can't Prove Anything Against Hillary. Maybe That's the Point. - Slate Magazine

"...Conservative author Peter Schweizer fails to prove that Hillary Clinton's actions as a U.S. senator and secretary of state were influenced by the massive amount of cash deep-pocketed foreign donors funneled to the Clintons and the foundation that bears their name. What Schweizer suggests is evidence of quid pro quo is instead little more than post hoc ergo propter hoc speculation...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1379 days ago | washingtonpost
This isn't 1968. Baltimore isn't Watts. And Hillary Clinton isn't Michael Dukakis. - Washington Post

"...Ask any leader in the criminal justice reform movement if they consider Hillary Clinton to be an ally. After a bout of laughter, they'll likely point out that she criticized Barack Obama in 2008 for his support to reform mandatory minimum laws and to change the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity. ..." see full article

1379 days ago | breitbart
Team Hillary Launches Massive Smear Campaign Against 'Clinton Cash' - Breitbart News
"...The Clinton campaign's fear over Clinton Cash is apparent in the opening seconds of the Hillary video, wherein Fallon claims, the book is being debunked far and wide, an odd claim that raises an obvious question: Why, then, does the Hillary campaign feel the need to launch a two-and-a-half minute video on it as well as a new website to combat it? ..." see full article

1380 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Hillary Clinton's campaign is owning the Instagram aesthetic

"...Well, remember that modern political campaigns and candidates -- #thanksObama! -- have become the equivalent of brands that are being packaged and sold for maximum public consumption. Social media is a critical part of any marketing campaign -- and needs to be incorporated into the broader themes of the effort. So, if the goal of the larger Clinton campaign is to show that the candidate is a real, regular person, then the more "authentic" your social media presence is, the better...." see full article

1380 days ago | huffingtonpost
Hillary Clinton's Battle With Cultural and Financial Elitism

"...The revelation that Hillary decided to run for President at the Dominican Republic estate of fashion mogul Oscar de la Renta, and the revelation that some of the participants in an Iowa forum that she participated in were Democratic campaign workers rather than rank-and-file voters, make some Americans wonder if Hillary is "out of touch" with the Middle Class...." see full article

1380 days ago | theguardian
Hillary Clinton campaign issues online rebuttal of Clinton Cash criticisms - The Guardian

"...The manner in which Clinton's campaign has gone after Schweizer and his book reflects a targeted effort by Clinton's team to reach voters directly rather than by trying to push their message through media outlets and hoping readers take note...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1380 days ago | againstcronycapitalism
'Clinton Cash' book by Peter Schweizer has hurt Hillary substantially ...
"...Add in the cottage industry the Clintons have developed on the speaking circuit and it really is pretty breathtaking. Consider also that Bill and Hillary were dead broke after they left the White House. A decade and a half later and their tentacles and money appear to stretch the globe (and into some rather dark nooks and crannies)...." see full article

1380 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: The Democratic presidential debates are great news for Hillary Clinton

"...Sure, the debates will give every Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb and Martin O'Malley an equal-ish platform to Clinton that they could never afford -- literally -- otherwise. But, viewed broadly, the debates are likely to do Clinton more good than harm...." see full article

1381 days ago | nationaljournal
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Declares War Against 'Clinton Cash' - National Journal
"...For campaigns, pushing back on unflattering reports is pro-forma, but the team's effort goes above and beyond the standard plan. On Tuesday morning, Clinton's campaign launched what it's calling "The Briefing," a new section of its website, paired with videos and posts on other social-media platforms, that aims to combat what an email to supporters describes as "whatever far-flung theories [Republicans] can find in order to try and distract from Hillary's record of fighting for everyday Americans."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1381 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
For Hillary Clinton, a trust deficit to surmount

"...And, Clinton is not helping her cause with a recent spate of stories raising questions about the possibility of a too-close relationship between the former first family and big donors to the Clinton Foundation...." see full article

1383 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton courts Silicon Valley - Politico

