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Should Bernie Sanders Be Taken Seriously?

When he announced his bid for President, no one thought Bernie Sanders had a chance of winning. However, his ideas are making people think. Should the Vermont Socialist be taken seriously?

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Should Bernie Sanders Be Taken Seriously?  

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last 24 hours | alternet
Why Bernie Sanders' Economic Vision Sets Him Apart From the Other ... - AlterNet
"...The growth argument seems to imply that the United States economy's biggest problem is that there isn't enough wealth, rather than the reality that our country is very rich but that the riches are distributed in a way that is very unequal. Sanders' argument is that human outcomes are more important than simply growing.There's also the fact that many of the resources we use are not unlimited. We cannot embrace unlimited economic growth without degrading the planet. This is something Americans realize a Gallup poll last year found that 50 percent of Americans say the protection of the environment should be given priority, even at the risk of curbing economic growth (41 percent disagreed)...." see full article

1310 days ago | thedailybeast
Bernie Sanders Is Building an Army to Take D.C. - Daily Beast

"...The reception he's gotten in the four or five weeks since he announced his candidacy has persuaded him that maybe the country's disgust with politics as usual has created an opening for somebody like him, a 73-year-old self-described "democratic socialist" who calls out the excesses of Wall Street and stands up for working families. "It is not a radical agenda," he told reporters at a breakfast organized by The Christian Science Monitor.He wants to expand Social Security, move away from Obamacare to Medicare for all, and make tuition free at public universities. He would pay for these expanded benefits with a tax on Wall Street speculative trading, and he would end the loopholes that allow corporations to store their profits tax-free offshore. He doesn't expect support from the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, or Wall Street, he says with delight, treating their opposition like a badge of honor...." see full article

1341 days ago | salon
Here's how Bernie Sanders could win: The one issue where Hillary's vulnerable ... - Salon

"...Bernie Sanders does a far better job on the issue, but even he doesn't quite nail it. Like Clinton, he says his Supreme Court appointees must commit to overturn Citizens United. He said it first, but every Democrat says it now and it feels like a dodge. Overturning Citizens United, whether by judicial review or constitutional amendment, is a highly conjectural remedy. A president could serve two terms and not get to replace a single Republican Supreme Court justice, and hell will freeze over before a 38th state ratifies a constitutional amendment.Democrats speak of Citizens United as if overturning it would restore a golden age of ethics; as if its mere existence excuses all the bad bargains they strike with the rich and powerful; as if it proved that where corruption is concerned, they are only victims, never culprits. Government was corrupt before Citizens United was filed and will have to be cleaned up before it's overturned. Voters want to hear some practical ideas about how to do it up but so far Democrats don't have any...." see full article

1342 days ago | politico
Bernie Sanders tweaks stump speech amid pressure - Politico

"...Sanders also boasts a liberal record on racial justice issues he was a civil rights activist and participated in sit-ins in the 1960s, decried the Supreme Court's decision weakening the Voting Rights Act and has pursued economic reforms in inner cities. Recently, he has introduced a youth jobs bill and chided the media for failing to cover a speech on African-American unemployment a topic he often discusses.Sanders' campaign, though, has been laser-focused on income and wealth inequality, climate change and campaign finance reform. His advisers have said it's important for Sanders to introduce himself to voters on these issues, and he has been reluctant to stray from those areas...." see full article

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1343 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders masterfully trolls the GOP: 2016 hopeful unveils a real "family ... - Salon

"...Signaling that he's not prepared to concede the language of family values to sanctimonious social conservative scolds, Bernie Sanders on Thursday unveiled his own family values agenda, centered on a series of proposals to guarantee paid family and medical leave.Noting that the United States lags other wealthy, industrialized nations in paid leave policies indeed, the country ranks last on family policies the Vermont senator and 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful called for the U.S. to catch up with the rest of the world...." see full article

1345 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bernie Sanders Is The Mainstream Candidate, Not an Extremist - Huffington Post

"...Of the candidates running for president as of today, Bernie Sanders is the candidate who has made the biggest deal of this issue. The reality is that Bernie Sanders represents the mainstream views of voters on many more issues than just campaign finance and money in politics.Of the candidates running today, Senator Sanders is the candidate who has most loudly proclaimed that the wealth gap in the U.S. is too big, and 63 percent of Americans agree. Although so-called "wealth redistribution" is used as an ad hominem by advocates of supply-side economics, 52 percent of Americans believe that taxing the rich should be used to reduce the wealth gap. Who but Bernie Sanders has been touting this strategy?..." see full article

