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Is Cam Newton Worth $103 Million?

The Carolina Panthers have signed star quarterback Cam Newton to a 5-year contract extension, worth $103 Million. Is Newton worth this enormous payday?

62% of writers and pundits say no
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Is Cam Newton Worth $103 Million?  

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last 24 hours | oregonlive
NFL rumors and news: Is Cam Newton worth a big contract? -
"...The contract numbers place Newton in elite territory for quarterbacks, but is he an elite quarterback worth being paid that kind of money?From a team perspective, Newton is worth every penny. Newton is 26 and entering the prime years of his NFL career. The Panthers have reason to believe that he will continue to improve and his improvement will likely lead to team success. A battered and injured Newton led Carolina to the playoffs and the Panthers defeated Arizona in the wild card round for their first playoff win in nine years last season. Newton has missed two games in his first four seasons in the league...." see full article

1348 days ago | vavel
Cam Newton's Contract Extension Is The Worst Contract In NFL History -
"...Cam Newton signed one of the biggest contracts in NFL history this past week. The Panthers gave him a massive extension of 5 years, 103 million dollars. 60 million of it is guaranteed, and Newton stands to see 67.6 million in the first two years of the contract--including 31.5 million in 2015. Needless to say that this is a large amount of money to commit to any Quarterback, but is Cam Newton worth this investment? On the face of it, the Panthers appears to have panicked and overpaid in fear of the unknown. And in doing so, they gave out arguably the worst contract in NFL history.Cam is one of the most widely debated players in the NFL among even the pundits and coaches in the NFL. Some point to him as the new prototype QB in the NFL that can be just as effective with his feet as with his arm, but other correctly point that dozens of QBs have been called that throughout the past only to see them flame out since the league rules are rigged against running QBs. At first blush, Cam appears to be in the latter category. He had an amazing 2013 season, where thanks to an amazing defense the Panthers were able to win 12 games. However, outside of this one singularity of a season, the Panthers have largely disappointed with Newton at the helm. And after his 14 rushing TD season (and 35 total TDs) rookie season, he hasn't had the same impact on their offense. Also, it appears that his stats are frozen in place as a so-so QB in a passing heavy era. In 2013 and 2014, the only passing stats that he finished in the top ten in were "sacks" and "yards lost in sacks." Worse yet, Cam Newton's main passing stats for 2014 were as followed:..." see full article

1350 days ago | deadspin
Cam Newton's Contract Is A Big Deal - Deadspin
"...The Panthers, taking advantage of the NFL's byzantine salary cap rules, avoided hamstringing themselves even with the frontloaded numbers. According to Jason La Canfora, Newton's cap hit won't exceed $20 million until 2019, by which time his contract will either have been renegotiated, or the league cap will have increased to a point where $20 million is no big thing.Again, don't expect Newton to still be playing under this contract come 2019. If he keeps up his play, he'll be worth way more by then, and will want a new deal to replace the year-by-year one this will become once the guarantees run out. But in the meantime, Carolina is paying Cam Newton big money to quarterback the Panthers for at least the next three seasons. Given NFL turnover, that's a significant commitment...." see full article

1353 days ago | foxsports
Will Cam Newton Be Worth the Money for the Panthers?
"...When you look at multiple, key splits such as "Allowing 21+" or "Trailing after 3 Quarters", you hope your team is not ranked near the bottom of the league, let alone dead last.  But over and over, Cam Newton's Panthers have sat at the bottom through his entire tenure in Carolina.How has he specifically performed?  Well, for one, when starting from average field position (inside a team's 30) and trailing by 1-7 points in the 2nd half, Cam Newton has led his offense to score just 8 TDs on 66 drives.  That's 12% -- well below the NFL average.  Only 4 teams are worse (NYJ, JAC, STL, KC).  Late in the game, when his team NEEDED a score, Cam was not able to drive them for touchdowns consistently enough. [Note that Brees, Peyton, Flacco, Romo, Rodgers and Brady scored 25% TDs or more, and ranked as the top 6 offenses in this situation.]..." see full article

1353 days ago | cbssports
Is Cam Newton really worth franchise-QB money?
"...The short answer: Hell yeah. The franchise quarterback calculus is pretty simple: If you think the quarterback you have is substantially better than whatever you might end up with through the draft or free agency, then you're going to have to pay him. The Panthers clearly feel that way, which explains Newton's franchise quarterback deal.We also talk about the least shocking news of the offseason: Adrian Peterson returned this week to join the Vikings. There was no way that wasn't happening, right? And now (according to Brinson, anyway) the Vikings have the chance to be a playoff team. (In case you're wondering, Vegas set the over/under for Minnesota's wins at 7.5.)..." see full article

1353 days ago | nfl
Cam Newton: $100M contract won't change how I play -
"...Newton takes a beating more than another quarterback in the NFL. Per ESPN STATS, Newton has been hit 578 times since 2011, 270 more than the next closest quarterback. A combination of a porous offensive line and quarterback scrambles helped compile that astronomical numberWhile Newton is built like a flesh version of RoboCop, he's not impervious to injury. Just last year he dealt with ankle and rib injuries before hurting his back in a rollover car accident. ..." see full article

1353 days ago | rantsports
Cam Newton Contract Far More Perplexing Than Joe Flacco's 2013 Deal - RantSports
"...As it stands right now, Newton is a losing quarterback. He has a regular season record of 30-31-1 and a playoff record of 1-2. I'm not suggesting that such trends will continue and that Newton will always be a below .500 quarterback, however, it does make me skeptical about Carolina's willingness to pay him. Flacco, at the point of his contract in 2013, had a record of 54-26 and had reached five straight postseasons, one of which resulted in a Super Bowl victory. In terms of straight wins, losses and playoff success, Flacco had proven himself worthy of a big contract.From a statistical standpoint, Newton's completion numbers have gone down every year but one since he entered the league in 2011, and in that time his total yards have gone down yearly. This year he finished the season with a career-low 3,127 total passing yards 924 fewer than he threw for in his rookie year. Many will argue that his multi-dimensional style may account for the decrease as he is a quarterback who can run the ball effectively, but his rushing numbers have also decreased significantly since entering the league. As a rookie, Newton rushed for 706 yards. This past season he rushed for just 539, also a career low. Speaking of which, Newton had career lows in both touchdowns (18) and quarterback rating (82.1) this past season...." see full article

1353 days ago | espn.go
No one can criticize Joe Flacco's contract after Cam Newton's deal - ESPN (blog)

"...Newton got more guaranteed money and more money over the first three years of his deal than Flacco, and he's accomplished significantly less as an NFL quarterback. For anyone who laughed at the Ravens for giving Flacco an NFL record contract two years ago, you will probably need to be helped off the floor after seeing the Newton contract figures that were reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter.In comparing the first three years of their deals, Newton will earn $67.6 million, which is $5.6 million more than Flacco ($62 million). Newton will also receive $60 million guaranteed, which exceeds Flacco by $9 million...." see full article

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