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Should Joe Biden Run For President?

Joe Biden is considering a run for President, fulfilling a wish of his now-deceased son Beau. Should the Vice-President run for The White House?

50% of writers and pundits say yes
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Should Joe Biden Run For President?  

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last 24 hours | spectator
Joe Biden's Friends Fear Joe Biden Will Lose Joe Biden-ness As President - American Spectator (blog)
"...Joe Biden is well known for many things, but his illustrious legacy of statesmanship is not first among the achievements that come to mind.Yet, as Joe prepares to join the Democratic race for the 2016 nomination, his friends are warning him that taking on the nation's highest office could irreparably tarnish Joe Biden's otherwise spotless record. He's been such an effective partner for Barack Obama that they simply cannot imagine what Joe Biden would be like absent one half of the Dynamic Duo. And with a bitter fight likely on the horizon, they don't want to risk him losing - or, for that matter, the Democratic party losing...." see full article

1261 days ago | nytimes
Friends of Joe Biden Worry a Run for President Could Bruise His Legacy - New York Times

"...Those supporters, in the White House and the Senate, and within the political circles he has moved in for decades, fear that the legacy Mr. Biden has built as an effective partner who took on tough jobs for President Obama, not to mention the deep reservoir of public good will and sympathy he has amassed in his poignant handling of personal tragedies, could be sacrificed in the pursuit of an unsuccessful challenge to Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination.They fret that Mr. Biden, as well known for his undisciplined, sometimes self-immolating comments as he is for his charm on the trail, could endanger Mr. Obama's own legacy by injuring Mrs. Clinton's candidacy and causing his party to lose control of the White House.Continue reading the main storyWhile the concern about Mr. Biden appears widespread among his political allies, few seem eager to tell him out of fear of hurting his feelings and seeming to be presumptuous about a decision that is all too personal...." see full article

1261 days ago | blogs.wsj
Donald Trump's Gift to the GOP? Tempting Joe Biden to Run in 2016. - Wall Street Journal (blog)
"...Of course, Mr. Trump's popularity in polls and intense media coverage of his campaign do threaten the prospects of some serious GOP candidates. But Mr. Trump's success might be tempting Mr. Biden into the race. Every Republican candidate may want to hold off on trying to land knock-out blows on Mr. Trump in Thursday's debate. Let Mr. Biden enter the race . . . and then worry about taking out Mr. Trump after Democrats set themselves up for an expensive and extended primary fight to secure their liberal base. That's a battle almost certain to put off those same moderates who are needed for a Republican to win next year's general election...." see full article

1262 days ago | newyorker
Joe Biden's Respect Calculation - The New Yorker

"...But another factor that, for the moment, weighs against a Biden run has more to do with his chemistry than with his competition. While reporting a Profilelast year, I heard him return over and over to matters of respect. His father, Joseph Robinette Biden, Sr., was a car salesman who quit a stable job because his boss was imperious. One of Biden's old-world, Scranton sensibilities is that he never forgets who afforded him respect and who withheld it; he still talks about the grade-school students who humiliated him for a childhood stutter, and his aides learn quickly that Biden hates nothing more than embarrassment. A former adviser recalled prepping Biden to ask a European leader for a favor; when the leader unexpectedly said no, Biden froze: He hangs up the phone, and he's like, Don't ever set me up like that again. It's O.K. if we can't move the ball; I'll still make the call, but you've got to tell me.' As a candidate, Biden would have to contend, once again, with the plagiarism scandal that drove him out of the 1988 race, and, given the choice between spending the next year as a trusted Vice-President or a third-time candidate trailing Hillary Clinton, Biden would likely be reluctant to subject himself to it. Then again, if that changes if Clinton's favorability drops sharply, or if she looks wounded, don't expect Biden to defer to her (or to Bernie)...." see full article

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1262 days ago | washingtonpost
Sorry, folks: Joe Biden is not running for president - Washington Post (blog)

"...I have some bad news for the media: Joe Biden is not running for president.Okay, so maybe I don't know that with 100 percent certainty. After all, he's free to do what he wants, and there's little doubt he'd like to be president, as would most politicians. But what I do know is that the spasm of speculation over a Biden run that happened in the last couple of days is absurdly overblown.It started with a column published over the weekend by the New York Times' Maureen Dowd. Those who managed to slog their way through the ankle-deep river of bile directed at Bill and Hillary Clinton that is characteristic of most of what Dowd writes would find that someone told Dowd:..." see full article

