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Should Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond?

Lots of names are being thrown around to be the next James Bond. Idris Elba, a fan favorite from "The Wire" has been determined to be "too street" for the role. Should Elba be the next 007?

70% of writers and pundits say yes
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Should Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond?  

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last 24 hours | forbes
Will Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond? Probably Not
"...But let's think about this logically. It's 2015 right now, according to my iPhone. The next Bond film,Spectre, hits theaters in November. Bond films usually wait two-to-four years before releasing, which means the next film will probably open around 2018-ish. Idris Elba is 42 now, so at the earliest, he'd be playing Bond at 45. But what about Daniel Craig? He's the guy currently attached to the role, and there's a good possibility he could take the Aston Martin out for one last spin afterSpectre. If that happens, the next Bond film would hit in 2020 or later, at which point Elba will be 47 or 48.That's pretty old for a new James Bond. I'm not saying it's too old to play Bond again, I would like to see Elba take the role and I don't personally care about his age but it would be unusual (in the sense that it's never been done before) for Eon Productions to cast so old. Sean Connery was 32 when he first played the character; George Lazenby was 30; Roger Moore was the oldest at 45; Timothy Dalton was 43; Pierce Brosnan was 42; and Daniel Craig was 38. Considering the way franchises are built these days around younger men, Elba playing Bond seems even less likely...." see full article

1262 days ago | thedailybeast
No, Idris Elba Is Not Too Street for James Bond

"...Personally, Elba is my favorite of the many names being tossed into the ring as contenders for the next Bond because he brings richness to the screen. He doesn't speak with the kind of British boarding school accent that actors like Eddie Redmayne have ridden to success in the States. The British film industry is increasingly dominated by the upper class a fact most notably pointed out by actor James McAvoy, who called for Britain to do more to support the arts for children of lower class backgrounds. Amid a sea of trust fund legacies like Benedict Cumberbatch, Elba represents a more egalitarian presence...." see full article

1262 days ago | washingtonpost
Heres what were missing when we discuss Idris Elba and James Bond

"...Of course, as an actor, Elba is capable of stepping outside of himself to play Bond. He mastered an American accent to play Stringer Bell on The Wire, so much so that he fooled creator David Simon into thinking he was American when he auditioned for the part. If the smooth delivery of RP is what Bond requires, surely Elba is up to the task. But Britain's cultural obsession with class shouldn't be ignored when evaluating Horowitz's words.It's worth remembering that Horowitz is the latest in a string of authors charged with continuing creator Ian Fleming's series of Bond novels; he's not a casting director. He's not even associated with Eon Productions, the company charged with preserving the legacy and anointing new iterations of the silver-screen Bond. That's why Horowitz has the freedom to speak so openly about his opinion on filmic Bonds in the first place. He answers to the Fleming estate. If Horowitz wants to stew in his particularly British brand of old-school classism, let him. It probably will have little bearing on whether or not Elba is offered the role...." see full article

1262 days ago | vulture
James Bond Author Has a Casually Racist Reason Why Idris Elba Shouldnt Play 007 
"...Horowitz's problem with Elba isn't that he's too "street" to play 007, it's that he's too black. He drops Caribbean-influenced slang in his cockney accent, raps for fun, and will next play a West African rebel who recruits child soldiers in Cary Fukunaga's Netflix film debut. Elba's also widely regarded as one of the most beautiful men in the world across all races. He recently became the first man to cover Maxim and regularly lands on best-dressed lists  and still, it's not enough for Horowitz, whose most wild assertion might just be that Elba isn't suave enough to play Bond. We hate to break it to him, but no one personifies suave more than Idris. Maybe Horowitz is just too blinded by Elba's blackness to see it?..." see full article

