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Is Tiger Woods Past His Prime

Tiger Woods game has been suffering lately, and he hasn't won a tournament since 2013, and a major since 2008. Has he passed his prime?

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Is Tiger Woods Past His Prime  

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last 24 hours | sbnation
British Open 2015 leaderboard: Tiger Woods misses the cut in 2nd straight ... - SB Nation
"...While various aspects of Woods' game have faltered in recent months, it was a complete struggle for him at St. Andrews. He struggled to hit fairways or greens in regulation. And when he did get to the putting surface, he didn't make many putts. The effort to correct some issues remains a work in progress, or at least one that he is still struggling to take from the practice range to the golf course.The continued struggles have to be a point of frustration, but playing so poorly at St. Andrews may be even more disappointing. The famed course is the site of two of Woods' three Open Championship victories. He dominated the course in 2000, running away from the field to finish 19-under. He won comfortably by five strokes in 2005, finishing at 14-under. After racking up 33-under in his two wins, Woods struggled to make more than one birdie per round in 2015. He didn't make his first birdie until the 14th hole on Thursday. His second came on the 10th hole on Friday, and he finished with just three birdies for the tournament...." see full article

1307 days ago | golfdigest
Tiger Woods is totally, completely, unequivocally, and utterly done - (blog)
"..."Is Tiger Woods done?" This is a question I have heard several thousand times over the past year and half, from well-meaning and tiresome people alike. Today I am pleased to report that I have a definitive answer: Yes. Tiger Woods is done. Tiger Woods is finished. The version of Tiger Woods that is a once-in-a-generation golf talent now belongs entirely to the realm of memory. Tiger Woods as a mediocre-to-bad professional golfer is the reality of the present, and, most importantly, the future. His performance at the British Open is more evidence that he's done, but in fact he was already done before the week began. Tiger Woods being done is a metaphysical truth, and as such does not require additional proof. Just as a turtle cannot fly an airplane whether or not you strap him into a cockpit and wave orange pylons at him from a runway, so Tiger Woods is done whether or not you watch him on a golf course, being bad at golf. ..." see full article

1309 days ago | sbnation
Tiger Woods 'delusional' to believe he's close to regaining world-class form ... - SB Nation
"...As he works through whatever the hell he is working through on his fourth swing overhaul, Tiger Woods' mantra is that he's "close" to regaining the form that brought him to the top of the game of golf. With monologues about a "baseline shift" and "feels," Woods sounds like a guy trying to convince himself that he really is just on the verge of lapping the field, the way he did in his glory days.The reality is that the former world No. 1 is on the cusp of falling out of the top 250 (he entered the week ranked 241) in the wake of some truly awful golf in a season of "worsts ever," that include three scores in the 80s. But, hey, if carding his highest round in a British Open at St. Andrews as a pro is "close," then we all may want a bit of what Woods is smoking...." see full article

1309 days ago | golfdigest
Can Tiger Woods begin to turn back the clock at the Memorial? - (blog)
"...He also has an elevated level of comfort at Muirfield Village. Since he first played there in the U.S. Amateur in 1992 (he lost to Tim Herron in the second round), he has won the Memorial five times, most recently in 2012.If he's going to launch a comeback, this would seem one of the more logical places for him to do so. From a timing standpoint, two weeks before the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, it's important that he does so.Whether the Memorial qualifies as a crossroads, who knows. But if he still doesn't know which direction his tee shots are going to go, we'll consider him lost. And even 10 tacos probably wouldn't help him find his way back...." see full article

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1356 days ago | cbssports
Why can we not stop caring about Tiger Woods? -
"...That's insane to me. Insane! Look at those rounds at the top of the page. He's at best an average PGA Tour golfer right now. At best...." see full article

1368 days ago | sbnation
Tiger Woods' game remains a mystery after week at The Players - SB Nation
"...Despite all that, Woods' game is on an upward trajectory especially since that career-worst 82 and missed cut in Phoenix and early withdrawal at Torrey Pines forced him out of competition for two months...." see full article

