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Should The Use Of Marijuana Be Legalized?

Jeb Bush's admission to smoking marijuana at the Republican debate opened up a discussion about the legality of marijuana and medical marijuana. Should marijuana be legalized?

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Should The Use Of Marijuana Be Legalized?  

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last 24 hours | forbes
Marijuana And The GOP Debate - Forbes
"...However, the candidates confuse the issue. Marijuana isn't a gateway drug to heroin, which is a serious problem. Prescription drugs are the gateway. However, none of the candidates is going after those pharmaceutical companies. No one will fault Ms. Fiorina for feeling passionately about the subject because that's a horrible way to lose a child. Yet, marijuana isn't a drug that causes overdoses...." see full article

1154 days ago | news.vice
Republicans Get Blunt About Marijuana at GOP Debate
"...Advocates and industry professionals point out that legalizing cannabis is not only a criminal justice issue, it's also a financial one. The legal marijuana industry is a rapidly growing source of revenue, with the market ballooning from $1.5 billion in 2013 to $2.7 billion in 2014."The marijuana industry helps create jobs, taxes, is made in the USA, and is the fastest-growing industry in the USA," said David Dinenberg, CEO of Kind Financial, a marijuana industry financial services company. "Marijuana reform is a very important topic to the voters, and will play a large part in determining our next president."..." see full article

1155 days ago | ibtimes
GOP War On Drugs Waning? Republicans Debate Marijuana Legalization - International Business Times
"...The tough talk on justice changed in the mid-2000's. State Republican leaders were the first in the party to embrace mass incarceration reform, said Inimai Chettiar, director of the Justice Program at New York University's Brennan Center For Justice, a think tank based in New York City.When former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2007 instituted policies to improve efficiency in the criminal justice system and stop the steady increase in inmate numbers, it sent a message to other Republican state leaders that if Texas, a state known to have one of the harshest prison systems in the U.S., could reform its system, they could too, Chettiar said...." see full article

1155 days ago | brookings
Marijuana gets airtime in the GOP presidential debate
"...He engaged criminal justice issues, arguing the war on drugs has had a racial outcome, and really has been something that has really damaged our inner cities. He spoke about marijuana policy in terms of healthcare and patient advocacy, invoking the case of a child who uses CBD oil for a seizure disorder.He laid out a conservative's case for supporting at least medical marijuana legalization and provided a basis for conservatives to support recreational marijuana, as well. Paul also spoke on the issue with confidence and aggression, weaving together anecdotes and criticisms in ways that made his counterparts look unprepared. Sen. Paul also demonstrated that the marijuana issue is important, bound to keep coming up, and is an area he is thoroughly comfortable discussing, especially if other GOP contenders eschew it...." see full article

1155 days ago | reason
On Marijuana, Chris Christie Remains the Republican Outlier
"...Jeb Bush, who unlike Christie says states should be free to set their own marijuana policies, also suggested that he supports access to the drug for bona fide patients. Although he opposed a 2014 Florida ballot initiative that would have legalized medical use, Bush said, he supported a lawauthorizing the use of low-THC, high-CBD cannabis oil as a "last resort" for patients with epilepsy or cancer. That program, assuming it's implemented, will not help patients with other conditions or patients who need THC for symptom relief. Still, it's telling that pretty much everyone (including former drug czar Bill Bennett) feels compelled to support some kind of access to cannabis-based medicine, a policy that has long been favored by a large majority of Americans.It is also significant that Paul, Bush, Fiorina, and Christie all were at least implicitly critical of the war on drugs, supporting treatment rather than jail for addicts "more rehabilitation and less incarceration," as Paul put it. "I'm for rehabilitation," Christie said. "I think the war on drugs has been a failure." What Christie means by that, of course, is not quite the same as what Rand Paul (or even President Obama) means. Furthermore, the "drug court" system that all four candidates seemed to support relies on the continued criminalization of drug users, who are forced to choose between jail and treatment...." see full article

1155 days ago | vice
The Most Surprising Moment from Wednesday's Republican Presidential Debate
"...Supporting marijuana decriminalization, decrying racism in the justice system, and backing a re-think of the prison-industrial complex aren't exactly novel stances for Paul. But Bush is a prototypical country-club Republican, just as comfortable hob-nodding with billionaires as with Florida soccer moms. That he speaks so openly about his past little bro George W. ducked and weaved regarding his own drug use back in 1999 reflects the rapidly-shifting national dialogue about drugs and the law."The exchange shows just how popular marijuana law reform particularly medical cannabis is with Americans," said Tom Angell, chairman of the legalization advocacy group Marijuana Majority. "Even those candidates who personally oppose legalization are at least saying the federal government shouldn't arrest patients who are following state laws. And that means changing federal law. It's hard to imagine a discussion like this happening two or three election cycles ago."..." see full article

1155 days ago | salon
GOP debate: Jeb Bush awkwardly cops to smoking pot after Rand Paul bashes hypocritical rich kids

"...Paul noting that there is a racial component to the War on Drugs was a startling statement in the library of Ronald Reagan, the president whose wife was partly responsible for pushing draconian anti-drug policies. He continued, explaining that pointless drug laws disproportionately affect lower-income individuals. Not only do the drugs damage them, he said, but we damage them again by incarcerating them and causing them to be unable to find employment. Tapper asked Paul to identify the hypocrite he mentioned sharing a stage with, to which he replied that if we leave it open, we can find out how many of them smoked pot in high school. But Jeb Bush confessed that it referred to him. He was talking about me, Bush said, So, forty years ago, I smoked marijuana. I'm sure other people have done it, but they don't want to admit it in front of 25 million people. My mom's not happy that I just did. ..." see full article

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