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Was Hillary Clinton The Original Birther?

Donald Trump, who made headlines when he doubted President Obama's birthplace, has now accused Hillary Clinton of being the original birther back in 2008. Obama eventually released his long-form birth certificate. Was Clinton the first to begin that rumor?

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Was Hillary Clinton The Original Birther?  

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last 24 hours | theweek
Donald Trump, former leader of the birther movement, is now accusing Hillary Clinton of being a birther
"...Trump's tweet on the birther movement came just after he declined answeringLate Show host Stephen Colbert's question on the matter, saying, "I don't talk about that anymore." Trump has stoked skepticism about President Obama's true origins ever since 2011, when he demanded that Obama release his birth certificate to prove he was born in America.The irony of the whole situation aside from the fact that The Donald very clearly is still talking about it is that Trump is now saying his rival Hillary Clinton is "the original birther." "Hillary is a birther," Trump declared. "By the way, don't switch your votes to Hillary, please." Watch Trump's full comments in the video below..." see full article

1239 days ago | washingtonpost
Republicans are blaming Hillary Clinton for the birther movement. Thats wishful thinking.

"...The problem: This is simply not true. Clinton's campaign, one of the most thoroughly dissected in modern history, never raised questions about the future president's citizenship. The idea that it did is based largely on a series of disconnected actions by supporters of Clinton, mostly in the months between Obama's reaction to the Jeremiah Wright story and the Democratic National Convention. I know, because I spent/wasted quite a lot of time covering this stuff.It's probably best to start by dividing up the Trump/Cruz/conservative claims. Clinton never personally called for the release of Obama's birth certificate or questioned his American bona fides. You would have heard about that. But her campaign did ask an obvious question: How to convince Democratic voters that "Barack Hussein Obama" was not electable? In March 2007, in a memo later obtained by reporter Joshua Green, Clinton pollster Mark Penn dismissed Obama with the suggestion that he was simply too alien to win a national election...." see full article

1239 days ago | newser
No, Hillary Clinton Didn't Start the Birther Movement
"...The piece says that no journalist has ever found a direct tie between camp Clinton and the birther allegations, and one of them familiar with the issue, David Weigel at the Washington Post, weighs in with his own analysis. Trump's assertion, which is gaining traction among conservatives, is utterly bogus, he writes. "I know, because I spent/wasted quite a lot of time covering this stuff." He does an even deeper dive and explains that "the first people who grew obsessed with Obama's birth certificate were, indeed, Clinton superfans who wanted Obama off the ballot." But again the big distinction: "Clinton's campaign, for all of its Obama panic, did not indulge them." ..." see full article

1239 days ago | msnbc
Hillary Clinton denies starting birther theory

"...A source familiar with her 2008 campaign's opposition research effort has told msnbc that the campaign looked into the claims, but found nothing to support them and denied that campaign circulated the questions about Obama's eligibility to serve to supporters or reporters.The campaign did, however, actively propagate the notion that Obama was somehow foreign.Clinton's top strategist, Mark Penn, circulated a memo in March 2007 on Obama's Lack of American Roots, urging the campaign to highlight his diverse, multicultural roots and the fact that he is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and his values. The memo was made public after the collapse of her campaign...." see full article

1239 days ago | blogs.wsj
Hillary Clinton Rejects Accusation of a Role in Birther Movement
"...In past years, various news outlets and fact-checking operations examined whether Mrs. Clinton circulated false reports in the '08 race that Mr. Obama was born overseas.The conclusion: Neither Mrs. Clinton nor her campaign did so, though outside supporters pushed the notion as she lost ground to Mr. Obama in the nomination fight.Mr. Trump has been one of the most prominent voices questioning the president's nationality. In 2011, he said he sent investigators to Hawaii to find answers. That year, the White House released the official, long-form birth certificate confirming Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu in 1961...." see full article

1239 days ago | politics.concordmonitor
PolitiFact: Did Hillary Clinton start the Obama birther movement? Donald Trump ... - Concord Monitor
"...The story appears to have started with supporters of Clinton, an important distinction.Trump goes on to completely distort the chain of events by claiming Clinton was all in on the birther movement. Most of the talk started after Clinton suspended her presidential campaign. And the only thing she officially has ever done is deny any accusation of starting a whisper campaign.We rate this claim False...." see full article

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