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Is Nikki Haley Right In Calling For The Removal Of The Confederate Flag?

After days of calls for the removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina statehouse, Governor Nikki Haley has called for it's removal. Is the Republican governor justified in calling for the removal of the racist flag?

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Is Nikki Haley Right In Calling For The Removal Of The Confederate Flag?  

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last 24 hours | theweek
Why liberals should cut Nikki Haley some slack on the Confederate flag - The Week Magazine
"...The danger will be in resting there. We must acknowledge these strides, and then keep striding forward. Lowering the Confederate flag won't end institutional racism, income disparity, or the police brutality that mark the daily reality of black Americans. It will be a very important step, but it can only ever be that: a step.Yet I believe that we're capable of holding more than one idea in our minds at the same time. We can thank politicians and business leaders who've chosen right over wrong in this case, even as we continue to push them on gun control, even as we continue the fight for racial justice. The Confederate flag is much more than a flag; we can ensure that its removal also means a great deal more...." see full article

1302 days ago | esquire
Nikki Haley and the Confederate Flag of Treason - (blog)
"...Now, of course, we will hear a lot of ahistorical braggadocio about how it was Republicans who freed the slaves, and passed the civil rights acts in the 1960s, Party Of Lincoln and all that. And we will hear about how great we are in general because we have all come together to agree that, in 2015, we decline to further glorify the symbol of a bloody insurrection launched in defense of chattel slavery. We rock. We are so very awesome. I give it a couple of weeks before the conventional wisdom congeals that we have "moved past the controversy" and we can all get back to gutting the Fair Housing Act and undermining voting rights and performing all the rites and rituals that have come to mark the Day of Jubilee...." see full article

1304 days ago | breitbart
SC Gov. Nikki Haley Calls for Confederate Flag to Come Down - Breitbart News
"...But the conservative politicians who have led South Carolina for a quarter-century have rebuffed many previous calls to remove the flag.The last governor to take this political risk, Republican David Beasley, was hounded out of office in 1998 by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and they made sure his political career was over thereafter. Their influence doomed Beasley's front-runner campaign for U.S. Senate, a seat later won by Republican Jim DeMint.The group announced Monday that it will vigorously fight any effort to remove the flag now...." see full article

1305 days ago | newrepublic
Nikki Haley Is Not a Hero. She's Just Doing Damage Control for Republicans. - The New Republic
"...Her decision to aggressively seek its removal is the right one, but it's been the right one all along, and it shouldn't have taken a racist massacre at a black church by a local neoconfederate to awaken her to that conclusion. If this makes her likelier to be a vice presidential nominee than she was before, it's only because whoever wins the presidential nomination will appreciate her intervention as an act of mercy. But she will still be the governor of one of the most conservative states in the country, with all the baggage that entails. In her speech on Monday she defended Confederate flag flyers as people who honor ancestors who came to the service of their state during time of conflict. The hate-filled murderer who massacred our brothers and sisters in Charleston has a sick and twisted view of the flag, Haley added. This might be a necessary palliative for whites in South Carolina, but that doesn't make it great ticket-balancing material...." see full article

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1305 days ago | nytimes
Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor, Calls for Removal of Confederate Battle Flag

"...Gov. Nikki R. Haley called on Monday for South Carolina to do what just a week ago seemed politically impossible remove the Confederate battle flag from its perch in front of the State House building here. She argued that a symbol long revered by many Southerners was for some, after the church massacre in Charleston, a deeply offensive symbol of a brutally offensive past. The events of this week call upon us to look at this in a different way, said Ms. Haley, an Indian-American, who is the first member of an ethnic minority to serve as governor of the state and the first woman to serve in the post as well. She spoke at an afternoon news conference, surrounded by Democratic and Republican lawmakers including both of the state's United States senators, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, an African-American. Today we are here in a moment of unity in our state, without ill will, to say it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. ..." see full article

1305 days ago | hotair
Nikki Haley to call for Confederate flags removal as SC legislature mulls action
"...As recently as eight months ago, at a gubernatorial debate, Haley answered her Democratic opponent's call to take down the flag by countering that none of the CEOs who've brought their businesses to the state seemed to have any issue with it. That may be about to be change, though protests to burn the flag on Saturday are already picking up steam on Facebook so evidently Haley's position will change with it. Last year 61 percent of South Carolinians supported keeping the flag in place on the state house grounds, but Haley's term-limited as governor and is probably thinking more of her national potential at this point. She's on the 2016 VP short list already; today's announcement will remove a potential obstacle. It's also a huge favor not just to Republicans in the state legislature, who'll be grateful to have her acting as lightning rod on this, but to the GOP's presidential field, which wants to make the Confederate flag issue go away ASAP. There's a lot more upside than downside for her in taking this position...." see full article

