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Should Adrian Peterson leave The Vikings?

Adrian Peterson's agent recently said "We want out of Minnesota." Is this the right move for Peterson?

50% of writers and pundits say yes
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Should Adrian Peterson leave The Vikings?  

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last 24 hours | startribune
Peterson cleared to rejoin Vikings, but will he? - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"..."And if the Minnesota Vikings decide that they want him to play football for them, he will play football for them or play football for no one."..." see full article

1371 days ago | profootballtalk.nbcsports
Peterson trade would have multiple moving parts -
"..."If the Vikings were the Patriots, the Vikings would tell Peterson's people that, if word leaks prematurely, the trade simply isn't happening."..." see full article

1375 days ago | profootballtalk.nbcsports
John Sullivan says Vikings players want Adrian Peterson back -
"..."While Adrian Peterson may not want to play for the Minnesota Vikings any longer, the Vikings are making it clear they want him back."..." see full article

1378 days ago | si
Brandt: Why Adrian Peterson will not play another down for the Minnesota Vikings
"..."There's been reports from the Vikings that he'll never play for them again."..." see full article

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1380 days ago | profootballtalk.nbcsports
Peterson, Vikings standoff continues -
"..."If and that's still a fairly large if the Vikings plan to trade Peterson, the best move at this point would be to get a deal down quietly, and then to implement it when the team to whom Peterson will be dealt is on the clock, with the first pick the Vikings will be receiving. That approach allows the Vikings to swoop in and grab a guy they want, without having to worry about someone jumping over them."..." see full article

1384 days ago | thepostgame
The Blade: What Will Minnesota Vikings Do With Franchise Star Adrian Peterson? - The Post Game (blog)
"..."Peterson's legal troubles are behind him now, and the Vikings are eager to take him back -- but he wants to play elsewhere, and he seems determined to force a parting of ways."..." see full article

1386 days ago | 1500espn
Vikings keep RB options open with Adrian Peterson's uncertain future - 1500 ESPN
"..."But while the Vikings have publicly anchored themselves to Peterson, they've put together a six-man committee of his would-be replacements that could be joined by a draftee from a deep running back class of which the Vikings are very fond."..." see full article

1389 days ago | sportsonearth
Time is running out - Sports On Earth
"..."Adrian Peterson is running out of time, and he knows it. The Minnesota Vikings have nothing but time, and so far they are using it to their advantage; they should stick to that strategy, all the way through to next season."..." see full article

1392 days ago | christianpost
Adrian Peterson Wants Out, Will Star NFL Running Back Get His ...
"..." It some ways, that is an understandable reaction to what has gone on for the star running back, but he needs to fully realize he is in this position because of his own behavior, not anything his employer, the Minnesota Vikings, have done. The team has said they will not release him nor should they; it is their job to protect their asset and get fair market value for him if he does not wish to play out his contract there."..." see full article

1393 days ago | si
Mike Zimmer not giving ground in Vikings' stand-off with Peterson -
"..."Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has absolutely the correct approach. At Wednesday morning's NFC coaches/media breakfast at the Arizona Biltmore hotel, it was Zimmer who adopted Peterson's trademark All Day mindset, sticking to the team's tough love stance in regards to the demands of its disgruntled star running back."..." see full article

1393 days ago | usatoday
Bell: Adrian Peterson may want out, but Vikings shouldn't agree - USA TODAY

"..."However, the Vikings, who stood by Peterson through his legal issue and paid him $13 million last year, should not have to beg him to return to his job."..." see full article

1394 days ago | profootballtalk.nbcsports
Jump in running back market points to Adrian Peterson leaving Vikings
"..."Despite any lingering concerns Vikings running back Adrian Peterson may have about staying in Minnesota, the primary factor regarding his future always was going to be and eventually will be money. And as more and more running backs make more and more money, the likelihood that someone else will pay Peterson as much or more than the $12.75 million he's due to earn from the Vikings increases."..." see full article

1395 days ago | usatoday
Adrian Peterson may want out, but Vikings shouldn't agree - USA TODAY

"..."Then again, Peterson was a distraction last year, too. But he's a much better distraction to have than to not have."..." see full article

1395 days ago |
Agent: Peterson return to Vikings not in 'best interest' (Yahoo Sports)
"..."Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings have reached a standstill in their professional relationship."..." see full article

1395 days ago | espn.go
Agent: Vikings not right for Peterson - ESPN

"..."The agent for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said Monday that he doesn't think "it's in Adrian's best interest to play in Minnesota" this season and beyond."..." see full article

1395 days ago |
Agent: Peterson return to Vikings not in 'best interest' - Yahoo News UK

"..."I believe that it's not in his best interest to resume his career in Minnesota," Dogra said. "It might be best for all parties involved for him to resume his career elsewhere."..." see full article

