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Is Australia's Decision To Withdraw It's Indonesian Ambassador A Good Thing?

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has withdrawn the country's Ambassador to Indonesia, resulting from the execution of two of their citizens, members of the "Bali 9". Was this a smart move?

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Is Australia's Decision To Withdraw It's Indonesian Ambassador A Good Thing?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Is Australia's Decision To Withdraw It's Indonesian Ambassador A Good Thing?"
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Why Indonesian President Joko Widodo has little regard for Australia - Sydney Morning Herald
"...Fair or not, his apparently hostile view of Australia matters. The relationship with Indonesia is one of Australia's most important.Indonesia is a rising power - increasingly influential in the region where Australia's economic fortunes lie.Then there is the enduring security imperatives. Any conventional military threat to Australia would have to come through, or from, the chain of islands to Australia's north.And, as the bombings in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia have shown, it is the region where it is easiest to target Australians with mass casualty terrorist attacksA regional summit will take place next week in Bangkok to address the current asylum seeker crisis. Australia's people smuggling ambassador will attend, but - so far - no ministers...." see full article

1336 days ago | themalaymailonline
Australia-Indonesia: the view from Jakarta — Pierre Marthinus - Malay Mail Online
"...Canberra really needs to contemplate whether it has the sufficient intellectual and cultural competence to understand, communicate and respectfully engage with Indonesian sensibilities and preferences on a wide range of international issues. The issue is important because it carries significant implications for Australia's future dealing with Indonesia in particular and Asia in general. ..." see full article

1349 days ago |
Indonesia and Australia don't take each other seriously - The Age
"...One emerging view is that Jokowi's gratuitous disregard for international opinion in a globalised world has shown him to be incompetent...." see full article

1351 days ago |
Comment: Indonesia, Australia and the Bali 9 - when symbolism becomes ... - SBS
"...The symbolism to appear tough on crime resulted in eight men being murdered by a state for no discernible purpose, for there is no evidence anywhere that the death penalty reduces crime. But the need to appear tough towards Australia resulted in the last few hours of Chan and Sukumaran being treated with contempt...." see full article

1357 days ago |
Bali nine executions illegal, but will Australia push the point?
"...It felt then as if the cases would follow an inevitable path. All would be jailed, but the younger, more sympathetic mules, more likely to garner sympathy back home, would escape execution. Chan and Sukumaran would be the sacrificial victims to demonstrate the toughness of the Indonesian system...." see full article

1357 days ago |
Comment: Australia withdraws its Indonesian ambassador in execution response - SBS
"...While pulling out the ambassador is a drastic step, the government had little choice, given public feeling and the fact that Brazil and the Netherlands had recalled their ambassadors after recent executions of their citizens. The Australian government received what some saw as another snub when it had to rely on reports rather than formal confirmation of the executions...." see full article

1359 days ago |
Bali nine: Australia considers recalling Indonesian ambassador over ...
"...And even as it has faced an international backlash, Indonesia has forcefully pressed other countries to spare the lives of its own nationals when they are convicted of capital crimes and sentenced to death...." see full article

1360 days ago | blogs.wsj
5 Five Things Australia Weighed When Reacting to Indonesia's ...
"...Businesses had warned earlier that any diplomatic backlash could spark a response from Indonesia that might damage trade relations, something they cautioned against at a time when Australia's A$1.6 trillion economy is already sluggish...." see full article

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