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Should Gay Men Be Allowed To Donate Blood?

Gay men have been forbidden from donating blood since 1983, due to the AIDS scare. Now that we are more knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS, is it time to lift that ban?

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Should Gay Men Be Allowed To Donate Blood?  

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last 24 hours | sfweekly
FDA to Accept Blood From Gay Men Living Sad, Desperate Lives - SF Weekly (blog)
"...New FDA regulations announced this month have lifted the lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood, and instead allow much needed blood donations from gays living sad lives of desperate loneliness.Current rules, instituted during the AIDS epidemic in 1985, prohibited blood donations from men who have had sex with men. Advocates have long argued that the ban is discriminatory against lonely, unloved, gay men who have once had sex but whose spark of life is now slowly diminishing year after year from a lack of basic human contact. This is a tremendous step forward, said FDA spokesman Jack Burman. By adopting these rules, the FDA is creating a safe space where gay sexuality doesn't interfere with the workings of society a metaphorical closet,' if you will, that all gay men can step into any time they want to be treated like members of mainstream society. ..." see full article

1274 days ago | nytimes
New Blood-Donor Policy, Same Gay Stigma - New York Times

"...The sensible policy solution would be to rely on individualized risk assessments and the ultrarapid and extremely accurate antibody and nucleic testing already done to all blood that enters the blood supply to deal with donors who pose higher risks.Such testing is already applied to every pint of blood donated in the United States. As a result, the F.D.A. estimates that the H.I.V. risk from a unit of blood has been reduced to about one per two million almost exclusively from donations made during the window period, very early after infection, when even the most up-to-date testing methods cannot detect all infections...." see full article

1274 days ago | newrepublic
Bad Blood - The New Republic
"...Going beyond the surface, though, of what is an incremental move in the right direction, one finds some unfortunate side effects. This new draft guidance is misguided in several ways: It continues to stigmatize gay and bisexual men, then does harm to the broader populace that gets the wrong public health message, and shrinks the blood supply...." see full article

1276 days ago | buzzfeed
Feds To Reveal Draft Guidelines For Relaxing Ban On Blood Donations From ... - BuzzFeed News
"...widely blasted it as effectively maintaining the ban for the vast majority of gay and bisexual men, who have sex more than annually. ..." see full article

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1282 days ago | slate
FDA Panel Endorses Lifetime Ban on Gay Blood Donation, Suggests Gay Men Are Diseased Liars

"...Parse this chain of reasoning, and the Blood Products Advisory Panel's true fear is obvious: It is afraid gay men will lie. The advisers won't support a one-year deferral because they believe gay men will lie about how long they've been celibate in order to donate blood. There's just no other way to justify opposition to a one-year deferral...." see full article

1283 days ago | huffingtonpost
Gay Men May Soon Be Allowed to Give Blood If They're Celibate

"...All blood donations are screened for HIV, however, the test currently being used only detects the virus after it's been in the bloodstream about 10 days. That allows a brief window when the virus that causes AIDS can go undetected...." see full article

1283 days ago | nymag
Federal Panel Recommends FDA Lift All-out Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood
"...Though HIV blood tests are not 100 percent accurate, ending the ban would greatly increase the amount of blood available for sick Americans...." see full article

1283 days ago | vox
Gay and bi men in the US are banned from donating blood. That might be about to change.

"...Still, there remains about a two-week window during which the current testing methods cannot detect HIV. For hepatitis B, it's about two months. So that's why a one-year deferral from the last sexual encounter is seen as more than enough time to catch anyone who might be at risk...." see full article

1283 days ago | slate
The FDA Should Follow Europes Lead and Create Blood Donor Policies Based on Evidence

"...Permitting gay and bisexual men to donate blood would not only meaningfully increase the blood supply, but would also go a long way toward reducing stigma and misunderstandings regarding both HIV and LGBTQ individuals...." see full article

1283 days ago | esbtrib
Organ and Tissue Donation Month call for donors: gay men unwelcomed
"...This blatant discrimination on gay people should be completely dismantled and the time is now.  Last year, the Canadian Blood Services decided to lessen the ban of seven years of abstinence to five in a move to decrease protests from the gay population and medical practitioners...." see full article

1283 days ago | gizmodo
The FDA Blew Its Chance to End the Ridiculous Ban on Gay Blood Donation

"...The glaringly problematic issue with this new policy is that men in monogamous relationships with other men still cannot donate blood. This policy sends the message that the problem is inherently with being gay, rather than engaging risky sex practices. This is prejudice shining through...." see full article

1283 days ago | npr
New Blood Donation Rules Would Still Exclude Many Gay Men

"...But there are highly complicated statistical models created to ensure the safety of our blood supply, and those models argue there is good reason to impose donation restrictions on populations who engage in certain risky practices. Figuring in the incubation period of HIV to show up in a test, and the statistical likelihood of lab mistakes (such as false negatives, or mixed up blood units), I think it is reasonable public health policy to exclude blood from the pool which would be collected from people whose practices (not their identity) increase their likelihood of being HIV positive...." see full article

1283 days ago | nytimes
Gay Men Should Be Allowed to Give Blood

"...The F.D.A.'s policy is illogical on several counts. For one, it groups all gay men into a single excluded category. Why should a married gay man who always uses condoms be treated the same as a single gay man who never uses them? Another group under a lifetime ban is people who have accepted money or drugs in exchange for sex since 1977, which suggests that the agency thinks gay sex carries the same health risks as prostitution. Meanwhile, a man or woman who has had heterosexual sex with an intravenous drug user, or with someone who has tested positive for H.I.V., is deferred for only a year...." see full article

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