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Should Facebook Have A "Dislike" Button?

Top social media site Facebook is planning to roll out a "dislike" button, alongside its famous "like" button. Do you think Facebook needs the dislike button? 

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Should Facebook Have A "Dislike" Button?  

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last 24 hours | theatlantic
Facebook Says It's Introducing a 'Dislike' Button

"...Myself, I wonder if the message that Facebook really wants to convey with a Dislike button which is something like I'm sorry, I sympathize, I feel you is best conveyed by a heart. The company already slides a thumbs-up next to all its posts, a universal symbol of approval. Why not also insert a cartoonish heart? In various situations, ♥ can represent joy, anguish, empathy, and adoration. Much like the word friend, it is already wonderfully multivalent an ambiguity that Facebook can exploit, as it becomes a messenger of thought and feeling for more than 1 billion people every day...." see full article

1249 days ago | washingtonpost
Yes, Facebook is finally working on a dislike button. But it might not be what you expect.

"...The answer to that problem might casually be referred to as a "dislike" button. But Zuckerberg consciously wanted to avoid creating a system of reddit-style upvotes and downvotes. And with good reason: Unlike reddit, Facebook's feed is the product of a sophisticated algorithm, which means it would need to be taught how to handle the new button. Would a torrent of dislikes serve to bury a post in your newsfeed? Or elevate it?Facebook's answer seems to be "neither." What the service appears to prefer is something that allows you to express "empathy" with "more options." This isn't the first time Zuckerberg has considered the idea; in December, he revealed that he'd been weighing how to implement a dislike button that would be a "force for good."..." see full article

1249 days ago | gizmodo
Facebook Is Finally Building a "Dislike" Button

"... I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we're working on it and shipping it, Zuck said at a town hall meeting. He explained that the social network didn't want to create a Reddit-style system of upvoting and downvoting. But then he basically said they were going do the same thing with Like and Dislike buttons except framed very differently. What [users] really want is the ability to express empathy, said the 31-year-old CEO. Not every moment is a good moment. So no more of those awkward moments clicking Like or even the media-friendly Recommend when a terrible thing happens. Soon, you'll finally be able to call bad things bad on Facebook...." see full article

1249 days ago | entrepreneur
Coming Soon: A Facebook 'Dislike' Button
"...When you're scrolling your Facebook News Feed and see something sad, what do you do? It doesn't make sense to like it if you're not happy that it happened, but scrolling past it seems cruel. How can you acknowledge a loss or commiserate without commenting? The conundrum of the digital age is close to a solution: a dislike button is on the way.At a Town Hall meeting that was streaming live on his page, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company is working on a long-awaited dislike button. I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years,  he said. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we're working on it and shipping it. ..." see full article

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1249 days ago | gigaom
A Dislike button is finally coming to Facebook
"...Therefore, when we do finally see the dislike button debut, don't expect it to function much like the current Like button. That means you probably won't be able to see a list of all the people that dislike a page or status update. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook didn't even include the total number of times people  dislike something both for users and certainly for developers.But while Facebook might not want its users spreading dislikes all over the place, it is likely that it does want to know when you don't like something. You've already been able to tell the company on targeted advertising and when you hide things from your post, that too suggests you dislike it. None of that data is available to the public, but you can bet Facebook uses it to make its product better.Whatever form the dislike button takes, it should at minimum do one positive thing for Facebook: Increase the activity (and perhaps time spent) people spend on the social network...." see full article

1249 days ago | theweek
Facebook is finally getting a dislike button
"...Well, now there's a button to avoid all of that uncomfortable internet emotion. Or, at least, there will be soon.After years of fielding user requests for a "dislike" button, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that the social network is finally developing one,Business Insider reports. Zuckerberg also explained that while the company didn't initially design the website with a dislike button to avoid creating a Reddit-like upvote and downvote system, he's since realized that users don't want to tear each other down. "What they really want is the ability to express empathy," he said. "Not every moment is a good moment."Phew, so now you'll be able to quickly dislike the sad, emotional statuses out there and move on with your day. Thanks Facebook! ..." see full article

1249 days ago | avclub
Facebook is actually working on a dislike button
"...Facebook has become a virtual town ledger where people announce milestones in their lives, and it does feel wrong, for example, to click the like button on a post about someone losing their job or having to put a pet to sleep. But for someone whose company employs legions of contractors devoted to tracking down and removing the most heinous, anti-social content possible, assuming that people will only click dislike on sad posts seems awfully naive...." see full article

1249 days ago | slate
Is Facebook Finally Building a "Dislike" Button? Not Exactly.

"...Predictably, this sent the tech press into a frenzy. Nothing brings in Facebook likes and shares the new currency of online media like a story about, well, Facebook likes and shares. Business Insider led the charge with a typically breathless headline and post: FINALLY: You'll soon be able to dislike' things on Facebook, says Mark Zuckerberg. Pretty much every other publication on the planet scrambled to reap its own share of the social traffic pie.I dislike being the bearer of bad news, but whatever Facebook is building, it probably won't be quite the dislike button its more jaded users have been clamoring for...." see full article

1249 days ago | washingtonpost
A DISLIKE button, on Facebook? DISLIKE.

"...But the second we introduce the possibility of a negative response, everything on Facebook will change. Grandma is the Trojan Horse through which a tool for destroying Facebook conversation as we know it will enter our walled city.They surely know this. And given how much of our communication takes place on Facebook (I have people who have passed from being Real Life Friends entirely into the realm of Facebook friends, where I follow their exploits avidly, like a form of continuous fiction) this will have consequences for How We Converse. This is not to be taken lightly.That is why Facebook is framing this as Some Sort of Button For Expressing Compassion.But do we really need one? Frankly, we have enough buttons...." see full article

1249 days ago | sfist
Facebook Will Get A Dislike Button As Zuckerberg Admits The World Is Not All Like-able
"...Likewise (ahem), those announcing the deaths of parents, spouses, pets, or even fires that destroyed their homes, may understand that the "Likes" their posts get are not expressing happiness over their loss. But Facebook itself has not allowed us an option outside of comments for expressing anything more complicated than a thumbs up.Facebook Likes, meanwhile, like retweets, have become the simplified means through which we share and "up-vote" the news of the day, which will complicate matters when the site implements a button that expresses the opposite, or multiple buttons...." see full article

1249 days ago | mic
Finally, Facebook Is Getting a "Dislike" Button
"...And if the algorithms that build your feed start taking dislikes into account, marginalized or unpopular opinions might be buried away quickly under more socially acceptable posts. This could turn Facebook, which is the No. 1 source of political news for millennials, into an even deeper, more insular echo-chamber for ideas and opinions.Even if this is a tool that allows us to take more control over what we see in our feeds, Facebook is now giving us more tools to censor each other, or at very least ourselves...." see full article

1249 days ago | bigthink
The Facebook Dislike Button is on its Way - Big Think
"...That said, here's point number two: Facebook might be entering a decline phase. The medium hasn't gotten the best press in recent months and it hasn't really been "cool" since your grandma joined a few years ago. Plus, that damned algorithm has taken away user autonomy and the company hasn't offered any particularly appetizing concession to make up for it. That's a problematic strategy when your user base has plenty of other options for its social media whims. This alienating effect was a key point in a conversation we had with former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki a few months ago:..." see full article

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