"...By some measures, Clinton's 2016 tech courtship began during her tenure as secretary of state. Her speeches on Internet freedom during the Arab Spring uprisings proved especially resonant in the Valley, where services like Twitter and Facebook helped people organize protests against authoritarian regimes...." see full article

1383 days ago | nypost
Hill and Bill can't hide from shady deals exposed in 'Clinton Cash' - New York Post
"...But virtually every chapter Schweizer wrote provides a tantalizing set of leads curious characters to be interviewed, complex deals to be explored, connections to be untangled. Clinton Cash is the blueprint to a tower of important questions about the ex-president and the president in waiting. The press is eager to go back on gaffe patrol this book shouldn't let them...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1383 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton Courts the Democratic Left, but Is Pressured to Take ...

"...But Mrs. Clinton is not just conveying veiled messages to her party's left-leaning base. She is also receiving them...." see full article

1384 days ago | vox
The 5 biggest policy differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton - Vox

"...On foreign policy issues involving the use of American force abroad, it's actually Clinton, not Sanders, who's most out of step with the Democratic Party. And since the president has broad authority to conduct foreign policy without Congressional oversight, this matters quite a bit...." see full article

1385 days ago | truthdig
In Defense of Hillary Clinton, Democrats Embrace Citizens United Decision - Truthdig
"...To advocates for limiting the influence of money in politics, this pushback from Democrats is particularly rich (pun intended) coming from a party that spent a decade asserting that Republicans raking in cash from Big Oil and pushing oil-friendly policies was rank corruption. The Democratic defense of their presumptive presidential nominee registers as especially disturbing to campaign finance reform advocates considering the mighty efficiency of the Clinton fundraising machine...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1385 days ago | newsweek
Everything You Need to Know About 'Clinton Cash' - Newsweek

"...There's no two ways about it: Clinton Cash reads like a hatchet job. The forthcoming book purports to show the Clinton family's willingness eagerness, even to accept lavish donations and speaking fees from foreign donors at times when conveniently, the author wants you to know the State Department was considering whether or not to award big contracts to groups and people affiliated with those donors...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1385 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
Republicans chart divergent paths to take on Hillary Clinton

"...Another hurdle is the historic nature of Clinton's candidacy. Her bid to become the first female president is likely to stir enthusiasm among female voters in particular. Republicans are struggling to criticize Clinton's qualifications without seeming to dismiss the potential of a woman in the Oval Office...." see full article

1388 days ago | politico
Hillary's money for nothing - Politico

"...But of course the Real Hillary, like the real anybody, is a tangle of conflicting virtues, flaws, talents, anxieties, altruism and avarice. She's earthy and funny just as her friends say but there's another side, too, a woman who is unnervingly single-minded in her pursuit of power, privacy and, at times, cash...." see full article

1389 days ago | washingtonpost
Back to basic facts in latest Hillary Clinton 'scandal' story - Washington Post (blog)

"...So in this case, we have no evidence of a quid pro quo, and we don't have evidence that Hillary Clinton took any action at all with regard to this sale, in favor of the interests of the donors or otherwise...." see full article

1389 days ago | washingtontimes
Hillary Clinton foreign donations, email, agenda questions scare off ...
"...He is among a growing chorus of party insiders calling for a credible challenger to enter the primary race against Mrs. Clinton, either to provide a viable liberal alternative or at least to test Mrs. Clinton in preparation for a general election contest...." see full article

1389 days ago | nationalreview
Are Democratic Insiders Starting to Panic about Hillary? - National Review Online

"...What Democrats really worry about is that no one will beat the Clinton Machine for the Democratic nomination it will survive and go on to become an inviting target for Republicans in the general-election battle...." see full article

1389 days ago | nypost
Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a 'slush fund' - New York Post
"...The Clinton Foundation's finances are so messy that the nation's most influential charity watchdog put it on its watch list of problematic nonprofits last month...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1390 days ago | latimes
GOP's latest Benghazi-related inquiry could benefit Hillary Clinton - Los Angeles Times
"...Clintons have proved adept over the years at turning allegations of misdeeds in their favor. Voter uneasiness with their conduct has, in the past, yielded to voter distaste for the zealousness with which Republicans exploited it...." see full article

