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Should LeBron James be the NBA MVP?

LeBron James, the "best basketball player in the world", seems unlikely to be awarded MVP this season. Should he win MVP?

73% of writers and pundits say yes
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Should LeBron James be the NBA MVP?  

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last 24 hours | businessinsider
JR Smith explains the underrated reason LeBron James should win MVP - Business Insider

"..."James' presence practically guarantees a playoff appearance he's a walking 50 wins each season. While he won't win MVP this year, it should be a testament to how good Curry and Harden have been rather than any sort of criticism of James."..." see full article

1403 days ago | deadspin
JR Smith: LeBron Is "The Real MVP" - Deadspin
"..." Who? The real MVP? Smith said, his message echoing to the sellout crowd of 20,562 who were making their way to the exits. There's a lot of speculation about who should get the award, but we all know who the real MVP is. "..." see full article

1403 days ago | si
J.R. Smith: LeBron James is the real MVP -
"..."Not to knock anything from the other two guys [Stephen Curry and James Harden]. They're having great years, career years for both of them, but if you want to be realistic about it, you could give it to him every time,"..." see full article

1403 days ago | sbnation
J.R. Smith says LeBron James should win MVP every year - SB Nation
"..."It looks like this year's NBA MVP race has come down to two people -- Stephen Curry and James Harden. But Cleveland Cavalier J.R. Smith thinks there's one important name missing from that short list: his teammate, LeBron James."..." see full article

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1403 days ago | bleacherreport
J.R. Smith Comments on LeBron James' 2015 NBA MVP Credentials - Bleacher Report
"..."In actuality, if you really wanted to, you could give it to him every year. I mean, the numbers, what he does for teams."..." see full article

1403 days ago | nj
LeBron James should be NBA MVP? Ex-Knick J.R. Smith has a ...
"..."If you're scoring at home, that would be five MVP trophies for James. No matter for Smith he thinks James could be penciled in for the award every year."..." see full article

1403 days ago | foxsports
LeBron for MVP? Without a doubt, his case is strong -
"..."No one has impacted their franchise this season like the Cavaliers star. No one. And it's not even close."..." see full article

1404 days ago | huffingtonpost
LeBron James Would Get LeBron James' Vote For MVP This Season - Huffington Post

"..."James said that players can't vote for themselves for awards. But who would his vote be for MVP this year? "Myself," James said."..." see full article

1408 days ago | newsok
If LeBron doesn't win MVP award, then James Harden should -
"..." James has taken on a lot of responsibility this year, said Rocket coach Kevin McHale. The shots that he made were tough shots. He's been doing that all year. "..." see full article

1411 days ago | bleacherreport
LeBron James Records 1st Triple-Double of Season vs. Bulls: Highlights, Reaction
"..."ESPN's Dave McMenamin noticed how James seemed keen on elevating his game, since he's still got a chance at winning the NBA MVP award: Even facing a stout Chicago defense, James managed to pick it apart with the help of the best supporting cast he's ever had in Cleveland. Such a high level of offensive execution is a trend that's been building prior to Sunday's contest, per ESPN Stats & Info"..." see full article

1412 days ago | cleveland
LeBron James' MVP case isn't about numbers and playcalling is much ado about ... -
"..."James is widely accepted as the league's best overall player not just because of his 6-8, 250-pound frame, his exceptional court vision or his long list of accomplishments to this point, but also because of the total package he brings to a team."..." see full article

1414 days ago | thelantern
Opinion: LeBron James is the most valuable player overall, but ...
"..."LeBron James is the most valuable player in basketball, but that shouldn't make him the 2014-15 NBA MVP."..." see full article

1414 days ago | foxsports
Why Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is the NBA's MVP ...
"..."Based on several totally subjective blog posts, my Twitter mentions, Las Vegas odds, the opinions of a former teammate and someone he currently shares a locker room with, it's widely felt that LeBron won't lift a fifth Maurice Podoloff trophy over his head once this season ends. (Doing so would forge a three-way tie with Michael Jordan and Bill Russell for the second-most MVP's in NBA history, behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.) Here's why all that noise is wrong, why the league's best player should also be recognized as its most valuable."..." see full article

1415 days ago | nba
MVP chase narrows down to its original two-man field |
"..."And yet, in a what-have-you-done-lately battle, it's hard to ignore Curry's staggering 62 percent shooting from beyond the 3-point line in his last five games. Oh, and his Warriors (62-13) have won 16 of 17 and 35 of their 37 games at Oracle Arena."..." see full article

