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Was The Firing Of Tom Thibodeau Just?

The Chicago Bulls fired head coach Tom Thibodeau after 5 uneventful seasons. Are the Bulls right to give the coach the boot?

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Was The Firing Of Tom Thibodeau Just?  

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last 24 hours | h4-entertainment
Tom Thibodeau Couldn't Make Necessary Adjustments - H4TV ENTERTAINMENT
"...Former Chicago Bulls' head coach Tom Thibodeau was too stubborn for his own good.When his tenure began in 2010, Bulls fans couldn't have been more excited with the immediate results. The team finished atop the Eastern Conference (62-20) and led the league in attendance. A new culture was molded around tenacious defense and persistent hustle. Practice? What was that? Every situation was handled with a game 7 mentality. Whenever Thibodeau was asked if he would slightly let his foot off the gas, he typically replied with an answer similar to, no. ..." see full article

1295 days ago | bleacherreport
Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on Tom Thibodeau, Kevin Love and Marc Gasol - Bleacher Report
"...Although he hasn't had the best recent stretch of form missing the playoffs in each of the last four full seasons he coached he has a strong overall track record. With a team in rebuilding mode, some time has to be given to work out the kinks.Thibodeau will find work without much trouble this summer, but for now, the Lakers don't seem to be interested in bringing in the former NBA Coach of the Year...." see full article

1296 days ago | fansided
Tom Thibodeau and the most successful NBA head coaches to be fired - FanSided
"...In a vacuum, this would seem incredibly surprising: Thibodeau had a .647 winning percentage in Chicago, was the Coach of the Year in 2011, the fastest coach ever to reach 100 wins, and has never coached a team to fewer than 45 victories in a season. He's widely regarded as a defensive genius and has had the Bulls in the playoff picture every year despite injuries to star players.Thibodeau's aggressive, hands-on style is what makes him a good coach; however, it's also the very thing that got him canned. Thibodeau's run-ins with the front office were well-documented, and many of them involved his overplaying of star players, including Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, in the regular season rather than saving them for the playoffs...." see full article

1296 days ago | nytimes
Bulls Dismiss Coach Tom Thibodeau and End a Rocky Tenure - New York Times

"...Thibodeau, who was a longtime assistant for teams like the Knicks and the Boston Celtics before joining the Bulls, was known for being demanding of his players in Chicago. He held long practices. He played his starters long minutes or at least that was what he wanted to do. After Rose and Joakim Noah had knee operations last season, management limited the number of minutes they could play. Thibodeau was not pleased with the policy.In January, Jeff Van Gundy, who hired Thibodeau when Van Gundy was coach of the Knicks, said on a national broadcast that Bulls management undermined coaches, casting an even brighter spotlight on the team's apparent troubles.This month, the Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs in the conference semifinals, with Chicago again struggling with its postseason offense. That set the stage for two full weeks of speculation about Thibodeau's job status.On Thursday, the Bulls made it official...." see full article

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1296 days ago | chicagotribune
Tom Thibodeau's Bulls tenure grew untenable as relationships unraveled - Chicago Tribune

"...The oddity of the delay to sign the extension began a swell of distrust and contentious relationship between Thibodeau and management. The feud evolved into questions over his offensive schemes, handling of the roster and minutes distribution for players.It coalesced most spectacularly this season when Thibodeau openly and repeatedly bristled against minute restrictions management and the medical staff placed on Rose and Joakim Noah, both of whom were coming off knee surgery.Another season of championship expectations crashed and burned. Rarely has a 50-victory season felt so joyless...." see full article

1296 days ago | isportsweb
Chicago Bulls: Tom Thibodeau era over - (blog)
"...The big knock on Thibodeau was that he overworked his players in practice and in games. He played the star players too many minutes and when it came to the playoffs, they just didn't have anything left in the tank.This created tension all throughout the year. Even back in January, there were reports that the relationship between the front office and Thibs was deteriorating. Their relationship was slowly crumbling to the ground and it completely fell apart as the Bulls season came to a disappointing end with a second-round defeat to the injury riddled Cleveland Cavaliers...." see full article

1296 days ago | aikenstandard
Chicago Bulls fire coach Tom Thibodeau, cite lack of trust - Aiken Standard
"...In five seasons under Tom Thibodeau, the Chicago Bulls soared to heights they had not reached since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were collecting championships.They never got to the top with him and now he is out.The Bulls fired Thibodeau on Thursday, parting ways with the strong-willed coach who took the team to the playoffs in each of his five seasons only to have his success overshadowed by his strained relationship with the front office...." see full article

1296 days ago | ftw.usatoday
Bulls were right to fire Tom Thibodeau, but did it in the dumbest way - USA TODAY
"...Tom Thibodeau was never going to be the coach of the Chicago Bulls next year.He wasn't. Things had gone too far with management. The two were feuding during the season, with story after story alleging misdeed after misdeed planted in the press by both sides (usually by management).Management thought Thibs was running his players into the ground. Thibodeau (correctly) thought management was meddling in matters that didn't concern them. It was the worst-kept secret in basketball, and everyone knew the relationship was beyond repair...." see full article