1390 days ago | inquisitr
Hillary Clinton: 2016 Presidential Hopeful Reportedly Furious As Thousands Of ... - The Inquisitr
"... Americans send cigars to Hillary Clinton, something she is furious about because of the meaning behind them...." see full article

1390 days ago | latimes
GOP's latest Benghazi-related inquiry could benefit Hillary Clinton - Los Angeles Times
"...The Clintons have proved adept over the years at turning allegations of misdeeds in their favor. Voter uneasiness with their conduct has, in the past, yielded to voter distaste for the zealousness with which Republicans exploited it.There are still memories of President Clinton's approval rating soaring above 64% within months of his impeachment by the House in December 1998. Voters punished Republicans in the midterm election a month before the impeachment vote...." see full article

1390 days ago | foxnews
Veteran defense lawyers see possible criminal inquiry for Clintons - Fox News

"...The Clintons, at any rate, are veterans of this terrain. In addition to her husband becoming the first president to be impeached and ultimately acquitted in over a century, in 1996 Hillary Clinton became the First Lady to testify before a grand jury...." see full article

1390 days ago | nationalreview
Will the Clinton-Cash Scandal Doom Hillary's White House Bid? - National Review Online

"...One place not to look for answers is the Clinton leviathan and its sundry remoras. For starters, no matter what the allegation, the Clinton response is always to shoot the messengers and point to the alleged misdeeds of somebody else...." see full article

1391 days ago | wbur
Why Hillary Is In Trouble - WBUR
"...The problem for Hillary is that revelations are also coming from the mainstream media. The New York Times reported an untold story about an unseemly deal involving Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal. ..." see full article

1391 days ago | politico
Bill and Hillarys Excellent Adventure - Politico

"...Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely that very much of what Schweizer alleges will stick, if only because that classic Washington omelette made of equal parts policy and political reasons can never be unmade once it's cooked: Especially among the uber-cautious Clintons, you'll never find the smoking ingredient; no one will ever be caught saying, Let's make a policy decision for Bill's donors. ..." see full article

1391 days ago | slate
Looks Like Hillary Clinton Is Running an Aggressively Feminist Campaign ... - Slate Magazine (blog)

"...The political chatter is centered around how Clinton isn't downplaying her gender, as she did in 2008, but holding it up as an asset. This speech suggests she is running an aggressively feminist campaign. It's a smart move. Her opposition is going to try to paint her as a ball-busting "feminazi" no matter what she does, so she might as well get ahead of them, openly embracing feminism, sharing a vision of feminism that is optimistic and pro-family. Luckily, she has a more accurate vision of what feminism is really about than her detractors do. ..." see full article

1392 days ago | realclearpolitics
For Hillary Clinton, No War But the Class War

"...But it may well win her the election. And really, isn't that all that matters? ..." see full article

1392 days ago | thedailybeast
Bill, Chelsea Going to Africa to Prove Clinton Foundation Is Not Sleazy - Daily Beast

"...Questions about the foundation's work however are starting to impact the efforts of Hillary Clinton as she launches her second campaign for president. On Thursday it was reported that the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose millions of dollars in donations from the executive of a uranium company seeking State Department sign-off for a Russian mine while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, and that the foundation failed to properly report donations from foreign governments...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1393 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton struggles to contain media barrage on foreign cash - Politico

"...the couple's secretive tendencies and their connections to big sums of cash. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1393 days ago | bizpacreview
BOMBSHELL! Clinton Foundation failed to report tens of millions in foreign ... - BizPac Review
"...It appears William Safire, the late author, columnist and journalist, had Clinton pegged a long time ago when, in a 1996 New York Times column, he referred to her as a congenital liar. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1393 days ago | reason
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Isn't Answering Questions About Sketchy Clinton ... - Reason (blog)
"...As I said earlier this week, these sorts of report,are likely to dog Hillary Clinton's campaign for a while, in part because of the book's impending release and in part because major news organizations have made arrangements with Schweizer to follow up on his reporting. But they're also going to stick, I think, because they play into the public perception of the Clinton's as vaguely shady and corrupt, as power players and dealmakers who can never be fully trusted. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1393 days ago | theatlantic
H Is for Hillary - The Atlantic

"...Though controversial, it has the potential to become a powerful brand in its own right...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1393 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton Can't Run for President - Jack Shafer - POLITICO ...