1415 days ago | si
Ben Golliver: Ex-Warriors coach Mark Jackson: Harden, not Curry, is MVP
"..."Former Warriors coach and current ESPN color commentator Mark Jackson believes Rockets guard James Harden, not Warriors guard Stephen Curry, should be the 2015 NBA MVP."..." see full article

1415 days ago | espn.go
LeBron's MVP case - ESPN

"..."There are a lot of worthy candidates," said Jones, who was with James in Miami for two of his MVP campaigns and believes that the award should go to him again this season. "But I look at total body of work, impact on the team and the growth and for as good of a season that some of the other guys have had, you look at team continuity and you look at the team we had before and the team that we have post-trade and just how fast we've grown and just how much of an impact (James) has had. I think like every year he is definitely a leading candidate."..." see full article

1415 days ago | cbssports
NBA MVP odds: Stephen Curry the heavy favorite, LeBron's out -
"..."Curry's understandably the favorite here, but Harden is right there with him. Westbrook's going to get votes, so is James. Are those votes going to take away from Harden, Curry, or both equally? These are the kinds of dynamics that can shift the race."..." see full article

1416 days ago | kingjamesgospel
Why LeBron James is the NBA's MVP - King James Gospel
"..."When someone is consistently excellent at something, we begin to take it for granted. It's simply human nature, as greatness is seemingly overlooked in today's world. This is mainly due to us always looking for someone or something new to obsess our lives over. In the case of the 2014/15 NBA MVP though, the excellence and greatness of one LeBron James simply cannot be overlooked but the sad reality is that it probably will be."..." see full article

1416 days ago | foxsports
Why Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is the NBA's MVP -
"..."For the sixth or seventh year in a row, LeBron James is the best basketball player on Earth. No superstar demands more attention, no player lifts his teammates higher and no singular force makes toying with the best of the best on a nightly basis look as effortless and simple and totally brilliant, like LeBron."..." see full article

1418 days ago | sircharlesincharge
LeBron James: The MVP Of The Cleveland Cavaliers - Sir Charles In Charge
"..."The Cleveland Cavaliers are 2-9 this season when LeBron James isn't in the lineup, including a whopping 1-7 during that two-week hiatus in January. Since his return from missing eight-straigh games, the Cavaliers have compiled a 28-7 record. They've looked like a much different team, and a lot of that has to do with LeBron James and nearly every Cleveland Cavalier, and coach, will tell you that. Just like Blatt essentially said."..." see full article

1420 days ago | si
Why LeBron James should not be overlooked in the MVP race
"..."When Cleveland's MVP candidate heads to the bench, the roster's offensive rating plummets to just 103.2. The team's effective field goal percentage with LeBron (53.1 percent) is also far better than without him (47.5). The Cavs suffer when James isn't gliding up and down the hardwood. Not surprisingly, their opponents take advantage when he sits."..." see full article

1424 days ago | nba
Voter fatigue no reason to ignore LeBron's MVP case |
"..."You don't do him the disservice of trivializing the transcendent qualities of what James brings by becoming desensitized to his otherworldly talents (the way we have to others who came before him ... Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant were all victims)."..." see full article

1425 days ago | bleacherreport
Dwight Howard's Absence Making James Harden's MVP Candidacy Even Stronger
"..."James Harden should be this year's MVP. Stephen Curry has done more with more. Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis have done less with less. And LeBron James has done less with more. But no one has done more with less than James Harden."..." see full article

1426 days ago | si
Will wins ultimately determine this year's NBA MVP race? - NBA - SI ...
"..."Add in a solid scoring average (23.6 per game) and Curry should be deemed the frontrunner for the honor in 2015. After all, scoring and a No. 1 or 2 seed has seemed to be the biggest barometer of the award over the past decade-plus."..." see full article

1429 days ago | bleacherreport
Stephen Curry Says He'd Vote for Himself or LeBron James for MVP
"..." If I can't vote for myself or Klay, then...this year, I'd probably vote for LeBron, Curry said."..." see full article

1431 days ago | si
Ben Golliver: Hawks win season series over Cavs, but 'Playoff LeBron' looms as real test
"...James Harden or Steph Curry for NBA MVP?..." see full article

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