1296 days ago | si
The reign of Tom Thibodeau's Chicago Bulls reaches messy end -
"...Once the trust between Thibodeau and Chicago's front office was extinguished, his release was a mere formality. This was an event years in the making. Whispers of the grating tension between Thibodeau and others within the Bulls organization had lingered and loudened, no matter the public dismissals of any party involved. It meant so little for Thibodeau, Bulls general manager Gar Forman, or any team official to step in front of a microphone and play down reports of friction only to have the same cycle of leaks many disparaging Thibodeau continue weeks later. This was a strained relationship. To convey otherwise was flimsy PR...." see full article

1296 days ago | si
Bulls, Reinsdorf show true colors in classless dismissal of Tom Thibodeau -
"...The move was unsurprising, yet Bulls management immature, irrational and tone deaf on this issue to the end still managed to screw it up. Head coach Tom Thibodeau was fired on Thursday, a decision that startled no one that had been following the slow, messy deterioration of the relationship between the prickly head coach and Chicago's front office. Yet in making the announcement, the Bulls didn't soft pedal the ending, didn't thank Thibodeau for his widely recognized accomplishments in the face of extreme adversity.No, the Bulls laced up a pair worker boots and drop-kicked Thibodeau one last time on his way out the door...." see full article

1296 days ago | fansided
Obama comments on Tom Thibodeau being fired - FanSided
"...Not long after the inevitable news of Tom Thibodeau's firing came down, President Obama tweeted out his sorrow over seeing the coach exit so soon into his tenure with the team.He's not wrong, as Thibodeau won't last long on the open market. The Orlando job being spoken for with Scott Skiles means it's that much more likely that the New Orleans Pelicans end up landing THibodeau over Jeff Van Gundy.It's possible that Van Gundy and the Pelicans are simply talking to mutually keep the seat warm for Thibodeau, as the Pelicans have long desired him as a head coach and Van Gundy has a very positive relationship with the head coach.But what's most notable about this is that the Chicago Bulls firing their head coach was worthy of the President of the United States to comment on. How big of a mistake it is for the Bulls us yet to be seen, butfor right now it's something that is putting a once mighty franchise on shaky ground...." see full article

1297 days ago | nola
Should the New Orleans Pelicans pursue Tom Thibodeau? -
"...Thibodeau is now available after the Chicago Bulls fired him Thursday. He received $9 million as a parting gift (final two years of his contract). Thibodeau had a 255-139 record with the Bulls that included making the playoffs all five seasons he was with the franchise.Thibodeau's clashes with the Bulls' front office ultimately led the his ouster...." see full article

1297 days ago | numberfire
4 Reasons Why Firing Tom Thibodeau Was the Right Decision for the Chicago ... - numberFire
"...Despite all of the playoff appearances, Thibodeau never was able to take the Bulls to the NBA Finals. Of course, only part of that can fall on the coach -- he wasn't coaching LeBron James -- but the fact remains.Of course, the Bulls haven't landed on the lucky side of the injury coin in recent seasons, but Chicago has only one Eastern Conference Finals appearance (in Thibodeau's first season) to show from its five-year stint as the conference's second-best squad in terms of win percentage (behind the Miami Heat).With a 23-28 record in the postseason, Thibodeau's Bulls have been a consistent disappointment in the playoffs...." see full article

1297 days ago | espn.go
Tom Thibodeau out in Chicago as Bulls seek 'change in approach' - ESPN

"...Thibodeau's fifth season was when the writing appeared to be on the wall. After watching the team appear to run out of gas yet again during the 2014 postseason, Forman and Paxson told Thibodeau that Rose and Noah were not to play more than 32 minutes a game during the season as they made their way back from knee surgeries. It was the first time in Thibodeau's tenure that he wasn't allowed to make all his own decisions on the floor, and his frustration regarding the edict was present throughout the season.The Bulls continued to have success, but the consistency that defined them during Thibodeau's tenure went missing during parts of this season. Players still respected Thibodeau for the work he put in, but they chafed at his pedal-to-the-metal approach after five years of hearing the same message...." see full article

1297 days ago | nola
Tom Thibodeau the wrong man for Pelicans' job; Jeff Van Gundy fits best: Jimmy ... -
"...Thibodeau's not-so-shocking availability should in no way diminish the Pelicans' apparent growing interest in hiring Van Gundy, who interviewed for the New Orleans coaching vacancy on Tuesday in San Francisco.In my view, Van Gundy is still the best man for the job among the candidates who thus far have been identified, including the most recent revelation, Scott Skiles.We can only hope that Pelicans general manager Dell Demps, who has a history with Skiles dating back to Demps' playing days in Greece where he was tutored by Skiles, is merely doing an old friend a favor by floating his name in the search...." see full article

1297 days ago | marketwatch
Tom Thibodeau firing proves NBA coaches can't win for winning - MarketWatch
"...While it's self-evident that you can't win for losing, it also appears to be true, at least in the NBA, that you can't win for winning, as Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau he of the .647 career winning percentage and unbroken string of first- and second-place finishes was dismissed Thursday.Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the team waited two weeks to make a move that was almost universally anticipated for four or five times as long. Still, the Bulls organization, on Twitter, seemed to err on the side of bashfulness:..." see full article

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