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Were The Anaheim Angels Wise To Trade Josh Hamilton?

The Anaheim Angels traded John Hamilton, a player suffering a drug addiction, to the Texas Rangers. This trade will cost the Angels over $50 million, was it the right move?

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Were The Anaheim Angels Wise To Trade Josh Hamilton?  

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last 24 hours | ocregister
Smith: Josh Hamilton's latest injury eases the pain of a bitter breakup - OCRegister
"...Neither were several Angels fans at Wednesday's night game when news emerged that Hamilton, who had last week returned for seven mostly glorious Rangers games, will miss the next four weeks with the strained hamstring. If he's on the disabled list, said Angels fan Lisa Gutierrez, who used to pull for Hamilton, at least he isn't hurting the Angels anymore. This is typical Hamilton: first the honeymoon and heroics, then the hurt and disappointment.The Angels briskly unloaded Hamilton for salvage money to the Rangers in a trade made official April 27. The Angels essentially paid him to go away after his admission of a late February drug and alcohol relapse caused them to be concerned about his conduct, behavior, health and overall commitment to the team...." see full article

1351 days ago | sportingnews
Josh Hamilton hits walk-off double, probably makes Angels execs weep -
"...Thanks to the Angels' dedication to removing Hamilton from their lineup, the Rangers only have to pay him, on average, $2 million annually. That salary, according to Spotrac, ranks 392nd in Major League Baseball. To put that in perspective, the following players will earn $2 million this season: Gordon Beckham, A.J. Pierzynski, Kris Medlen, Mark Reynolds and Craig Breslow aka a roster that might struggle against the kids in Backyard Baseball.Meanwhile, the Angels sent the Rangers about $63 million for taking Hamilton off their hands. Quite a price to pay so that he could hit two home runs and a walk-off double with another team.One last clich : Everything's bigger in Texas. Including, it seems, Hamilton's skill set. But one thing got much smaller as Hamilton journeyed from Anaheim to Arlington: How much he costs his team. So as of Sunday at least, it seems Hamilton didn't just walk off. He paid off...." see full article

1355 days ago | si
For Rangers, Josh Hamilton a bargain that was impossible to see coming -
"...There are many angles from which to view the way Josh Hamilton's career ended with the Angels and resumed with the Rangers. The human angle involving the insensitive-at-best manner in which the Angels responded to the 34-year-old's self-reported substance abuse relapse over the offseason, then reacted to the league's subsequent decision not to suspend him has been well explored, and rightfully so. Now that Hamilton is three games into his return with the Rangers, for whom he played five largely (and sometime extremely) productive seasons between 2008 and '12, it might be time to look at what has transpired from another angle: a strictly financial one. From that perspective, the Rangers appear to be the beneficiaries of a virtually unprecedented, and unexpected, windfall...." see full article

1358 days ago | latimes
Josh Hamilton signing is a gift that keeps on giving the Angels grief - Los Angeles Times
"...That Josh Hamilton was a terrible signing for the Angels is self-evident. Baseball is flush with cash, but paying $3.4 million for each home run nonetheless is a horrendous rate of return...." see full article

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1384 days ago | espn.go
Was Hamilton worst free-agent signing of all time? - ESPN (blog)

"...Poor Josh Hamilton. He might have been freed from captivity in Southern California, but he goes right to the top of a list nobody wants to join: The Worst Free-Agent Signings of All Time...." see full article

1387 days ago | ftw.usatoday
Josh Hamilton sent the Rangers video of himself hitting while he was still on ... - USA TODAY
"...While it may be true that Hamilton advertising his services to competitors affected the Angels' leverage in trade negotiations, practically everything the Angels did and said following news of Hamilton's relapse cost them leverage in trade negotiations...." see full article

1388 days ago | halosheaven
"I have no clue what he is talking about."
"...I agree with Rev's Adios Angels 100%. The problem is not that Hamilton is an addict and for the last two years a substandard baseball player or that Hamilton is an asshole. Rev adds it might be the "enablers", Rev's words: "the enabling national media and coddling players union."..." see full article

1389 days ago | deadspin
The Angels Could Pay $76 Million To Make Josh Hamilton Go Away
"...Make no mistake, here: the Angels boned themselves, and hard. Potential trading partners only knew of their desperation because they leaked classified details of Hamilton's hearing in a venal attempt to get him suspended. His trade value became so low only because they themselves spiked it...." see full article

1389 days ago | rangersblog.dallasnews
Five afterthoughts: The Josh Hamilton press conference - Dallas Morning News (blog)
"...The Angels and by the Angels, I mean owner Moreno and team president John Carpino made things personal with Hamilton a long time ago. Their comments were unnecessary, unproductive and hurtful. At no point did Hamilton get personal with the Angels; he only disputed Moreno's comments. And, if you want to label Hamilton a bad person for having an addiction, it is everybody's right to be self-righteous. But I've got a bigger issue with Moreno and Carpino showing zero compassion...." see full article

1389 days ago | faketeams
Roto Roundup: Jake Marisnick, Josh Hamilton, Mike Moustakas and others - FakeTeams
"...He returns to the Rangers where he had his best seasons as a major leaguer and I hope he can return to being the hitter that he was before signing with the Angels. More importantly, I hope he can continue to fight off all the demons, as that fight is tougher than hitting a baseball 4-5 times per night. If he can win that battle, he is a winner in my book, no matter how he performs on the field...." see full article

1389 days ago | sbnation
The best-case scenarios of the Josh Hamilton trade - SB Nation
"...The hitting stopped. The questions about Hamilton's personal life didn't, and neither did the injuries. We watched the worst-case scenario for the Hamilton deal unfold for the last two seasons. If we've suffered through the worst-case scenario, that means it's time to look for the best-case scenarios for the Angels and Rangers. We're positive people around here. It's all rainbows and waterfalls running through our mind. Let's find some best-case scenarios...." see full article

1390 days ago | si
Rangers trade gives Hamilton chance at getting life, career back in order -
"...Hamilton alone isn't likely to turn around the Rangers' fortunes. But freed from an organization that demonstrated it could no longer support him by failing to show compassion when he needed it the most, and back in the fold with a different organization that has shown that it can, the odds of him improving his own fortunes appear to be higher. Here's hoping he can get back to the field and resume his career in short order. ..." see full article

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