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Will Bibi Netanyahu Election Affect Iran Nuclear Program Negotiations?

Will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election affect the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program with the U.S.?

68% of writers and pundits say no
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Will Bibi Netanyahu Election Affect Iran Nuclear Program Negotiations?  

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last 24 hours | vox
This Iran deal is a disaster for Benjamin Netanyahu - Vox - Vox

"...But even if the deal does end up being good on net for Israel, there is just no debating that it is a complete disaster for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.This deal is a huge policy failure for Netanyahu, who in recent years has staked ever more of his legacy and political reputation on stopping it even at the cost of setting back Israel's relationship with the United States. Now he has nothing to show for it but a giant political embarrassment that his opponents on the right and left are already using against him...." see full article

1250 days ago | wnd
Netanyahu: West 'gripped by delusion' on Iran -
"..."And then he issued a scathing remark, saying the West, including America, appeared comatose and gripped by delusion during the last 18 months of negotiations with Iran."..." see full article

1341 days ago | jpost
Barak urges Netanyahu: 'Daring action needed against Iran, not just words' - Jerusalem Post Israel News
"..."Barack closed his short biographical accompaniment to the article by touching on the Iranian nuclear issue, agreeing with Netanyahu's assessment that the Islamic Republic is a serious threat to existence of Israel, and urges him to take bolder action."..." see full article

1341 days ago | jta
Zionist Union's Herzog: Netanyahu speech won't affect Iran deal - JTA
"..."There is no doubt that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows how to deliver a speech, opposition leader Isaac Herzog said at a campaign stop Tuesday in Israel's South in a speech immediately following Netanyahu's address. But let's face it, the speech we heard today, impressive as it is, will not stop the Iranian nuclear program. It will also not affect the upcoming agreement not the content nor the timetable. "..." see full article

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1342 days ago | jpost
Obama to Netanyahu on Iran nuclear deal: What is your alternative? - Jerusalem Post Israel News
"..."Yet Obama also voiced a sense of frustration with Netanyahu's pessimism and intransigence concerning a diplomatic solution. "I have repeatedly asked -- what is the alternative that you present that you think makes it less likely for Iran to get a nuclear weapon? And I have yet to obtain a good answer on that."..." see full article

1345 days ago | ynetnews
Obama's Iranian attraction, Netanyahu's repulsion - Ynetnews
"..."Netanyahu has a massive advantage: The Republican majority in Congress at his disposal; Jewish billionaires are willing to throw money at any Democratic senator who joins the campaign and to punish any who do not; Israel and Netanyahu enjoy fundamental sympathy in American public opinion, which cannot be said for the attitude of the Israelis towards Obama."..." see full article

1347 days ago | newsweek
White House Mocks Netanyahu With Iran Nuclear Bomb Graphic - Newsweek

"..."However, the White House struck back at Netanyahu's criticism on social media with its own graphic which trumpets the benefits of a nuclear deal and the dangers of not agreeing any deal."..." see full article

1348 days ago | jpost
'Netanyahu preferred settlements over joining forces with Obama on Iran' - Jerusalem Post Israel News
"..." The Jews in the United States will not turn into Obama-haters because of their reservations over the Iran deal, Rabbi Eric H. Joffie, the former head of the Reform Movement, told The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew-language sister publication Ma'ariv."..." see full article

1348 days ago | bloomberg
White House Trolls Netanyahu on Iran with Bomb Graphic - Bloomberg
"..."The White House has employed a graphic first used by Benjamin Netanyahu to push its case for a nuclear deal with Iran that the Israeli Prime Minister opposes."..." see full article

1349 days ago | haaretz
Memo to Jewish Americans: It's pro-Israel to find Netanyahu embarrassing - Haaretz (blog)
"..."It is part of the democratic ethos that you are not only allowed to criticize elected leaders, but are obliged to do so if you have good reason to believe they are wrong."..." see full article

1349 days ago | mondoweiss
Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal? - Mondoweiss
"..."Nowhere does the editorial question Netanyahu's judgment: his use of the Iran issue to distract attention from the criminal occupation, his massacre in Gaza last summer, his crazy conflation of Iran and ISIS as Islamists seeking world domination. "..." see full article

1349 days ago | truthdig
Netanyahu Slips and Reveals the Real Reason He Opposes the Iran Deal - Truthdig
"..."Netanyahu isn't a party to the deal. He doesn't have more riding on it than Britain or France. Israel isn't even threatened by Iran, since Israel has several hundred nuclear weapons and submarines to deliver them. Iran has only old, conventional weapons. Even if it someday had a nuclear weapon, which its leaders say would be un-Islamic and that they don't want it, Israel has a powerful deterrent."..." see full article