1395 days ago | espn.go
Inside Slant: Vikings are sitting on Adrian Peterson -- as they should - ESPN (blog)

"..."This is not a drill. They're not joking. The Minnesota Vikings really do want Adrian Peterson back on their team in 2015. Believing they have their best team of this decade, they won't allow a conflicted superstar, or his increasingly vocal agent, to dislodge their position."..." see full article

1395 days ago | au.ibtimes
NFL News: RB Adrian Peterson Not Changing His Mind About ...
"..."Even before Peterson's meeting with the Vikings GM and head coach, the player is said to be hesitant returning because he's uneasy with a lot of things that happened in the past. Peterson was suspended on Nov. 18 2014 because of his involvement in child abuse against his four year old son. He appealed the decision but was denied during that time and was reinstated recently after a court order favoured Peterson's appeal."..." see full article

1395 days ago | wdsu
Vikings, agent stand firm regarding Peterson - WDSU New Orleans
"..."Adrian's a member of our football team. He is under contract with us, and we are focused on the 2015 season and expect Adrian to be a part of that."..." see full article

1396 days ago | espn.go
Peterson's agent: Vikings no longer right fit

"..."The agent for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said Monday that he doesn't think "it's in Adrian's best interest to play in Minnesota" this season and beyond."..." see full article

1396 days ago | inquisitr
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Vikings Won't Release Adrian Peterson, Trade Still ... - The Inquisitr
"..."ESPN has reported that Peterson's agent, Ben Dorga, declined an invitation to speak with Rick Spielman, the Vikings general manager. This happened after Spielman revealed that the Vikings were not going to release Peterson from his contract, and things are still uneasy. ..." see full article

1397 days ago | rantsports
Adrian Peterson Doesn't Seem To Realize the Minnesota Vikings Should Want ... - RantSports
"..."Irreconcilable differences are here to stay, until Peterson is gone and plays the decline phase of his career in another uniform."..." see full article

1397 days ago | espn.go
Peterson's agent declines to meet with Vikes

"..."As the Minnesota Vikings prepare to head to Phoenix for the NFL owners meetings next week, their relationship with their erstwhile franchise player still appears to be on the rocks."..." see full article

1399 days ago | startribune
Hartman: Vikings GM stresses Peterson is wanted back - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"..."To update the Adrian Peterson situation, Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman made it clear the great running back will be a Viking next season unless, of course, somebody offers a blockbuster-type trade for him."..." see full article

1399 days ago |
Source: Adrian Peterson's camp rejects meeting with Vikings
"...The impasse between running back Adrian "Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings has taken a more ominous turn. Vikings general manager Rick Spielman requested a dinner meeting with Peterson's agent at the forthcoming owners meetings in Phoenix but was rejected, a source told Yahoo Sports."..." see full article

1399 days ago | nfl
Adrian Peterson won't be traded by Minnesota Vikings -
"..." Adrian Peterson will not be traded, NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reported on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay Morning," according to two high-ranking team sources. Ownership not only reveres Peterson, but it also believes his star power is essential as the Vikings prepare to open a new stadium in 2016. "They want him running through that tunnel," Silver said."..." see full article

1402 days ago | dailynorseman
Vikings Free Agency Report: Vikings, Cardinals, Working On Peterson Trade - Daily Norseman
"..."It also makes sense that Arizona would be Peterson's top choice, since Dallas has seemed to bow out of the Peterson sweepstakes by signing free agent running back Darren McFadden."..." see full article

1402 days ago | nfl
Vikings tell Adrian Peterson they won't cut him -
"..."At this point, there have been no public demands of a release or a trade. Peterson could make life uncomfortable for the Vikings by asking to leave, but there are plenty of reasons to believe he'll wind up staying in Minnesota. The Vikings are clearly comfortable paying Peterson his $12.75 million salary in 2015, which makes him the game's highest paid running back. Minnesota wants to win in 2015, and getting rid of Peterson isn't going to help them."..." see full article

1402 days ago | profootballtalk.nbcsports
Report: "No way" Cardinals trade for Adrian Peterson at current salary -
"..."That source said the Cardinals haven't had talks with the Vikings yet and that they won't trade for the running back as long as he has three years and $45 million left on his contract."..." see full article

1403 days ago | dailynorseman
Report: Adrian Peterson Still Not Happy With Minnesota Vikings - Daily Norseman
"..."Sometimes. . .just sometimes. . .it isn't everybody else that's the problem. Sometimes it's you. And maybe now is one of those times."..." see full article

1405 days ago | foxsports
Garafolo: Peterson likely to leave Vikings, suit up for another team ...
"..."Adrian Peterson's days with the Minnesota Vikings are likely over, FOX Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo reported Friday."..." see full article

1408 days ago | usatoday
Adrian Peterson huddles with Vikings owners - USA TODAY

"..."The Vikings have made clear their priority is to bring him back and they have no plans to release him."..." see full article

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