1262 days ago | independent.c
Idris Elba shouldn't be James Bond, but not because he's 'too street' the role is beneath him
"...Rumours that Idris Elba will be taking over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond have been rumbling for months now, seemingly out of nowhere, and spurred on by many's desire to see a black man in the role for the first time. I can see where people are coming from, but why bother to try and make a progressive step in a fundamentally troglodytic franchise?Current 007 author Anthony Horowitz stunned the internet this morning by declaring Elba too rough and a bit too street for the role, and, racist undertones aside (which his it's not a colour issue qualifier don't excuse), his claim is manifestly untrue.Elba has shown extraordinary range in his career thus far, and given he so delicately played the looming, guarded, inscrutable character that was Stringer Bell in The Wire, I daresay he could handle a pun-spewing, fairly one-dimensional spy...." see full article

1262 days ago | eonline
Actually, Idris Elba Would Make An Incredible James Bond
"...But Idris Elba has all the necessary accoutrements to take over for Daniel Craigwhen that time comes. Why are we defending Elba and not someone else? Only because current 007 author, Anthony Horowitz, claimed that the Thor and Wireactor was "too street" to play Bond. Whatever that means. Naturally, people weren't too happy with his comments.To his credit, Horowitz did apologize for his remarks, insisting that he was "clumsily" trying to explain that he was used to Elba playing someone like hisLuther character and that it definitely wasn't about race. Elba eventually responded to the story in a very classy way:..." see full article

1262 days ago | slate
Idris Elba Just Got Called Too Street to Play Bond. Heres Why Thats Even Crazier Than it Sounds.

"...Apparently, Idris Elba, the man so often photographed in a stylish tux and widely considered the epitome of suave, even when playing a character who's actually street, isn't the right guy to play Bond. (Horowitz suggests another black actor,Adrian Lester, would be better.) Or maybe he's never heard Driis's silky smooth raps yes, Elba also occasionally does the music thing with lyrics that include And I'm in that zone, bone-hard diamond cutter/ dick thick like homemade butter. I honestly don't know what Horowitz is thinking but here's hoping he doesn't have any say in the casting for the post-Craig Bond. ..." see full article

1262 days ago | slate
What the New James Bond Movie Would Look Like With Idris Elba as 007

"...To play the next James Bond, many fans are hoping for Elba Idris Elba. Speculation surrounding the possibility that the English actor could be the next James Bond has been going on for months and has reached a fever pitch. Everyone from producersworking on the new Bond movie, Spectre, to Roger Moore, the Bond of 1973 to 1985, has been asked to chime in on Elba's potential.If you've found it hard to picture what Elba would look like as the martini-sipping secret agent, fear not: We've done the work for you...." see full article

1262 days ago | avclub
Idris Elba responds to new round of James Bond casting rumors
"...The idea that Idris Elba should play James Bond has been around for a few years, but resurfaced recently thanks to one of the many hacked Sony emails. Now that idea has grown into a big black specter that haunts Rush Limbaugh at night as he curls up under the covers with his flashlight and elephant doll, praying for white Jesus to protect him from a world where fictional characters can be played by people of different races, seeing as how they're made up and all. That is to say, Limbaugh went on a bit of a tirade about the totally hypothetical casting of Elba in the role of James Bond on his show last week, saying, He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is, was, before acknowledging, with not quite enough self awareness, that I know it's racist to probably point this out. That's kind of what it sounds like, Rush, especially since you were okay with an Australian,three Englishmen, a Welshman, and an Irishman in the role...." see full article

1262 days ago | bostonglobe
Could Idris Elba become the next James Bond?
"...Elba's potential casting as Bond makes sense for a number of reasons. He has the British Isles bona fides (he was raised in London and credits his artistic upbringing in part to the British charity the Prince's Trust); he has the rakish charm required of the role, both for its shaken-not-stirred demeanor and its ladies' man side; he's a former Sexiest Man Alive runner-up who's well-known enough to attract his own fanbase to a franchise that's growing a bit long in the tooth. (And his dabblings in music could even allow him to pull double duty as far as handling the theme song, a long-storied role in the Bond pantheon.)But there is one difference between Elba and the other Bonds: Elba is black.Which, really, shouldn't mean much. James Bond is (as anyone who's paid even glancing attention to the series knows) a fictional character who's been played by a wide variety of actors the Scottish thespian Sean Connery, the Englishman Roger Moore, the Irish star Pierce Brosnan...." see full article

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