1305 days ago | rawstory
Twitter conservatives furious at RINO Nikki Haley for supporting Confederate flags removal

"...Barnes, a Democrat, has been open about the fact that his efforts to change the Georgia state flag and minimize the presence of the Confederate symbol on it cost him a second term as that state's governor. It also won him the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Profile in Courage Award in 2003.South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's remarks on Monday calling for the Confederate battle flag to be removed from the state capitol might be going over well in some political circles, but conservatives online are taking her decision as a betrayal of the Republican Party...." see full article

1305 days ago | washingtonpost
Why Nikki Haley is smart to want to remove South Carolinas Confederate flag

"...What's more, the political risk for her in the state appears to be small. Strong support for keeping the flag isn't very high. And in the legislature, there's some momentum in Haley's favor. The bill to remove the flag was introduced in the state House by a Republican; at least one other Republican in the House and one in the Senate are already on-record in support of it. In other words, outside observers may see Haley as moving on this early but she may, in fact, just be jumping in front of an oncoming wave.If so, that's brilliant politics. Every politician's goal is to get the credit for something popular that would have happened anyway. She can deliver for worried businesspeople. She can take a moral stand. And most of all, it lets Haley do for her national aspirations what the 2016 candidates couldn't: Take a bold position...." see full article

1305 days ago | slate
The GOP wanted to keep pandering on the Confederate flag. Why they couldnt this time.

"...Removing the flag won't be easy. Rules limit an upcoming extended session of the General Assembly to just a few concerns to add the flag to the agenda takes a two-thirds vote of the entire legislature. But with Graham and Scott behind Haley, the statewide GOP establishment seems to support to change. And Haley has pledged to take more direct action if the legislature doesn't move quickly.In all likelihood, however, they will. Ahead of Haley's press conference, South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas had urged his colleagues to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The intense and difficult debate that took place in 2000 over the Confederate soldier flag was ultimately resolved by compromise, he said, in a statement. Wednesday's unspeakable tragedy has reignited a discussion on this sensitive issue that holds a long and complicated history in the Palmetto State. Moving South Carolina forward from this terrible tragedy requires a swift resolution of this issue. ..." see full article

1305 days ago | refinery29
SC Governor To Call For Removal Of Confederate Flag (Finally)
"...The Confederate flag flying over the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse has been a source of deep pain for many people still reeling from the racially motivated murders of nine people inside a Charleston church last week. At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Republican Governor Nikki Haley called for the flag to be taken down, according to a report from The Post and Courier."Today we are here in a moment of unity in our state to say it's time to move the flag from the Capitol grounds," Haley said. She continued, "For good and for bad, whether it is on the Statehouse grounds or in a museum, the flag will always be a part of the soil of South Carolina. It is an integral part of our past, but it does not represent the future of our great state."..." see full article

1305 days ago | takepart
Could Nikki Haley's Call to Remove the Confederate Flag Be a Game Changer?
"...The move enables the nation to continue a conversation about the symbols of racism and enduring anti-black attitudes that have lingered in the wake of slavery and the Civil Rights movement. These conversations are an important part of healing because no one can get over it if we can't talk about it, and saying the nation is post-racial is only a flimsy scab that has broken away from a nasty wound.The Civil War ended 150 years ago. The United States, obviously, won. The Confederate flag is the flag of the losing party, so it is odd that the traitors were allowed to display anything of that sort outside of being, say, in a history museum or in a reenactment for as long as they have. Several states still have a version of the Confederate flag incorporated into their flags; and others have settled into a live and let live attitude. Now, though, there are documented, recent consequences because nine people were not allowed to live...." see full article

1305 days ago | thefrisky
SC Gov. Nikki Haley Calls For Debate On Confederate Flag Removal
"...During her speech regarding the flag's removal although she called for it it was clear that she was mincing words and trying to make sure that South Carolinians who love the flag and don't think of it as a racist symbol didn't feel as though anyone thought they were racist.However, let it be known that there was no question in the minds of those who orchestrated the secession that the Civil War was, in fact, entirely about getting to keep black people as slaves, due to a belief that they were inherently not equal to white people...." see full article

1305 days ago | latimes
S.C. governor says Confederate flag at state Capitol must be removed
"...Though she sharply condemned the alleged shooter, Haley noted that the flag represents many positive things for people in her state. The hate-filled murderer has a sick and twisted view of the flag, she said, adding, we have changed through the times and we will continue to do so, but that doesn't mean we forget our history. In calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from state grounds, Haley said: My hope is that moving a symbol that divides we can move forward and honor the nine blessed souls who are in heaven. The governor said the Confederate flag could continue to fly on private property, but called on the Legislature to change an existing law that allows the battle flag on Statehouse grounds. The Legislature is coming back for a special session on the budget on Tuesday, but the timing on the flag issue is unclear...." see full article

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