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Should Guns Be Allowed In Movie Theaters?

Following the tragedy in Lafayette, Louisiana, Rick Perry has suggested movie theaters shouldn't be gun-free zones. Should guns be allowed into movie theaters.

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Should Guns Be Allowed In Movie Theaters?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Should Guns Be Allowed In Movie Theaters?"
last 24 hours | startribune
In wake of another theater shooting, keep the focus on stronger gun laws - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"...Some, including a few Republican presidential hopefuls, suggest that the answer lies in eliminating gun-free zones. They believe that if more people carry guns, they can better defend themselves and others during attacks. But just try to imagine how having more guns and cross-firing in a darkened theater would improve safety.Just hours before the Louisiana theater shooting, President Obama told the BBC that he is frustrated that the U.S. does not have common-sense gun safety laws, even in the face of repeated mass killings. We share his frustration.Most Americans don't want to feel that they're in a police state everywhere they go. Required airport-type security at movie theaters seems excessive. But at the same time, government and law enforcement must also focus on sensible ways to restrict access to firearms to those who pose a risk to public safety...." see full article

1295 days ago | nytimes
Guns and the Two Americas - New York Times

"...Is no place safe? Actually, several places are. You want protection in a country that allows a deranged man to get an assault weapon to hunt down innocent people in a public space? Go to the airport that bubble of gun-free security. Or go to a major-league baseball game, or a stadium in the National Football League.Our big league venues may be engaging only in security theater, as critics assert, but their owners don't think so. They now mandate metal detectors to snag weapons, and most of them even ban off-duty cops from bringing guns to the games.Nationwide, if you want to lessen your chances of getting shot, stay out of the South. The South is the most violent region in the United States, and also the place with the highest rate of gun ownership. More guns, easily obtained by the mentally ill, religious fanatics and anti-government extremists, mean more gun deaths...." see full article

1295 days ago | washingtonpost
Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense - Washington Post (blog)

"...In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, the National Rifle Association proposed putting more guns in schools. After a racist shot up a Charleston prayer group, an NRA board member argued for more guns in church. And now predictably, politicians and gun rights advocates are calling for guns in movie theaters after a loner killed two people at a theater in Louisiana.The notion that more guns are always the solution to gun crime is taken seriously in this country. But the research shows that more guns lead to more gun homicides -- not less. And that guns are rarely used in self-defense.Now a new study from researchers at Mount St. Mary's University sheds some light on why people don't use guns in self-defense very often. As it turns out, knowing when and how to apply lethal force in a potentially life-or-death situation is really difficult...." see full article

1298 days ago | bostonherald
Adriana Cohen: We need more measures than just gun control | Boston Herald - Boston Herald
"...Chicago has the strictest gun regulations in the nation and the highest gun violence. Why? Because criminals ignore the law and get the bulk of their firearms on the black market or over state lines.If the Second Amendment was abolished tomorrow, it wouldn't stop murderers or terrorists from obtaining guns.Let's remember that heroin, crack and meth are banned substances. And how is our War on Drugs going?In Massachusetts alone, there's a massive opioid problem.What our country learned from the mass shootings at Columbine, Newtown and most recently at a military center in Chattanooga, Tenn., and a movie theater in Lafayette, La., is that Gun-Free Zones are very dangerous places. They leave civilians including our children and military defenseless when a crazy mass shooter or terrorist shows up.So what can we do?Schools can hire on-site security guards who are fully vetted, armed and trained to protect our kids, teachers and staff. Movie theaters can also hire private armed security. Personally, I'd pay an extra buck a ticket to increase public safety...." see full article

1300 days ago | cnn
This could have prevented Lafayette movie theater killings

"...The gun lobby's response of "more guns" is predictable (and critical to its industry's financial prospects), but Americans who are truly concerned about this violence are asking a different question: How can we keep those who are in crisis, and at an elevated risk of violence, from obtaining firearms? A policy recently enacted in California, the Gun Violence Restraining Order, or GVRO, would seem to hold enormous promise for those looking to stop the next gunman before he can carry out his plans.The GVRO is based on the same principle as a domestic violence restraining order. It would allow family members and/or law enforcement to go before a judge and request that guns be temporarily removed from an individual who is likely to be dangerous toward himself and/or others (while allowing for due process)...." see full article