1263 days ago | nytimes
Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run

"...Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his associates have begun to actively explore a possible presidential campaign, which would upend the Democratic field and deliver a direct threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, several people who have spoken to Mr. Biden or his closest advisers say.Mr. Biden's advisers have started to reach out to Democratic leaders and donors who have not yet committed to Mrs. Clinton or who have grown concerned about what they see as her increasingly visible vulnerabilities as a candidate.The conversations, often fielded by Mr. Biden's chief of staff, Steve Ricchetti, have taken place through hushed phone calls and quiet lunches. In most cases, they have grown out of an outpouring of sympathy for Mr. Biden since the death of his son Beau, 46, in May...." see full article

1264 days ago | slate
Joe Biden is Looking Into a Presidential Run (or at Least his Aides are Talking)

"...Insiders insist there's more to that statement than Dowd being her usual Clinton-bashing self. After all, she's hardly the first to raise the possibility recently. On Thursday, Fox News' Ed Henry reported Clinton aides were getting increasingly nervous about a potential Biden candidacy. The increased chatter, some Democrats say, reflects the growing concern about recent polls showing Clinton's support among independents declining. Plus, the way Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been attracting large crowds is being described as evidence of a hunger within the party for an alternative to Clinton's candidacy, notes the Associated Press. So far though, Biden has done little to lay the groundwork for a possible challenge to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic field, points out CNN.If Biden does decide to join the race, it would be a difficult battle considering Clinton has already raised nearly $50 million and much of the party is excited about the possibility of electing the first woman president. Aides say they expect Biden to make a final decision by September...." see full article

1264 days ago | spectator
"...There's a story out there that, before dying, Beau Biden whispered to his father Dad, you have to run for president to make sure Hillary doesn't get it! It's terrible to see your son die, but for a shameless politician the pain is greatly lessened when your son tells you to win one for the Gipper and you can score political points off his death. Heck, if Uncle Crazy actually ran and won, maybe it would all seem worthwhile...." see full article

1264 days ago | foxnews
Biden out of time: Yes or no, Joe?

"...And with a new poll showing that Biden does just as well with potential GOP nominees, Sheriff Joe looks very different now than he did six months ago. But that also means pressure for Biden. What had been fodder for late-night comedy is now a matter of concern for party bosses and the Clinton campaign.With other eyes on Secretary of State John Kerry and other dark-horse candidates, Biden's decision timeline is now a matter of real import.If he stays on the fence even until Labor Day, Biden could reasonably be accused of hindering his party's chances...." see full article

1264 days ago | townhall
Team Hillary Now Worried About Biden 2016

"...As mentioned before, the vice presidency is usually the last line for most on a political resume. Retirement is probably the next chapter of Biden's life once Obama exits the White House, so why not give a 2016 run another shot. He has nothing to lose by doing this, which he has said repeatedly to colleagues is the first thing he thinks about regarding elections. He also says it's the secret to his success, though representing deep-blue Delaware probably had something to do with it as well.So far, a Draft Biden movement started up, a super PAC in Chicago has been pushing the VP to run, and another top Democratic fundraiser Jon Cooper is ready for Biden as well. Cooper raised about $1 million for Obama's campaigns, according to the Wall Street Journal. Lastly, Team Clinton should be somewhat wary of a Biden run given that the vice president seems more electable than ever. As Josh Kraushaar wrote in National Journal, the inevitability of the Clinton train has been wrecked by a series of gaffes, her private email server included, that have destroyed her approval ratings. In key swing states, the former first lady isn't doing much better than Donald Trump regarding favorability ratings. Trustworthiness and authenticity are lacking with Clinton, and this has all culminated in Mr. Biden looking better than ever:..." see full article

1264 days ago | americanthinker
Desperate Dems panicking over Hillary as stilettos are unsheathed

"...I think Biden is being coy. He doesn't want to be seen to knife Hillary, and he is aware that his own liabilities as a candidate are legion. He doesn't realize that he is an amiable simpleton, but he does know that his mouth runs faster than his brain and that this gets him in trouble. But there is a method to counteract this fault: The Beau Strategy.The Beau Strategy paints Biden as a victim, a father in mourning over his beloved son, determined to fulfill the destiny the departed saintly Beau endowed him with. The Democratic Party and the entire academic/cultural apparatus is now devoted to the notion that victimhood endows one with political superpowers, including invulnerability to attacks. Attack a designated victim, and the fury of the attack bounces off the Invisible Shield of Victimhood and weakens the attacker.  Thus, if  when Biden says something idiotic in a presidential debate, his Republican opponent will be attacked for pouncing on the opportunity. Have you no decency? The man is mourning his son! ..." see full article

