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Is A-Rod's Legacy Ruined?

Alex Rodriquez recently broke Hank Aaron's home run record, to very little fanfare. After being suspended for a year due to PED use, do you think A-rod's legacy is forever tarnished?

67% of writers and pundits say yes
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Is A-Rod's Legacy Ruined?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Is A-Rod's Legacy Ruined?"
last 24 hours | sierrastar
Getting a pass - Sierra Star
"...Their statistics should be erased from the record books and then they can't be seen as sports leaders or Hall of Famers. Let them be seen as the disappointing cheats that they are. Same thing with our politicians, and elected leaders...." see full article

1313 days ago | washingtonpost
Alex Rodriguez tried to ensure his legacy but killed it instead

"...He's done. Instead of departing baseball as a legendary, lock Hall of Fame superstar, he will leave as a punch line. And that won't change for the rest of his life...." see full article

1315 days ago | nytimes
In the Yankees Reality Show, Its Alex Rodriguez, Flaws and All

"...In terms of Rodriguez's legacy, he was on the way to becoming one of the greatest shortstops to play the game until he reached the Yankees and, out of deference to Derek Jeter, switched to third base. Rodriguez became one of the best third basemen in the game, and I have little doubt that with time and reps, he could become an All-Star-caliber first baseman and could become an outstanding designated hitter. Rodriguez knows how to play the game on and off the field...." see full article

1315 days ago | espn.go
No love lost between A-Rod, Boston

"...This is the place that, in spite of all the memories he has created here, would sooner forget him, it seems, than honor him. For all the respect he can expect here if he hits No. 660 this weekend, unless Boston has a collective change of heart, Alex Rodriguez might as well be playing in an empty Camden Yards...." see full article

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1315 days ago | masslive
Alex Rodriguez' records require neither an asterisk nor respect
"...If some want to look at the literal stats with awe and admiration, they will have that right. If others see them as the filled-out time sheet of a cheat, they are entitled as well. But we had better get used to A-Rod being back. With six home runs already, he is on pace to hit 42...." see full article

1315 days ago | nytimes
Alex Rodriguez Speaks of His Regrets (a Few) and Willie Mays (the Greatest Ever)

"...Rodriguez always stirs emotions, like the larger steroids debate that will forever cloud his era. Like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and others, he seems destined to reside in Hall of Fame purgatory after retirement. Rodriguez will have the numbers, but most fans will view his totals differently from Mays's...." see full article

1315 days ago |
How A-Rod can be a good guy again after hitting homer No. 660

"...But with 660 here, A-Rod has a chance to win back some good-guy points now. Not enough to restore his legacy. Or even to stop people from making "AROID" jokes. But there are just enough good-guy points out there that your average baseball fan might have something good to say about him one day in the future...." see full article

1315 days ago | newyork.cbslocal
Hall Of Fame Rules Will Bury A-Rod And Raise Brady
"...While he has yet to make the deaf hear and the blind see, Rodriguez has at least made some amazing strides in a sinner-to-saint transformation. Yet, his legacy will not include a plaque in Cooperstown. Not unless the baseball writers' perceptions of the Steroid Era change dramatically, that is...." see full article

1315 days ago | nj
How far have Alex Rodriguez's home runs traveled this season?
"...The Yankees can try to ignore the milestones as they pass, and they can have their legal team argue that Alex Rodriguez, his legacy dirtied by needles and performance-enhancing drugs, should not be paid the bonuses he was promised. But one thing they can't ignore: The Yankees are a bad team that would be even worse without Rodriguez...." see full article

1315 days ago | sportingnews
A-Rod's image rehabilitation worth every penny of withheld $6 million bonus
"...This is a new facet of A-Rod: the folk hero, or maybe more of an antihero in the literary sense. His own team stands against him and he regularly has been portrayed by the media as a cartoon villain. He received a harsher penalty for his crimes against baseball than were dictated by the rules. Viewed for a decade-and-a-half as someone who was primarily about the money and himself, he now either eschews extra dollars or lets someone else argue the contractual technicality, refusing to make that fight public...." see full article

1315 days ago | nationalreview
What Should Be Done about A-Rod

"...However, he will (almost certainly) not make it into the Hall of Fame, because as you've probably heard, even if you don't follow baseball he's spent a decade at the center of Major League Baseball's steroid scandals. To make a long story short, he (apparently) took performance-enhancing drugs, lied about it repeatedly, and was eventually sentenced to a suspension from baseball lasting 211 games the longest suspension in the history of the Majors. ..." see full article

1315 days ago | wtnh
Steroids, Schmeroids: A-Rod Wins Back Fans With Milestone Homer - WTNH
"...Funny how things turn out. Today, A-Rod is the toast of New York, not just for his big home run last night, but for all seven homers he's hit this year, putting him fourth in the league in that stat and helping lead the Yanks to first place in their division. But it's not just his play on the field. All of a sudden he's saying all the right things; being humble, admitting that fans owe him nothing after all those lies over all those years. Either he went out and hired the best crisis management team money can buy, or at the age of 40, he grew up emotionally. Hey, it happens...." see full article

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