1347 days ago | grandforksherald
GEORGE WILL: Bernie Sanders' socialist charade - Grand Forks Herald
"..."Independent"? He caucuses with Senate Democrats and attends their policy lunches, his committee assignments count against the Democrats' quotas, he reliably votes with Democrats and he is seeking the Democrats' presidential nomination. He is a Democrat.And if he is a "socialist," who isn't? In olden days, socialism meant something robust government ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Then, voters and reality being resistant to such socialism, the idea was diluted to mean just government ownership of an economy's "commanding heights," principally heavy industries, coal mines, railroads and so on...." see full article

1349 days ago | chicagotribune
Bernie Sanders' liberal moment - Chicago Tribune

"...The left wing of the Democratic Party is having a magic moment. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., an avowed socialist, drew enthusiastic throngs in Iowa last week. The 700 people who showed up in Davenport gave him the biggest crowd any candidate in either party has seen in the state this year. The audience in Kensett was bigger than the population of Kensett.Some people think this could be the start of something big. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow marveled at his "incredibly positive launch" and wondered, "What does it mean if Bernie Sanders continues to do as well as he has been doing?"..." see full article

1353 days ago | thehill
The Bernie Sanders surge - The Hill (blog)

"...In purely political terms, Sanders is crowding out O'Malley. The deal on O'Malley is that he was a good governor of Maryland, and a fairly good mayor of Baltimore. But as the reaction in Baltimore after the latest riots suggests, as mayor, O'Malley was a law-and-order guy not unlike New Democrats, and not the rip-roaring populist he is campaigning as today.Bernie Sanders, by contrast, has alway been the same Bernie Sanders, a true populist with a socialist twist, a leader who never bends with the political winds, and a man who radiates the kind of authenticity that Americans crave, but rarely find, in politicians today...." see full article

1354 days ago | radio.foxnews
Ben & Jerry: We Were Long Shots Just Like Bernie Sanders Once - FOX News Radio (blog)
"...He's a long shot, but so were Ben and Jerry. Every once in a while long shots come in. You know the thing about Bernie is that he's a populist, and if the policies that he's supporting, healthcare for all, college for all, putting people back to work, are things that support millions and millions and millions of Americans, the huge majority of Americans. And if they just get behind him, he'll win...." see full article

1357 days ago | cnn
Will Bernie Sanders start a revolution? - CNN

"...He must take on the Clinton political machine that has retooled after its defeat in 2008. He's a minnow in the money game in a campaign that will be awash in billions of dollars.He's not exactly a polished pol either, with an unrepentant message of class warfare that makes him an unlikely candidate to win over Middle America.And many Democrats are only beginning to learn who Sanders actually is. He's a long shot, but has shown some momentum since indicating he would take the plunge into the presidential race late last month. In a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday, Sanders was at 15% of Democratic voters nationwide, up from the 5% he managed in a CNN national poll last month...." see full article

1359 days ago | politico
Socialist Sanders threatens Clinton more than made-for-TV O'Malley - Politico

"...But, perhaps counterintuitively, it's Sanders six years older than Clinton, a self-defined socialist with no big money apparatus and positions that appeal to the far left of the party that Democratic strategists and Clinton insiders expect to pose a bigger threat to the former secretary of state than the mainstream O'Malley, who has been trying to build a national constituency by positioning himself slightly to her left. Sanders could be 2016's Eugene McCarthy, said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, who in the past has advised Bill Clinton. He is the populist symbol well-known to his supporters. Clinton is the establishment candidate. Sanders is the insurgent. And O'Malley needs money and has to run a traditional campaign and create a constituency. Sanders' constituency is just waiting to be told the game is on. ..." see full article

1359 days ago | nytimes
Bernie Sanders's Message Resonates With a Certain Age Group: His Own - New York Times

"...If Mr. Sanders were to win the election, he would be 75 when he took office, becoming the oldest person to assume the presidency. Some fans of Mr. Sanders said that youth was overrated in such endeavors. People say presidents should represent the future, represent the next generation, but what this country needs is a leader who has a deep understanding of its problems, said Francesca Mihok, 54, a single mother and physical therapist who attended Mr. Sanders's first campaign rally, in Burlington, Vt., on Tuesday...." see full article

1359 days ago | thedailybeast
Bernie Sanders's One Fantastic Idea - Daily Beast

"...But even if she did come out against it, is it going to be because of Sanders and O'Malley? I say doubtful. It's going to be because it becomes clear to her campaign that she forfeits more among liberals in enthusiasm than she gains among centrists in credibility or donations or what have you. That has more to do with the grassroots and the unions and a certain non-candidate (Elizabeth Warren) than it does with her opponents.But all that said, here's the important thing that long-shot candidates can bring to the dance: They can introduce an issue or way of seeing a problem that voters just weren't thinking about before and the front-runner won't have the fortitude to talk about because it's seen as too risky. And even if they don't get the front-runner to embrace their position, they can create a reality in which the candidate gets asked a lot of questions about it and with any luck it becomes a position she ultimately has to embrace...." see full article

