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Should Uber Be Limited In NYC?

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants to limit the number of Uber cars in the city at one time. Many disagree, believing free enterprise should come first. Should Uber be limited in New York City?

67% of writers and pundits say no
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Should Uber Be Limited In NYC?  

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last 24 hours | fusion
New Yorkers love Uber. But is Uber good for New York? - Fusion
"...On the other hand, what Uber has done is provide an attractive alternative not just for passengers but for drivers. Instead of renting a taxi for $120 per shift, drivers can use their own car and leasing a car costs a tiny fraction of $120 per shift. What's more, they can drive that car as much or as little as they like, and thereby have much more control over their total earnings.As a result, the taxi owners rather than the drivers are suffering because they are hard-pressed to find people willing to pay $120 per shift to rent a taxi. Sometimes the taxis end up sitting idle; other times the owners must accept lower rent. So their income is now slightly less than it used to be...." see full article

1296 days ago | krugman.blogs.nytimes
Uber and the New Liberal Consensus - The New York Times - New York Times (blog)
"...Well, Uber actually brings two things to the taxi market. One is the smartphone revolution, letting you tap a screen instead of standing out in the rain waving your arm, and cursing the guy who darts out half a block from you and snags the cab you were trying to hail.The other is the company whose workers supposedly are free contractors, not employees, exempting the company from most of the regulations designed to protect employee interests. And it's the second aspect that brings us into divisive politics...." see full article

1301 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Uber twice as fast as taxis in low-income NYC neighborhoods | Washington Examiner - Washington Examiner
"...The method of analysis in New York found no statistically significant different in trip cost between UberX and taxis, at $12.27 and $13.36, respectively, for the same route.Both studies were commissioned by Uber. Uber did not have a say in publishing the results of the second analysis, according to BOTEC.The New York City analysis also had fewer observations in order to expedite the results for a showdown this week between Uber and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who had planned to put a cap on the number of Uber drivers in the city.Uber's clash with the outspokenly liberal de Blasio has become a major test of the political viability of the still-new technology. De Blasio, with the backing of taxi companies, has criticized Uber as a faceless corporation benefiting billionaires. Uber advertised against de Blasio within its app, and also saw celebrities come to its aid on social media...." see full article

1302 days ago | streetsblog
Uber's Own Numbers Show It's Making Traffic Worse | Streetsblog New York City - Streetsblog New York (blog)
"...So how do 1,904 for-hire cars circulating the congested Manhattan core actually affect traffic? To answer the question, Streetsblog turned to Komanoff, whose Balanced Transportation Analyzer [XLS] models the impact of toll proposals and other changes to city traffic. Uber's data release provides more detailed information than what was previously available to the public.The volume of Ubers is similar to the 2,000 yellow taxi medallions the Bloomberg administration proposed to auction off in 2012, which Komanoff calculated would make average traffic speeds 12 percent worse. To understand what happens to Manhattan traffic with 1,900 Ubers in the mix, Komanoff adjusted his model in a couple of key ways to account for the fact that each Uber vehicle likely affects Manhattan traffic less than each yellow cab.He assumes that while Uber trips cover as much distance as yellow taxi trips, the app-based vehicles cruise half as much as yellows, which spend about 35 percent of their total miles looking for fares. He also assumes that a quarter of Uber trips would otherwise have been taken as yellow cabs...." see full article

1303 days ago | streetsblog
The Real Reason Uber Traffic Matters in NYC | Streetsblog New York City - Streetsblog New York (blog)
"...While an Uber cap for the congested heart of the city makes sense, limiting app-based car services outside the core is a different story. In places without good transit, services like Uber can fill gaps in the bus and subway network and make it easier to forgo owning a car. At the Awl, Matt Buchanan suggested a simple tweak to a citywide ceiling on for-hire vehicle licenses: capping app-based pick-ups in the center city, while leaving the rest of the five boroughs alone. Uber GM Mohrer called it an example of a creative solution I would love to have with City Hall. We'll see if that idea gets traction. The issue isn't going away, and when City Hall's study of the for-hire vehicle industry wraps up in a few months, we'll get to argue about it all again. The next time around, let's have a smarter debate...." see full article

1303 days ago | nydailynews
Hamill: Even if it's just 1 more Uber car, it's 1 too many for NYC streets - New York Daily News

"...So even if the mayor's numbers are wrong, do we really need a single new Uber car on the rush hour Cross Bronx Expressway? Do we really want hundreds more Uber drivers on the Staten Island Expressway, a mystifying Bermuda Triangle where hours of your life vanish in the fumes?Do we have enough homicide cops to handle the road rage when additional Uber-jockeys jump the line where the Long Island Expressway connects to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? Or where the Gowanus merges with the BQE?Yes, we could always use more jobs in New York City.But if 28% of Uber's fares from their 20,000-car fleet originate in the outer boroughs where yellow cabs rarely cruise, how can we possibly absorb more Uber cars on the already congested, dilapidated roads where it can take 37 minutes to grunt 2 miles without everybody being driven completely nuts?..." see full article

1303 days ago | recode
Uber Shows Political Power as NYC's De Blasio Drops Car-Capping ...
"...One possible lesson that politicians, taxi coalitions and other entities can draw here is to not underestimate the loyalty Uber has inspired. Riders in a way have been in a Faustian bargain with Uber even if they have issues with the company, that doesn't necessarily mean they won't back the service, especially among those who live in New York's outer boroughs, where grabbing a ride is always unpredictable.As for Uber, it says it is pleased to have reached an agreement with Mayor de Blasio's administration and the City Council to collaborate on a joint transportation study and to work together on ways to continue expanding economic opportunity, mobility and transportation access in the city. ..." see full article

1303 days ago | vanityfair
Uber Takes Its War on New York City to Another Level
"...Granted, Uber's problems in New York aren't as dramatic as they are in other cities: along with France, several other European countries, including Germany andItaly, have outright banned Uber for breaking transport laws. (Those angry French taxi drivers successfully got UberPOP banned from France.) And in a blow to the company's future prospects, a San Francisco judge ruled Wednesday that by refusing to give data on whether their employees purposely did not serve customers based on race or disabilities, Uber violated discrimination laws. The court recommended that the company be suspended from operation in its own home state of California. Wednesday's verdict comes on the heels of another loss, in which the California Labor Commission ruled that Uber's drivers qualified as employees, not contractors a key part of the company's model...." see full article

1303 days ago | gizmodo
NYC Backs Down On Plans to Curb Uber's Explosive Growth

"...Uber attacked the study aggressively with a campaign in its app as well as with an extensive mailing campaign. Celebrities like Kate Upton and Neil Patrick Harris came out in opposition to the bill on Twitter, and perhaps most importantly, the legislation is opposed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In fairness, Uber is right that the bill was something of a handout to the city's powerful taxi lobby. This should be seen as a significant victory for Uber. Yup. Uber 1, De Blasio 0...." see full article

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