1350 days ago | realclearpolitics
Obama: Netanyahu's Call For State Recognition Won't Be Part of Iran Deal

"..."President Obama Monday dismissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence that Iran recognize the state of Israel as a condition of a nuclear arms control pact, arguing Iran's regime will not change that drastically, even if Tehran's nuclear activities do."..." see full article

1350 days ago | breitbart
Obama Rejects Netanyahu's Call for Iran to Recognize Israel - Breitbart News
"...In an interview with NPR, Obama stated loftily, The notion that we would condition "Iran not getting nuclear weapons in a verifiable deal on Iran recognizing Israel is really akin to saying that we won't sign a deal unless the nature of the Iranian regime completely transforms. And that is, I think, a fundamental misjudgment. "..." see full article

1350 days ago | politico
Barack Obama rejects Benjamin Netanyahus call for Iran to recognize Israel - Politico

"..."President Barack Obama is rejecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's call for Iran to recognize the state of Israel as part of a final nuclear deal."..." see full article

1351 days ago | washingtonpost
Benjamin Netanyahu is the least important player on the Iran ...

"..."No matter how many Sunday morning show appearances he makes, Netanyahu is the least important player on the #IranDeal chessboard."..." see full article

1351 days ago | foxnews
Netanyahu urges US to seek 'better deal' with Iran over its nuclear program - Fox News

"..."Obama argued that successful negotiations presented the most effective way to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but insisted he would keep all options on the table if Tehran were to violate the terms."..." see full article

1351 days ago | nytimes
In Congress, Netanyahu Faults 'Bad Deal' on Iran Nuclear Program ...

"..."Such dire predictions could make it much harder for Mr. Obama to sell an agreement to a Republican-led Congress even if his negotiators reach one in Geneva."..." see full article

1351 days ago | fox6now
Israel, Iran react to Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress ...
"..." It will not change the position of (Obama's) administration and will only broaden the crisis of our great friend and our strategic ally, Herzog said of the speech. That price, we will have to pay. "..." see full article

1351 days ago | latimes
As Obama defends Iran deal, GOP seeks additional details - Los Angeles Times
"..."Additional support for the pending deal was voiced Sunday by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-Calif)., who also chided Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his staunch opposition."..." see full article

1351 days ago | nytimes
Israel Suggests Ways to Make Iran Nuclear Deal 'More Reasonable' - New York Times

"..."There has been criticism in Israel of Mr. Netanyahu's approach. Efraim Halevy, a former chief of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency, suggested that those in Israel who have been critical of Mr. Obama should change their tone."..." see full article

1351 days ago | huffingtonpost
Netanyahu Goes On Sunday Talk Shows To Blast Iran Nuclear Deal

"..."The Israeli prime minister's television appearances are part of a wider effort by the Israeli government to lobby against the framework nuclear agreement, which it claims threatens Israel's security and is too lenient on Iran."..." see full article

1352 days ago | cnn
Israel, Iran react to Netanyahu speech -

"..."So is Netanyahu having a disruptive effect on these negotiations? "He's trying to," Zarif said. "But I don't think trying to create tension and conflict helps anybody."..." see full article

1352 days ago | wsj
Cracks Appear in Democratic-Jewish Alliance Over Iran Deal, Netanyahu - Wall Street Journal
"..."Many U.S. Jewish leaders are unnerved both by the new Iran nuclear agreement and the public falling out between President Barack Obama and his Israeli counterpart, developments that are creating a rift"..." see full article

1353 days ago | politico
Netanyahu warns of nuclear arms race - Politico

"..."The Obama administration defended the deal against Israeli criticism on Friday, saying officials would not take a deal that would undermine security."..." see full article

1354 days ago | weeklystandard
A Contrived Controversy and an Emboldened Iran

"..."On top of what House speaker John Boehner did by unilaterally inviting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, this letter seriously points to one terrible conclusion: a formidable number of congressional Republicans hate President Obama more than they love America. "..." see full article

1376 days ago | politico
The Danger of a Failed Iran Deal

"..."Today, there are many who are prepared to reject a negotiated nuclear agreement with Iran on the grounds that a return to coercive pressure and isolation will ensure the elimination of the entire Iranian nuclear capability and extend that zero probability of a nuclear weapon into the indefinite future. This is close to the position that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out in his speech to Congress last week."..." see full article

1380 days ago | politico
Netanyahu's Churchill Complex

"..."According to his worldview, Iran is the Nazi Germany of the 21st century, Israel is the Great Britain of the 21st century, and he himself is the voice in the wilderness."..." see full article

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