1264 days ago | dailycaller
3 Reasons Why Joe Biden Will Run For President
"...At this point, it's hard to imagine Joe Biden not entering the race for the White House.Reports suggest Biden will make his decision by the beginning of next month. But the logic of his candidacy keeps getting more compelling by the day. Here are three reasons why Biden will likely soon announce his entrance into the race.1.) Hillary is vulnerableMake no mistake, Hillary Clinton can be beaten in the primary.Yes, polls show she is leading the Democratic field by a wide margin. But take a closer look at some of these polls, particularly in swing states, and serious problems emerge about her standing in the general election...." see full article

1264 days ago | nationaljournal
Joe Bidens Political Moment
"...If Obama's former campaign strategists truly believe that a Democratic candidate only needs to mobilize and microtarget the base to win the presidency, who better to do that than Obama's unfailingly loyal No. 2? Biden, after all, pushed the president to come out for gay marriage against his best political instincts. He led the administration's uphill fight for gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, heading its task force on the subject. He's helped with the administration's lobbying effort for its Iran deal, pitched wary Democrats on the benefits of fast-track trade, and stood by the president's side when he praised the Supreme Court's ruling upholding Obamacare subsidies.And at a time when authenticity is a highly valued asset for better or worse Biden boasts the natural political skill set that Clinton clearly lacks. He's a happy warrior who enjoys campaigning and isn't constrained by talking points or rope lines. He's able to ham it up with union rank-and-file, while also giving a stem-winding speech blasting Republicans in Congress. His all-too-frequent malapropisms are endearing at a time when voters are cynical about scripted politicians...." see full article

1264 days ago | huffingtonpost
Say It Ain't So, Joe

"...A Biden for President campaign is probably doomed. Not because of who Joe Biden is but because of what he is: vice president of the United States. Voting for Biden would mean voting for a third term for Barack Obama.When the incumbent President isn't running for re-election, the vice president typically runs. And he usually wins his party's nomination: Richard Nixon in 1960, Hubert Humphrey in 1968, Gerald Ford (after acceeding to the presidency) in 1976, George H.W. Bush in 1988, Al Gore in 2000.Four years after Jimmy Carter was defeated for re-election, Walter Mondale ran and got the Democratic Party nomination in 1984. Eight years after the first President Bush was defeated, Dan Quayle ran, briefly, for the 2000 nomination and found that was impossible to compete with the former President's son. The great exception was Dick Cheney in 2008, who declined to run after two terms of George W. Bush...." see full article

1264 days ago | thefiscaltimes
Joe Biden: The Looming Threat to a Republican Presidency
"...Joe Biden has dreamt of this moment. Hillary Clinton's campaign is in free-fall and Republicans are busily re-enacting Lord of the Flies.After a lifetime of striving and six years as Loyal Number Two, the door has inched open for Biden to run. Joe Biden is popular, has ample name recognition and most likely the backing of the Obama White House. Moreover, he is liberal to his core, but does not alarm big money Democrats the way Elizabeth Warren might. Biden has a shot and could be extremely dangerous to the GOP.  Hillary Clinton's polls are crashing. The once inevitable shoe-in for the Democratic nomination is now trailing Republican candidates Bush, Walker and Rubio in critical swing states Colorado, Iowa and Virginia after leading GOP contestants by a wide margin just a few months ago in various core states...." see full article

1264 days ago | washingtonpost
Sorry, Democrats: If Hillary Clinton tanks, Joe Biden cant save you

"...There's just one problem, rarely mentioned. The vice president polls substantially worse against Republicans than Clinton does. That's been the case for years -- just as Biden has consistently scored lower favorability numbers than President Barack Obama. In fact, according to HuffPost Pollster's averages, Biden has only crept into the favorable zone for a few months of his vice presidency, after the 2012 election. When one of those polls showed Biden's numbers surpass the president's, it was news.Even as it sparked a fresh Bidenmania outbreak, Quinnipiac University's poll provided more evidence of the vice president's problem. In every one of the Colorado/Iowa/Virginia match-ups, Biden polls worse than Clinton does. Colorado is the cruelest state, a place where the voters who prefer Rubio over Clinton by 8 points prefer Rubio over Biden by 14 points. In Virginia, where Clinton trails by the margin of error, Biden trails every Republican just outside the margin of error. Iowa? Oh, Iowa's even worse...." see full article

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