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Jim Gilmore - What Do The Experts Think?

Former Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore is running for the 2016 Republican nomination.

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Articles that are or Jim Gilmore
last 24 hours | huffingtonpost
Jim Gilmore's Predictable Run for President - Huffington Post

"...After raising only slightly more than $170, in the first quarter and after only 3 months campaigning, Gilmore withdrew from the race without facing a single primary or caucus. That same year Gilmore ran for US Senate against Democrat Mark Warner for US Senate in Virginia and lost by a huge margin and only winning four counties. The big question, with the largest number of GOP candidates in a primary in modern history (and maybe ever), what motivates Gilmore to run today? It is not like there are not others with similar experiences. Governors (former and active) seem to be dominating the lot. I think 2016 will be an interesting political season and is going to go down in history as a year to attract some of the largest number of credible and viable candidates for the GOP that would go absolutely no where...." see full article

1289 days ago | hotair
Hey, look! Jim Gilmore is getting in the race because its such a great opportunity
"...But the second half of the governor's argument is that it becomes easier to have your voice heard. Whether you're talking about ground level, hand to hand retail politics or seats around the table on the cable news shows, that's sort of crazy sounding. Unless you're doing or saying things to draw significant fire (generally for all the wrong reasons) you're just not going to bubble to the top very quickly. And with Trump still basically sucking all the oxygen out of the room, I can't see Gilmore being the lead item on State of the Union or Face the Nation any time soon. Even if Gilmore is talking about paid advertising time he's going to need to raise a lot of money. How many big donors do you suppose are out there at this point who haven't tied their fortunes to one of the sixteen other folks by now? Does Gilmore suppose they're out there waiting for what? Him? That pool has been almost emptied by this point unless he thinks he can open some flood gate of small dollar donors among the grassroots...." see full article

1289 days ago | nytimes
Live Coverage | Jim Gilmore Misstates Legal Status of Obama's Immigration Orders - New York Times

"...Former Gov. Jim Gilmore of Virginia said flatly that President Obama's executive orders on immigration are illegal and show contempt for the rule of law, presenting that opinion as a matter of settled law.In fact, that question is very much in dispute as courts confront whether Mr. Obama exceeded his authority. A Texas Federal District Court judge has issued initial rulings in favor of the law's challengers, and a Federal Appeals Court has so far refused to allow the orders to go into effect while the case proceeds. But the legality of Mr. Obama's executive orders on immigration will likely not be settled until the Supreme Court takes up the case. Both sides say they expect that to happen, but it could be months, if not years, before that happens...." see full article

1289 days ago | reason
Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore Becomes the 17th Candidate to Run for the GOP Presidential Nomination
"...Jim Gilmore, who served as the governor of Virginia from 1998 to 2002 (now you don't have to Google it), just became the 17th candidate to announce a run for the Republican party's 2016 presidential nomination. In this crowded field, you might wonder, what does Gilmore believe he can bring to the race that no one else can?A piece by Gilmore posted at Breitbart, titled "Why I'm Running for President," attempts to provide some insight into his unique approach to solving America's problems:..." see full article

1289 days ago | bustle
Jim Gilmore Is On Myspace And If You Need To Know Anything About Him, It's Who's In His Top 8
"...As soon as it was revealed that Gilmore had filed paperwork to join the race for the Republican nomination, the public started to learn bits and pieces about the somewhat mysterious man. For example, he was in the Army as an intelligence specialist; he was the attorney general of Virginia, and then the governor of Virgina; he's on the NRA's board of directors; he speaks fluent German; he likes pizza (his taste in food is excellent), but his favorite chain is Pizza Hut (his taste in pizza is questionable), etc. But what do these facts really say about a man and whether or not he qualifies for the White House? Not much, if you ask me...." see full article

1289 days ago | pjmedia
Here's How Jim Gilmore Thinks He Can Win the GOP Nomination - PJ Media
"...Still, Gilmore ran in 2008 and didn't make it far. I think it will be a long race, he said. After a while, the people of the country will say, Look, I'm tired of the circus. I want a candidate who understands my concerns, jobs, opportunities.' And my real concern about the international threat. I'm addressing those issues and I'm capable of doing that. Gilmore said if Virginia law had allowed him to serve more than one term there wouldn't have been a budget shortfall when he left office. I'm not concerned about Donald Trump. I'm more concerned about the opportunity to get my ideas out there, the idea of revitalizing the economy and the deep experience I have to address the international crisis. It's very real. The danger of the United States is serious, he said...." see full article

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