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Is A Coup D'etat Possible In North Korea?

Recent photos of Kim Jong Un show he is overweight and unhealthy. With his health on the line, is "Dear Leader" possibly losing control of the closed-off country?

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Is A Coup D'etat Possible In North Korea?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Is A Coup D'etat Possible In North Korea?"
last 24 hours | newsmax
Portly Kim Jong Un Sparks Speculation on North Korea Leadership - Newsmax
"...The younger Kim has had ills of his own that've taken him out of the public eye, including an absence as recently as last September. If Kim seems once again to be ailing, an opposition faction might consider an uprising, the Telegraph reports...." see full article

1323 days ago | vox
Why is North Korea executing high-level officials with anti-aircraft guns?

"...There are two ways, then, to read Kim's habit of high-level and ultra-violent purges. Perhaps it is a show of his strength: if he can even have a decorated military leader like Hyon Yong Chol killed and can march hundreds of his officials out to a firing range to make them quietly watch, then he must be pretty powerful. Or perhaps the fact that Kim thinks he has to do this at all shows how fundamentally insecure his rule is and that could actually make his hold on power even weaker...." see full article

1324 days ago | theguardian
True or false: the 'kooky' North Korea stories they couldn't make up – but did - The Guardian

"...Men are not forced to cut their hair like Kim Jong-un. Women can wear pants. It is safe to be a tourist, if you don't hand out bibles. It is forbidden to film portraits of the Kims soft-focus or cropped. People like to dance in public, not just when told to by the state. The country is poor, but not everyone is starving or in chains: an estimated 100,000 North Koreans are imprisoned, with a further 8.3m lacking adequate food and shelter. The remaining 16.6m rely on a growing black market economy and lead normal enough lives to go to the movies.Vice's popular claim that North Korea no longer makes films is false: Pyongyang's five studios produce 20 to 30 rom-coms, thrillers, dramas, animations and documentaries a year. The film stars, directors and writers I met had never heard of Stanley Kubrick, but loved Bend it Like Beckham, The Sound of Music and Avatar. Like their southern cousins, they were resilient, warm and loved telling jokes, mostly about the Russians and Chinese. Resentment towards Kim Jong-un was evident but concealed: criticising him can lead to the gulags...." see full article

1326 days ago | foreignpolicy
A Story of Paranoia and Gore: Why North Korea Uses Such Brutal Execution Methods
"...There's reason to believe Kim learned from his father's own creativity in executions. After North Korea's 6th Army Corps rose up against him in 1995, Kim Jong Il reportedly tied up the officers responsible for the attempted coup in their headquarters, and then burned down the building, according to one account of uprising. Another description of the event claims the soldiers responsible were executed by machine-gun brandishing firing squads.Today, the threats arrayed against Kim appear far less serious than the 6th Corps uprising. Rather, Kim's reign of terror has appeared geared toward amassing power and eliminating perceived rivals to the throne. There have been no credible reports during his reign of a coup being attempted, though it's certainly likely that North Korea would not publicize such a plot if one had been launched and subsequently crushed. This year alone, Kim executeda senior official who dared complain about his forestry policy. Another official charged with economic planning was killed after complaining about the design of a roof on a building being built in the North Korean capital. Separately, four members of the Unhasu Orchestra were killed on espionage charges...." see full article

1345 days ago | telegraph.c
North Korea's Kim dynasty survived 'series of coups', says CIA agent
"...Aware of the fragility of their regimes without the support of the military, successive Kim regimes have endeavoured to keep senior officials of the armed forces content by ensuring they have a large budget and buying the support of individual officers with gifts that range from imported cars to musical instruments, top-of-the-range alcohol and cigarettes. There were reports in early 2013 that security had been stepped up around Kim Jong-un, who took over from his father in December 2011, and there was speculation that there were fears of another attempt to overthrow the regime...." see full article

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