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Should Dr. Oz Be Fired From Columbia University?

Many doctors are calling for the firing of Dr. Oz from his post at Columbia University's department of surgery for his pseudo-science. Should the TV doctor be fired?

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Should Dr. Oz Be Fired From Columbia University?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Should Dr. Oz Be Fired From Columbia University?"
last 24 hours | pipeline.corante
Dr. Oz Under Fire - Corante
"...But I would happily sign a statement requesting that Dr. Oz be shown the door - several doors, at speed - and my only agenda is that I think he peddles sensationalist crap for fame and money...." see full article

1368 days ago | hollywoodreporter
Dr. Oz to Address Critics Who Want Him Fired On Air - Hollywood Reporter
"...Last year he called before a U.S. Senate subcommittee, to explain why he had backed certain products on TV as well as to face accusations that he promoted products that were considered to be "miracle drugs" that the medical community viewed as of dubious health value. ..." see full article

1370 days ago | cbs1
Dr. Oz to critics: No "conflict of interest" on TV show - KYTX
"...The controversy did not die down after his testimony. The company behind the"miracle" diet supplement in question later agreed to pay a $3.5 million settlement over false advertising. A study that purported to prove the product's weight-loss benefits turned out to be based on fraudulent data and was retracted...." see full article

1370 days ago | nbcnews
Physicians to Columbia: Dump Dr. Oz for Hawking 'Quack Treatments' -

"...Then, online entrepreneurs begin pitching apparently without the doctor's approval Oz's quotations as out-right endorsements...." see full article

1371 days ago | rawstory
Physicians ask Columbia University to fire TV's 'Dr. Oz' from top position at ... - Raw Story

"...In June last year, a Senate subcommittee slammed Oz for deceiving consumers by promoting miracle weight loss treatments such as green coffee beans...." see full article

1371 days ago | science20
Dr. Henry Miller To Columbia: Give Oz The Boot - Science 2.0 (blog)
"...Dr. Oz is guilty of either outrageous conflicts of interest or flawed judgements about what constitutes appropriate medical treatments, or both. ..." see full article

1371 days ago | upstart.bizjournals
Oprah Winfrey fave Dr. Oz under attack at his Columbia University job - New York Business Journal
"...When doctor Mehmet Oz isn't gallivanting around with Oprah Winfrey, or hawking the newest weight-loss craze, he's fending off requests from a group of doctors who think he's fallen from Hippocratic grace and should no longer be a faculty member at New York City's Columbia University...." see full article

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