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Will "The Mindy Project" Be More Successful On Hulu?

The Mindy Project was cancelled by Fox due to low ratings. Hulu picked up the fan favorite, and ordered a staggering 24 episodes. Will the comedy fare better on Hulu?

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Will "The Mindy Project" Be More Successful On Hulu?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will "The Mindy Project" Be More Successful On Hulu?"
last 24 hours | vulture
'The Mindy Project' Will Be Itself At Hulu - Vulture
"...Have the new Hulu bosses imposed any restrictions? Executive producer Matt Warburton jokingly promised at least one mention of the word titsthis season. Fellow producer Ike Barinholtz (who plays Morgan Tookers) said Warburton came into the writers' room at the start of this season and wrote dem titties on the board. Tits are off-brand for us. Our true demo is Steve Colbert's daughters," said Barinholtz. "We can't make too many sharp turns. Producer David Stassen said the writers pitch mostly clean stuff then on set, but they'll add one fuck and then there'll be a lot of fucks. The show's core will continue to have Mindy and Danny experiencing the ups and downs every couple faces. Writer and co-executive producer Charlie Grandy explained that at the start of last season, The stakes of an episode were never going to be Are they breaking up? and after that decision, the stories started to flow. Kaling added, What was nice is they're two adults who want to make a go at it. They love each other and they have problems, but they just get over things. About her fictional alter ego, Kaling said, Mindy is resilient. Things just keep flying at her but she's so real that way. She doesn't just bail because her feelings are hurt. That's really the way life works: Life is hard and relationships are hard and people don't just move out because of a misunderstanding. ..." see full article

1314 days ago | masterherald
The Mindy Project Season 4 Is Saved: Now What Are the Details of the ... - Master Herald
"...The show has certainly come a long way since its original inception, after it was first produced as an NBC comedy, but then it got handed off to FOX as NBC turned out to be rather uninterested in it after all. There were some apparent issues with the holders of the rights to the production as well, and this led to some confusion in the community of the show's fans.However, now that the dust has settled, it seems like all questions have been cleared up and the show is greenlit to be brought back to the screen. Hopefully we aren't going to hear about NBC causing any problems with the production behind the scenes, even though we don't really have much of a reason to expect that...." see full article

1333 days ago | laughspin
The Mindy Project Lives On! Hulu Picks Up Cancelled Series for Season 4 - Laughspin
"...Rejoice, Mindy Kaling fans! Hulu announced today that it has ordered 26 new episodes of her critically acclaimed series The Mindy Project, greenlighting a fourth season and saving it from cancellation. The sitcom will join Hulu's Original Programming slate and after its premiere, Hulu will have the option to order subsequent seasons...." see full article

1340 days ago | wired
Proof That Fans Rule TV Now: Hulu Saves The Mindy Project

"...It really is. The Mindy Project is the most recent of a growing number of series canceled by networks and picked up by streaming services in the hopes of attracting new viewers with old shows they love. The series may not have been a ratings hit, but, like many shows these days, the fans who watched it were diehards...." see full article

1341 days ago | cinemablend
The Mindy Project Isn't Cancelled After All, Here's What's Happening
"...The Mindy Project should be an ideal pickup for Hulu. The comedy series already has a built-in niche fanbase, and while fewer and fewer people were tuning in to watch the show live on Fox during Season 3, it's reasonable to believe the comedy will still prove lucrative for Hulu. Binge-watching is a great incentive, and The Mindy Project is the perfect sort of show to induce the TV languor caused by bingewatching. ..." see full article

1341 days ago | comingsoon
Its Official: The Mindy Project is Coming to Hulu!
"...Hulu subscribers will be able to stream past and future episodes of The Mindy Project exclusively on Hulu. Since its network premiere in 2012, The Mindy Project has been a top show on Hulu and has consistently remained popular with Hulu subscribers. All past episodes were previously acquired in a library deal with NBCUniversal announced in April 2014...." see full article

1341 days ago | theweek
Hulu just resurrected The Mindy Project - The Week Magazine
"...Though its ratings have always been low, The Mindy Project is a logical fit for Hulu, where it routinely ranks among the most popular shows available for streaming...." see full article

1343 days ago | news.moviefone
Hooray! 'The Mindy Project' Is Moving to Hulu for Season 4 - Moviefone
"...Apparently Hulu is also thrilled, saying in a statement that "The Mindy Project" has consistently been a top performer among existing subscribers, and is "a beloved member of the Hulu family."..." see full article

1343 days ago | csmonitor
Canceled TV shows: Why 'The Mindy Project' or 'The Following' may actually ... - Christian Science Monitor
"...Getting well-known TV shows on their platforms is a win for streaming services, it's a win for those behind the show who can continue to create it, and it's a win for fans who get to keep watching their favorite programs...." see full article

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