"...She's succeeded wildly. Her coffees, roundtables, discussions and spontaneous meetings with voters have immersed her campaign into a box of dry ice and slowed it to the lowest metabolic levels. Suspended animation would look vigorous compared to what Clinton is now doing. This is smart. Steady coverage on the inside of newspapers is exactly what she wants...." see full article

1394 days ago | huffingtonpost
Obama Campaign Logo Designer Weighs in on Hillary Clinton's "H" Logo - Huffington Post

"...Sometimes logos come out and there is a lot of immediate reaction but you don't always know how it will work in the long-term...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1395 days ago | americanthinker
Hillary Clinton Logo turns blue like a Home Pregnancy Test - American Thinker (blog)

"...But when you look at the new Hillary logo, does it remind you more of a maternity ward, an emergency care unit, or a psychiatric care facility? ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1396 days ago | politico
Design experts trash Hillary Clintons new logo - Politico

"...But to many campaign design veterans, the new Clinton logo is a disappointment. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1399 days ago | triblive
Heyl: Does it mean hospitals? Hotels? Clinton's ambiguous logo baffles voters - Tribune-Review
"...Ambiguity might be fine in avant-garde foreign films, but it does presidential candidates no good. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1399 days ago | rollingstone
Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit -
"...This is no plutocrat who plans to ride to the White House upon a historically massive assload of corporate money, the papers declared, this is a candidate of the people! ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1400 days ago | theguardian
Why it matters that Hillary Clinton's logo is a no go area - The Guardian

"...A picture may paint a thousand words, but a logo helps makes sense of a thousand policies...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1401 days ago | wired
Why Everyone Went Nuts Over Hillary Clinton's New Logo - Wired

"...In this case, the design isn't just about the H itself which, as Draplin points out, is actually perfectly designed for the social media avatars where so many people will experience it...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1402 days ago | frontpagemag
Forget a Platform, Hillary Clinton Can't Figure Out a Logo - FrontPage Magazine
"...But it was less awful than her new arrow H...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1402 days ago | theweek
Hillary the Terrible? - The Week Magazine
"...But running as a woman isn't enough. Clinton has to execute a difficult maneuver. She must draw on nostalgia for the 1990s, when broad economic gains seemed to be more equitably shared, while still coming across as her own woman and not as a retread of her husband's presidency. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1402 days ago | gizmodo
The Long Pointy History Behind Hillary's Brilliant Logo - Gizmodo

"...The logo itself is bold and contemporary, and pretty enough that it won't annoy us when we've been looking at it for 18 months straight...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1402 days ago | washingtonpost
Could Obama's liberalism hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016? - Washington Post (blog)

"...And so the challenge for Clinton is clear. Voters appear to punish the president's party for pushing policy in one direction while public opinion is heading in the opposite direction. And this is exactly what has happened under Obama...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | abcnews.go
Hillary Clinton Logo for 2016 Presidential Campaign Riles Up Internet - ABC News

"...Red is a symbol for danger, and the campaign has a big and bold red arrow pointing right to the right that's dominating the whole logo..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | money.cnn
Why everybody's talking about Hillary Clinton's new logo - CNNMoney

"...Why is the arrow red and pointing to the right? Is she becoming a Republican?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | usnews
Hillary Clinton's 2016 Announcement Video Shows She's Her Own Worst Enemy - U.S. News & World Report (blog)

"...From my perspective, it was a poor messaging decision at the outset...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | vox
Designers explain why nobody likes Hillary Clinton's campaign logo - Vox

"...Whereas other logos space out the clashing colors with blank space, Hillary's logo places the red arrow directly on top of the blue rectangle creating an illusion that isn't pleasant to look at...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Hillary Clinton's retro 'H' logo has plenty of critics. But at least it's novel.

