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Will American Idol Be Missed?

American Idol was cancelled after 15 seasons. Will the long-running and loved talent show be missed?

62% of writers and pundits say yes
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Will American Idol Be Missed?  

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last 24 hours | nydailynews
The fall of 'American Idol': A look at how the gold standard lost its luster - New York Daily News

"...Except that nine months later it was dead, so obviously some things did happen that cut those twilight years short...." see full article

1370 days ago | huffingtonpost
Why I'm Relieved American Idol Is Cancelled - Huffington Post

"...The business of Idol is to serve these aspiring contestants. The show has failed in this regard for the past couple of years, leading many to wonder about the whole point of the contest. If it cannot produce long-lasting successful stars then maybe Idol is really only serving itself -- we all know how much cash it rakes in every season...." see full article

1373 days ago | thefederalist
How 'American Idol' Captured The American Dream - The Federalist
"... American Idol is more than that, though. It also reminds us that success, while not permanent, is not limited to a fixed pie. One man's success can ripple out and lift others. And while American Idol may not be your bag, and that's cool because watching people who have no business singing get defenestrated isn't necessarily a noble pursuit, it's still the American Dream in living color. The show and its colorful creator deserve recognition for growing the pie and giving colorful characters an opportunity to claim a big ol' slice for themselves...." see full article

1375 days ago | bustle
'American Idol' Is Ending After Season 15, So Get Your Tissues & Vintage Kelly Clarkson Posters Ready
"...It's the end of an era, everyone, and I'm not even sure how to feel about it. While American Idol's ratings haven't been the best in recent seasons, certainly not to the heights that it once achieved when it was churning out stars like Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks, the show seemed like a pop cultural staple that would last forever...." see full article

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1376 days ago | ew
The long goodbye: Why we'll miss American Idol
"...And that's what makes today's news that season 15 will be Idol's last particularly depressing. After years spent being quietly ashamed of my obsession with the show, I'm once again proud to be the weirdly enthusiastic viewer who sends videos of the best performances to my friends even if they don't watch the series...." see full article

1376 days ago | mtv
11 Reasons Were Eternally Grateful For American Idol
"... American Idol not only launched a bevy of reality competition shows token mean British judges included but it also gave us a number of pop stars, Grammy winners, country icons, TV stars and even an Oscar winner. ..." see full article

1376 days ago | out
Bye-Bye, American Idol
"...So even if we can't recall this season's judges (P.S. it's JLo, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr., with host Ryan Seacrest), we owe Idol an ounce of our grieving and gratitude. Not only has the LGBT community welcomed talented gay, lesbian, and queer artists from the show (and Adam Lambert is still proving that he has staying power), we must also speculate whether competition hits like Dancing with the Stars and The Voice would even exist if Kelly Clarkson hadn't taken the stage 15 years ago...." see full article

1376 days ago | theguardian
Fox cancels American Idol amid steady ratings decline

"...Idol still holds the record for the most consecutive seasons at No 1 fully eight, from 2003 to 2011 but viewer apathy and reality competition show fatigue have taken their toll. This season, American Idol struggled to hit 10m viewers. At its height the show's season finales brought in over 30m viewers...." see full article

1376 days ago | rollingstone
Fox Cancels 'American Idol'
"...The show's true decline began in 2010, though, after its main antagonist Simon Cowell departed to join rival Fox singing competition The X Factor. Although that series lasted only three seasons in the U.S., Cowell never returned to Idol. The emergence of other music competition shows like The X Factor and NBC's successful The Voice also oversaturated the market, leading to a downturn in Idol viewership...." see full article

1376 days ago | billboard
The Legacy of 'American Idol': It Was Always About the Stars - Billboard
"...The singing competition might have been on the air for too long, but its reputation as a star factory secured its place in pop culture history...." see full article

1376 days ago | vanityfair
American Idol Is Being Put Out to Pasture
"...Cue up A Moment Like This (it's O.K. to admit you have it in your iTunes library we all do). Dig that handmade I'm Achin' for Aiken poster out from under your bed. Do your best Simon Cowell impression in the mirror ( If you think you have what it takes to be a pop star, well, then I'm Kate Middleton ). ..." see full article

1376 days ago | usatoday
'American Idol' is ending: Now what do I do?

"...If I'm being honest, my first reaction to Fox's announcement Monday that the show would end after a 15th season in 2016 was one of relief...." see full article

1376 days ago | vulture
American Idol Is Getting Canceled: Next Season Will Be Its Last
"...While the show's ratings collapse over the past three years makes this news not particularly unexpected, it is nonetheless a significant development in American TV history. Idol was, for much of its run, the most dominant show on television by a mile...." see full article

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