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Is "Binge TV" Watching A Problem?

With the upcoming premiere of Season 3 of Netflix's Orange is the New Black, many in the entertainment industry are turning against the Binge TV model. Do you think Binge TV watching is a bad idea?

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Is "Binge TV" Watching A Problem?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Is "Binge TV" Watching A Problem?"
last 24 hours | thedrum
The future of streaming TV: Why binge watching might go away - The Drum
"...There are also the health risks. Although we have known about these risk factors for years (i.e. couch potatoes) with the rise of binge-watching doctors and researchers are raising concern about the damage sitting in front of a screen can do to your body. The ownice is on the viewer. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other services can provide you with hours and hours of entertainment but that doesn't mean you have to consume it all in one weekend...." see full article

1322 days ago |
Is binge watching TV really that bad for us? - SBS
"...The results showed there was a direct connection between the two. The more depressed the participants were, the more likely they were to participate in binge watching. Binge watching in this instance was defined as a participant watching two or more programs consecutively.The researchers highlighted that escaping negative feelings via the behavior of binge watching TV was not dissimilar to behaviours of binge eating or binge drinking. ..." see full article

1324 days ago | digitaltrends
Binge TV watching is seriously bad for your health, says new study
"...Perhaps it's time to move away from the remote and log out of Netflix for a few hours: Researchers in Spain have found that binge TV watching is directly linked to an increased risk of death, more so than sitting in a car or working at a computer. The mortality risk was twice as high for those who watched more than three hours of television a day compared with less than one hour a day.The dangers of sitting down for extended periods of time have already been well documented, but the study found that driving a car or using a computer were not nearly as damaging as watching television the fact that slumping in front of the TV requires so little energy and interaction would seem to be a significant factor...." see full article

1330 days ago | mic
Science Has Bad News for People Who Binge-Watch TV Shows
"...As it turns out, binge-watching has more in common with binge-eating and binge-drinking than one may think. Sung, Kang and Lee polled 316 young people between the ages of 18 and 29 on the frequency with which they watched TV, how often that was binge-watching and the regularity with which they experience feelings of "loneliness, depression and self-regulation deficiency." The researchers found that depression and binge-watching were very much connected: The more lonely and depressed the participants were, the more likely they were to devour giant chunks of TV programming. Subjects most often used this activity to avoid negative feelings, which is behavior also favored by binge-eaters and binge-drinkers...." see full article

1330 days ago | yahoo
What Your TV Binge-Watching Routine Says About You
"...Binge-watching TV shows is associated with loneliness, depression, and the inability to catch and stop ourselves from engaging in this extreme viewing behavior, new research suggests. Binge-watching is defined as watching between two to six episodes of the same TV show in one sitting.  ..." see full article

1330 days ago | thestar
Why binge-watching is bad for you (sometimes)
"...Even so, Mitchell isn't so sure there's a lot to worry about here. He said that getting deeply immersed in the lives of fictional characters and/or watching bleak fare doesn't necessarily lead to aberrant behavior, unless the person is particularly vulnerable for some reason. For people who are well-integrated, I wouldn't think there would be a problem. Mitchell, who has studied binge eating, said that with little scientific research on binge viewing, he was hesitant to liken this kind of TV consumption to more physical activities that can lead to addiction. But he did suggest taking a break. It's probably better to get up after an hour and do something. ..." see full article

1330 days ago | hollywoodreporter
Backlash Brewing Against Binge TV as 'Orange Is the New Black' Creator ... - Hollywood Reporter
"...But the model also has challenges. "What is lacking from this behavior is the watercooler aspect," says analyst Ben Bajarin. "At least in the U.S., this is a strong social trend that may trump the binge-watching of current-season shows." For talent promoting shows, it's less obvious when to schedule a late-night appearance, and spoiler-filled interviews can upset fans. "It's tricky when we're promoting [OITNB] because I'm still going to be marathoning the weekend that it comes out," says actress Laverne Cox. "I would love to be able to talk about every single thing but you don't want to give stuff away."Then there's the notion of building buzz. HBO CEO Richard Plepler, who has resisted all-at-once releases, noted in April that shows such as The Jinx benefit from growing an audience over time. "There's something very powerful about having a conversation in the culture occurring for 10 weeks, 12 weeks, 13 weeks," he said. "Occupying social media during that time, expanding the conversation about your brand for 12 weeks. I also think people enjoy the treat of waiting for the next episode." But Kohan notes that the binge release promotes a new fan dynamic. "When people watch our show, they immerse themselves in it, they bathe in it, they live with these characters for hours and hours at a time and they have a different experience because of the way they watch it, because of the binge."..." see full article

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