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Should Andrew Jackson Be Removed From The Twenty Dollar Bill?

Activists want to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, due to his anti-Native American history. Should we replace the 7th President of the U.S. with someone else?

54% of writers and pundits say no
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Should Andrew Jackson Be Removed From The Twenty Dollar Bill?  

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last 24 hours | csmonitor
Why Republicans are embracing Andrew Jackson, as Democrats abandon him - Christian Science Monitor
"...Jackson was a tough old bird who didn't care much for Indians, who hated John Quincy Adams, and who absolutely despised Henry Clay.If Andy Jackson were to run in the Republican primary today, he would win in a cakewalk.He may have once been a symbol of the Democratic Party, but his spirit lives on with the GOP...." see full article

1226 days ago | elkharttruth
Brian Howey: President Jackson left mark on Indiana - The Elkhart Truth
"...President Jackson forged what is now the Democratic Party. And to this day, Hoosier Democrats of all genders, races and sexual orientation gather for the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, the irony being that both presidents were slave owners. There has been virtually no momentum to opt for a Truman-Kennedy or a Roosevelt-Kennedy dinner.It is hard to find a Hoosier lawmaker of either Republican or Democratic stripe who doesn't acknowledge the 2nd Amendment constitutional right to bear arms. President Jackson loved his guns. He was a war hero and killed a man during a duel in 1806 after his wife Rachel had been humiliated.The idea of Harriet Tubman moving President Jackson off the $20 bill is another irony. Tubman's Underground Railroad coursed through Indiana as runaway slaves crossed the Ohio and St. Joseph rivers to find safe haven in Michigan. The Underground Railroad is a source of Hoosier pride these days...." see full article

1238 days ago | thestranger
Why Black Slave Liberator Harriet Tubman Should Not Replace Slave Owner ... - (blog)
"...On one hand, replacing the face of Andrew Jackson a man whose wealth was made on the backs of enslaved black people with Tubman's image sounds like an idyllic reversal of fortune. But in examining Tubman's life, it's clear that putting her face on America's currency would undermine her legacy...." see full article

1253 days ago | tennessean
Letters to the editor, March 12: Jackson and $20 bill - The Tennessean
"...Gen. Jackson, on the other hand, would seem to have been both a great military and a great political figure. There seems to me no doubt that Jackson is the better man to stay, and Grant the better to go...." see full article

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1255 days ago | washingtonpost
This group wants to banish Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill

"...Jackson's authorization and enforcement of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 -- which forced several Native American tribes to give up their land to white farmers and move to Oklahoma -- makes his continued presence on American currency controversial. ..." see full article

1255 days ago | breitbart
"... However, this narrative of Jackson as a mastermind of genocide almost demonically hateful toward American Indians is false. The story of Cherokee Indian removal is far more complex than the simple, but ideologically useful narrative of greedy American oppression that one often encounters in a modern classroom...." see full article

1255 days ago | thebillfold
Andrew Jackson Doesnt Belong on a Twenty-Dollar Bill, a Woman Does
"...but I will say that the difference between Jackson and the other slave-owning presidents that are on the money is that Jackson's legacy has become dominated by the negative aspects of his presidency. The Trail of Tears has become such a blot on his reputation, and it's important to remove that reminder of that painful time. The other reason that it's fitting to replace Andrew Jackson is that he was very opposed to the central bank and paper currency. He wanted gold and silver standards...." see full article

1255 days ago | masslive
It's time to boot Andrew Jackson off the 20-dollar bill
"...Native Americans in particular despise his legacy. Many do all they can to avoid using 20-dollar bills at all. Whatever uneasy hope existed of peaceful 19th Century coexistence between the natives and the white settlers, many believe, ended with Jackson's brutal, almost barbaric tactics...." see full article

1255 days ago | detroitnews
Democrats should drop Andrew Jackson
"...One of Jackson's first acts as president was championing and signing into law the Indian Removal Bill, which displaced nearly 100,000 Native Americans to open 25 million acres of land for white settlements, wealthy land barons, and the expansion of southern slavery.The bill, along with Jackson's refusal to enforce an order by the United States Supreme Court to protect the rights of the Cherokee people of Georgia, led directly to the Trail of Tears, where 4,000 Cherokee men, women and children died of cold, starvation and disease...." see full article

1255 days ago | abqjournal
A woman on a $20 bill? Its a question of whom, not when
"...Demonstrating $20/$20 political foresight, a grass-roots campaign called Women on 20s had already done the spadework of formulating an all-female cast of potential replacements for Andrew Jackson, who brought his high forehead, tall hair and regrettable history as a slave owner and persecutor of Native Americans to the $20 bill in 1928...." see full article

1255 days ago | townhall
Cashiering Andy Jackson

"...Yet he declared in his inaugural address that the federal government should do only that which the Constitution allowed. Oh, boy -- if only! He favored hard money and suspected all banks. He was a common man who tried to work for the common man. He played the class warfare angle. He was plain-spoken and honest. ..." see full article

1255 days ago | tennessean
Join debate on future of Jackson's likeness on $20 bill - The Tennessean
"...his support for the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which was a mass relocation of Native Americans ("Not OK") and also his opposition to a central banking system (" he is an ironic choice for immortalization on our money"). Jackson was no saint, but neither were the other men on our currency...." see full article

1258 days ago | nashvillescene
Removing Jackson from the Twenty Doesn't Really Solve Anything - Nashville Scene
"...Really, when you look at the long history of the United States' dealings with Native Americans, the thing that stands out about Jackson is that he, of all our presidents, was the most honest and open about how the United States deals with Indians removing them from their lands, trying to destroy their cultures. Most other presidents engaged in policies that were clearly also genocidal, but, unlike Jackson, they downplayed or obfuscated that end goal...." see full article

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