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Should Bullfighting Be Banned?

With Torero Jimenez Fortes being gored, and with many upset about the killing of bulls for sport, people think bullfighting should end. Do you think bullfighting should end?

71% of writers and pundits say yes
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Should Bullfighting Be Banned?  

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The secret life of a bullfighter -
"...Despite being banned in a number of countries, and animal rights groups including PETA pushing for a worldwide ban, many bulls are killed each year.Portugal's Viana do Castelo region banned bullfighting back in 2009, with their mayor stating that the defence of animal rights is not compatible with spectacles that torture and impose unjustifiable suffering. Due to it's barbaric treatment of animals, there is increasing opposition to bullfighting in Spain, with over two thirds of the country against the tradition. It is also illegal in many countries...." see full article

1293 days ago | gulftoda
Birjees S Hussain: A solution to end animal cruelty - Gulf Today
"...But sport isn't the only excuse for maiming animals who are minding their own business. Recently a rhino's head was seen covered in a heavy cast made from fibre glass because the poachers hacked off both its horns. Similar instances have been reported involving elephant tusks. Apparently, ivory is an expensive commodity in developing countries with little to export except said ivories. Other sought after items include animal appendages such as gorillas' hands that are used as ornamental ashtrays and of course we've all seen deer and lion heads mounted on walls and tiger skin rugs in the living rooms of the rich.All of the above cruelties have one thing in common a demand whether in the shape of audiences watching in a circus, patrons placing a bet as to which cock will win or a thirst to see the matador win against a helpless animal. The solution is simple both at government level and at a layperson's level. At the government level, such sports can be banned immediately without any grace period and those involved made to pay a heavy penalty, such as imprisonment and huge fines, for indulging in them. At the layperson's level, the solution would be to simply not get involved. No betting and no viewing. The problem then goes away...." see full article

1297 days ago | newsweek
Bogots Bullfighting Ban Falls in Court

"...Bullfighting has been an integral part of national identity in Spain and its former colonies, though anti-bullfighting movements have intensified in Mexico and Venezuela in recent years...." see full article

1310 days ago | independent.c
Is it finally time for Spain to ban bull fighting?
"...However, those thinking that the series of human bodies (as well as the usual ones of bulls) spouting blood all over newspaper pages would lead to a wave of revulsion in Spain against bullfighting per se may have to reconsider...." see full article

1310 days ago | junkee
Junk Explained: What Is Bullfighting, And Why Is It Still Around?
"...Over the course of the corrida, the bull is first enraged by the actions of the toreros, then stabbed with a lance, then planted with barbed spears (bandilleras), then further enraged by the matador, then if all goes according to plan killed by the matador, who plunges a sword directly into its heart. That's an agonising enough death, but if something goes wrong it can be even worse for the bull: if the matador misses the bull's heart during the final stage of the fight, the bull's lungs will be punctured and it can either slowly drown in its own blood, or endure several attempts to land the killing blow...." see full article

1310 days ago | independent.c
Will bullfighting survive in modern Spain?
"...At one stage, one of the bullfighters took four or so attempts to get his sword through the right spot in the bull's back to kill it. I found myself depressed, bored even. Almost the only emotion I could muster was the sense that this was an unfair contest, and that if the matador himself were gored, the interests of both justice and entertainment would be far better served. Instead, this tedious affair was neither culture nor art and certainly could not be called sport...." see full article

1310 days ago | lasvegas.informermg
Bullfighting Has No Place in Modern Society
"...Supporters of bullfighting simply say it is a part of their culture.  So was slavery in many places for a very long time, until it was seen for what it was and no longer tolerated.  Supporters say that it would impact the economy in a negative way.  There are a decent number of people employed in this industry and it is profitable, but really the majority of the money ends up in the hands of a small group of people. This is just a practice that must come to an end and we need to be vocal about this as we need to be about all other areas of animal and human rights.  What we must realize is that human societies and cultures change over time...." see full article

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