1375 days ago | foxsports
Tiger Woods needs what Rickie Fowler has -
"...Then, after winning six of 12 majors, Tiger fired Butch. More than a decade later, after watching Tiger chop his way around TPC, I'm now reminded of the same question that perplexed me back then. WHY? He was the absolute best! Why mess with it?..." see full article

1376 days ago | usatoday
Tiger Woods finds highlights among his lowlights at The Players - USA TODAY

"...For the first time in his career, which is in its 19th season and spans more than 325 starts worldwide, Woods made two double-bogeys on par-5s in the same round. On the front nine of his third round in which he shot 75, Woods made a 7 on the second and a 7 on the ninth. And Woods tied one of his dubious marks as he finished with five double-bogeys or worse, which he's done four times previously, all since 2011...." see full article

1377 days ago | sbnation
Tiger Woods goes quietly at The Players Championship - SB Nation
"...While he settled near the bottom of the leaderboard all weekend, the scorecards didn't even tell the full story of just how much of a grind it was for Woods. The shakiness off the tee continued right out of the gate on Sunday...." see full article

1377 days ago | sbnation
John Daly says 'Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods aren't done yet' - SB Nation
"...Woods, with his game in complete shambles yet again, made the cut on the number with a clutch putt on his final hole on Friday but proceeded to make a mess of TPC Sawgrass on Saturday. SB Nation's Brendan Porath has all the ugly details...." see full article

1377 days ago | latinpost
American Pharoah vs Tiger Woods: Will We See Golf Major or Triple Crown ... - Latin Post
"...And then, there's Tiger Woods. We haven't seen Woods win a single major since the 2008 United States Open. He hasn't even won the Master since 2005, watching green jackets being placed on someone else annually at Augusta. Woods sits at 14 career majors, just four behind the Jack Nicklaus for the most in golf history. Woods placed 17th at the 2015 Masters, and he'll have three more opportunities to win a major this year...." see full article

1377 days ago | sportsgrid
Tiger Woods Can't Clear Ladies Tee, Is Trapped In A Glass Case Of Emotion - SportsGrid
"...What will golf be like without Tiger Woods? We're going to have to begin coming to grips wiith that. Woods finished today at 3-over 75, and while he said that there were some good things about that, mostly he's a 39-year-old golfer flailing and searching for answers. He brfoke up with Lindsey Vonn last Sunday on the anniversary of his father's death and has complained of lack of sleep...." see full article

1377 days ago | bleacherreport
Tiger Woods at Players Championship 2015: Saturday Leaderboard Score ... - Bleacher Report
"...On the other, Woods is sitting at the bottom of the standings at yet another high-profile event. He's withdrawn and been cut in more events than he's been a top-10 player over the last two years. We can fairly blame his back injury for all of 2014 and his slow start to 2015, but we're getting to the point where it's easy to wonder if this version of Woods is permanent...." see full article

1378 days ago | usatoday
Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson battling for their golfing lives - USA TODAY

"...The two are, some believe, on their last legs, both limping into the sunset of their careers. They look especially old these days among the scores of fresh legs of so many young guns who are firmly entrenched on the Tour, all fearless and free of scar tissue from beatings from Woods. At 39, the saying goes, Woods is an old man, the wear and tear of multiple surgeries and living in an unrelenting spotlight having gotten the best of his body and drive. ..." see full article

1379 days ago | nytimes
Sleepless Nights as a Struggling Tiger Woods Recalls His Father - New York Times

"...Since earning the fourth of his five PGA Tour victories of the 2013 season here, Woods has arm-wrestled adversity and lost. In 2014, he twice was sidelined by back surgery, for a total of seven months. This season, he tied for last in his own tournament, the Hero World Challenge, shot a career-worst 82 to miss the cut at the Phoenix Open and withdrew midway through his first round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. He then took two months off to shore up his short game, once his strength...." see full article

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