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Is Keeping Benjamin Netanyahu As Prime Minister Good For Israeli-U.S. Relations?

Benjamin Netanyahu was able to form a new Israeli government, and will continue as Prime Minister of the Middle Eastern ally. Is this good for U.S.-Israeli relations?

90% of writers and pundits say no
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Is Keeping Benjamin Netanyahu As Prime Minister Good For Israeli-U.S. Relations?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Is Keeping Benjamin Netanyahu As Prime Minister Good For Israeli-U.S. Relations?"
last 24 hours | scotsman
Netanyahus coalition sure to strain US relations
"...BENJAMIN Netanyahu has put himself at the helm of a hardline Israeli coalition that appears to be on a collision course with the United States and other key allies...." see full article

1378 days ago | nytimes
Israeli-U.S. Relations May Deteriorate at the Foundation, Not theSurface

"...A fourth Netanyahu government, even with its conservative bent, should not by itself be a cause for immediate concern, at least not more than the third Netanyahu government. But long-term trends should worry those who care about the Israeli-American alliance...." see full article

1378 days ago | wsj
Israeli Leader Forms Precarious Government
"...The new government member's conservative positions are likely to complicate Mr. Netanyahu's relations with the U.S. and Europe at a time when Israel faces increasing isolation over stalled negotiations with the Palestinians and its opposition to nuclear diplomacy with Iran...." see full article

1378 days ago |
Israels last-minute government
"...It is hard to see how Netanyahu's new government plans to counter international pressure from America and the European Union to restart the diplomatic process with the Palestinians. With a coalition resolutely opposed to freezing settlement building or countenancing the establishment of a Palestinian state, any new peace initiative is a non-starter...." see full article

1378 days ago | cnn
No reset for Obama-Netanyahu tensions with Israel's new right-wing government

"...Beyond that, relations between the Israeli government and the White House have sunk so low in recent months that it seems unlikely that there will be a new decline...." see full article

1378 days ago | cnn
No reset for Obama-Netanyahu tensions with Israel's new right-wing government - CNN

"...Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally got his government. But a last minute shakeup is leaving him with a brittle coalition that could pull him further to the right on the very issues that have been at the center of Israel's tensions with the United States...." see full article

1378 days ago | nytimes
Strained Ties With Israel - New York Times

"...It is a difficult and immensely frustrating time to be a friend of Israel. Never in Israel's history would peace with the Palestinians yield such rich and enduring dividends, and never since the peace process began has the Israeli government been so resolutely opposed even to serious negotiations...." see full article

1378 days ago | bloomberg
Netanyahu Coalition Seen Keeping U.S.-Israel Relations Frosty - Bloomberg
"...Ties between the U.S. and its closest Middle East ally, already strained over negotiations to curb Iran's nuclear program, are likely to remain frosty as Netanyahu works with more hard-line forces such as the Jewish Home party -- a religious faction committed to expanding West Bank settlements...." see full article

1378 days ago | realclearpolitics
Netanyahu's Shaky Base - RealClearPolitics

"...The U.S.-Israeli relationship is likely to be rocky for the remainder of Obama's presidency, assuming that Netanyahu continues his drive to scuttle the Iran agreement. This tension contrasts sharply with the U.S.-Arab fence-mending that will take place next week at Camp David when Obama discusses with Gulf leaders a common strategy to curb Iranian meddling. ..." see full article

1378 days ago | nytimes
Can the US Make Peace With Netanyahu's New Government? - New York Times

"...Little wonder the Israeli public leaned right in the last election. Israeli voters tend to incline that way when they feel threatened. Similarly, they lean left when prospects for peace are brighter. If the U.S. downgrades ties with Israel over the makeup of this new coalition, President Obama will be punishing Israeli voters for reacting to a security situation that he, in many ways, created...." see full article

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