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Is Hillary Clinton's 2016 Logo Good?

With her announcement she was running for President, Hillary Clinton also released her new logo. the Internet is going crazy over the logo, do you like the new design?

53% of writers and pundits say no
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Is Hillary Clinton's 2016 Logo Good?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Is Hillary Clinton's 2016 Logo Good?"
last 24 hours | theatlantic
H Is for Hillary - The Atlantic

"...Though controversial, it has the potential to become a powerful brand in its own right...." see full article

1394 days ago | huffingtonpost
Obama Campaign Logo Designer Weighs in on Hillary Clinton's "H" Logo - Huffington Post

"...Sometimes logos come out and there is a lot of immediate reaction but you don't always know how it will work in the long-term...." see full article

1396 days ago | americanthinker
Hillary Clinton Logo turns blue like a Home Pregnancy Test - American Thinker (blog)

"...But when you look at the new Hillary logo, does it remind you more of a maternity ward, an emergency care unit, or a psychiatric care facility? ..." see full article

1397 days ago | politico
Design experts trash Hillary Clintons new logo - Politico

"...But to many campaign design veterans, the new Clinton logo is a disappointment. ..." see full article

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1400 days ago | triblive
Heyl: Does it mean hospitals? Hotels? Clinton's ambiguous logo baffles voters - Tribune-Review
"...Ambiguity might be fine in avant-garde foreign films, but it does presidential candidates no good. ..." see full article

1400 days ago | theguardian
Why it matters that Hillary Clinton's logo is a no go area - The Guardian

"...A picture may paint a thousand words, but a logo helps makes sense of a thousand policies...." see full article

1402 days ago | wired
Why Everyone Went Nuts Over Hillary Clinton's New Logo - Wired

"...In this case, the design isn't just about the H itself which, as Draplin points out, is actually perfectly designed for the social media avatars where so many people will experience it...." see full article

1403 days ago | frontpagemag
Forget a Platform, Hillary Clinton Can't Figure Out a Logo - FrontPage Magazine
"...But it was less awful than her new arrow H...." see full article

1403 days ago | gizmodo
The Long Pointy History Behind Hillary's Brilliant Logo - Gizmodo

"...The logo itself is bold and contemporary, and pretty enough that it won't annoy us when we've been looking at it for 18 months straight...." see full article

1403 days ago | abcnews.go
Hillary Clinton Logo for 2016 Presidential Campaign Riles Up Internet - ABC News

"...Red is a symbol for danger, and the campaign has a big and bold red arrow pointing right to the right that's dominating the whole logo..." see full article

1404 days ago | money.cnn
Why everybody's talking about Hillary Clinton's new logo - CNNMoney

"...Why is the arrow red and pointing to the right? Is she becoming a Republican?..." see full article

1404 days ago | vox
Designers explain why nobody likes Hillary Clinton's campaign logo - Vox

"...Whereas other logos space out the clashing colors with blank space, Hillary's logo places the red arrow directly on top of the blue rectangle creating an illusion that isn't pleasant to look at...." see full article

1404 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Hillary Clinton's retro 'H' logo has plenty of critics. But at least it's novel.

"...Retro design is making a comeback, and there's no better sign of that than Clinton's campaign logo...." see full article

1404 days ago |
Twitter turns Clinton's "H" logo into target for ridicule - Yahoo News UK

"...Worse yet for the would-be 2016 standard-bearer of the left-leaning Democratic Party: The arrow pointed to the right...." see full article

1404 days ago | rawstory
'Obama meets FedEx': Twitter turns Hillary Clinton's 'H' logo into target for ... - Raw Story

"...She's got you guys writing about her logo instead of her pantsuit and her hairstyle...." see full article

1404 days ago | brandchannel
A Design Perspective on Hillary Clinton's 2016 Logo -
"...It's hard to dislike Hillary's visual branding from that perspective. While still patriotic with its red, white and blue, there is an absence of traditional American symbols as flags and eagles or heavy subjects such as freedom and its attendant liberty torch flames, while still being bold and graphic...." see full article

1404 days ago | slate
Hillary Wants You to Swipe Right on Her Campaign for President - Slate Magazine (blog)

"...It's already inspiring well-reasoned political dialogue, which we hope signals that we are embarking on a presidential campaign of policy-driven debate that will move us forward as a nation...." see full article

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