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Is Tom Brady's Legacy Forever Ruined?

With his 4-game suspension for deflating game balls, Tom Brady's reputation has taken quite a hit. Do you think the Patriots quarterback's legacy is ruined?

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Is Tom Brady's Legacy Forever Ruined?  

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last 24 hours | lavozdeanza
Is Tom Brady's legacy tarnished? - La Voz Weekly
"...So no, Brady's legacy as potentially the greatest quarterback ever will not be tarnished by this overblown scandal. Not only is there clear irrefutable evidence tampering did not occur, but the statistics show that he plays his best when the balls are at the correct air pressure. ..." see full article

1286 days ago | football
'Deflategate' Doesn't Tarnish Tom Brady, Patriots' Legacy -
"...The legacy of Tom Brady is already carved in stone. He is one of, if not the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of professional football. An MVP, Pro-Bowler, Super Bowl MVP and four-time Super Bowl Champion speaks louder than a few "deflated" footballs. ..." see full article

1305 days ago | bostonherald
Buckley: If history serves, ball scandal won't deflate Brady's legacy - Boston Herald
"...But I do have some good news for Patriots fans: If a couple of visits to the history books offer us any guidance, it's that Brady's legacy will get a fresh coat of paint when his day comes...." see full article

1307 days ago | cheatsheet
Will Tom Brady Go Down as the NFL's Version of Barry Bonds? - The Cheat Sheet
"...However, there are several individuals who firmly believe that Brady knowingly compromised the integrity of the game and that all of his records and accomplishments should have an asterisk next to them. The sheer mention of the word asterisk brings to mind one former professional athlete in particular Barry Bonds..." see full article

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1309 days ago | freep
Jamie: Tom Brady cheated, but his legacy will survive - Detroit Free Press (blog)
"...The larger question becomes what this does to Brady's legacy. The answer nothing. He will still retire one day as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game. Any shadows or questions will wash away quickly...." see full article

1311 days ago | irishexaminer
A stain on the Tom Brady legacy - Irish Examiner
"...When the dust settles for both of these sacrificial lambs, they should be just fine. Meanwhile, the siege mentality in Boston will turn up another notch, keeping the rest of us suitably entertained...." see full article

1312 days ago | npr
Was 'Deflategate' About Tom Brady's Legacy Or His Ego? - NPR

"...What intrigues me is, why would he do it? Brady, who has already become a football immortal. So did Brady cheat and put his legend on Skid Row just because it's only all about winning a la Lance Armstrong or was it perhaps more personal?..." see full article

1312 days ago | latimes
Deflategate confirms it: Tom Brady, Patriots leaving legacy of lies - Los Angeles Times
"...Brady, a former sixth-round pick who has long been considered the NFL's shining example of hard work and perseverance, is now officially a cheater who belongs in the same conversation as a Lance Armstrong or Barry Bonds. The Patriots, who had already been fined and docked a first-round draft pick for spying in 2007, might now be officially the most deceitful organization in NFL history...." see full article

1313 days ago | philly
The Brady punch: Disarming a legacy
"...But the lasting damage is to his legacy, and it's why Deflategate matters. Yes, the balls had no bearing on the one-sided victory over the Colts that day, but Brady didn't know that beforehand, just as we don't know how often this deflation has occurred in the past or its effect on other outcomes...." see full article

1313 days ago | nepatriotslife
Opinion: Tom Brady's legacy may take a hit, but not ruined by ...
"...His legacy is still intact. And it's still growing. When he comes back, the rest of the NFL is screwed. Nobody in the league plays better when they're pissed off than Brady does. You better believe he's going to come back and play like a mad man...." see full article

1313 days ago | washingtonpost
Stop worrying about Tom Bradys legacy

"...Much like the scandals of the past in football and in other sports, deflategate will erode into a distant memory over time, in part because it's such a non-issue, but also because they all do. When the broadcast of an NFL game posts a graphic about the winningest teams in Super Bowl history, there's no mention of the rule-breaking of teams of the past like the Pittsburgh Steelers...." see full article

1313 days ago | blogs.mercurynews
Tom Brady Deserves All The Grief Hes Going To Get. And Not Just Because Joe Montana Never Did Anything This Silly Or Stupid.
"...Will the Ball-Ghazi report affect Brady's legacy? Well, it will be part of his obituary. That realization must be embarrassing for him. It might also give barstool ammunition to those who support Joe Montana over Brady in the greatest NFL quarterback of all time debate...." see full article

1313 days ago | theguardian
Tom Brady knew and now his legacy is irreparably tainted

"...They sought an unfair advantage; once obtained, they proceeded to use it. That's no different from a pitcher doctoring a baseball or a batter corking a bat. The only difference is that the crime was discovered after the fact, thus rendering any possible relief for the Indianapolis Colts that much more difficult. Could they have beaten the Colts without cheating? Perhaps. We'll never know. ..." see full article

1313 days ago | newburyportnews
Editorial: Deflategate a stain on Tom Brady's legacy - The Daily News of Newburyport
"...There are elements of truth in all these defenses of Brady and the Patriots. But outside of New England, they won't carry much weight. For football fans in the rest of the country, the Patriots will always be suspect. And Brady will have to live with this taint on his legacy...." see full article

1314 days ago | denverpost
Will "Deflategate" tarnish Tom Brady's legacy? - The Denver Post
"...As time goes by, I believe Brady will not be deemed as a villain the way Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong are perceived...." see full article

1317 days ago | ftw.usatoday
The legacy of cheater Tom Brady won't be ruined by Deflategate ...
"...This is a stain that will never go away. But five years down the road, here's the reality: Nobody is really going to care about Deflategate, even the people who are the most vehement Brady critics today. Brady won't be a Pete Rose or Barry Bonds, unjustly kept out of the Hall of Fame because of his own transgressions, he'll be a first-ballot Hall of Famer and it won't be close or controversial. Football is a different animal. Perform and all is forgiven...." see full article

1317 days ago | boston.cbslocal
Keller @ Large: Tom Brady's Legacy May Extend Beyond Football - CBS Local
"...Our lives ought to be measured by the way we treat others, especially our families, and by what we contribute to the community. From what I can see of Brady, there's plenty to write about there. Who knows what good he and his wife might do with their millions after he retires? Brady's football life might turn out to be the least of his legacy...." see full article

1317 days ago | denverpost
Will "Deflategate" tarnish Tom Brady's legacy? - The Denver Post
"...As time goes by, I believe Brady will not be deemed as a villain the way Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong are perceived...." see full article

1318 days ago | bleacherreport
Tom Brady's Legacy Forever Scarred by Damning Wells Report ...
"...Just how long has Brady been cheating? That is the legitimate question that must now be asked. And this is why Brady's legacy is now seriously impacted forever. Because we just don't know. What we do know is that Brady cheated and misled in this case. That's the truth. That's a fact...." see full article

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