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Should Women Be Able To Be SEALs?

With the news that two women have passed the elite Army Ranger course, there are calls for women to serve in other special force ops. Should women be able to be SEALs?

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Should Women Be Able To Be SEALs?  

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For First Time in History, Women Can Become Navy SEALs - GOOD Magazine
"...For far too long (let's call it: forever) American women have had a hard time being accepted in the military. Considered not strong enough or simply, too anxiety-provoking for some men to handle they're often been relegated to secondhand positions, or simply not included at all. Just recently, however, Admiral Jon Greenert, chief of Naval Operations, came out with a big announcement: for the first time ever, women will now be able to become Navy SEALs.Navy SEALs often perform some of the military's most physically intensive, intricate work. But as Greenert himself recently told Defense News, that's absolutely no reason to exclude women: Why shouldn't anybody who can meet these [standards] be accepted? And the answer is, there is no reason We're on a track to say, Hey look anybody who can meet the gender non-specific standards, you can become a SEAL. ..." see full article

1211 days ago | sltrib
Washington Post: Let women serve in elite military units - Salt Lake Tribune
"...Friday, two women stood alongside 94 men and thousands more in history to receive their U.S. Army Ranger tabs. For the men, the new pins on their uniforms represent an opportunity for future service. For the women, the first to graduate from Ranger School, the pins will be little more than badges of honor: Though the female soldiers have passed every test thrown their way, they still cannot audition to join the elite 75th Ranger Regiment.In January 2013, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced an end to a policy that had barred women from serving in combat roles since 1994.In January, the military will have to open all positions to women unless there is a valid reason to keep some closed to safeguard military effectiveness. The success of the two soon-to-be Ranger School graduates suggests that, at least in most cases, such reasons don't exist...." see full article

1213 days ago | thetimes.c
Victory in gender war after US Navy Seals open doors to women - The Times (subscription)
"...The elite US Navy Seals special forces who killed Osama bin Ladenare to open the door to women recruits for the first time, in the latest move by military chiefs to eliminate male-only combat units.To be considered, female applicants must pass a gruelling six-month course culminating with a period known by the Seals as hell week in which the majority of candidates fail through sheer physical and mental exhaustion...." see full article

1216 days ago | navytimes
Famed SEAL leader opposes move to add women to teams -
"...If a SEAL is wounded in combat, leaders sometimes have to choose to leave them with weapons and ammo and to complete the mission before returning to collect them, risking the SEAL's potential capture.But if it's a woman, her treatment by her captors may weigh on the team leader."The leader of this mission would have to weigh, should I drag her along with me and potentially slow things down, or do I leave her and hope for the best?" Marcinko said in a phone interview Wednesday."Realistically, women have been shooting since Annie Oakley," he added. "They're already parachuting, scuba diving, all that already," Marcinko said. "My concern is putting added pressure on a unit in a tactical situation."..." see full article

1216 days ago | cnn
Army Ranger female graduates won't be last - CNN

"...That idea of meeting the standard has been central to the entire conversation around the opening of Army Ranger School to women, announced as a one-time pilot program last January. And having covered Ranger School for months, and the march of women into special operations for more than two years when I was writing "Ashley's War," I can vouch for the fact that every single soldier I have spoken to has argued simply for the chance to meet the standard, not a lowering of that very high bar. In fact, when I first asked the women I've interviewed about Ranger School, one of the first things they would say was that the worst thing that could happen for women was for a lowering of standards.Still, from the start, critics questioned whether women could endure the physical battering that the Army Ranger School is well-known to offer its students, from 12-mile marches to mastering treacherous mountains to days-long patrols in the Florida swamps. Many doubted whether even one female soldier could meet the test as it stands, and they worried that the prestige of the black and gold Ranger tab could be diminished for the sake of a "social experiment."..." see full article

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