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Is The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal The New Watergate?

Many on the right are suggesting that Hillary Clinton could've prevented the attack on Benghazi, and they have the emails to prove it. Is Clinton's email scandal the new Watergate?

62% of writers and pundits say no
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Is The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal The New Watergate?  

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last 24 hours | chicagotribune
Hillary Clinton email alibi is strikingly inconvenient - Chicago Tribune

"...But if she and her team keep telling us that she doesn't even want to shoulder the burden of carrying around two phones, eventually someone's going to believe her and wonder whether the most convenient response to that 3 a.m. phone call wouldn't be to roll over and go back to sleep. Especially given the long- standing criticism that the Clintons are all about the Clintons, painting herself as someone who does whatever's easier is an odd political strategy. She's stuck to it, though, even as her polling numbers fall and Joe Biden considers getting into the race.In a March news conference at the United Nations, Clinton first told reporters that in exclusively using a private server and personal account for official government business, "I opted for convenience to use my personal email account-which was allowed by the State Department-because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two."..." see full article

1271 days ago | blogs.reuters
Why the Hillary Clinton email imbroglio isn't just politics
"...I sympathize. It has been many years since I worked for the State Department as special assistant to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, when he was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations but the debate hasn't changed much. Even then, before Watergate made the federal investigative apparatus so much stronger, you bought yourself a world of trouble if you didn't show the proper respect toward the bureaucratic system and the people who administer it. The first time I ran up against the State Department's classification system, the problem involved a burn bag literally, in those days, a bag in which the day's classified cables were deposited and the fact that I hadn't properly disposed of it. Since this was my first offense, the penalty was that I had to write an explanation of exactly what had happened and how I was going to keep it from happening again ever.I wrote something clever and arch. I was lucky that the first person who saw it was a prince of a career employee named Joseph Meresman, now deceased. Meresman explained with more patience than I deserved that, yes, the rules were silly; and, yes, the material in all probability shouldn't have been classified in the first place. But I was stupid not to show some prudent respect for the people who had the tedious job of enforcing the rules and thought they were helping their country by doing so...." see full article

1273 days ago | nytimes
Today in Politics: Email Controversy Begins to Weigh on Hillary Clinton's Allies - New York Times

"...In the realm of scandals that the Clintons have combated over the years, the controversy over Mrs. Clinton s use of a private email server at the State Department seems almost picayune, and comparatively easy to handle.But the questions surrounding her use of email while she was the secretary of state have proved durable, and her allies are increasingly concerned about whether she has a political strategy to address it. Mrs. Clinton's answers have generally stayed the same since her March news conference when the issue first surfaced: that she set up the server situation for convenience, that she was not breaking with the practice of her predecessors, and that she sent no classified emails. (She has since said nothing she sent was marked classified at the time.)..." see full article

1275 days ago | cbsnews
Disputed Clinton emails identified - CBS News

"...And Davis had written "SBU" (sensitive but unclassified) at the top of his email, indicating that he did not believe that any of the information he was sharing rose to a classfied level. The government official says that doesn't change the fact that his email, which was eventually forwarded to Clinton, contained military intelligence that should have been marked "classified." "SBU" is a generic State Department classification level that is not used by the rest of the intelligence community.The government official acknowledged that this kind of mistake is not unusual for the State Department when officials are discussing information gleaned from both intelligence and local sources. The difference here, however, is that this email was sent to Clinton's email account and was housed in her personal server, which may have had vulnerabilities to infiltration that a government account does not...." see full article

1276 days ago | washingtonpost
The circular logic behind media coverage of the Clinton email story - Washington Post (blog)

"...Now before the chants of Clinton apologist! begin, let me say that like many liberals, I have complicated feelings about Clinton, some positive and some not so positive. I've written many critical pieces about her in the past; I've even criticized her for setting up a private email server.But we have to be clear about just what it is we're looking for in this story.Republicans are no doubt hoping that lurking somewhere in Clinton's emails is evidence of a terrible crime she committed whose revelation will destroy her career forever and deliver the White House to the GOP for a generation. But just for the sake of argument, let's assume that no such horror will be revealed. What do we have then? Well, we have the plainly foolish decision to use a private server for work email, which we've known about for months. Maybe you think that a person who would do such a thing is unfit for the presidency, or maybe you don't (though that would disqualify Jeb Bush)...." see full article

1276 days ago | politico
Allies fault Hillary Clinton's response on emails - Politico

"...A key concern is whether top campaign operatives new to Clinton's orbit have enough influence in crafting her response to the email controversy. A source with inside knowledge of the Clinton campaign voiced concern that the candidate and her longtime attorney David Kendall are the only ones calling the shots and can have a tin ear when it comes to the politics, rather than simply the legal status, of the email saga.Story Continued BelowOthers have expressed dismay at how testy Clinton appears when answering questions from the press with regard to her email. A news conference on Tuesday in Las Vegas grew heated as Clinton was grilled about whether or not she had tried to wipe her email server. Some were shocked that Clinton did not have a simple answer. I don't know, I have no idea, she said. Like with a cloth or something? (On twitter, her spokesman responded immediately that Kendall had said months ago that the server was empty.)..." see full article

1276 days ago | theweek
The contagious toxicity of Hillary Clinton's email scandal - The Week Magazine
"...For too long, Democrats bought Clinton's repeated defenses of her exclusive use of a private server while she ran the State Department. They believed that this potential security violation really was for her convenience, that she had copied other State Department addresses to preserve "90 percent" of her communications, and that no classified material was transmitted through the unauthorized and unsecured system. And if that had indeed all been true, Democrats might well have been right that the storm would pass, as has happened with other scandals involving the Clintons.But one by one, those excuses have fallen by the wayside. The convenience argument fell apart almost immediately. Clinton claimed in a March press conference that she used the private server to limit her mobile devices to a single smartphone when traveling. That excuse made little sense, since any secretary of state travels with staff, who handle communications devices for their boss. Just a few weeks prior to that, Clinton had bragged about all of the high-tech communications devices she carried around. "I'm like two steps short of a hoarder. So I have an iPad, a mini iPad, an iPhone, and a BlackBerry."..." see full article

1277 days ago | politico
The Real Clinton Email Scandal: Our Ridiculous Classification Rules

"...Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email account for official State Department business was a mistake, but the revelation that Clinton's emails contain upwards of 305 messages with potentially classified information is far less scandalous than the headlines make it appear. The most troubling part of this story involves the rules governing official secrets, not Clinton's conduct as Secretary of State.As a former Department of Justice official who regularly dealt with classified information, I am glad a team of officials from the FBI, the intelligence community and other agencies is not currently reviewing every email I sent and received while I worked in government. If they did, they would likely find arguably classified information that was transmitted over unclassified networks and the same thing is undoubtedly true for other senior officials at the White House, the State Department and other top national security agencies...." see full article

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