1300 days ago | thinkprogress
Louisianas Gun Problem
"...Louisiana, the state where this occurred, has some of the weakest  if not the weakest  gun laws in the nation. To give just one example, Louisiana recently enacted an NRA-backed state constitutional amendment providing that [t]he right of each citizen to keep and bear arms is fundamental and shall not be infringed, and that any restriction on this right will be met with maximal skepticism by the states' courts. The amendment also stripped out language permitting the state legislature to prohibit the carrying of weapons concealed on a person. Similarly, Louisiana does not require gun dealers to obtain a state license. It does not limit the number of guns that may be purchased at one time. It forbids local governments from regulating firearms. And it has no laws restricting assault weapons or .50 caliber rifles. One study of all 50 states' gun laws concluded that Louisiana has the laxest gun laws of any state...." see full article

1300 days ago | mashable
Gun violence: An American epidemic
"...As many as 91 percent of Americans support expanded background checks to help keep guns out of dangerous hands. With that kind of majority, our elected officials have a responsibility to actually do something about it to not only offer prayer as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal did but to pass effective legislation.But this time, I am not angry. And that scares me. This time I feel helpless and I want to run away. Maybe it's because I'm hosting a friend from New Zealand where they don't have the epidemic of gun-related violence like we have here.It has made me think about moving, about leaving the country.Imagine what life would be like not having to worry whenever I take my kids to see a movie or send them off to school.Imagine life without gun violence...." see full article

1300 days ago | thetrace
If You Live in Louisiana Youre Nearly Twice as Likely to Be Killed by a Gun
"...Advocates claim that Louisiana's high rate of gun violence is a product of its lax gun laws and poor regulation of the firearms industry. Gun owners are not required to obtain a license or register their weapons, and the state does not restrict assault weapons or high-capacity magazines. According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, gun dealers are not required to obtain a state license, conduct employee background checks, or comply with any security or anti-theft regulations.The state has continued to loosen its gun laws in recent years. A pair of bills signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal last year expanded its existing stand your ground law and made it legal for those with concealed-carry permits to bring guns into restaurants that serve alcohol. Gov. Jindal has also signed new legislation allowing guns in places of worship and introducing lifetime concealed-carry permits...." see full article

1300 days ago | msnbc
Gun laws, not gun-free zones, are the real problem

"...Now it's routine for gun lobby commentators and politicians to blame mass shootings on the existence of so-called gun-free zones. This is a red herring, pushed by the gun lobby to advance a guns everywhere agenda, which insults the dead and mocks the living by reducing tragedy to a mere trope.It's past time to lay this fallacy to rest.In our case, Virginia Tech had routine police presence in and around campus, which the gunman even accounted for in his planning. It's pointless to debate what hypothetically could have happened if a student or teacher carried a concealed firearm in Norris Hall that day, because nobody will ever know. But such a debate misses the main point: Mary, and everyone else, would have been far safer if the shooter had been unable to obtain a gun in the first place...." see full article

1300 days ago | newrepublic
Right-Wingers' Solution to Movie Theater Shootings: More Guns | The New Republic - The New Republic
"...But the logical response is not to allow guns everywhere, as the presence of guns increases aggression and the odds of deadly violence; rather, it's to further restrict gun ownership, and outlaw gun possession in public whether concealed or carried openly. Houser reportedly had an old criminal record and mental health issues:And yet, he still managed to get his hands on a gun. At a gun show, perhaps? Online? There are many ways to get your hands on a gun, legally or otherwise. We won't be safer until doing so becomes much more difficult. It's rather simple logic, but bears repeating: You can't bring a gun into a crowded movie theater if you don't own one in the first place...." see full article

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