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Is The Senate Purposely Stalling On The Nomination Of Loretta Lynch?

It's been 5 months since President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch for U.S. Attorney General. Is the Republican led Senate purposely delaying her nomination?

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Is The Senate Purposely Stalling On The Nomination Of Loretta Lynch?  

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last 24 hours | nytimes
Senate Clears Hurdle to a Vote on Loretta Lynch's Confirmation - New York Times

"...Ms. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, has waited longer than any other cabinet secretary nominee in the past three administrations. With the stated support of at least five Republicans, she is expected to be confirmed...." see full article

1395 days ago | timesheraldonline
Eugene Robinson: Confirm Loretta Lynch now - Vallejo Times Herald
"...Ah, but nothing is straightforward when congressional Republicans are embroiled in one of their epic struggles to get out of their own way. ..." see full article

1395 days ago | theblaze
Could this be Loretta Lynch's week? - (blog)
"...While Republicans initially took several weeks to ask her questions, the GOP more recently has refused to hold a vote on Lynch until Democrats agree to a bill to help victims of human trafficking. Democrats have blocked that bill because of language that would prevent a victims' fund from being used to fund abortions...." see full article

1397 days ago | mediaite
McCain: GOP's Loretta Lynch Delay 'Payback' for Dems Using 'Nuclear Option' - Mediaite
"...Obama nominated Lynch back in November, and her delayed confirmation has been the subject of intense political back-and-forth. Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) found himself in hot water over his suggestion that Republicans were putting Lynch, an African-American, in the back of the bus. ..." see full article

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1397 days ago | huffingtonpost
Senators Say Loretta Lynch Standoff Could Be Resolved This Week - Huffington Post

"...a vote on her confirmation has been put off time and again. Last month, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he would not hold a vote on Lynch's confirmation until the Senate passed an anti-human-trafficking bill that Democrats pulled support for over a provision related to abortion...." see full article

1398 days ago | reason
Jeb Bush Calls for Deference from Senate on Loretta Lynch's A.G. Nomination - Reason (blog)
"...There's nothing partisan, however, about calling Lynch to task for her U.S. Attorney's office in New York abusing civil asset forfeiture regulations to seize and hold huge sums of money from citizens without having proven (or even charged) them with crimes, as Sen. Rand Paul did earlier this week. ..." see full article

1400 days ago | peoplespunditdaily
Jeb Bush: Senate Should Confirm Loretta Lynch, 'Presidents Have Right To Pick ... - People's Pundit Daily (blog)
"...However, despite Mr. Bush's interpretation, presidents do not have the right to pick their team, according to the U.S. Constitution. They have the right to nominate their team and the U.S. Senate has a right and a duty to confirm or reject that nomination if they see warrant to do either...." see full article

1400 days ago | huffingtonpost
Harry Reid Says He'll Force A Vote On Loretta Lynch If GOP Doesn't Act 'Very ... - Huffington Post

"...Lynch has been waiting for more than five months for a vote -- far longer than any of her recent predecessors...." see full article

1401 days ago | atlantablackstar
Frustrated Leaders Planning a Hunger Strike Until Senate Confirms Loretta ... - Atlanta Black Star
"...That kind of sarcasm sums up the Republicans' position on confirming Lynch and the Democrats' frustration and their call for the hunger strike, dubbed Confirm Loretta Lynch Fast. ..." see full article

1401 days ago | msnbc
GOP obstructionism on Loretta Lynch becomes farcical - MSNBC

"...ake the last seven U.S. Attorney General nominees and add together how long they had to collectively wait for a confirmation vote. Then double that total. Loretta Lynch has waited longer than that...." see full article

1401 days ago | newyorker
Loretta Lynch and the Dysfunctional Senate - The New Yorker

"...In his most brazen act so far, McConnell has prevented a confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch, the President's choice for Attorney General, even though a majority of Senators have indicated publicly that they will vote for her...." see full article

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