1360 days ago | demos
Bernie Sanders' Deodorant Argument Is One of the Most Substantive of the ... - PolicyShop (blog)
"...Personally, I find the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, which he declared Tuesday, something to look forward to.I'm speaking as someone who loves the romance of politics. Because in addition to duking it out over important issues, I think the personal is a big part of politics, especially in this country where we tend to want to know the president in some sort of one-to-one connection. We pick the president, after all, not like they do in other countries where the members of parliament pick the prime ministers.So the personal matters...." see full article

1360 days ago | politico
Will Bernie Sanders get a fair shake?

"...On Tuesday, a United States senator formally launched a presidential campaign. The senator is one of just two Democratic candidates officially seeking the presidency. Straight out the gate, he already has more on-the-ground support than roughly half of the current and likely Republican hopefuls -- including Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Rick Perry -- and just less than Ted Cruz.Yet when that senator announced his intention to run, late last month, the news was buried on page A21 of The New York Times, despite the fact that almost every other campaign launch, including Cruz's, was featured prominently on page A1. The Washington Post began a profile of the "unlikely presidential candidate" by labeling him "an ex-hippie, septuagenarian socialist from the liberal reaches of Vermont who rails, in his thick Brooklyn accent, rumpled suit and frizzy pile of white hair, against the billionaire class' taking over the country." By Tuesday, it had dubbed his bid "by-all-accounts-doomed."..." see full article

1361 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders really matters: He doesnt have to win to build a progressive movement

"...Sanders can teach today's progressives how to be more like their forebears, who won elections and historic reforms by prosecuting their cases with fact and logic. Sanders is bright and articulate enough to pull it off. In so doing he could redefine what it means to be a candidate. He might even persuade a few folks that calculation and charisma count for less than intelligence, character and conviction.Pundits say Sanders will drive Clinton to the left. Maybe so, but it would be enough to drive her to greater specificity. A shallow, malleable press drools over Clinton's new populist patois, which thus far contains nothing by way of content. Her people say she's bent on not repeating her 2008 campaign, but she seems more bent on replaying Obama's. It's just as big a mistake...." see full article

1361 days ago | rollingstone
Give 'Em Hell, Bernie
"...But Sanders genuinely, sincerely, does not care about optics. He is the rarest of Washington animals, a completely honest person. If he's motivated by anything other than a desire to use his influence to protect people who can't protect themselves, I've never seen it. Bernie Sanders is the kind of person who goes to bed at night thinking about how to increase the heating-oil aid program for the poor.This is why his entrance into the 2016 presidential race is a great thing and not a mere footnote to the inevitable coronation of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. If the press is smart enough to grasp it, his entrance into the race makes for a profound storyline that could force all of us to ask some very uncomfortable questions...." see full article

1361 days ago | hotair
Bernie Sanders: A 90% tax rate sounds fine to me - Hot Air
"...Sanders still gets an F from the NRA on gun control, though curiously he has voted on the right side of some Second Amendment issues, leading observers to call him the Second Amendment Socialist. He's called for the seizure and nationalization of the oil and gas industry, and wants to break up the banks. The guy is so far to the Left that he wouldn't even officially associate himself with the Democrats until he decided to run for President.What's the point of all this? Look I understand that cable news has a lot of hours to fill every day, but continuing to treat Bernie Sanders as a legitimate challenger to Hillary Clinton and a viable candidate for the presidency is a disservice to the public. The man couldn't be elected anywhere outside of Vermont and it's time to lump him in with Vermin Supremewhere he belongs...." see full article

1361 days ago | observer
How Bernie Sanders Points the Way for New York's Outsider Candidates - New York Observer
"...Mr. Sanders is a long shot to win the Democratic nomination, much less the presidency, but he is not a laughable long shot. Having served eight terms in Congress and one and a half in the Senate, he has the resume of a credible candidate. Compare him to the most prominent outsider presidential contender in recent memory: Ralph Nader, who when pressed by Chris Matthews on his qualifications in 2004, could only point to his experience working in the Department of Labor under Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the 1960s.What got Mr. Sanders where he is now is what got him elected mayor in 1981: building a base from the bottom up, and shifting his focus from the grandiose to the granular. The low-income areas of Burlington always took the longest to get their streets cleaned after a smothering New England snowstorm, Mr. Sugarman recalled, with often just one sanitation worker on a single shift charged with shoveling out an entire neighborhood...." see full article

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