"...Retro design is making a comeback, and there's no better sign of that than Clinton's campaign logo...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Could Hillary Clinton 2016 outperform 2012-incumbent Obama in the primaries?

"...If her competition ends up being as tepid as it looks like it might be (sorry, Martin O'Malley!), Clinton could end up securing a larger percentage of support than Barack Obama did in 2012...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago |
Twitter turns Clinton's "H" logo into target for ridicule - Yahoo News UK

"...Worse yet for the would-be 2016 standard-bearer of the left-leaning Democratic Party: The arrow pointed to the right...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | rawstory
'Obama meets FedEx': Twitter turns Hillary Clinton's 'H' logo into target for ... - Raw Story

"...She's got you guys writing about her logo instead of her pantsuit and her hairstyle...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | brandchannel
A Design Perspective on Hillary Clinton's 2016 Logo -
"...It's hard to dislike Hillary's visual branding from that perspective. While still patriotic with its red, white and blue, there is an absence of traditional American symbols as flags and eagles or heavy subjects such as freedom and its attendant liberty torch flames, while still being bold and graphic...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1403 days ago | huffingtonpost
Why Hillary Clinton Is Probably Going To Win The 2016 Election - Huffington Post

"...Unless the economy goes into a recession over the next year and a half, Hillary Clinton is probably going to win the presidential election...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1404 days ago | slate
Hillary Wants You to Swipe Right on Her Campaign for President - Slate Magazine (blog)

"...It's already inspiring well-reasoned political dialogue, which we hope signals that we are embarking on a presidential campaign of policy-driven debate that will move us forward as a nation...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1404 days ago | washingtonpost
Why Hillary Clinton will probably try to impress moms in 2016 - The ...

"...Targeting parents is also smart politics. More than a third of voters during the last presidential election said they had children under 18, a CBS News exit poll found...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1404 days ago | economist
Hillary Clinton in 2016 - The Economist
"...She also understands Washington, DC, as well as anyone. For eight years she was a close adviser to a president (her husband) who balanced the budget and secured bipartisan agreements to reform welfare and open up trade in North America...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1407 days ago | thedailybeast
16 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Win 2016 - The Daily Beast

"...But from this vantage point, all signs point to Hillary Clinton coasting to the Democrat Party nomination and winning the White House...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1411 days ago | forbes
Hillary Clinton Is 2016's Lane Kiffin, And An Insult To Bill Clinton - Forbes
"...Hillary Clinton Is 2016's Lane Kiffin, And An Insult To Bill Clinton..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1411 days ago | politico
Gary Hart: Billion-dollar Clinton campaign should 'frighten' Americans - Politico

"...Gary Hart has serious reservations about a Hillary Clinton candidacy. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1411 days ago | inquisitr
Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign Starts, Michelle Obama's Former ... - The Inquisitr
"...Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, Schake will have to channel Scandal s Olive Pope in order to make that happen...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1412 days ago | newrepublic
How Will Hillary Break the Internet? - The New Republic
"...Clinton is a juggernaut, maybe unstoppable, a massive asteroid that will crush all in her path...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1413 days ago | theweek
How Martin O'Malley can help Hillary Clinton win in 2016 - The Week Magazine
"...Hillary Clinton ahead by almost 45 points in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. It's a nearly insurmountable lead for any challenger...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1414 days ago | cnn
Elizabeth Warren: Give Hillary Clinton a chance - CNN

"..."I think we need to give her a chance, if she is going to run, and to declare," Warren said on NBC's "Today" on Tuesday. "And to lay out what she wants to run on. I think that is her opportunity to" champion issues the senators feels are important...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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